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Marijuana Urine Test: a Fallacious Cynical Hoax

Urine levels have absolutely no correlation with brain dysfunction levels which some feel cause the “DUII” levels indicating intoxication.

Pee test

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - The Marijuana positive urine test has been used for years to fine and incarcerate Marijuana users and even non-users who happened to be in the same room with a Marijuana party.

If a person inhales Marijuana fumes directly by smoking or inhaling vaporized fumes from a vaporizer, the “medicine” will go directly through the lungs and into the blood stream. If a person is in the same room with smokers, he will also inhale “side smoke” which will end up the same way.

Once the THC et cetera is in the blood it will start going through the kidneys and be extracted with urine into the bladder and out. Here and now is where and when the cynical hoax starts. The higher the blood concentration, the more THC will go through the kidneys and into the bladder. Because THC et cetera is also stored in the body fat, including brain and nerves, it stays in the body a long time, at least 4 weeks, all the while fat stores release THC back into the blood and urine.

The blood stream peak of THC et cetera is in about one hour where it may be from 100 ng/ml to possibly as high as 400ng/ml or more in the case of heavy users. All the while it is being extracted and concentrated in the urine where the concentration may reach 600 ng/ml (these are estimates). Even when the urine concentration may be this high the blood and brain concentration may be only around 10ng/ml which is far below the effects on the brain and/or probably any other organ system. Medical Marijuana users have found they must “recharge” their systems about every 2 to 4 hours to maintain therapeutically effective levels.

Urine levels have absolutely no correlation with brain dysfunction levels which some feel cause the “DUII” levels indicating intoxication. Actually patients get a similar high from alcohol, Opiates like Morphine, Valium like drugs, Anti-depressant drugs, seizure drugs and even anti-histamines. I don’t hear of cops arresting non-Marijuana users of any of those drugs except alcohol which, lets face it, is a truly lethal drug for automobile accidents et cetera.

A urine level of THC or its metabolites regardless of level only means that the person has been exposed to THC et cetera whether it was from smoking it, eating brownies, Marijuana leaf in salads, suckers, chewing and swallowing the “weed” or even drinking Cannabis tea.

For heavy users there is a field sobriety test which cops don’t use but rather the “smell test”. Marijuana fumes stick to hair, skin, clothing, furniture, auto upholstery and almost anything else currently releasing fumes.

I don’t suppose that the police, prosecuting attorneys, judges or even much of the public will understand my article. It is time to remember, Marijuana is good medicine, better and safer than most but it is a slight brain depressant similar to beer but even beer causes thousands of deaths per year.



Dr. Phillip Leveque has degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and minors in physiology and biochemistry. He was a Professor of Pharmacology, employed by the University of London for 2 years, during which time he trained the first doctors in Tanzania. After training doctors, he became an Osteopathic Physician, as well as a Forensic Toxicologist. Before any of that, Phil Leveque was a Combat Infantryman in the U.S. Army in WWII. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder more than 60 years after the war, and specialized in treating Veterans with PTSD during his years as a doctor in Molalla, Oregon. Do you have a question, comment or story to share with Dr. Leveque?
Email him:

More information on the history of Dr. Leveque can be found in his book, General Patton's Dogface Soldier of WWII about his own experiences "from a foxhole". Order the book by mail by following this link: DOGFACE SOLDIER OF WWII If you are a World War II history buff, you don't want to miss it.

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John Smith March 6, 2012 4:36 am (Pacific time)

So that everyone be safe and secure

Douglas Benson October 2, 2011 9:01 am (Pacific time)

I recall seeing that DOT admin rules state that testing possitive doesnt prove impairment . So for hecks sake if you use cannabis refuse any roadside test. Peace

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