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The Staff Page Presently has 110 Writers in 24 Countries. Individual entries are below.

(Updated 18 May 2014)- Welcome to the most unique and interesting news group in the nation. is also the first exclusively Web news organization in the world. Not a blog, but a full service multimedia news site staffed by award-winning professional journalists and a wealth of diverse writers from all over the world. In addition to having writers in scores of U.S. states, we are also based in Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, India, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Denmark, Palestine, (West Bank and Gaza) Russian Federation, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam. was created as a present and future answer for the needs of a wide range of news consumers in Oregon, across the nation and around the world.

Our goal is to provide news and information that is honest and up to the minute, without compromising a strong moral and ethical code that we believe should guide all journalists. does not charge visitors a fee to view the our stories after they are a few days old, unlike the majority of daily newspaper Websites. We do not allow pop-up advertising or any other similar invasive practice. Everything we publish is on the Web forever and cached by Google as well as

The site was created by Web Designer Matt Lintz who built to the specifications of Bonnie and Tim King. It is a full multimedia site with constantly added images, stories and video reports and programs.

As of May 2014, has published more than 30,300 online news articles.

Our writers specialize in all kinds of things and they hail from all over the nation, and world.

The team of dedicated writers has made many differences in the world already. Our group looks forward to growing and expanding in the future.

Below is our team of writers. Most have email addresses ad if you are unable to reach anyone, you can always write to our newsroom at Some writers have a link at the base of their entry that will lead you to all of their published work on Writers by Region


Gail Parker - (Birds of Patagonia, Contributor)

Ivan T. Brecelic - (Asian Affairs/World News, Contributor)
Robert J. Burrowes - (Australia Peace News - Contributor)


Dr. Paul Balles - Middle east Analyst and Contributor, Contributor)


Baby Siqueira Abrão - Middle east Correspondent, Contributor)

David MacMillan - (Military History - Heads Sean Flynn Recovery Team, Correspondent in SE Asia)


Daniel Johnson - (Political/Cultural Columnist) Jerry West - (World Politics; regular , Correspondent)
Diane Walsh, MA ( Human and Political Rights Correspondent in BC)
Kevin Annett, MA ( Human and Political Rights Correspondent in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island)
Bill Annett, MA ( Human and Political Rights Correspondent in Sasquatchian)

Ron Ridenour - (Writer and Activist for peace and humanity; Correspondent)

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat - (Physician, Correspondent in Egypt)

Dr. William Hathaway - (Professor, Author and Contributor based in Germany)

Great Britain
Ken O'Keefe - (Noted World Activist for Humanitarian Rights; Gaza Correspondent
Alan Hart - (Esteemed Award-Winning BBC and ITN TV reporter; Middle East and World News, Contributor)
Gilad Atzmon - (Musician / Arab / Israeli Issues, regularly featured Correspondent)
Stuart Littlewood - ( Correspondent: Middle East and World News)
Mamoon Alabbasi (Poet, Writer, Correspondent in London)
Lauren Booth - ( Correspondent: Middle East and World News)
Nahida Izzat - (News Poet and Current Affairs, Religious and Women's Issues, Correspondent)
Soraya Boyd - UK - (Human Rights reporter, Correspondent)
Clive Hambidge - UK - (Human Rights reporter, Correspondent)
Jafar M Ramini - ( Contributor in London)

Arun Shrivastava ( South Asia Correspondent / Geopolitical Analyst based in New Delhi, India)

Kourosh Ziabari - (Frequently featured Correspondent in Iran - Winner of Top National Presidential Journalism Awards)
Kourosh Ziabari - (Frequently featured Correspondent in Iran
Dr. Ismail Salami - ( writer, Middle East expert, Iranologist and lexicographer in Iran
Gul Jammas Hussain - (Frequently featured Correspondent in Iran) Native of Pakistan, Language Instructor, Interpreter and Writer

Maidhc Ó Cathail (Middle east Affairs, Correspondent in Osaka, Japan)

Anna O’Leary ( Middle east /Human Rights Correspondent based in Ireland)

Dr. Franklin Lamb - (International Attorney, activist for Palestinian Refugees in Beirut, Lebanon; regularly featured Correspondent)

Vic Pittman - (Writer and Activist for peace and humanity; regularly featured Correspondent)

Vittorio Arrigoni - Noted and acclaimed Gaza Activist and Correspondent (Deceased)
Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD - (Professor formerly with buth Duke and Yale Universities; regularly featured Bethlehem Correspondent)
Yousef Al-Helou - (Gaza Correspondent)
Siraj Davis - (East Jerusalem Correspondent)

Russian Federation
Oleg Shirokov - ( News and Cultural Affairs Correspondent in Russian Federation

Clemente Ferrer Roselló (Author and Journalist, frequent Contributor)

Sri Lanka
Kusal Perera (Author and Journalist, Contributor)

Anthony J. Lawson ( Political Affairs Correspondent in Bangkok, Thailand)

Kiflu Hussain - (Attorney and Salem-News Writer based in Uganda)

United States

Jeff Gates - (Author / Attorney / Contributing Writer)
Jay R. Crook World Religion and Culture Writer

Tim King - (former News Editor/Writer/Photographer)
Kenneth G. Ramey - (Religious and Current Affairs, Correspondent)
Ralph Stone - (National & World Politics, frequent Correspondent)
Dr. William A. Cook - (Professor, National & World Politics, Contributor)
Ersun Warncke - (News Columnist and Web Designer, Contributor)
Dr. William Barth - (Attorney, National & World Politics, Contributor)
Phil Northcutt - (California Veterans Issues, Contributor)
John McCarthy - (Military & World Politics, Contributor)
Lesli Moore Dahlke - (Environmental Health, Contributor)
Alison Weir - (Leading Activist and Writer for Arab / Israeli Issues, Correspondent)
Edsel Chromie - (Science and Technology Writer, Correspondent)
Michael Hjelmstad (Marine Corps and Veteran-related Issues Contributor in Los Angeles
Roger Butow (California Environmental Reporter-'s 'Odd Man Out') in Laguna Beach
Sunalie Ratnayke Poet and Contributor in Los Angeles
Eric Salerno Contributor in Sacramento

Art W. Schade (Military and Veterans issues, PTSD author)

James Wall - (Current Events, Religion, World Affairs, regular Contributor)

Agron Belica - (Author, Musician and Religious Affairs Writer, , Contributor)

John Uldrich - (Marine Corps and Air Quality Writer and Consultant, Contributor)

Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky Ph.D. - (Professor, National & World Politics, Contributor)

New Hampshire
David Bedworth - (Veteran Related Issues, Contributor)
Robert Collinsworth - (World Politics, regular Contributor)

New Jersey
Robert O'Dowd - (Marine Corps, History and Environmental Issues; frequent, Contributor)
Robert Collinsworth (Frequent contributor, Opinion and Human Rights - Contributing Writer

New Mexico
Robert Plumlee - (U.S. / Mexico Border Crime and Political Corruption, Photographer and Correspondent)

New York
Dr. James Petras - (Human Rights, Social Justice, Contributor)

Gordon Duff (Military & World Politics, Correspondent)
Luke Easter - (News Poet, Contributor)
Heather A. Bowser, MSED, LPCC (Agent Orange and Veteran Youth Contributor)

Toni Samanie - (Health and Political Justice, Contributor in Oklahoma City)

Bonnie King - ( Publisher / Writer / Producer)
Henry Clay Ruark - ( Op-Ed Writer- deceased)
Dr. Phillip Leveque - (Professor, retired Physician, Medical Marijuana & PTSD Specialist, frequent Contributor)
Glen Bledsoe - ( Cartoonist / Artist / Professor, regular Contributor)
Amanda Leduc - (Community Affairs Writer, Contributor)
Bernard Powell - (Paranormal Reports, Contributor)
April Scott - (GM Food and Family Issues, Contributor)
Q Madp - (Military and Veteran Affairs Photographer)
JD Adams - (Paranormal / Science and Nature Writer, frequent Contributor)
Austin King - ( Entertainment Writer / Musician)
Lee Coyne - (Community Affairs Writer)
Coral Anika Theill - (Domestic Violence Author, Marine Corps Historian, Contributor)
Sean King - (Music and Technology, Contributor)

John Bury Media (Veterans Affairs / Agent Orange Reporter, Contributor)
Joe Clifford ( Writer in Rhode Island
Kelly L. Derricks (Agent Orange and Veteran Youth Contributor)

South Carolina
Marianne Skolek - ('Exposes OxyContin Epidemic and FDA', frequent Correspondent)

Matt Lintz - (Internet Technology Director)
Khalil Nouri - (Afghanistan and Middle East Affairs, Contributor)
James Lewis - (Chief Technical Advisor)
Eric Akiskalian ( Surf Report, Contributor)

Washington DC
Allan C. Brownfeld - (Religion and Culture, Contributor)

Dr. Kevin Barrett - (Middle East Politics & U.S. Affairs, Contributor)

Chuck Palazzo - ( Correspondent in Vietnam: Agent Orange Monsanto beat)

Bonnie King  of

Bonnie King Publisher


Bonnie King`s career is unique, she is one of the few media professionals who has extensive time in four relevant areas; radio, television, newspaper and Internet. She has been with since August 2004.

Her television career began in 1988, at Lincoln City, Oregon`s cable TV station, TV 10, in dual roles as News Anchor and Sales/Promotion Director. This was a natural evolution of her journalistic aspirations, since she was first "bit by the bug" while serving as Editor in Chief of her high school yearbook for two years. She graduated from Bassist College in Portland, Oregon in 1986.

Bonnie has interviewed legends like Aaron Spelling, Hugh Miles and Peter Frampton; Nadia Komenich, the feisty Judge Mills Lane, and the stars from CHARMED, FELICITY, ROSWELL, 7TH HEAVEN and BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER. She has interviewed Oregon`s governors and congressmen, and she was part of the award-winning NBC news crew that first spoke to Evander Holyfield the night of the notorious Tyson ear-biting incident.

Her first full length documentary, `Fallen Fortress at Cape Lookout` aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting in 1993, for which she was the Producer. She is presently working on two Oregon based historical documentaries, and is an integral force in civil and human rights causes.

Bonnie has served in a number of positions in the broadcast industry; TV Production Manager at KVWB (Las Vegas WB) and Producer/Director for the TV series "Hot Wheels in Las Vegas" (2 seasons); TV Promotion Director for KYMA (NBC), and KFBT (Ind.); Asst. Marketing Director (SUPERSHOPPER MAGAZINE); Director/Co-Host (Coast Entertainment Show); Promotion Director (KBCH/KCRF Radio); and, Newspapers In Education/Circulation Sales Manager (STATESMAN JOURNAL NEWSPAPER).

Bonnie has a depth of understanding that reaches further than just behind the scenes, and that thoroughness of her nature is demonstrated in the perseverance to correctly present each story with the wit and wisdom necessary to compel and captivate viewers.

View articles written by Bonnie King

View Bonnie King's profile on LinkedIn

Tim King (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Tim King (RIP)


Iraq War Coverage

Visit the: Orange County Press Club

Afghanistan War Coverage

Tim's Facebook:

Tim's myspace:

Tim King's articles explore political and social injustice. He believes that Genocide and Human Rights violations are unacceptable in this world, across the board with no exceptions; and that resolving and isolating this should be a primary goal of all of the world's governments, and that all other political goals, particularly those related to the American military industrial complex, need to undergo a massive reorganization. The Human Rights Tim and other writers call for are called for under international law, by the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

At the center of the problems that lead to human suffering, are religious governments, followed by religious interference in western politics, where there is no measurable success- only more war.

As a news editor, Tim believes there are other massive issues that mainstream media should better address.

These include human trafficking, which is a massively ignored issue, the erosion of the rights of American citizens and associated, increasing police brutality, U.S. connections to Mexican drug cartels, the nearly unregulated big pharma industry and FDA.

Also of paramount importance, are clean air and water issues and the environmental impacts of contaminated U.S. military bases. He believes all of these subjects need to become a larger focus of all media.

Tim reports regularly on developments relating to the 2009 Sri Lanka Genocide of Tamil people that left well over 100k people missing or dead. He also writes about the constant Human Rights violations and Genocide in Balochistan, and other regions.

Racism and Civil Rights

Occupied Palestine's conflict with Israel

Sri Lanka's Genocide

Marine Corps base contamination

Mexican Drug Cartels

Tim King launched during the summer of 2004 when he was a photojournalist/reporter for KATU Channel-2 News, the ABC affiliate in Portland, Oregon. Assigned to cover Salem for the station, Tim began Salem-News as an overflow for his daily work for the television station.

About a year and a half later, Tim left KATU to become fully devoted to the growth, development and daily news needs of along with Bonnie King, who had left her position at the Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon where she served as the Newspapers in Education Director.

After two years, was selected by Google to be one of its contributing news organizations and traffic on the site grew ten times overnight; with the daily number of visitors jumping from 600 to 6,000.

Over the winter of 2006/2007, Tim spent two months in Afghanistan covering the war there through the eyes of 900 Oregon soldiers.

Tim reported for and Oregon's KPTV FOX-12 from a number of regions and situations in war-torn Afghanistan. His stories showed the poverty and despair ever present in this nation that continues to remain at the center of a seemingly endless Middle east war. Tim covered various operations out of Kabul from November, through the following January, visiting the former training camp of Usama bin Laden in Jalabad, Mazur-e-Shariff, where the US war there began, and also Gardez, Ghazni and many other locations.

In addition to turning 30 news reports for and Oregon's FOX-12 in Portland, his work was also shown in two documentaries produced by the Portland FOX station in the weeks following his return. founder Tim King's life in pictures; photos of Tim King in Oregon,
California, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and France. Includes several photos with Bonnie King,
Tim's wife and business partner, & his sons; Nathan, Matthew, Austin, Sean and Christian.

More recently, Tim spent five weeks covering the war in Iraq, embedded once again with an Oregon Guard unit. Tim produced reports with the Army's 101st Airborne and Marines in Iraq's Anbar province, during the summer of 2008, based primarily out of the Air base at Balad, better known to soldiers there as 'Mortaritaville' due to its frequent reception of rocket and missile attacks. Tim spent time in Baghdad, and also with Marines in Anbar. He also visited Fallujah, Ramadi, TQ (Al-Taqaddum AB) and other locations.

Tim's stories for ranged from combat patrols with the Army and Marines, and memorable videos and articles; including a focus report on a Navy doctor based with the Marines, who helped several Iraqi children receive heart surgery in Israel, and a report of a harrowing night in Iraq, flying in an Army helicopter packed with Iraqi 'detainees' who were kicked and abused by the Americans in the Army aircraft. This is where Tim learned the unique phrase popular in Iraq at the time: Did you create a terrorist today?"

Since spending time in the Middle east, Tim has become increasingly interested in the struggle of the Palestinian people who live with the daily occupation and related oppression of Israel. The same is true with Sri Lanka, one of the primary focuses of Tim's daily reports. In fact Tim and are the only force in the United States that constantly focuses on the Genocide of Tamil Hindus and Christians that culminated in 2009.

The team generates new reports about Israel and Palestine, Iran, Libya, Syria and Sri Lanka constantly; but the group also explores and exposes other vital issues like human rights violations in African nations, like The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Somalia, just for starters. Tim's reports have also illustrated terrible violations of international law in places like Pakistan and India. Each of these significant world issues, always invariably, is interrelated with US affairs.

Another huge aspect of Tim's work at has revolved around the contamination of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine, California, which officials planned to turn into a park and housing subdivision, in spite of the fact that the ground is seriously contaminated with several deadly chemicals. Working with several other writers who also served as Marines at El Toro, Tim has generated a steady stream of news reports that have seriously impacted the proposed redevelopment of the base, which today is just a ruin.

BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up

BETRAYAL, written by two former MCAS El Toro veterans, Robert O’Dowd, investigative reporter and disabled veteran, and Tim King, photo/journalist and war correspondent, is a nonfiction account at two Marine Corps bases of injuries and deaths from exposures to toxic chemicals, murder, narcotrafficing and government cover-up.

BETRAYAL tells the story of the thousands of veterans and their families, once stationed at MCAS El Toro, CA, and Camp Lejeune, NC. Both Marine Corps bases are among the 130 military installations listed as EPA Superfunds, a group of the most environmentally hazardous sites in the U.S.

Written by two former MCAS El Toro Marines, Tim King, photo/journalist and war correspondent, and Bob O’Dowd, E-Correspondent, A Few Good Men, Too Many Chemicals is a thrilling and informative nonfiction account of contamination at two Marine Corps installations, Marine Corps Air Station El Toro on the West Coast (CA) and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune on the East Coast (NC). The eBook is scheduled for release Fall 2011 by MilSpeak Books, the eBook publishing division of MilSpeak Foundation (501c3).

BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up stands with the best works of New Journalism and Creative Nonfiction, including the works of Norman Mailer (The Executioner’s Song) and Truman Capote (In Cold Blood). BETRAYAL tells the story of the thousands of Veterans and their families, once stationed at these hazardous military installations, who have continued to be ignored by the U.S. government by denial of the effects of exposure to environmental hazards, including the highest incidence of occurrence of male breast cancer in any other demographic in the U.S. Legislation to provide health care and compensation for Camp Lejeune Veterans and their dependents was introduced during the 111th Congress....

Read the entire release here: BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up

Tim's years as a Human Rights reporter have taken on many dimensions; he has rallied for a long list of cultures and populations and continues to every day, with a strong and direct concentration on the 2009 Genocide of Tamil Hindus and Christians in Sri Lanka. As a result of his long list of reports exposing war crimes against Tamil people, Tim was invited to be the keynote speaker at the FeTNA (Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America) Conference in Baltimore, in July 2012. This is the largest annual gathering of North American Tamils; Tim addressed more than 3000 people and was presented with a traditional Sri Lanka ‘blessed garland’ and a shawl as per the tradition and custom of Tamil Nadu

Tim's Background prior to

Tim King in Afghanistan

Tim`s history is steeped in his ability and desire to tell a great story - which first led him to the television newsroom in 1988, serving as News Anchor/Reporter for Lincoln City, Oregon`s cable TV station, TV 10. That`s where Tim found his calling.

Since those first years, Tim has moved on to serve as News Photojournalist/Reporter for KATU (ABC), Photojournalist at KVVU (FOX), KVBC (NBC), and KYMA (NBC), the News Assignment Editor for KVVU (FOX) in Las Vegas, NV, as well as radio News Director (KBCH/KCRF). In addition, he was the Producer/Host for the `Coast Entertainment Show`, Executive Producer (creator) of the TV series `Hot Wheels in Las Vegas`, and Executive Producer of the 30-minute documentary `Fallen Fortress at Cape Lookout` which aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting in 1993.

Also significant among his achievements are the 2 years he spent as a Wildlife Rescue team leader on the coast of Oregon; and his service in the US Marine Corps with MWSG-37 in the 3rd Marine Air Wing at El Toro.

Tim`s career in the broadcast industry has afforded him many opportunities to cover incredible stories as well as meet innumerable celebrities and dignitaries. He has flown in many military planes including an F-16 Air Force Fighter, and produced a three-part series on aviation history of the Southwest region of the United States. Aviation is one of Tim`s passions.

Tim majored in journalism at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California. He holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), the first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several other awards including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting.

View articles written by Tim King

James Lewis of

James Lewis - USA Chief Technical Advisor


James Lewis has been associated with the team far longer than the site has existed. An old friend of Tim and Bonnie King's from the time of their first TV news jobs in Lincoln City, Oregon, Jim is's Chief Technical Advisor, and has contributed greatly from day one with his incredible set of Internet and computer based skills.

He and his wife Brynnen Lewis have two wonderful daughters and Jim has spent a significant portion of the last several years in the employment of Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. Jim earned his Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology in 2003.

Jim brings the most cutting edge skills to the drawing table, where the future of is plotted and executed. He works with our development team headed by Web Designer Matt Lintz, who is assisted by our writer and multi talented 'Whiz Kid' for a lack of better terms, Ersun Warncke. Jim's background with Microsoft adds greatly to his highly effective education, which is diversified by all kinds of computer and Web development advances.

Bob O’Dowd of

Bob O’Dowd - USA Environmental and Military Reporter


Bob O’Dowd is a former U.S. Marine with thirty years of experience on the east coast as an auditor, accountant, and financial manager with the Federal government, half of that time with the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia.

Bob is somewhat like the accountant played by Jack Lemmon in “The Apartment.” Bob worked in “insane workplaces” similar to the insurance company office setting pictured in the film. No work cubicles. Lots of noise. Mechanical calculators. Phones ringing. Unlike Jack Lemmon, Bob didn’t have a key to an apartment he could share with bosses needing a place to rendezvous with lovers. Instead, he shared one with two Navy veterans, recent graduates of Villanova, who hosted weekend parties with kegs of beer and lots of girls. It wasn’t Animal House, but a close tie. Not exactly the image of an accountant, but then Bob was not your typical accountant.

Originally from Pennsylvania, he enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 19, served in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Marine Aircraft Wings in 52 months of active duty in the 1960s. Bob’s sense of humor has occasionally gotten him in trouble. Leaving San Diego with 1,000 other Marines in November 1964, Bob was the Marine who lead the “Mickey Mouse” theme song to get the attention of a Marine Major in charge of the draft. It was a warm day for San Diego, Marines were in starch utilities (work cloths), carrying a seabag full of clothing on one shoulder and another dry cleaned set of dress greens in their free hand. Most Marines were in poor humor and soaking wet in sweat after standing in line in the hot sun for a few hours. To relieve the tension, Bob started to sing the “Mickey Mouse Theme Song.”

BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up

BETRAYAL, written by two former MCAS El Toro veterans, Robert O’Dowd, investigative reporter and disabled veteran, and Tim King, photo/journalist and war correspondent, is a nonfiction account at two Marine Corps bases of injuries and deaths from exposures to toxic chemicals, murder, narcotrafficing and government cover-up.

BETRAYAL tells the story of the thousands of veterans and their families, once stationed at MCAS El Toro, CA, and Camp Lejeune, NC. Both Marine Corps bases are among the 130 military installations listed as EPA Superfunds, a group of the most environmentally hazardous sites in the U.S.

Written by two former MCAS El Toro Marines, Tim King, photo/journalist and war correspondent, and Bob O’Dowd, E-Correspondent, A Few Good Men, Too Many Chemicals is a thrilling and informative nonfiction account of contamination at two Marine Corps installations, Marine Corps Air Station El Toro on the West Coast (CA) and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune on the East Coast (NC). The eBook is scheduled for release Fall 2011 by MilSpeak Books, the eBook publishing division of MilSpeak Foundation (501c3).

BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up stands with the best works of New Journalism and Creative Nonfiction, including the works of Norman Mailer (The Executioner’s Song) and Truman Capote (In Cold Blood). BETRAYAL tells the story of the thousands of Veterans and their families, once stationed at these hazardous military installations, who have continued to be ignored by the U.S. government by denial of the effects of exposure to environmental hazards, including the highest incidence of occurrence of male breast cancer in any other demographic in the U.S. Legislation to provide health care and compensation for Camp Lejeune Veterans and their dependents was introduced during the 111th Congress....

Read the entire release here: BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up

“Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me
Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there
You're as welcome as can be

Mickey Mouse!
Mickey Mouse!
Forever let us hold our banner
High! High! High! High!

Come along and sing a song
And join the jamboree!
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E”

It worked. One thousand Marines took up the song in full voice, tourists in the San Diego harbor stared in amazement, the ship’s company watched and laughed at the rails. The only one who didn’t appreciate the humor was the Marine Major who stood in apparent disbelief on the forward weather deck of the transport. It worked. Within minutes, the entire Marine draft was hustled aboard ship. Who ever said Marines lacked a sense of humor?

A graduate of Temple University, Bob like Jack Lemmon married late. Bob and Grace have been married over 31 years; have two adult children and two grandsons. Bob and Grace are opposites in more ways than one. Grace, a professor of English at La Salle University, has little patience for anyone who enjoys “reading math books.” Bob would rather do math problems than go to a movie. Go figure. Opposites must attract.

Research on El Toro is where Bob intersected with Bob served in the exact same Marine Aviation Squadron that Salem-News founder Tim King served in, twenty years earlier. With their combined on-site knowledge and research ability, Bob and Tim and a handful of other ex-Marines, have put the contamination of MCAS El Toro on the map. The base is highly contaminated with TCE, trichloroethylene.

View articles written by Robert O'Dowd

William Gomes of

William Gomes - Bangladesh Human Rights Analyst/Reporter


As an investigative journalist William wrote widely for leading European and Asian media outlets. He is also active in advocating for free and independent media and journalists’ rights, and is part of the free media movement, Global Independent Media Center – an activist media network for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate telling of the truth

Follow William Nicholas Gomes on Twitter:

Marianne Skolek of

Marianne Skolek - USA / Canada Investigative Reporter


Marianne Skolek is an Investigative Reporter focusing on the Prescription Opioid/Heroin Epidemic in the U.S. and Canada. In particular, Marianne has covered the criminal marketing of OxyContin going back to 1999 and continuing to the present.

In 2002, Marianne lost her daughter, Jill to prescribed OxyContin which her physician referred to as "mobility in a bottle." It was, in fact, death in a bottle. After doing extensive research on the maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, Marianne began working with the Department of Justice in Virginia in their criminal investigation into Purdue Pharma and in July 2007 was asked by the U.S. Attorney John Brownlee prosecuting the case to testify against the three CEO's of Purdue Pharma, Michael Friedman, Paul Goldenheim, MD and Howard Udell, Chief Counsel. The CEO's pleaded guilty to misleading the medical profession about the dangers of OxyContin. Marianne also testified against Purdue Pharma at a Judiciary Hearing of the U.S. Senate in July 2007.

In addition, a dangerous and highly addictive opioid named Zohydro has been approved by the FDA against their Advisory Committee's advice and Marianne continues to alert Attorneys General, Senators and Congressmen as to the FDA's irresponsibility in the out of control prescription opioid/heroin epidemic killing and addicting in the tens of thousands each year. Zohydro has been referred to as "heroin in a capsule" and its lowest dosage (10mg) contains twice as much hydrocodone as found in a Vicodin pill. The highest single dose of Zohydro contains as much hydrocodone as 5 to 10 tablets of Vicodin or Lortab. Zohydro mixed with alcohol can be fatal and has no abuse deterrent built in which will make it easy to crush and deliver a fatal dose of the opioid.

Currently Marianne has been instrumental in calling for the termination of Margaret Hamburg, MD, Commissioner of the FDA as well as Bob A. Rappaport, MD and Douglas Throckmorton, MD for their lack of commitment to safeguarding the American public against the prescription opioid/heroin epidemic. Marianne's research, writing and contact with government agencies and attorneys has also exposed the heavily funded pain foundations set up by the pharmaceutical industry and their paid physician spokespersons who convinced the medical boards in 50 states and Canada that dangerous opioids such as OxyContin were less likely to be addictive. These physicians -- in particular Scott Fishman, MD, J. David Haddox, DDS, MD, Perry Fine, MD, Lynn R. Webster, MD, Russell Portenoy, MD also downplayed the risks of addictive opioids in books as authors. These books are still available for sale and promoted to the medical profession.

Here are links to Marianne's involvement in exposing the national conspiracy of the prescription opioid/heroin epidemic, the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, their pain foundations and paid physician spokespersons.

JUST Story: Phillip W. McCallum:

"Learn to Cope":

View articles written by Marianne Skolek: {{Click Here}}

Gilad Atzmon of

Gilad Atzmon - UK Contributor in London


Gilad Atzmon was born in Israel in 1963 and had his musical training at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem (Composition and Jazz). As a multi-instrumentalist he plays Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes, Clarinet and Flutes. His album Exile was the BBC jazz album of the year in 2003. He has been described by John Lewis on the Guardian as the “hardest-gigging man in British jazz". His albums often explore political themes and the music of the Middle East.
Until 1994 he was a producer-arranger for various Israeli Dance & Rock Projects, performing in Europe and the USA playing ethnic music as well as R&R and Jazz.
Coming to the UK in 1994, Atzmon recovered an interest in playing the music of the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe that had been in the back of his mind for years. In 2000 he founded the Orient House Ensemble in London and started re-defining his own roots in the light of his emerging  political awareness. Since then the Orient House Ensemble has toured all over the world. The  Ensemble includes Eddie Hick on Drums, Yaron Stavi on Bass and Frank Harrison on piano & electronics.

Also, being a prolific writer, Atzmon's essays are widely published. His novels 'Guide to the perplexed' and 'My One And Only Love' have been translated into 24 languages.
Over the years Gilad Atzmon's music has moved more and more towards a cultural hybrid. As a bandleader and reed player he has been amazing his listeners with his powerful personal style that combines great bebop artistry and Middle-Eastern roots in a sophisticated, sometimes ironical manner. Influenced by Coltrane’s powerful approach on the sax, Gilad's live performances are simply breathtaking and overwhelming.
Gilad's  latest album ‘In Loving Memory of America’ was highly praised by the British music press. Here are just a few quotes:
"Atzmon's fluid lyricism is in full flow on songbook classics and worldly originals. But as sweet romance morphs to modernist uncertainty, the bittersweet balance and rich emotional palette equally impress." Financial Times ***** March 2009
"Gilad Atzmon, the expat Israeli saxophonist/clarinetist, combines thrilling jazz musicianship with a maverick political intelligence" Guardian ****
"Like the best of albums" Jazzwise **** March 2009
"Atzmon always manages to tell a story" Uncut **** March 2009
"One of the finest alto players around, Gilad pays his respects to Bird i...It's striking how similar Gilad's sweet, open-throated sound is to Parker's, but as you'd expect from the fiery philosopher-turned-Blockhead, this is no tribute album." BBC Music Magazine March 2009

As a member of the Blockheads, Gilad has also recorded and performed with Ian Dury, Robbie Williams, Sinead O'Connor and Paul McCartney. Gilad has also recorded with Robert Wyatt, the Water Boys and many others. In 2007 Gilad extended his role as a Producer, working with outstanding singer-songwriter Sarah Gillespie to produce her debut album released in September 2009.

In 2008-9 Gilad also produced the Brazilian percussion star Adriano Adewale. The multi ethnic Irish band Yurodny and is currently producing the UK legendary bass player Norman Watt-Roy’s debut album.

Daniel Johnson of

Daniel Johnson - Canada

Deputy Executive Editor,


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, as a teenager, Daniel Johnson aspired to be a writer. Always a voracious reader, he reads more books in a month than many people read in a lifetime. He knew early that in order to be a writer, you have to be a reader.

Another early bit of self-knowledge was that writers need experience. So, in the first seven years after high school he worked at 42 different jobs ranging from management trainee in a bank (four branches in three cities), inside and outside jobs at a railroad (in two cities), then A & W, factories and assembly lines, driving cabs (three different companies), collection agent, a variety of office jobs, John Howard Society, crisis counsellor at an emergency shelter, salesman in a variety of industries (building supplies, used cars, photocopy machines)and on and on. You get the picture.

In 1968, he was between jobs and eligible for unemployment benefits, so he decided to take the winter off and just write. The epiphany there, he said, was that after about two weeks, “I realized I had nothing to say.” So back to regular work.

He has always been concerned about fairness in the world and the plight of the underprivileged/underdog. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that he understood where that motivation came from. Diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) he researched the topic and, among others, read a book Scattered Minds by Dr. Gabor Maté, an ADD person himself. Maté wrote: "[A] feeling of duty toward the whole world is not limited to ADD but is typical of it. No one with ADD is without it."

That explains his motivation. Hard-wired.

As a professional writer he sold his first paid article in 1974 and, while employed at other jobs, started selling a few pieces in assorted places. He created his first journalism gig. In the late 1970s, when the world was recovering from a recession, the Canadian federal government had a job creation program where, if an employer created a new job, the government would pay part of the wage for the first year or two. The local weekly paper was growing, so he approached the publisher and said this was an opportunity for him to hire a new reporter. The publisher had been thinking along those lines but cost was a factor. No longer.

Over the next 15 years, Daniel eked out a living as a writer doing, among other things, national writing and both radio and TV broadcasting for the CBC, Maclean’s (the national newsmagazine) and a host of smaller publications. Interweaved throughout this period was soul-killing corporate and public relations writing.

It was through the 1960s and 1970s that he got his university experience. In his first year at the University of Calgary, he majored in psychology/mathematics; in his second year he switched to physics/mathematics. He then learned of an independent study program at the University of Lethbridge where he attended the next two years, studying philosophy and economics. In the end he attended university over nine years (four full time) but never qualified for a degree because he didn't have the right number of courses in any particular field.

In 1990 he published his first (and so far, only) book: Practical History: A guide to Will and Ariel Durant’s “The Story of Civilization” (Polymath Press, Calgary)

Newly appointed as the Deputy Executive Editor in August 2011, he has been writing exclusively for since March 2009 and, as of summer 2011, has published more than 160 stories.

He continues to work on a second book which he began in 1998 with the working title Cosmology of the Ants.

View articles written by Daniel Johnson

Ralph E. Stone of

Ralph E. Stone - USA Contributor

Email: writer Ralph E. Stone was born in Massachusetts. He is a graduate of both Middlebury College and Suffolk Law School. We are very fortunate to have this writer's talents in this troubling world; Ralph has an eye for detail that others miss.

As is the case with many writers, Ralph is an American Veteran who served in war. Ralph served his nation after college as a U.S. Army officer during the Vietnam war. After Vietnam, he went on to have a career with the Federal Trade Commission as an Attorney specializing in Consumer and Antitrust Law.

Over the years, Ralph has traveled extensively with his wife Judi, taking in data from all over the world, which today adds to his collective knowledge about extremely important subjects like the economy and taxation.

Since leaving his full time role with the Federal Trade Commission, Ralph retired and has become closely involved in domestic violence prevention and consumer issues. We are happy to have him aboard this important team.

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD of

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD - Palestine West Bank Reporter



Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh teaches and does research at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. He previously served on the faculties of the University of Tennessee, Duke and Yale Universities. He served on the board/steering/executive committees of a number of groups including Peace Action Education Fund, the US Campaign to End the Occupation, the Palestinian American Congress, Association for One Democratic State in Israel/Palestine, and He is now president of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People and coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Beit Sahour. He advised many other groups including Sommerville Divestment Project, Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project, Palestine Freedom Project, Sabeel North America, and National Council of Churches of Christ USA. He is an active member of a number of human rights groups (Amnesty, Peace action, Human Rights Watch, ACLU etc.). He published several books the most acclaimed of which is "Sharing the Land of Canaan: human rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle" which was also translated to spanish.

He also has an activism book published electronically on his web site ( His main interest is media activism and public education. He published over 200 letters to the editor and 100 op-ed pieces and interviewed in TV and radio extensively (local, national and international). Appearances in national media included the Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, CNBC, C-Span, and ABC, among others. He also regularly lectures on issues of human rights and international law. He has a new book out shortly titled “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of Hope and Empowerment" which reviews resistance going back to the beginning of the Zionist project in the 19th century until today. is extremely proud to work with Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home
Also please visit:

Ken O'Keefe of

Ken O'Keefe - UK Correspondent


Ken O'Keefe is a former U.S. Marine who served in the 1991 Gulf War and subsequently spoke out about the use of depleted uranium as a "crime against humanity" and the US military using soldiers as "human guinea pigs" with experimental drugs that were directly linked to Gulf War syndrome.

He is also a social entrepreneur utilizing direct action marine conservation, though Ken is more widely known for leading the human shield action to Iraq and as a survivor of the Israeli attack on the MV Mavi Marmara in which he participated in defending the ship and "disarming two Israeli Commandos".

On January 7, 2004, O'Keefe burned his US passport in protest of American Imperialism and called for US troops to immediately withdrawal from Iraq. He replaced his US passport with a "World Passport", subsequently proclaiming himself a "Citizen of the World" with “ultimate allegiance to my entire human family and to planet Earth." His is also legal citizen of Ireland and Palestine citizenship.

We are extremely happy that Ken is among our team of writers at; he is possibly the most interesting and involved American in the effort to bring peace to the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Read Ken O'Keefe's Biography, you can also visit Ken's Ken's Website

Jennifer Fierberg, MSW of

Jennifer Fierberg, MSW - USA Contributor


Jennifer Fierberg is a social worker in the US working on peace and justice issues in Africa through journalism. Her literary focus has been concentrated on the ongoing humanitarian crisis occurring specific to Rwanda and throughout the central region of Africa. Her articles have been published on many humanitarian sites that are also focused on changing the world through social, political and personal action.

She is passionate and focused on bringing the many humanitarian issues that plague the African Continent to the awareness of the developed world in order to incite change. She has previously been a correspondent, Assistant Editor, and Volunteer Coordinator for NGO News Africa through the volunteer project of the UN. Jennifer is also the media co-coordinator for The Africa Global Village (

Jennifer comes to with a great deal of experience and passion for working to stop human right violation in Africa.

Kenneth G. Ramey of

Kenneth G. Ramey - USA Religion and Philosophy Writer


When we met Kenneth G. Ramey, he was a "writer without a Website" who was generating excellent, provocative articles on the subject of religion and world affairs.

We are pleased that Ken's "lone wolf" approach as a writer has been replaced by a spot on our team of writers at

Ken confronts the hard issues of politics and religion from a logical point of view that combines interesting insight with history into the truth, or lack thereof, that underlies the strengths and weaknesses of the Religious Right’s determination to use American politics for its own misguided, or selfish, interest.

It’s rare for a writer to balance his writing between religious values and the secular guarantees of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with the knowledge that Ken possesses, and to do it so effectively.

Ken was born in Minnesota but was raised in California since 1932. He is the youngest of four boys raised by his mother alone during the dark years of the Great Depression. He Graduated from SFSU in the 1970s when in his mid-forties, majoring in Spanish North American History, and added three years of post-graduate study, much of it in Philosophy and Religion. He worked hard all his life in and out of doors, except for college and the fifteen years he was in banking, seven of them as Training Director in Administration.

Ken has known tragedy in his lifetime and has overcome them. He is well suited to discuss everything from the low to the highs. that give of us hope.

We live at a critical time in history and believe Ken's views represent the view of many who are tired of the commercialism and false interpretations about religion today.

Watch for Ken's articles on religion, philosophy, politics and history.

View articles written by Kenneth G. Ramey

Nahida Izzat of

Nahida Izzat - UK Poet and Contributing Writer


Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee who has lived in exile for over forty two years, after being forced to leave her homeland at the tender age of seven in 1967, during the six-day war.

She has a degree in mathematics, but art is one of her favorite pastimes. She loves hand-made things and so makes dolls, cards, and most of her own clothes. She also writes poetry, participates in written dialogues and believes in building bridges, not walls.

She started writing when her friends insisted she should write about her memories, experiences and feelings as a Palestinian.When she did it all came out sounding—she was told—like poetry! So she self-published two books: I Believe in Miracles and Palestine, The True Story.

Her dream is to return back home to a free and liberated Palestine.

If you like poetry and are intrigued by the notion of helping the Palestinian people and learning more, you can purchase Nahida's books, I Believe in Miracles and Palestine, The True Story by visiting:

I Believe in Miracles: a Collection of Palestinian Poems

ISBN 13: 9780954839109 | ISBN 10: 0954839102

£12.99 paperback Nahida Izzat (2004)

Dr. Phil Leveque (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Dr. Phil Leveque (RIP) - USA Medical Expert/Staff Writer

In a unique segment, brings viewers the words and wisdom of one of Oregon's most famous doctors, Dr. Phillip Leveque, a man who fought in World War Two and fought to make access to marijuana a matter of reality. He was instrumental in the initial changing of Oregon law that allowed medical the use of Medical Marijuana in the first place.

He was a fighter since his days in the Army during World War Two, when he captured 26 Nazi officers in a single day by himself. More recently, this veteran physician fought for the rights of patients who use marijuana as a medicine and for veterans suffering from PTSD, something he was no stranger to.

The world is changing fast and medical marijuana is a daily reality for thousands of patients in Oregon, and hundreds of thousands of people nationwide who suffer from a variety of illnesses.

But who can pot smokers turn to for medical care? Needless to say, a vast majority of users are hesitant to discuss their use with physicians, and doctors are fearful when it comes to discussing a substance that potentially violates the law.

Federal laws still consider possession of pot illegal, even though states and individual counties have adopted their own standards. Because of the federal shadow cast on the situation, hundreds of thousands of legal users and millions of illegal users, go without adequate medical advice.

We are extremely proud that we were able to bring Dr. Leveque's expertise to our readers. This lifelong healer and former WWII combat soldier was on our primary team of writers at for 8 years.

We lost Dr. Phil Leveque on May 2, 2015, but his works live on through our pages and beyond. We are forever in his debt for sharing his worldly views on so many topics, and enlightening us all.

View articles by Dr. Phil Leveque

Arun Shrivastava (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Arun Shrivastava (RIP) - India South Asia Correspondent


Arun Shrivastava (RIP) was an accredited management consultant, researcher and writer. He studied in India and England and returned to India in 1989, after a brief stint as senior officer with Economic Development Unit of Birmingham (UK).

From 1989 to 1994, he taught Strategic Management and Long Range Planning to MBA students at International Management Institute in Delhi.

About twenty years ago he founded two institutions, one for consulting and another for doing sponsored research work; today both are known for excellence. Since the events of 9/11, he devoted much of his time to researching NWO issues. Arun also moderated International Human Rights Organizations’ discussion group. is very pleased that Arun Shrivastava chose to join our dynamic team which has been paying increasing attention to problems taking place in India. He was's 94th writer and his presence allowed us to better cover important events in an increasingly interconnected world community.

He will be missed greatly, for always.

Alan Hart (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Alan Hart (RIP) - UK Writer in London

One of the biggest names in the history of Mideast TV reporting is Alan Hart, the London-based former BBC and ITN Reporter who found his path into the media reporting world at the young age of 17. Alan soon began receiving assignments as a 'stringer' correspondent for all but one of Britain’s national newspapers.

He was also turning reports at this point for the three main international news agencies - Reuters, Associated Press and UPI. After years in Africa, a more experienced Alan Hart back to England, where he secured a job with the Daily Telegraph.

Alan explains that it was in Vietnam, where he watched America spend six million dollars a minute destroying two countries in a war that could not be won, and possibly should never have been fought, that he first began to really question things, and not merely report. There were few key world leaders who didn't know and work with Alan Hart. It is a fabulous history of the biggest names of the world.

Alan says that in his TV reporting days he was "Celebrated within the industry for my scoops and my special relationships with leaders on both sides of the many conflicts I covered."

Alan was a fiercely independent thinker. He said he hates all labels and -isms and has never been a member of any political party or group. He preferred to judge issues on their merits. Alan was an author who wrote about the Middle East.

Learn more about Alan:

See also:

And to learn even more of Alan's fascinating life, visit this story: Getting to the Hart of the Matter with One of the World's Most Experienced Reporters

Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East.

Over more than four decades Alan Hart enjoyed intimate access to, and on the human level friendship with, leaders of both sides including Golda Meir, Mother Israel, and Yasser Arafat,Father Palestine. (Others included Moshe Dayan, Shimon Peres, Nasser, Sadat, King Faisal, King Hussein—the list is long).

He also participated at a leadership level in the secret politics of the search for peace in the Middle East (as an intermediary between Arafat and Peres when it was presumed that Peres was headed for leadership).

Alan recently announced the American edition of his epic book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Vol. 1: The False Messiah. This is Alan Hart’s epic three-volume journey through the propaganda lies and the documented truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of what has come to be called the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He blogs on, and tweets on

Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. The sub-title of this volume is Conflict Without End? It takes the story from the 1967 war and the creation of Greater Israel to the present and the question: Is Peace Possible?

Will President Obama be allowed to deliver an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians in order to achieve peace for all and, if not, what’s the most likely future for the region and the world?


  • "... immensely readable and a magnificent piece of work ..."
    -- Clare Short, MP and Int'l Development Sec't in Blair Govt
  • "... elucidates the dangers involved in the unconditional Western support for Zionism and its oppressive policies against the Palestinians."
    -- Ilan Pappe, Leading Israeli revisionist Historian

    "... principled, ... historical, ... excellent, even heroic, in effort and scope."
    -- Mark Bruzonsky, founder,; World Jewish Congress, first Washington Representative

Dr. Franklin Lamb (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Dr. Franklin Lamb (RIP)- Lebanon Correspondent in Lebanon

Defining who our most interesting writer is would be a daunting task at best. The competition is quite outrageous, and each member of the team has their own knowledge and skill sets. Several are nothing less than amazing. Read these biographical accounts and you will see what I mean.

I have to say that Franklin Lamb, an international attorney who lives among the Palestinian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon, constantly advocating and writing on their behalf, certainly is tied for first place.

Many years ago, when the owners of were getting started in their media careers at a small television station on the Oregon coast, Franklin Lamb was working in Oregon, closely involved in state politics and associated with many of Oregon's top politicians. He is one of two expat writers from the Willamette Valley of Oregon with

Dr. Franklin Lamb was Director of the Sabra Shatila Foundation. He worked with the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign in Lebanon on drafting legislation which would, if adopted by Lebanon’s Cabinet and Parliament, grant the right to work and to own a home to Lebanon’s Palestinian Refugees. One part of the PCRC legislative project is its online Petition which can be viewed and signed at: Lamb is reachable at

Franklin Lamb’s book on the Sabra-Shatila Massacre, International Legal Responsibility for the Sabra-Shatila Massacre, now out of print, was published in 1983, following Janet’s death and was dedicated to Janet Lee Stevens. He was a witness before the Israeli Kahan Commission Inquiry, held at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in January 1983.

Ron Ridenour Contributing Writer / Author of

Ron Ridenour - Denmark Publisher


Born in the "devil's own country" of a WASP military family, 1939. Growing up I experienced the pains and indignities of US imperial domination, its jingoistic wars, its chauvinism and racism at home and abroad.

Before I understood the essence of US imperialism, I joined the US Air Force, at 17, when the Soviet Union occupied Hungary in 1956, to fight the “commies”. Posted to a radar site in Japan, I witnessed approved segregated barracks in the Yankee base, and the imposition of racism in Japanese establishments. I protested and was tortured by my white “compatriots”, who held me down naked, sprayed DDT aflame over my pubic hairs, and then held me under snow. This, and the fact that we had orders to shoot down any Soviet aircraft over “our” territory in Japan—which never appeared—while we flew spy planes over the Soviet Union daily, led me to question American “morality”.

In shame and anger at what the US really does against peoples at home and around the globe, I took responsibility. My first demonstration was in Los Angeles against the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. The Cuban revolution inspired me to become an activist, and I helped build the budding student and anti-war movements just forming when I entered college, as well as participating in the civil rights movement. I was an activist during the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer campaign to force the state to allow black people simply the right to vote. I later supported the Black Panther Party,

and supported other liberation movements inside the monster and in solidarity with/for revolutionary movements throughout Latin American.

During the 1960s and 70s, I was jailed a dozen times, once for half-a-year, and spent a week in a Costa Rica prison for trying to travel to Cuba during the October 1962 missile crisis. I was part of the Wounded Knee occupation by Native Americans (1974) for a time and helped with media promotion.

In the mid-70s, the Southeast Asians, aided by international solidarity movements, won its sovereignty. Soon thereafter, I obtained 1,000 censored pages of dossiers various National Security Council “intelligence” agencies had on me.

I began working as a reporter in 1967. I was fired from three dailies (Hanford Sentinel, Riverside Press-Enterprise, Hollywood Reporter) for failing to self-censor my reportage and for union organizing efforts, as well as support for the Black Panthers. In the early 1970s, I reported for and edited several alternative“underground” weeklies, including the “Los Angeles Free Press” and the “L.A. Vanguard”.

FBI, CIA, Los Angeles Police Department's red squad all tailed and harassed me, even to the point of forging tax return papers in an attempt to show the left and anti-war movement that I was one of their many spies.

In 1980, I moved to Denmark for love of Grethe and hate of the US. Between 1982 and 1996, I traveled to and lived for nearly nine years in Nicaragua and Cuba, where I translated, wrote and edited for Cuba’s foreign publishing house, Editorial José Martí, and Cuba's news agency, Prensa Latina. I have also traveled in Venezuela and Bolivia and written about their revolutions.

I have been a special correspondent or free lance for many publications in the US, several Latin American and European countries—among them: The Morning Star, New Statesman, The Guardian (US and England), Playboy, Liberation News Service, Pacific News Service and Pacifica Radio, Coast, Qui, Skeptic, Sevendays..."

I have also written for many Danish publications--Copenhagen weekly Politisk Review weekly, Relief, Information--as well as worked in ecological agricultural, lectured in schools, painted houses and held other odd jobs in Denmark. I have been an anti-war activist and have acted in solidarity with the resistance movements in Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and Palestine.

My published books are...

Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”, India, November 2011 (English here and soon in Tamil)

Sounds of Venezuela”, India, November 2011 (English and Tamil)

Cuba: A Revolution in Action”, India, November 2010 (Tamil)

Cuba at Sea”, Socialist Resistance, London, May, 2008. (Sailing aboard five Cuban ships as a volunteer merchant marine.)

Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads”, Socialist Resistance, London, October, 2006. (A look at how Cuba is managing the special period.)

"Cuba: A `Yankee´ Reports", PapyRossa, Germany, 1997. (Only in German but English manuscript is in themes here.)

Cuba at the Crossroads”, Infoservicios, Los Angeles, California, 1994. (A look at the early special period.)

Backfire: The CIA’s Biggest Burn”, Editorial José Martí, Havana, 1991, and in Germany, 1994. (How Cuba protects itself against CIA.)

Yankee Sandinistas”, Curbstone Press, Connecticut, 1986. (Testimonies of US citizens living and working with the new Nicaragua.)

Learn more by visiting

Alison Weir of

Alison Weir - USA Correspondent


Alison Weir's goals are peace and understanding and the realization of a real multi-cultural place where people are not continually scrutinized and referred to as 'terrorists' in order for one side to further its difficult political position.

As a former journalist, Weir has traveled throughout the West Bank and Gaza, and speaks widely on this topic; in the past having given two briefings on Capitol Hill, three talks at the Asia Media Summit in Kuala Lumpur (at the end of the month she will be speaking at the Summit in Beijing), presentations in Ramallah and Bethlehem, and lectures at numerous campuses across the US, including Harvard Law School, Stanford, Yale, UC Berkeley, MIT, Vassar, and the Naval Postgraduate Institute.

Weir has received awards from the Council on American Islamic Relations and the American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee, and she was asked to contribute a chapter to Project Censored's 2005 volume. She was inducted into membership of Phi Alpha Literary Society, founded in 1845 at Illinois College, the award citing her as a “Courageous journalist-lecturer on behalf of human rights." She was the first woman to receive an honorary membership in Phi Alpha history.

Her writings on this topic have appeared in publications including The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, The Link, CounterPunch, the Bay Guardian, and anthologies published in the US and abroad. She was the narrator of the award-winning documentary "Occupation 101." Weir was the subject of the Public Access program "Off the Charts," produced by Alternate Focus, and is a member of the board of directors of the Council for the National Interest and New Policy.

Dr. Paul Balles  of

Dr. Paul Balles - Bahrain Reporter

Dr. Paul J. Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who generates thought-provoking articles on Middle East politics from first-hand perspective.

Throughout his life as an educator, Paul Balles has lived and worked in the Middle East for 40 years - first as an English professor (Universities of Kuwait and Bahrain), and for the past ten years as a writer, editor and editorial consultant.

He’s a weekly Op-Ed columnist for the GULF DAILY NEWS . Dr. Balles is also Editorial Consultant for Red House Marketing and a regular contributor to Bahrain This Month. He writes a weekly op-ed column for Akbar Al Khaleej (Arabic). He has also edited seven websites, including,

Paul has had more than 350 articles published, focusing on companies, personality profiles, entrpreneurs, women achievers, journalists and the media, the Middle East, American politics, the Internet and the Web, consumer reports, Arabs, diplomats, dining out and travel.

His articles on are frank and enlightening. We are very appreciative of the incredible writings Dr. Balles has generated for our readers over the years, and we are very pleased to list him among our most valued contributors. Indulging the hard subjects that keep the world divided is our specialty at, and with writers like Dr. Paul Balles on our team, we amplify our ability to meet challenges and someday, will see the effects of this exist in context with a more peaceful and generally successful world.

April Scott of

April Scott - USA Reporter


April Scott has been an avid writer since she learned how to spell. In 1996, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a minor in Radio-Television from Eastern Washington University.

Her media career began at KXLY (Spokane, Wa) in 1996. She produced several popular talk shows on AM 920 including “All About Crime” with host Mark Fuhrman, “The Rick Miller Show”, “Mike Fitzsimmons”, “Phyllis and Art” and “Seebeck”. She also developed a successful career in ad sales and copywriting for Rock 94 ½ another KXLY station.

In 2000 she moved to Oregon where she worked as copywriter and online editor for KATU news (Portland).

Today, April is a mom striving to live an organic lifestyle. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with fellow Oregonians, and people all over the world. She hopes that by educating people about the chemical content in our modern food supply, she will be able to arm them with the knowledge they need to become smarter consumers.

View articles written by April Scott

James M. Wall of

James M. Wall - USA Contributor in Chicago


James M. Wall is currently a Contributing Editor of The Christian Century magazine, based in Chicago, Illinois.  From 1972 through 1999, he was editor and publisher of the Christian Century magazine.  Jim launched this new personal blog April 24, 2008.

Journalism was Jim’s undergraduate college major at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. He has earned two MA degrees, one from Emory, and one from the University of Chicago, both in religion.

He is an ordained United Methodist clergy person.

He and his wife, Mary Eleanor, are the parents of three sons,  and the grandparents of four grandchildren. They live in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Jim served for two years on active duty in the US Air Force, and three additional years in the USAF (inactive) reserve. While serving with the Alaskan Command, he reached the rank of first lieutenant.

He has worked as a sports writer for both the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, was editor of the United Methodist magazine, Christian Advocate for ten years, and editor and publisher of the Christian Century magazine for 27 years, starting in 1972.

Time magazine wrote about the new editor, who arrived at the Christian Century determined to turn the magazine into a hard-hitting news publication.  To read what Time had to say about the 44-year-old new editor, click here.

Time concluded its essay with this summary of what the editor had planned for the future.

He sees the mainstream churches at least as often foolish as they are wise. He believes that the Century, and liberal Protestants generally, must shift from pious approval of their churches to a more realistic and vigorous appraisal. Concludes Wall: “What we have to say about the church and the world will be gutsy and robust.”

The inspiration for Wall Writings comes from that mindset and from many other sources that have influenced Jim’s writings over the years, including politics, cinema, media, American culture, and the political struggles in the Middle East.

He has made more than 20 trips to that region as a journalist, during which he covered such events as Anwar Sadat’s 1977 trip to Jerusalem, and the 2006 Palestinian legislative election. He has interviewed, and written about, journalists, religious leaders, political leaders and private citizens in the region.

Wall Writings deals with all of these topics, and others, as they emerge, from within an understanding of the ambiguity of the human condition as perceived from a religious perspective.

Wall Writings was initially used by Jim as the title of his column in the Georgia Tech Technique, when he served as sports editor of that publication.

He often finds inspiration from cinema and from music and lyrics from songs, like this one, “The Sounds of Silence”:


And the people bowed and prayed

To the neon God they made.

And the sign flashed out its warning,

In the words that it was forming.

And the signs said, the words of the prophets

Are written on the subway walls

And tenement halls.

And whispered in the sounds of silence.

This song addressed the uneasy mood that permeated a rebellious period, the 1960s, a mood chronicled in Director Mike Nichols’ film, The Graduate.

“The words of the prophets” come to us from different places, like subway walls, tenement halls, poetry, movies, novels, and surprise gifts of grace that break through the mists of secular creativity.

Such a moment comes to us when first we encounter the deadpan expression of Dustin Hoffman, as Benjamin, a recent college graduate, who has returned to his stultifying suburban home. At a family party, the most important advice a friend of his father’s can give him is “plastics”. The only meaning Benjamin can expect in a godless universe is to be found in a successful career that gives him a home in the suburbs with a swimming pool out back.

Read the signs wherever you can find them, and then act upon them.

Visit Jim's Website: Wall Writings

Kourosh Ziabari of

Kourosh Ziabari - Iran Iran Correspondent


Kourosh is awarded by President Ahmadinejad

Kourosh Ziabari is an Iranian media correspondent, freelance journalist and the author of Book 7+1. In addition to his work with he is a contributing writer for websites and magazines in the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, South Korea, Belgium, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. He was once a member of Stony Brook University Publications’ editorial team and Media Left magazine’s contributing writer, as well as a contributing writer for Finland’s Award-winning Ovi Magazine.

As a young Iranian journalist, he has been interviewed and quoted by several mainstream mediums, including BBC World Service, PBS Media Shift, the Media Line network, Deutsch Financial Times and L.A. Times. Currently, he works for the Foreign Policy Journal as a media correspondent. He is a member of Tlaxcala Translators Network for Linguistic Diversity and World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD)

We at are extremely pleased to offer the journalistic observations of this dynamic writer, who delivers a message that few western people actually hear. The best source for news out of Iran, comes from within Iran.

Iran's President honored Kourosh Ziabari during the closing ceremony of National Festival of Iranian Youth in July 2010.

Kourosh Ziabari was named the winner of winners in the category of media activities. He was honored by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, receiving the honorary mention signed by him and the silver medal of Iran's Superior Youth. The media activities category did not award the Gold and Bronze medal to any participant.


From Editor Tim King: My favorite personal story about Kourosh, involves an article he wrote, titled, In Praise of 'Salem News' which related how surprised he was to find an American media group that welcomed his work, that was not specifically an Islamic American group.

He assumed that in order to carry a point of view like his own, I had to be a Muslim convert, and I think he was most pleasantly surprised to learn that we are none of the above, and all of the above, at the same time.

Every major faith in the world is represented by our team, we have over 100 writers based in 22 countries, and our goal is always to diversify more. Perhaps over time, with the help of really talented writers like Kourosh Ziabari, we all have a chance. Congratulations to our brother and fellow writer, it is an honor to share space with you Kourosh!-

Dr. William A. Cook of

Dr. William A. Cook - USA World Affairs Writer


Dr. William A. Cook Ph.D. is Professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California. Bill received his B.A, from King's College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Lehigh University. His Field is American Literature and his areas of interest include Nathanial Hawthorne (whose picture is below ) and mythology.

Professor Cook served time as the Academic Vice President of the University but now the Department of English is pleased to enjoy his full attention. He maintains a prolific writing career and in his spare time he lampoons sacred cows and draws political cartoons. He serves as senior editor at MWC News and has written for Counterpunch, the Palestine Chronicle, the Pacific Free Press, the Atlantic Free Press, Information Clearing House, Dissident Voice among others. His books on the mid-east include Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy, The Rape of Palestine, and a fictional work, The Chronicles of Nefaria, to be published soon in Arabic. greatly appreciates the opportunity to deliver Dr. William Cook's sharp and insightful articles to a public that is tired of receiving news from reporters who take on a new assignment every day, often with little understanding of the related issues. Some, like Bill Cook, are far ahead of the game in terms of world perception, experience and understanding, and they possess that accumulated knowledge that drives comprehension to new levels.

Kevin Annett of

Kevin Annett - Canada Genocide/Human Rights/Native American issues


A Canadian clergyman in his mid fifties living on the west coast, Kevin Annett has for nearly twenty years led the movement to bring to light and prosecute atrocities in Christian “Indian residential schools”, and win justice for survivors.

Expelled in 1995 from his former United Church of Canada for exposing murders in that church’s Indian residential schools, and persecuted and blacklisted for his efforts, Kevin is now an award-winning film maker, author, social activist and public lecturer who works with victims of church violence and genocide all over the world. In 2009, he helped to establish the five-nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, which is seeking to indict church and government leaders for crimes against humanity.

Kevin is an adopted member of the Squamish sovereign government, the Anishinabe Nation (Crane clan) and the Mohawk Nation of the Grand River (Turtle clan), and was given the name Eagle Strong Voice in 2004 by the Anishinabe people. He holds Master’s degrees in Political Science and Theology from the University of BC and the Vancouver School of Theology.

Kevin is the author of Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor (2011) and Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010), and is the co-producer of the documentary film Unrepentant, which won Best Documentary at the Los Angeles and New York Independent Film Festivals in 2006/7. He also hosts the popularly acclaimed public affairs blog radio program, Hidden from History, and is a consultant to numerous aboriginal and abuse survivors groups in North America and Europe.

As a result of Kevin’s tireless efforts on behalf of native people, the Canadian government was forced to issue a public “apology” and reparations program concerning Indian residential schools, in July of 2008.

In giving him the name Eagle Strong Voice in 2007, Anishinabe elder Louis Daniels declared,

“Kevin Annett is doing what few of his people have done, and that is to speak about the crimes they committed against many of our nations and their children. He has earned a place forever in our hearts and history. He is a brave and prophetic man. I ask everyone to welcome him and heed his voice.”

And scholar Noam Chomsky wrote in 2006,

“Kevin Annett is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many of those who have received it.”

For more information on Kevin and his work, contact him at, and see these sites:

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat  of

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat - Egypt Correspondent in Egypt


We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time”

                                                    LITTLE GIDDING  (No. 4 of ‘Four Quartets’)

                                                                                      T.S. Eliot

 “Hegel was right when he said that;

 We learn from history that man can never learn anything from history”

                                                                                                        George Bernard Shaw

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian medical doctor whose passion has always been writing. He says of all the human-related studies, he finds himself attracted to history. Ashraf stresses that history helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be.

He says Egyptology holds a special place in his heart, for Egypt is where the human conscience sprouted. In ancient Egypt all things civilized began to evolve. "I write articles and share posts of interest to me and hopefully to a lot of people."

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat says you can drop him a line any time at:

"I like to exchange knowledge and experience, I think that`s what Blogging is all about."

Shamim Masih of

Shamim Masih Correspondent in Pakistan


"I am Christian rights activist and freelancer Pakistani journalist specializing in writing about Christians rights for the different papers in the world. My aim is to create a peaceful environment in the society and to help eliminate Christian persecution through my writing as I bring the plight of these brave people under the spotlight of the whole world."

Shamim Masih was born in Sheikhopura's village and raised in Gujranwala, a city in Pakistan's Punjab province. He earned his Bachelors Degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore majoring in English, Economics and Statistics; he also received a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Shamim's diverse working experience includes banking and finance; serving as a social worker/counselor in interfaith harmony, Christian Solidarity activism and he is a writer and author.

He began working in the social sector in 2003; from 2009 onward it has been a full time role for Shamim. He has done fund raising for earthquake affected people; Shamim reached the affected areas in Pakistan in 2005 and supplied the necessary required material to the people of Toba Tak Sigh affected in 2009. He has have visited the slum settlement and established the stitching and beauticians centers in different areas of the Islamabad.

As a freelance writer and author, Shamim has written for different papers in the world; his expertise is in writing articles highlighting different social issues. He has served as freelance chief reporter and column writer in “Minority Times” in Islamabad, and a number of Shamim's articles have been published in local papers as well.

Learn more:


Joe Clifford of

Joe Clifford - USA Writer in Rhode Island


Joe Clifford who lives in Jamestown, RI has contributed a number of articles relating to foreign policy to newspapers in the Rhode Island area for years. As a regular contributor, Joe brings forward thought-provoking articles that shock our sense of reality

He graduated from Providence College earning both an undergraduate and graduate degree, and after a lengthy career as a high school teacher he turned to the study US foreign policy, and then to writing as a means of expressing an alternative perspective. His reading and research on foreign policy is broad and extensive, especially as the policy relates to the Middle East. His interest in foreign policy was inspired by the American misadventure in Vietnam.

Joe's expertise earned him a guest position on Rhode Island’s most popular political talk radio show, which was hosted by a former Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island. He was invited to join the show whenever important events unfolded in the Middle East and did a regular monthly appearance to discuss foreign policy and continues to write extensively.

Joe Clifford reminds us that the pursuit of peace is and always should be the overriding goal of everything we set out to do in this world.

Robert 'Tosh' Plumlee of

Robert 'Tosh' Plumlee - USA News Photojournalist/Analyst/researcher


Robert 'Tosh' Plumlee is a retired commercial pilot who worked for and with the United States Government for many years. His background is extremely diverse and over the years Tosh was involved in many government operations that are both fascinating and historic. His work began with an enlistment in the Army and a subsequent assignment to military specialized operations at Fort Bliss, Texas in April of 1954. Tosh was associated with various Military Intelligence units of the Fourth Army based at Fort Bliss, Texas, and also the Fourth Army Reserve, located at Dallas Love Field, Dallas Texas. This service period was in the early to mid-fifties and into the early sixties.

From approximately 1962 through 1963, Tosh was assigned to the Cuban Project which operated at the time from the JM/WAVE station attached to Miami, Florida's 'Cuba Desk' of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He operated as a contract "Undercover pilot" and also, at times, was assigned to specialized Cuban operations of the CIA's "Covert Action Group" (CAG).

Some years later, after brief retirement, known as 'The Farm'; Tosh reactivated himself and became attached as an undercover operative and contract pilot for the federal government during President Reagan's "Drug War". He was attached to a secret team known as 'America-Mexico Special Operations Group' ("AMSOG"), HQ'ed Panama Southern Command.

Tosh worked with KiKi Camarena and his pilot, before they were murdered and he was a Military/DEA contract pilot, attached to Panama and Colombia, Costa Rica Investigative Task Force on Narcotics.

As a pilot, Tosh was also associated with the Contra Resupply Network. This is where things become even more interesting. Tosh Plumlee testified four times in close door session, to various Senate and congressional investigative committees (Director FBI 1964; J Hoover; Senator Church, 1976-75; closed-door testimony, classified TS; to Congressmen Tom Downing's investigators, before the HSCA was formed; to Senator John Kerry's Committee of 1988-91 also classified "TS Committee Sensitive" and the "Tri-State Drug Task Force", (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico) chaired by Arizona Governor, Bruce Babbit. The cover operation contact cut out was the Phoenix Organized Crime Div. Phoenix AZ, 1975-86. Tosh worked with Senator Gary Hart and his security adviser Bill Holden, on previous intelligence matters with the NSC and the drug war with Colombia and Costa Rica. He worked UC operations with KiKi Camarena and his pilot, before they were murdered, when Tosh was a Military/DEA contract pilot, attached to Panama and Colombia, Costa Rica Investigative Task Force on Narcotics.

In recent years Tosh has been working along the U.S./Mexico border as a news photojournalist and his contributions to are wide ranging and extremely valuable. We believe he is the top living source of information about U.S. government covert history.

Rod Driver Ph.D. of

Rod Driver Ph.D. - USA Contributor in Rhode Island


Rod Driver was born in England in 1932 (a U.S. citizen via my father’s citizenship). His family lived in London throughout World War II, moving to the U.S. in 1945.

Rod studied engineering and mathematics at the University of Minnesota, receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1960. He worked at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque for six years before taking a teaching position at the University of Rhode Island for 30 years.

Rod explains, "I became a 'peacenik' in 1951 (thanks to a few weeks on Parris Island). I was particularly active in opposition to U.S. wars in Indochina and our involvement in overthrowing governments and supporting dictators in Latin America and Iran. As the Vietnam war was winding down I became obsessed with the abuse of Palestinians – enabled with U.S. weapons and dollars. This obsession continues. I am the founder and president of the non-profit Justice First Foundation, Inc. Joe Clifford is another director of JFF."

In Rhode Island Rod was an elected delegate to the state constitutional convention of 1986, Then I was elected a state representative for 10 years. At this time he is not in office.

Rod and his wife have three children and six grandchildren.

Kiflu Hussain of

Kiflu Hussain - Uganda Correspondent in Uganda


At the time of writing this, I have already logged over 16,945 days on this planet by being alive and kicking well. To be precise, I was born on September 5, 1964 in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. I was trained as a lawyer in Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Law whereby I received a diploma in 1986.I worked in different state enterprises and corporations as an attorney until I landed in a concentration camp in October 2005 on a farcical trumped up charge of corruption. After being denied bail for one solid year, I was released in October 2006.On top of being threatened by another round of incarceration, I found the outside world itself to be one big concentration camp since fear and suspicion had descended on the land due to the brutal crackdown in July and November 2005 that saw the massacre of over 200 civilians in Addis Ababa alone.Hence, I decided to flee whereby I sought asylum in Uganda in January 2007.

The passion for writing I guess came from reading. It’s inevitable that the more one reads, the more one develops the urge to write.Although,I published a couple of my articles in Ethiopia on the English Reporter, then a weekly newspaper along with a few of my Amharic articles on the defunct Addis Zena,it’s in Uganda after I sought refuge that I contributed a lot of my writings to the local papers and various websites such as Daily Monitor, Uganda Record, The New Vision, Ethioquestnews, Garowe Online,WardheerNews etc.The reason for this is clear.Ethiopia,despite being a seat of the African Union had never produced a regime that allows even the minimum space for dialogue that other people in Africa enjoy so naturally. So my ending up as a refugee in Uganda is a blessing in disguise for it accorded me with the opportunity to write. At the same time, unfortunately, I learned by virtue of my refugee status as to how deep the hypocrisy of the “international community” goes down. Thus, I redefined the term refugee as follows.

R-rooted out




G-globally shunned

E-expendable to capricious politics

E-eternally endangered

Whether you welcome me or not you will get to hear from me or about me via my eclectic writings.

Kiflu Hussain

An Ethiopian Refugee in Uganda

10 February, 2011

Stuart Littlewood of

Stuart Littlewood - UK Contributing Writer


Stuart Littlewood is a British writer and photographer. He is the co-author of the book "Radio Free Palestine" in which he has elaborately described the plight of the Palestinian nation under the Israeli occupation.

Stuart's articles are serious and revealing; they address the pertinent issues regarding Israel and Palestine and sixty years of conflict that have devastated millions of human beings.

His contributions on the cause of the Palestinian nation have been published in a variety of websites, newspapers and online magazines including Redress News & Analysis, Intifada Palestine, Veterans Today, Palestine Chronicle, Dissident Voice, Ramallah Online, Voltaire and

In a 2009 interview with Media Review, Littlewood described his contributions to raising the public awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the ignorance of the British people concerning the suffering of the Palestinian nation.

To learn more about Stuart, visit this Interview conducted by Kourosh Ziabari; for The Zionists Wield their Influence by Winning the Ongoing Propaganda War: Stuart Littlewood

Lee Coyne of

Lee Coyne - USA Community Writer


Brooklyn-born B. Lee Coyne has long crusaded for social upgrades. Fifty years ago (1962) he served as a UN press office intern which cultivated his interest in global affairs. Together with his Asian-born wife Carmela he's visited 30 countries and 48 states. His first journalism job was as a white reporter on the Black weekly NY Voice during the turbulent 60's. Coyne is likewise a civic innovator, having launched a homebound teleconference network, intergenerational garden, singles cultural club, puppet theatre, and cable tv panel show. He is the visionary who founded the Salem Peace Mosaic at Salem's YMCA and currently heads the Cherry City Institute local think tank. He invites suggestions for future articles at 503-365-7533.

A combined career of journalism and gerontology shaped the values of this writer-therapist, who often views the world as the masks of comedy and tragedy placed upon the scales of justice. For him, optimism inevitably wins.

"Lyrical Lee" has traveled to 30 nations aboard and was once a press intern at the UN. His first published article was in The NY Daily News in '59, dealing with the need for integrity in public office.

He also launched the nation's first tele-conference on health education for shut-ins, created the Eldermentors project in VA to pair retirees with immigrant students needing role models, and was the main catalyst behind CCTV's "Public Public" panel show here in Salem.

Lee received his BA in International Relations and an MSW in community organization. He currently serves as a member of Salem's Library Advisory Board.

Diane Walsh MA of

Diane Walsh, MA - Canada Correspondent in BC


Diane Walsh is a Montreal born journalist, based in the Pacific North West. At university in British Columbia, while studying for an MA in policy and practice, her international political awareness was sharpened as she began to look closely at environmental and social-disenfranchisement issues that affect us all, globally.

After graduation, she made frequent use of her time to travel internationally, and throughout North America, to further her cultural-studies education and experience and early journalistic interests. Later, whilst she was working for government Diane developed a keen focus to giving voice to those who may suffer silently.

Fluent in English and French, and a child of the 70's, she is now an accredited journalist and reporter with the Foreign Press Association, rubbing shoulders with charismatic personalities, well-known in politics and media. Over the years Diane has reported and written on a range of topics, many of which can now be accessed easily, courtesy of Google links or through her blog. It’s often been remarked that Diane has a sixth sense for tomorrow’s story and she’s frequently been on the ‘cutting edge’ of topics destined for the ‘front page’.

As an experienced investigative photo-journalist and political reporter, Diane has also been able to support her writing and publications with her own media company, Mediageode. With the help of her own small co-writing staff, she maintains a strong motivation to enhance the positions of independent journalism in today's fast changing landscape.

Continuing her cross border travels and in-depth reporting, Diane could be found recently in the press scrum at UN headquarters in New York and even more recently at the UN in Geneva.

Her work has been published worldwide, from North America to Eastern Europe and beyond, and accordingly she’s been fortunate enough to interview many varied and talented people, including musicians, artists, business moguls, politicians, and many others often involved in world-changing activities.

In the recent past Diane's work has been featured in --

Vancouver ObserverThe Lower Island News (BC), The Prague Post (Czech R.), A & U (NY), Curve (San Francisco), Outlooks (Calgary), MF (Portland), Straight Goods (Toronto),  Socialist Webzine (NY), Canna-Digest (BC), West FM (Kenya) to name but a few -- and -- of course, Salem-News.

When at home Diane has found a relaxation in painting and her artwork has been exhibited both professionally and on the web. She loves to spend time with her pets, walking her dog, cycling and always seeking a sunny spot.

Oh and -- she's a prolific tweep. To reach her -- easily, just tweet her!

You can also visit:

Dr. Kevin Barrett of

Dr. Kevin Barrett - USA Political Expert; Mideast and Islamic Affairs


Dr. Kevin Barrett, co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance for 9/11 Truth, has taught English, French, Arabic, American Civilization, Humanities, African Literature, Folklore, and Islam at colleges and universities in the San Francisco Bay area, Paris, and Madison, Wisconsin.

He is the author of Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie and the editor of 9/11 and American Empire: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out.

Barrett grew up in a family of lapsed Unitarians (which is about as lapsed as it gets) and reverted to Islam in 1993, a move that gradually impressed upon him the gravity of the moral choices we make in this life. Barrett’s dissertation is on Islam and Moroccan legend. He is also the author and illustrator of the cult classic A Guide to Mysterious San Francisco, published under the pseudonym of “Dr. Weirde.” (He begs Allah’s forgiveness for that slightly twisted book.) Barrett became a 9/11 truth activist in 2004 after reading David Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor and conducting follow-up research that convinced him Griffin had accurately summarized evidence indicating 9/11 was an inside job.

In July 2004 he rashly rejected a plum post-doc at the University of California because it was funded by the 9/11-disinformation-sponsoring CIA-linked Ford Foundation. In the summer of 2006, Republican state legislators and Fox newscasters demanded that Barrett be fired from his job teaching an introductory Islam class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but the University refused to buckle, and Barrett got high marks from his students. Turned down for a tenure-track job at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and later other teaching jobs, due to his political opinions, Barrett plans to continue fighting for academic freedom until he and other truth-seeking scholars are vindicated. He has appeared in several documentary films, lectures widely on 9/11 and hosts three radio programs on three different patriot networks, as well as a daily news show on Pacifica Radio.

Jeff Gates  of

Jeff Gates - USA International Affairs


Jeff Gates is an author, educator, attorney, merchant banker and adviser to policy-makers worldwide and Vietnam veteran. Jeff was counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance (1980-87) working for Democrat Russell Long, son of Louisiana Governor and U.S. Senator Huey P. Long.

Law practice w/ former Senators Russell Long, Democrat of Louisiana and Paul Laxalt, Republican of Nevada, chairman of Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaigns.

During his career Jeff has served as Counsel to Kelso & Company, Manhattan-based merchant bankers, completing $4 billion in transactions in 24-months, including the $3 billion leveraged buyout of American Standard, Inc., with employees and managers gaining a 33% stake in this multinational firm.

Jeff wrote Democracy at Risk – Rescuing Main Street from Wall Street (April 2000). Written as a sequel to The Ownership Solution –Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century (1998). Both books cited by presidential candidate Ralph Nader when branding U.S. Greens “the party of the new populism.” Guilt By Association – How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008).

He has experience working wiht 35-plus governments, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Guyana, Haiti, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad, Tunisia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the U.K. South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung announced August 2000 that the Korean edition of The Ownership Solution was his vacation-reading pick.

Jeff is a contributor to trade, professional and popular publications worldwide: Financial Times, Japan Times, Financial Executive, M&A Today, Boston Review, Latin Finance, East/West Business Report, Society, Human Resource Management, Los Angeles Times, National Journal, World Times, The Humanist, Peace Review, Business Ethics, America, Tikkun, Whole Earth, Perspectives, Journal of Society of Organizational Learning, Journal of Organizational Change Management,

He is a graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A. in Honors Economics); J.D. from University of California, Hastings College of Law. Partner, Washington office of Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy. Faculty in the MBA program, Emory University. Vietnam veteran (1LT, U.S. Army). Jeff Gates is a native of Athens, Georgia. His latest book is Guilt By Association — How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008). His previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall Street and The Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century. For two decades, an adviser to policy-makers worldwide. Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee (1980-87).

For more: information, visit: You can email Jeff Gates at this address:

John Uldrich RIP of

Flickering candle

John Uldrich (RIP) - USA Environmental and Military Reporter

John Uldrich had common roots with several members of the team. Like Tim King, Robert O'Dowd and Roger Butow, he was a former US Marine from MCAS El Toro who survived serving at what we now know, is a massively contaminated closed-down military base; one that Irvine, California politicians and developers, believe should be used as a housing community and park. Working very closely with this news team for the last three years, John has been an instrumental player in our fight to expose the deadly toxic base for what it is, and we have had great success.

John Uldrich was not a man of small aspirations. He was a candidate for Governor with the Independence Party in Minnesota. He planned to take office and bring about positive change in this country, with an eye on all - but a focus on Veterans.

John had a rich and varied background that lent itself particularly well to his work as a representative of the needs of the citizens of Minnesota, and the United States, whether he held office or not.

Roger Butow of

Roger Butow - USA's 'Odd Man Out'


Launched in January of 2010, Odd Man Out is the creation of Roger von Bütow and his OMO columns are written exclusively for Salem-News-com. Born and raised in the LA Harbor area, son of a German immigrant father, he's been in Orange County for 45 years and is a 38-year resident of Laguna Beach, Ca.

In 1998, he began his professional career in environmental review processes (CEQA, NEPA, MND, MND and EIR/EIS). He's a rare mix of cross-trained builder, writer and consultant as he brings his extensive construction experiences dating back to 1972 into his eco-endeavors. He helps prospective clients and their advisory team better understand regulatory compliance issues, focusing on the complexity of land use rules and potentially significant adverse ecological impacts. This in turn expedites projects by bringing them into accord with their locale's requirements. With his grass roots activist background, he also understands that side of the ecological equation and arbitration process.

He has tremendous field and technical expertise in successful watershed restorations, plus wastewater, urban runoff, water quality monitoring/improvements and hydrologic mechanisms. He's built everything from commercial spas to award-winning private residences, and provided peer review and consultant analyses for single homes, subdivisions and upscale resorts.

He's available for those who want to see every project integrate (to the maximum extent practicable) the emerging strategies and lofty goals of Green Building, especially Low Impact Development (L.I.D.). His extensive writing skills and services include technical submissions and testimonials.

Coming from an activist background (Problems) to the consultancy role (Solutions), his mission has evolved from outrage at enviro-abuse to educational and professional outreach. He also donates his personal time and services to:

(1) OC volunteer beach cleanups for the California Coastal Commission: and

(2) A Southern Cal Steelhead Trout recovery working group in the Aliso Creek Watershed:

(3) Heads up the Laguna Chapter of Keep California Beautiful:

His resumé is extensive, try an online GOOGLE search of his personal journey and historical accomplishments. His consultation fees are reasonable and if you've got a major project that alarms you, that needs creative intervention, then he's your man. His credentials and "CV" can be provided upon request.

FYI: If a project near you has some interesting enviro-aspect(s) you think is/are worthy of coverage and our readers attention, feel free to contact Roger with a very brief synopsis.

Contact him at his office: (949) 715.1912 or drop him an email:

View articles written by Roger Butow

Chuck Palazzo of

Chuck Palazzo - Vietnam Vietnam Correspondent


Chuck Palazzo is a lifelong writer and activist who served as a U.S. Marine during the Vietnam War, from 1970-1974. He was trained in 02 (intelligence) and ended up with 1st and 3rd Force RECON seeking out and destroying NVA SAM sites.

He says there was no real intelligence needed, except to detonate and get the hell out and hope to get picked up at the designated LZ. Primarily Da Nang area and points north, and the central highlands (Dalat, etc.).

Today Chuck lives in Da Nang, the same place he served during the war. Chuck says we all have the war stories, but that is not what he chooses to write about.

In his words, "I am now all about helping my fellow VET, getting through our ever growing bureaucracy, and helping the Vietnamese who were innocently affected. Agent Orange and fighting the US Chemical Companies is one of my passions. Talking to other VETS, wherever they fought, is another. I also want the opportunity to perhaps allow the Vietnamese to be heard via me or actually do some interviews. For what we did, they are an incredibly forgiving people and have welcomed me with open arms."

He decided to relocate his small software development business to Vietnam about a year ago. In addition to his partner, all of their employees are Vietnamese.

As continues to cover the wars overseas and fights for veterans on numerous and never ending fronts, we wholeheartedly welcome Chuck Palazzo to our team, and we especially appreciate what he does for Veterans and for the People of Vietnam.

Luke Easter of

Luke Easter - USA Poet


Luke Easter is a poet who writes about things that are very close to the heart of He explained what drives him to try to heal the world with an approach that reaches people on a different level, one known for centuries, yet too often forgotten in the one we live in.

Why is it important to me? We live in a world of social & economic injustice. The main reason for founding America in the first place was to relieve the oppression of the King of England. Patrick Henry said it best, “give me liberty or give me death.” And yet, all too often death seems to be the only way out. Why is there such a high suicide rate especially among teens, in the land of the free & the home of the brave? What makes headlines? Good news? Ha! More depressing stories than anything else. I feel poetry takes an edge off the hurt of bad news while still delivering it but in a, “glitzy” sort of way. Giving a different perspective. Kind of like a slap in the face as opposed to a knife in the back. At least with the slap you’ll live to see another day and you will know whom it’s from. I wasn’t here for the beginning of the world but at 59, I just might be here for the end. Let’s not allow the satanic evils of this world a foothold in the truth and justice pioneers fought so hard to establish.

Even though it’s still a knife, rhyme poetry helps to dull the blade. And that’s my job.

Then there are those, “seemingly” usually buried on the last page (but not on rare occasions where the knife becomes a stick of butter. And that just makes my contributions not only easier but a whole lot sweeter too. Love or hate it, whatever the case, this is what I do.

Isaiah 1:17 (Amplified Bible) Learn to do right! Seek justice, relieve the oppressed and correct the oppressor. Defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.

David Bedworth (RIP) of

David Bedworth - USA Contributing Writer (deceased)

Email: has a wide variety of contributing writers, but the most common thread may be issues related to veterans, and specifically, issues related to the Marine Corps.

David Bedworth was the tenth former Marine to join the writing team, and we were happy to welcome this former Lieutenant Colonel to our ranks.

A disabling encounter with prostate and brain cancer however, put David in a situation that limited his abilities as a result of treatment.

However, brain surgery seems stimulated in David, a long dormant creative surge in literature, music and poetry.

He was involved with contributions to the Student Operated Press and Newsblaze and worked with his sister on a collection of illustrated poems.

He also helped a group of ill veterans and family members who were exposed to contaminants at the Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, as he was.

This is a subject that has paid serious attention to for years, that we are increasing our coverage of at this point. Dave's joining our team amplified our ability to pay more attention to Camp Lejeune, since our writers have concentrated primarily to exposing the contamination at MCAS El Toro, and we could not be more happy about it. We will miss you Sir!

Tim King's last email to David Bedworth:

    Hey Dave, just wanted to check in and see how you are? Are you in the UK now? Catch me up when you can, I hope you are very well!




    I have had a recurrence of brain cancer, however, it was caught early and I have just completed my fifth session of chemotherapy. The recent MRI's have shown a reduction in the recurrence. It will be a tough year as the chemo is hard work.

    I hope you and Bonnie are well.

    We are not in UK yet as the recurrence has caused a pause in our plans.


From David's obituary:

" David was a beloved son of John and Peggy Bedworth. He was born in Birmingham, England in September 1953. He emigrated to America in 1974 and the following year joined the USMC. He rose through the ranks and was commissioned in 1978. He served in many countries and was decorated in Desert Storm.

David was particularly proud of his service in the USMC and the humanitarian missions he undertook.

He retired from the USMC in 1997, but later worked for TSA until ill health forced him to retire in 2007.

David is survived by his wife, Dilys and their children and grandchildren.

David's father lives in North Carolina with his wife, Mary. Peggy lives in Kidderminster, England.

Peggy and I are very proud to have had such a wonderful, loving and kind son. He will be greatly missed.

He was deeply respected and loved by family, friends and colleagues."

Jerry West  of

Jerry West - Canada Writer


Jerry West grew up on a farm in Fresno County, California, and served with the US Marine Corps from 1965 to 1970 including 19 months in Vietnam with the Third Marine Division, and three years at MCAS Iwakuni where he became an anti-war organizer in 1970.

He earned an Honors Degree in History at the University of California, Berkeley, and did two years of graduate study there.

While in university he worked seasonally in fire and law enforcement with the US Forest Service. After university he worked for a number of years in the international tour industry in operations and management before moving to a remote village on the west coast of Vancouver Island where he is currently the editor and publisher of The Record newspaper serving the Nootka Sound region.

He is a Past President of the Northern California Land Trust, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Phil Northcutt of

Phil Northcutt - USA Veterans Issues Reporter


Phil Northcutt is combat veteran of the Iraq war and a former infantry Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He is an agriculture student at Santa Rosa Junior College, and works as a veterans advocate connecting veterans in need to the resources and non-profits that assist them.

He has experience as a music promoter, television and mobile media producer with a background in printing. Phil is an outspoken advocate of medical cannabis for veterans with issues of Post Traumatic Stress.

We at are extremely happy to add Phil to our staff of writers, many of whom are combat veterans, and allow a place for his strong voice that has already made a difference for many. Phil is our first writer who is a combat veteran of the Iraq War.

Michael Hjelmstad of

Michael Hjelmstad - USA Contributor in Los Angeles


Michael Hjelmstad and founder Tim King met in the Anbar province, at al Asad Marine Corps Air Station in Iraq, when Tim was covering Marine operations there during the summer of 2008. In addition to his work in Marine Corps Public Affairs, Michael has a highly diversified background in media.

Mike works as the U.S. Motion Picture and Television Liaison for the Marine Corps, ensuring that movies portraying Marines do so with accuracy. So every time Hollywood seeks to involve the Marine Corps in a movie, Mike is there to make sure the creative artists. And that is appropriate, since Mike is also a film producer who has a lot of background with his own projects, which tend to observe and honor Marines and others who serve their country.

Mike is another Los Angeles native who shares a common past both as a U.S. Marine and as a journalist. We at sincerely appreciate Michael's valuable contributions and his highly developed skills in both writing, and press and sports photography.

Art W. Schade of

Art W. Schade - USA Contributor


Art W. Schade's life has been spent as a Marine, Vietnam Veteran, Bank Manager, and over 30 successful years in corporate executive marketing, business development, and sales.

Author; married and father of three young men, Schade graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Business Management.

Raised Roman Catholic, to my family this meant I must believe in Jesus, go to confession every Saturday, attend Sunday Mass, and never, ever, miss Catechism instructions.  At a very young age, an only child from a brief WWII marriage, it did not take long to realize my mother, grandmother, and other relatives never followed the Church's rules. However, all expected me to do as they said, not as they did. My father, divorced, was an atheist, and would discuss his views when I asked him – which I did not often do.

The religious contradictions within my family were similar to those I discovered while being taught Roman Catholic principles.  I always remember the wonderful teachings of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I remained haunted as I was told of vengeful suffering I would receive from God’s wrath, should I break one of his commandments by cursing, telling lies, touching myself in my private area for too long - never did learn what too long was - or consider other religions, Spiritualists, or Atheist dogma. This made my young life a little difficult, because I never discussed my father’s ideals, who I remember as a very kind and loving man - but an Atheist.

Click to visit Website

As I matured from a God fearing child to a bewildered adult, I paid little attention to my families’ lack of consistency between what they told me to do, and what I observed them and others doing.  More difficult was my inability to reconcile the contradictions, possessiveness and inconsistency of my Catholic upbringing.  As an 18-year old Marine in Vietnam I struggled to understand why a loving God allowed the carnage, and emotional trauma of war. Often, wondering whose side He was really on. However, battles are not a place to search for God, they are horrendous conditions where you need to believe God is on your side.

Life of course has passed too quickly. However, time has given me an opportunity to reflect on my life, and write a story that pertains to the consistent unanswered questions I have grappled with throughout my life. Similar questions my children expressed at their bewilderment of religions' contradictory teachings, and self-anointed ownership of God.

The book's theme is not to proclaim the character has found all the answers to the riddles of life.  It is simply one man’s fictional journey [based on religious and secular facts] to find his individual solution regarding God, religion and secular beliefs.  His journey seeks answers to questions, such as; does God truly exist?   If so, whose side is He on - Jews, Christians, Muslims, or one of hundreds of other religions? How accurate are the scriptures, and which ideology should he follow? As well, why God allows disasters, death, molestation, starvation, and other inhuman atrocities to be committed in His name?  Or, are Atheists correct, and religion is man’s ancient tool for controlling mankind?

“Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion” is entertaining, educational, factual, and offers those individuals seeking God, other spirituality, or secular views some 'food for thought' about differing beliefs. Sankara Saranam, author of the acclaimed book; ‘God without Religion’ said of this story; "…this book is then both a bridge to nonfiction works that discuss religion in greater depth, as well as a map out of the confusion religions have wrought in the name of one God.”

My story is not intended, nor attempts, to change the readers beliefs. It is simply one man's journey to find his personal answers, to open his mind to determine the road(s) he will travel. Visit

Steve Maynor Jr. of

Steve Maynor Jr. - USA Contributor


MSgt Steve 'Stu' Maynor Jr., USMC is an Assistant Marine Officer Instructor (AMOI) at the NROTC Unit, University of South Florida. You can learn more about Steve Maynor Jr. by visiting

'Stu' Maynor says he does his best to approach each topic with an open mind and from a sarcastic/funny, yet common sense point of view. "My writing style is independent, thoughtful, energetic, motivating and sometimes rebellious to traditional writing standards. Throughout my articles you will find that I discuss issues with a simplistic, yet understandable opinion that I hope you will enjoy and appreciate."

One of his favorite sayings, is "Plan Ahead, It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built the Ark!"

The writings of MSgt Steve 'Stu' Maynor Jr., USMC, are a valuable addition to

Peter Gunning of

Peter Gunning - USA

Contributing Writer


A native of Pensacola, Florida, Peter Gunning spent his childhood as a service brat in Texas, Rhode Island and the San Francisco Bay Area. His background includes years working in Industrial Arts and Photography, Creative Writing and woodworking.

He has done other extremely interesting things like earning the “Shodan” in “Matsubayashi Ryu” {1st degree black belt Okinowan Karate} in 2008, and serving as a volunteer at the Sacramento Metro Zoo, where he filled the role of Animal Keeper Aide. He also earned an A.S. Degree in 1993, in Animal Sciences.

Click to learn more

He also has a lifelong interest in physical fitness. Perhaps that is because Pete is another writer who happens to be a former U.S. Marine.

Pete worked on the flightline at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in Southern California in the early 1980's, with Salem-News Founder Tim King. During his years of service in the Marine Corps which began in 1980, Pete was trained as “Aircraft Mechanic” on the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. In the Marines, Pete was stationed at NAS Alameda and MCAS El Toro; he was Honorably Discharged in 1987.

Pete moved to the Sacramento area in 1989 to pursue a career in the telecommunications industry. He ultimately joined the Air Force Reserves 1989, spending five years at Travis Air Base as “Crew Chief” on the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy.

After working as a volunteer for a local wildlife rescue/rehabilitation center, Pete decided to pursue a career as a wildlife artist.

He launched “Winged Critter Creations” in 2005. This is a custom made artistic woodworking business devoted to endangered exotic avian species and other exotic wildlife.

Pete has been a resident of Idaho since 2010, he is a bachelor and hopes to one day retire in Coastal Central America. {eventually}.

Nicholas Burgin of

Nicholas Burgin Correspondent in USA


Nicholas Burgin wrote his first article for back in June of 2007. He shared with our readers the success he found treating military PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) with cannabis. As a seventeen-year old, Nick served in Iraq during the campaign against Fallujah on mortuary duty. His team had to retrieve the bodies of fallen Marines in some of the most dangerous situations imaginable.

Later Nick went to college in Washington on the new version of the GI Bill, only to have his funding pulled by the VA due to a fiscal "mistake" in the George W. Bush administration that cut payments for Vets attending college. After that, Nick returned to Colorado Springs, where an appointment at a VA office went awry and led to his arrest and a restraining order banning him from visiting the VA office itself. A statement made by Nick was misconstrued by a VA psychiatrist who had Nick arrested for making a threat.

David A Batan of

David A Batan Contributor


Where shall I start? I was born, raised and educated in PI (that's the old school name of The Philippine Islands, now known as simply The Philippines). My folks and I migrated to the United States when I was only 14 and continued my high school education in NYC. In my junior year, my father suggested I take nursing by enlisting in the, believe it or not, U.S. Army. I didn't care much for the military life after high school, but my dad kept bugging me to find more information. I kept putting off making an appointment with my local Army recruiting office until one weekend I received a personal phone call from a Sgt from the Marines. The phone conversation with the Marine recruiter somehow appealed to me. Next, as they say, was history. I took the ASVAB, MEPS and swore in by the summer of my Junior Year. My father jaw dropped when I told him I enlisted with the Corps instead of the Army as he had hoped. There was nothing he can do since I was already set for Parris Island immediately after high school. I attended one semester of college after high school, after which I went to boot camp early January 1993.

Receiving week with 1st Battalion was hell. I failed the IST, must to my bitter disappointment. I ended up stranded in PCP (Physical Conditioning Platoon) for three agonizing months until I was able to pass the minimum requirement for pull-ups, for which I was weak with. 3rd Battalion picked me up on 26th March, 1993. I won't bore you with bootcamp stories--we ALL went through it...

I graduated from Platoon 3048 (Lead Series), India Company, 3rd Battalion on Friday (no kidding!) 11th June 1993. My parents couldn't be any prouder. I then went to MCT (Marine Combat Training) in Camp Geiger, NC, then immediately to my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) as a Food Service specialist (a fancy way of saying "cook"). Signing up for the Reserve option didn't give you much of a choice for an ideal MOS.

I started my Reserve duty at Garden City, NY around late-November. Much to my surprise as a boot, upon reporting to my Reserve Unit, I was taken aback to see Marines WRAPPING TOYS! I went to boot camp, combat training, and cook school to wrap toys on the weekends??? I then learned about Toys for Twats ... er, Tots. I was officially a weekend warrior for I & I, 2nd Battalion / 25th Marines ("Empire Battalion), 4th Marine Regiment.

My contract was the 4 x 4 Reserve Option. Unfortunately, due to personal problems, after only two years of being a weekend warrior, I was given a Hardship Discharge in 1995. I was devastated.

Fast forward seventeen years later, I went on with my life trying to forget the traumatic, short-lived career of a Reservist. It took me more than 15 years to try and accept the fact that I was discharged prematurely, not knowing what it's like to become an NCO (I left as an E-3). I tried my darnnest to forget that chapter of my life. Folks who came into my life after 1995 had no idea that I am a U.S. Marine. It was too painful to discuss it, let alone remember it, especially when it came realization it was a very short-lived career.

Fast forward again to early-2012: When I saw U.S. Marine Sgt Shamar Thomas' viral video confronting the NYPD months earlier, that's when I heard about Occupy Wall Street and found out more about the movement. I wanted to find out what was the common thread that connects U.S. Marine veterans with the OWS movement via OccupyMARINES. Facebook was an invaluable tool and came across OccupyMARINES' page. I "Liked" the page and started following its posts and activites. When I learned about OWS's 6th anniversary to be held at Union Square Park (just a few blocks away from my place of employment), Marines were called in to support the demonstrators and their march. I took the initiative to attend in hopes to meet fellow Marines. In the next couple of days I started taking pictures of the Occupiers' activities at the park, posted them on the OMC FB page and dubbed my presence there as "firewatch"/"boots on the ground." That's how Laz Long and/or Jaggie Butts found out about me and asked me to join the team. How can I say, "No!" to these fine Marines?

Dr. James Petras of

Dr. James Petras - USA Writer in New York


Dr. James Petras is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

Tyrone Borelli of

Tyrone Borelli - USA Contributor


Tyrone Borelli, a resident of Laguna Beach for the past 27 years, is a retired high school physics and earth science teacher. He started teaching back in 1973. Tyrone's first high school teaching job was at George Washington High School with the Department of Education in Guam. He later taught math in San Marcos, Texas for several years, and finished his teaching career at Santa Ana Valley High School where he taught GATE and AP Physics and GATE Earth Science for 23 years.

Tyrone writes provocative articles that challenge the far right political hold gripping the soul of Southern California, the US and the world itself. He takes shots at the military industrial complex and corporate big business that swallows our taxes while devouring something we once had, called the American Middle Class.

He has been contributing articles for a number of years, we are proud to now list Mr. Tyrone Borelli of Laguna Beach, California, as a writer.

You can write to T.C. Borelli at:

Gail Parker of

Gail Parker - Argentina Writer in Patagonia


Gail Parker is a writer and photographer who lives in Argentina. She and her lifetime mate and husband Eddie Zawaski, who also writes for, are former residents of Oregon, Gail has a great eye for memorable photos in this unique place, full of life, called Patagonia. Her observations from this amazing wonderland of nature are a fun and welcome addition to our story flow.

She describes her surroundings as steppe, desert and a little high mountain valley up snug against the border of Chile. The climate is arid and the terrain is rocky and sandy like much of Patagonia but a special micro climate has evolved; some plants that are only seen in jungles are now making a showing here. These have evolved to live here and are part of the El Bolson magic. She became accustomed to seeing the soaring Doug fir in Oregon, and not those have been imported to Patagonia because they grow so fast and the rest of the native trees are quite slow growing.

Gail talks about cypress and many unheard of species of trees but they all are dwarfs compared to Oregon trees. Gail said, "Think armadillos, think Bend, think Texas. Think barren and then plop the magical El Bolson down on the edge of it".

Karin Maria Friedemann of

Karin Maria Friedemann - USA Reporter


Karin Maria Friedemann is a Boston-based writer on Middle East affairs and US politics and mother of four. Karin is an op ed columnist for the Muslim Observer (Detroit). She blogs at: and

Karin has been contributing articles to for several years. Her articles are both provocative and revealing, the type we need far more of in this world.

She enjoys writing about Jewish and Middle East affairs and her occasionally outrageous personal advice column "Ask Maria." She has written for the Muslim Observer, Islamic Horizons and the Message magazine on local politics, the halal meat industry and women's issues.

You can email Karin at this address:

Q Madp of

Q Madp - USA Photographer


A one-man operation, Q Madp attends funerals and memorials for lost service members in the Northwest whenever possible to pay his respects. He photographs the services, then posts a limited amount of them on the hero’s Tribute Page of, and provides other photos at no cost to the immediate family member. No strings attached. It's a Thank You for the sacrifice that they have made.

Nearly 30,000 pictures are posted to Q's site, available for public viewing. He updates his site daily, with very few exceptions, with current releases of names from the Department of Defense and photos or other material mailed in by relatives, friends and others that wish to add to a Tribute Page of one of the fallen.

“I’m not into the politics. We have to take care of our men and women in uniform. And we have to give them respect, even after they’re gone. Besides that, nothing matters. I create a visual record that can be passed on to the next generation, especially to the ones too young to know now.”

Q does this out of the goodness of his heart, out of his sense of duty, in appreciation of our soldiers’ sacrifice, and that of their family and friends. He has been asked to attend services again and again, even where no media or public was allowed. “Sometimes they don’t want any family members to be shown in pictures. I can respect that. Those never show up anywhere but on their CD.” Q is a man of his word.

“This is something many people won’t talk about, but we’ve lost a lot of people to PTSD after they’ve come home. It’s not in the news much, but everyone needs to know about PTSD and what affect is has on the person suffering, and what it does to the people around them, so they will know how to get help,” Q said.

Rarely does Q step from behind the camera; never does he ask for thanks, and usually only gives his web address for acknowledgment of his efforts. Donations, however, are gladly accepted.

To help Q, Mail a check or money order to:

Q Madp

P.O. Box 86888

Portland, OR 97286-0888

Amanda Leduc of

Amanda Leduc - USA Reporter


Amanda Leduc is Originally from British Columbia, Canada. She moved to the United States in 1992, and has always had a passion for writing, animals and the environment. Amanda's background working with the public includes time in Veterinary Clinics and with a local Animal Shelter. She uses these skills as a writer and her passion for animals and the environment, to spread the word about the pet over-population epidemic in our community and across the country, as well as many other important subjects.

As a writer, Amanda will address the environmental issues that impact wildlife locally and nationally, especially the decline in native species that are connected to both habitat destruction, and the ever dreaded invasive species. is excited to offer Amanda's reports to a public always interested in animals, but not always aware of what they can do to help them. She is currently studying to complete a degree in Veterinary Technology.

 Khalil Nouri of

Khalil Nouri - USA / Afghanistan Writer


Khalil Nouri was born in an Afghan political family. His father, uncles, and cousins were all career diplomats in the Afghan government. His father was also amongst the very first in 1944 to open and work in the Afghan Embassy in Washington D.C., and subsequently his diplomatic career was in Moscow, Pakistan, London and Indonesia. Throughout all this time, since the 1960’s, Khalil grew to be exposed in Afghan politics and foreign policy.

During the past 35 years he has been closely following the dreadful situation in Afghanistan. His years of self- contemplation of complex Afghan political strife and also his recognized tribal roots gave him the upper edge to understand the exact symptoms of the grim situation in Afghanistan. In that regards, he sees himself being part of the solution for a stable and a prosperous Afghanistan, similar to the one he once knew. One of his major duties at the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2002 was advisory role to LTG Franklin Hegenbeck. He has worked closely with the Afghan tribes and his tribal exposure is well tailored for unobstructed cross-cultural boundaries within all Afghan ethnicities. He takes pride in his family lineage specifically with the last name “Nouri” surnamed from his great-grandfather “Nour Mohammad Khan” uncle to King Nader-Shah and governor of Kandahar in 1830, who signed the British defeat and exit conformity leaving the last Afghan territory in second Anglo-Afghan war. Khalil is a guest columnist for Seattle Times, McClatchy News Tribune, Laguna Journal and a staff writer for Veterans Today. He is the cofounder of NWSC Inc. (New World Strategies Coalition Inc.) a center for Integrative-Studies and a center for Integrative-Action that consists of 24- nonmilitary solution for Afghanistan.

The function of the Integrative-Studies division (a native Afghan think tank) is to create ideas and then evolve into concepts that can be turned over to the Integrative-Action division for implementation. Khalil has been a Boeing Engineer in Commercial Airplane Group since 1990, he moved to the United States in 1974. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and currently enrolled in Masters of Science program in Diplomacy / Foreign Policy.

 Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux) of

Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux) - France Contributor in Paris


Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux) is an Independent psychoanalysis researcher, a former pupil of the Psychoanalysis Department of Paris VIII university 1976-1983, : Licencié ès Sciences Economiques 71, HEC (Ecole des hautes études commerciales) 72, Diplome d'Etudes Comptables Supérieures 75.

His letter Circumcision and Newborn itus: Winberg's Solution was published by the British Journal of Urology International: BJU Int 2003, 91: 429-30.

His paper "Sexual mutilation and the moral order": has been quoted as sole reference by Judge Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig (the President of the children's court of Bobighy (France) and President of an important French association dealing with the rights of minors) in his article saluting the decision of the High Court of Köln (Germany) that temporarily forbade circumcision in Germany.

He has also given three lectures in the 4 september 2008 10th symposium of NOCIRC in the University of Keele (R.U.), organized with the University School of Law and NORM-UK.

Sigismond is the author of “Feminine and masculine sexual mutilation, another crime against humanity”, available free with more than fourty papers against sexual mutilation (excision and circumcision) at:

Sigismond has been a friend of Tim and Bonnie King for several years, sharing the common belief that circumcision is basically an archaic and extremely needless procedure that is barbaric in nature. Males who are circumcised lose a great amount of nerve endings, and the particular pleasure provided by the foreskin. This real loss provokes an uncounscious but certain sexual frustration. Stories about circumcision being 'safer' for boys and men over hygiene-related issues are wives tales, unless a male is living in an expressly dirty environment where cleanliness is not automatically encouraged.

Not only has Sigismund contributed stories to that have helped educate readers about this extremely important topic, he also helped us out when we were preparing to send a reporter to Iraq to cover the war. A serious friend, that is Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux).

John J. McCarthy Jr. of

John McCarthy - USA Veteran's Affairs Reporter


John J. McCarthy Jr. was a Captain U.S. Army Special Forces whose story is both amazing, and encouraging. His involvement in the military Service were a face to face encounter with Unconventional Warfare (UW) and so-called Military Justice. John first joined the military in the summer of 1960. He beamce part of the 77th Special Forces Group and worked in Germany with an initial job title of Radio Operator. He next werved with the 10th Special Forces Group (Abn) in Europe; a land of Cold War Espionage, where he was one of the players in the Cold War spy game. From there John became an Intelligence Analyst, around the same time he was promoted to sergeant. Working with the CIA, he assisted in the training of East Germans who came into West Berlin via the tunnel system for reinsertion back into East Germany as agents.

In 1964, John attended Officer Candidate School and Ranger School at Ft. Benning and was then assigned to the 3rd SFG at Ft. Bragg where he attended the Officers Special Forces Course in 1965.

John was stationed in Okinawa, and from there came his first tour in the 5th SFG in Nha Trang, Vietnam. He served as the Executive Officer of a Special Forces A Team, opening a new SF Camp at Ap Bac and Kinh Quan Hai in 4th Corps, "Sixty miles West of Saigon in the middle of the Plain of Reeds. Outside artillery range, we were bait," John said of that experience.

John worked in completed the Underwater Demolition Training, Scuba School and Submarine training on the USS Tunny, SS 241, where he trained Chinese Nationalists in the art of night infiltration from submarines while submerged and underway. They were later sent into mainland China as agent provocateurs directed by the CIA. John then trained Nationalist Chinese in the art of High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) night parachuting from C-130 at 21,500 feet for infiltration into mainland China, as directed by the CIA. This took place in Taiwan.

In June 1967, Captain John J. McCarthy Jr. was on his second voluntary tour in Vietnam, where he was assigned as the S-3 Operations Officer for Project Omega in Plei Djereng, Vietnam. He says his role as the case officer running black terror and assassination teams in September of 1967. This was a CIA operation run out of the US Embassy in Saigon.

On January 30, 1968, a Top Secret General Court-martial concluded that John had murdered a Cambodian "peasant". Although facing the death penalty, the court sentenced Capt. McCarthy, to " confined at hard labor for the term of your natural life." Deliberation on sentencing took all of three minutes. Amazingly enough, the sentence to confinement for life DID NOT include reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and allowances, nor dismissal from the service. This remains a precedent in the history of Military Justice, i.e., an accusation followed shortly by a conviction. After 65 days of pre-trial confinement at Long Binh, Vietnam, in a 5 x 7 foot box, topped with chicken wire, a continuously burning light bulb, and a tin roof and another 3 months after the trial, John was transported in a "prison shipment" to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where I was incarcerated until Oct. 6, 1969. He was carried on the books of the 5th SFG until murder charges were dismissed in Jan 1971. Then Army then assigned him to be the S-3 of the Combat Surveillance School at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. He resigned from the Army on August 2, 1971, after 11 years six months and two days of active duty with an Honorable discharge.

John then became a police officer in Miami, Florida. The years that followed saw John's role from soldier and police officer gradually move toward researcher and writer. Today he publishes a wealth of information that is extremely relevant to Americans and world citizens at large, and Vietnam Veterans in particular, whose range of issues are long and mostly unaccounted for. John's first article for dealt with the Feres Doctrine, the legal tool used to block military veterans from suing the government for anything. As John reveals, it is not necessarily even a legal document, based on the Constitution. We are extremely proud to feature the work of this fascinating Combat Veteran, Government Operative and world-class researcher on

Learn more about John McCarthy by visiting his Website:

Leonardo of

Leonardo (Glen L. Bledsoe) - USA Cartoonist

Nota Bene by Leonardo

Glen L. Bledsoe was born and raised in Indiana.

He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelors of Art in Fine Arts and was a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for several years.

Glen made his home in Oregon in the early 80's where he continues to enjoy the mild climate and lack of sales tax.

He and his wife Karen have published seventeen books together for the school library market. Glen has written extensively on the issues of technology and education for the National Education Association and other publications.

When he not is creating "Nota Bene by Leonardo," Glen is either teaching, writing a novel, composing music, or reading.

Edsel Chromie of

Edsel Chromie - USA Science & Technology Writer


Certainly one of's most historically fascinating writers, Edsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who has lived in sunny San Diego since 1965.

Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel's unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth's atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community.

Edsel Chromie may not be a distinguished scholar, but his theories conclusively show us that fancy papers are not always a necessary ingredient for dispelling nature's mysteries.

William T. Hathaway of

William T. Hathaway - Germany Contributing Writer


William T. Hathaway is author of the novels A World of Hurt, CD-Ring,, Summer Snow and a nonfiction book, Radical Peace: People Refusing War. He also wrote the screenplay for Socrates, an educational film starring Ed Asner that was broadcast on PBS.

Hathaway began his writing career as a newspaper reporter in San Francisco, then joined the Special Forces to research a book about war. Based on his experiences on a combat team in Vietnam, A World of Hurt won a Rinehart Foundation Award for its portrayal of the psychological roots of war.

After the war Hathaway became a peace activist. In his latest book, Radical Peace, he wrote, "Since then my books and articles have centered on this theme, as do many of my nonwriting activities. It's become my beat, as they say in the newspaper business."

Visit this link: Radical Peace

CD-Ring is a young-adult novel about a boy learning the need for peaceful communication. Summer Snow is set amidst the war on terrorism as an American warrior falls in love with a Sufi Muslim and learns from her an alternative to the military mentality.

Radical Peace presents the first-person experiences of war resisters, deserters, and peace activists in the USA, Europe, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Just released by Trine Day, an Oregon publisher, it's a journey along diverse paths of nonviolence, the true stories of people working for peace in unconventional ways. More information and sample chapters are posted on a page of the publisher's website at

Active in leftwing politics, Hathaway is a member of the Socialist Party USA, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and the War Resisters League.

Hathaway was born in Mississippi, raised in the Rocky Mountain region, and educated at Columbia University and the University of Washington. He was a Fulbright professor of creative writing and American studies at universities in Germany, where he currently lives.

The book he's now writing, Wellsprings: A Fable of Consciousness, deals with Transcendental Meditation as a means to peace. He was made a teacher of Transcendental Meditation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

A selection of his writing is available at

Mamoon Alabbasi of

Mamoon Alabbasi - UK Contributor in London


Mamoon Alabbasi is an Iraqi news editor and translator based in London who writes compelling articles from a unique perspective.

His Op-eds, reports, and reviews have appeared in a number of media outlets and we are very pleased to carry his work at

Mamoon has a Masters degree in applied linguistics. Among the many interesting highlights of his career, he spent eleven years working in Tunisia, where he taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP).

He has also published a number of poems online. Salem-News believes in utilizing the work of poets and we believe this is an outstanding way to present news and current information, as well as a rich format for historical information.

Ersun Warncke of

Ersun Warncke - USA Business/Economy Reporter


Ersun Warncke is a native Oregonian. He has a degree in Economics from Portland State University and studied Law at University of Oregon. At a young age, his career spans a wide variety of fields, from fast food, to union labor, to computer programming. He has published works concerning economics, business, government, and media on blogs for several years. He currently works as an independent software designer specializing in web based applications, open source software, and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications.

Ersun describes his writing as being "in the language of the boardroom from the perspective of the shop floor." He adds that "he has no education in journalism other than reading Hunter S. Thompson." But along with life comes the real experience that indeed creates quality writers. Right now, every detail that can help the general public get ahead in life financially, is of paramount importance. Ersun said, "In my reporting at Salem News I will be doing my best to apply this style of historically informed critical analysis to the most important issues in the areas of investment, economics, business and government that face the citizens of our State. Whether you are an investor, business person, worker, or farmer, it is my hope that my reporting will be informative, enlightening, and profitable for you."

You can read more of Ersun's articles at

View articles written by Ersun Warncke

Clemente Ferrer Roselló of

Clemente Ferrer Roselló - Spain Writer in Spain


Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer Roselló, a prestigious Spanish advertising character, presents a fascinating personal and professional career fully devoted to the world of communication in its varied dimensions.

He earned a PhD in Information Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, BA in Advertising from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona Master in Marketing from the School of Marketing Studies in Madrid.

He has been Associate Professor of Business Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Navarra and a contributor to the Madrid daily ABC.

He also spent several years teaching, both in the Official School of Advertising as the School of Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid. In 1985 he was awarded the Gold Master, granted by the Senior Management Forum and AMPE Prize 1996 to the "long and brilliant career advertising."

His articles are particularly enjoyed by those who like to stay current with Europe's media culture. Clemente frequently examines changes in advertising laws, health and recreation issues involving children; suicide, drugs, food, television, morality and wellness are all explored by this distinguished Spanish writer, from a more conservative point of view.

Clemente Ferrer Roselló is one of's many, valued writers abroad, who keeps Americans and Europeans updated with regard to some of the most powerful issues on this planet.

Eric Akiskalian of

Eric Akiskalian - USA Contributor


Eric has been an avid surfer and ocean lover since the age of nine. It was a neighbor’s board that Eric’s Mom paid $30.00 for as a Christmas present. From there, he learned how to surf along the shores of Santa Barbara, CA. Pretty soon, it was an every day affair, after school, during school, on the weekends and whenever he could get to the beach. Weather he had to beg and plead with his Mom, cut class, walk, ride his bike or whatever, Eric would find a way to get to the beach. It was very clear from that point forward, that this was going to be a life long passion of his, and nothing would stop Eric from doing what he loved more than anything else, being in the water. Well, so he thought!

In his early twenties Eric had made a pretty strong name for himself as an aggressive and talented young surfer. Eric was never really into the competition scene but decided one year to give it a shot. Some how he managed to get in the 1980 U.S. Stubbies Pro/AM Event that was held in San Diego, CA and surfed his way to the finals. When it came to the final event of the man on man heats, Eric and his friend Davey Smith ended up competing against one another and needless to say, Davey took the heat.

“It was a great experience as I can remember but I also remember not really being anymore stoked on events even though I did really well during my first major contest. I just never had the desire to be a part of the whole contest scene and decided that it wasn’t what I wanted.”

Eric riding Oregon's South Reef

It was soon after that Eric got a photo in Surfer Magazine in a full page spread and that wasn’t even a big enough motivator to keep him on the right track. After that, he just dropped out of the whole surfing scene completely. This and a lack of motivation was due to his cocaine addiction that had been slowly creeping up on him along with all the heavy parting he was doing. In 1987, Eric realized that his addiction had taken its toll and a good solid 8 years were wasted away. It was time to face reality and make a decision that would change his life forever. Eric remains and has been drug free since 1987 and many positive changes have occurred in his life. One of the many decisions he made was to get back into surfing which is something he knew he missed and loved very much. So back in the water he went and what a positive experience it has been ever since.

It was during the early 90’s when Eric realized that he needed more of a challenge with his surfing than the normal size surf. So he started searching for bigger waves whenever he could. In 1996 Eric paddled out at Mavericks on his 8’ 10” gun on a solid 18’-20’ day and new right then and there that he had to go home with his tail between his legs and train harder then ever.

Today, Eric is 50 years old and is shaping what the new late 30’s, early 40’s should look and act like. With his enthusiasm and young spirited attitude he continues to chase the biggest swells all over the world while building a name for himself and his company With the many experienced and professional big wave surfers that he is surrounded by, he has been able to obtain much knowledge and experience about surfing and towing big waves. Having traveled abroad to many locations has also given Eric new sights and opportunities for the future.

Eric's tow partner Keith Galbraith

Eric is committed more than ever in his love for the sport of surfing. Today he is as a sponsored Pro/AM surfer, pursuing his goals and ambitions in the big wave arena of tow-in surfing.

“I guess for me today, it’s kind of like reliving a dream I may have had as a young surfer before I started using drugs and doing all that parting. What’s kind of cool is that the dream is unfolding right before my eyes at 50. Surfing is a lifestyle for me and it is my new addiction!”

Eric is the sole owner and creator of, a leading big paddle wave paddle and tow-in website dedicated to the sport of extreme surfing, athletes, photographers, contests, promoters and the industry at large. He also owned a production company called Akiskalian Productions that he started in 1987. This company had a main focus on marketing, advertising, corporate and non-corporate sponsorships, project development, media relations, television and video productions. Eric has been involved with producing and hosting cable news and entertainment television shows since 1990.

Eric was also the Founder/President of the Association of Professional Towsurfers (APT) a California Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation.

The specific purpose of this corporation was to promote and encourage the responsible growth and development of professional tow-in surfing; to encourage safety, in connection therewith; to develop and sanction events, including championships; and to improve business conditions in connection with foregoing; all for the benefit of professional competitor members, and other members of the Corporation, the promoters and sponsors of sanctioned tow-in surfing events around the world.

"Keep The Dream Alive!"

Vic Pittman of

Vic Pittman - Mexico Contributor in Mexico


Vic Pittman is a freelance writer from Scotts Mills, Oregon. He is the holder of no literary awards, journalistic awards or college degrees. He has at one time or another been a honor student, inmate, biker, Christian, pothead, father, radical, pacifist, anarchist, artist, heavy metal guitarist, model citizen, lawbreaker, business owner, illegal marijuana grower, and volunteer for various causes.

Vic says he is proud to be a "common man" and be among those striving to make this world a better place if at all possible. He was fortunate enough to have been raised by awesome parents who instilled what he feels to be essential values and encouraged him to feel a kinship with not just family or Oregonians or Americans or whites, but every person on Earth, and to act accordingly. He and his wife Glenda currently live in Nayarit Mexico.

It is a simple fact that few people in this world have a clearer sense for what is required for this precious world to survive. He is a champion ring fighter for peace.

Henry Clay Ruark (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Henry Clay Ruark - USA Opinion / Editorials (Deceased)

Opinion and Editorials

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.                 Willing is not enough; we must do." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Henry Clay Ruark was one of's original writers and staff members from our inception in 2004; a former newspaper reporter; educational and audio-visual media specialist; agency, institution, corporate public information officer; national trade magazine publisher and editor; and Chicago-based communications media consultant for agency, institution, individual and corporate clients.

Splitting a “very checkered” career between journalism and education, he wrote and worked for many newspapers while continuing in educational assignments. He has taught at every level from grades to graduate school, agency/institution seminars, and corporate conferences; written, edited and produced both print and visual learning media in all formats; and written for weeklies, dailies, newsletters, journals and magazines.

At 94, Hank was still writing ”on assignment” and generating a flow of articles for our editors, working for years as the Op-Ed writer, as he served in this same capacity for decades with other news organizations.

Hank was registered as a Democrat, but disregarded any and all political-party disciplinary or bias for “the precious independence demanded as foundation for professional reporting”, insisting that one cannot be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, any more than one can be four-legged and two-faced. Probing, controversial, confirmed conversation (read:”honest, open, democratic dialog”) demands writer be independent, Hank firmly believed.

His photo, taken in December 2009 in front of his son Loren's live truck in Eugene, Oregon, offers a hint of this reporter's connection to a whole generation of younger Ruarks in news today.

View articles written by Henry Clay Ruark

In March 2007, we wrote the article: Salem-News Writer is a Patriarch Among Oregon Journalists. The article in its entirety is included below:

Salem-News Writer is a Patriarch Among Oregon Journalists

While Henry Clay Ruark will continue to write stories for from Central Oregon.

Henry Clay Ruark in the mid-40's

Henry Clay Ruark in the mid-40's

(SALEM) - Salem-News viewers are familiar with the name, Henry Clay Ruark, his name is known throughout Oregon in many media circles. Hank as he is more generally known to us, has been contributing opinion/editorial articles here for more than two years.

You see, at the age of 89, Hank is a patriarch among journalists in this state; his son Jeremy operates a radio newsroom in Bend, Oregon, while his other son Loren works as a main point man at Eugene's KVAL TV.

Back in the early 1990's when I was the News Director of Oregon coastal radio stations KCRF and KBCH, Jeremy was with Salem's AM station KBZY and we competed fiercely for the 1991 Oregon Associated Press Cooperation Award by providing news stories to the rest of Oregon via the AP.

Loren is Hank's son who has major mileage with the local news industry in Oregon. Today Loren shoots and sets up live shots for KVAL in Eugene. When I worked as photojournalist/reporter for Portland's ABC affiliate KATU Channel-2, Loren helped me countless times in the field on Salem stories that Portland and Eugene both covered.

Loren is the only TV news guy I've ever known who has his name painted on the side of his live truck. It reminds me of the nose art on a WWII bomber.

With almost nine decades of life under his belt, Henry Clay Ruark is living history. He is young at heart though, and he easily belies his age with an appearance and spirit of a younger man.

What impresses me the most is Hank's value system. He never became stale in his thought process, he never aged in the wrong ways, and he always places a special emphasis in getting the details right and crediting his sources.

"Op-Eds published in Salem-News are specially researched and thoroughly documented to bring you the best possible summary of realities directly affecting you, as we see them."

One interesting development is Henry's relocation to Bend, Oregon where he will reestablish the operation he has been at the wheel of for many years, Learning Management Associates.

He is joining son Jeremy --corporate news director for Combined Communications there-- in a single-level residence with office space for further LMA activities and Op-Ed reports for Salem-News.

While Hank will continue to write stories for about the Oregon Legislature, he will also diversify our coverage of the state by living in Central Oregon.

His sometimes controversial "Opinion" pieces will continue, resuming next week. Watch for his next Op-Ed transmitted on Wednesday.


We miss you Henry - 'Sir - Gridley reporting

Lauren Booth of

Lauren Booth - UK Political Strategist


Lauren Booth is a British broadcaster, journalist and human rights activist who has been writing political articles and columns for UK national newspapers since the 1990's. Predominantly the Mail on Sunday. During a prolific journalistic career, Lauren has written for the New Statesman, the Sunday Times, the Guardian and the Daily Mail. In 2005, she visited the West Bank to interview Mahmoud Abbas. Having witnessed the Occupation first hand and has since become an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights.

In 2008, Lauren Booth was onboard the FreeGaza; the first ship to break Israel's illegal siege of the Gaza Strip. She was then refused exit via either Israel or Egypt for a month, stating at the time 'it's an honour to be under siege with the people of Palestine and to feel what it is like to survive under the illegal Israeli occupation.

Lauren has been a forthright campaigner against the war in Iraq. She supports the Stop the War Coalition, Media Workers Against the War and the FreeGaza Movement.

Since 2008, Lauren has worked for the 24 hour international English-language news channel Press TV. Lauren presents 'Remember Palestine' and a soon-to-be aired new series on the Palestinian Diaspora.

In October 2010 Lauren announced at the Global Peace and Unity event that she had embraced Islam..

Vittorio Arrigoni (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Vittorio Arrigoni - Italy / Palestine

Gaza Activist and Correspondent (Deceased)

Vittorio Arrigoni was an Italian human rights activist who died to the great sadness of many, in April 2011 in Gaza. He was one of a number of activists who arrived with the Free Gaza movement. Vittorio (Vik) blogged at Guerrilla Radio [it], and also wrote for the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto. His posts vividly describe what the people of Gaza are experiencing right now. In one, a doctor describes the effects of the white phosphorus shells Israel is accused of using: “He said that what was totally inexplicable was the total absence of eyeballs, which even in the case of trauma of that magnitude should stay in place, at least traces of them.”

Vik's biggest passion was the Gaza Fishermen who are routinely fired at and killed by the Israeli Navy which answers to no one for their crimes except a few extremely brave activists like Vik Arrigoni. We recently published a story that Vik wrote before his tragic loss. Daniella Lofreda

On 17 April 2011,'s Ken O'Keefe who was in Gaza with Vic, wrote: "I have seen my brother Vik's body and his death certificate, but Vik is not dead."

As songs and movements with his name move forward, his spirit is a guiding source for humanity, always.

Stay Human

David MacMillan of

David MacMillan - Cambodia Contributor in Cambodia


Australian born David Victor MacMillan, 29-years old at the time of this writing, has been living in Vietnam for 8 years. He is a commercial artist, designer, ex- front man of Australian Punk/reggae band Scarred Hope, ex-nurse, actor, martial artist, security expert, stylist, some time bodyguard, veteran resident of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and a tracker and investigator who specializes in Missing Person cold cases.

Dave has been on the trail of Sean Flynn, Dana Stone and all of their other missing journalist colleagues in Cambodia for the last three years and led the team responsible for the highly controversial attempt to recover Flynn's remains in Cambodia in March 2010.

Dave says steadfastly that he won't stop until he finds Sean Flynn's remains. "I have been given this Indiana Jones tag because I do things differently." He sure does, beginning each day at 5:00 a.m., riding up to 120km through rubber plantations and bandit country looking for leads.

And while on a dig, he doesn't mind using his North Queensland gruff to get the team motivated. "I call my workers slack bastards if they cant keep up with me and dig all day long."

He says he has always been fascinated by Sean's disappearance since he was a child, adding that he was a cult-fan of Errol Flynn and a founder of the Flynn Society of Indochina on Facebook. "Most of the other members are just in it for the hell of it but my interest is far beyond that," he says. "I came to Asia because I want to solve this mystery."

Dave's mission in this life is very much a match with's; a news agency that devotes large amounts of space to issues relating to both military veterans, and those challenges relating to the safety of journalists who cover combat operations.

Gul Jammas Hussain of

Gul Jammas Hussain - Iran Correspondent in Tehran


The writer, Gul Jammas Hussain, is a Pakistani journalist based in Tehran. Gul's writing takes into account the long struggle of the Palestinian people, whose plight is largely ignored by western media.

In fact the fate of Palestine and Iran are very intertwined and as one of the few nations that rallies for the human rights of Palestinians, the importance of Gul's adopted country can not be understated. is extremely pleased to feature the work of Gul Hussain as we believe that Americans and other western people, need to receive information about the Middle East, from the Middle East, whenever possible.

The filters that are used before vetting Middle east news in the USA makes the population less intelligent, less aware, and all the less able to properly react and identify the truth that sometimes exists among the fiction, in mainstream Middle east reports.

We are glad to amplify the voice of Gul and other writers who seek to deliver true, unfiltered information to the world at large. His accounts of real time tragedies and accomplishments, are an example of why we exist.

Yousef Al-Helou of

Yousef Al-Helou - Iran Gaza Correspondent


Yousef Al-Helou is a freelance journalist based in Gaza who writes for, Press TV and other world news organizations from the war-torn occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip.

We at greatly appreciate Yousef's contribution for our readers. The siege of Gaza is one of the most upsetting and seemingly avoidable military events since the dawn of the new Millennium. Having someone in the field there able to send fresh reports to us offers our viewers the freshest perspective from the scene that they are likely to find in western media.

Yousef's view of the ongoing struggle in Gaza is eye-level and he never stops talking to the affected people and asking the important questions that many would have shielded from the world.

Yousef Al-Helou's original articles on can be found at this link: GAZA REPORTS.

Oleg Shirokov of

Oleg Shirokov - Russian Federation Russian Correspondent


Oleg Shirokov lives in the historic Russian Federation city of Simferopol, Ukraine, which is the capitol of Crimea and quite interestingly, one of Salem, Oregon's four Sister Cities. We at are extremely happy to carry his reports from a very distant, artful and romantic part of the world.

Before reporting news, Oleg work as the translator for 15 years, gaining valuable experience in specialized areas such as software localization, hardware, telecommunications and technical marketing. He also worked as the programmer for 8 years, and serves clients as a translator.

His stories from Russia take many things into account, often with a historical twist and often a dose of organized crime, but that is the history of the place. The art, the history of religion, programs for the treatment of Russia's military veterans, and the scoop on unusual industries like Russian sex shops- just a small snapshot of what Oleg brings our readers.

Young people may not all realize today that Americans and Russians were told for many years that they were essentially enemies in a conflict known as 'The Cold War'.

This war that never directly materialized, pitted the western countries against Russia and China. The 'Cole War' largely centered around the development of nuclear arms by the Americans and other western nations, and Russia, which then was the principal nation in the Soviet Union.

Today things are very different, but even during the Cold War people in Simferopol and Salem had what it took to rise above the fray and pay attention to one another, offering great mutual support and underscoring confidence at the time, that there would be a day when people in these places no longer looked at each other as enemies.

We are extremely pleased to have Oleg aboard as a member of our team, and we applaud his talent as both a writer and photographer.

Anthony J. Lawson (RIP) of

Flickering candle

Anthony J. Lawson - Thailand Correspondent in Bangkok

Anthony Lawson is a retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad-agency creative director and voice over. He used to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but doesn't find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days.

After recovering from the shock of seeing the Twin Towers collapse, on subsequent showings, I developed a strong feeling that what I was seeing and what I was being told were quite different things. For two such buildings to collapse, in the manner they did, solely because they had been hit by large aircraft, did not make sense. The collapses were too uniform. If aircraft impacts were the cause, at least one of the buildings should have fallen over. I subsequently made a video called "WTC7 -- This is an Orange" to express my concern that the public was not being told the truth about 9/11.

Roger Tucker of

Roger Tucker - Canada World Affairs Reporter


Home site: One Democratic State

Like most Americans, as well as the majority of people in the English speaking world and most Europeans, I was under the spell of the Zionist narrative since childhood. In my case that was reinforced by being Jewish and going to Hebrew school in preparation for my bar-mitzvah in the Conservative tradition. I can remember buying stamps, each of which signified that a tree would be planted in Eretz Yisroel with my little contribution. In 1969 I took a long trip abroad with friends that began in South Africa. We were SF Bay area flower children, although a bit older than most of the counter-culture crowd. But there was no doubt about our tribal affiliation - we identified with the hippies and the extraordinary spiritual revolution that had bloomed from 1965 through 1967. It was therefore most surprising that within a few days we had become quite comfortable with what we saw going on in apartheid So. Africa - once the shock of seeing signs spelling out "Whites Only" in English and Afrikaans had been absorbed. After all, everything seemed so "normal," and everyone was going about their business, busy and self-absorbed, like anywhere else. It's truly amazing how people can become so easily accustomed to the apparent order of things. We take it all for granted, particularly when our family upbringing, our schooling and the rest of our cultural conditioning are reinforced by the narrative that is being constantly regurgitated by the mainstream media, Hollywood and our political representatives. Most of all, we just get used to things, being human and therefore very adaptable.

I had the same experience when I arrived in Israel about six months later. There were little indications, like the typical pushing and shoving to board the Egged buses (the public transportation system), even when there were only half a dozen people trying to board a bus that was more than half empty. And then working on a kibbutz, where the romantic notion of participating in the great experiment of agrarian socialism revealed itself as a convenient cover story for exploiting the labor of idealistic young Westerners. But overall I was blind to what was really going on, and most of all, ignorant of what had happened there, and why. All this changed in about 2003, when, for whatever reasons, the blindfold just fell off, and I realized the enormity of the crime that had been committed, and the fact that the slow, inexorable genocide of the native population was still ongoing, even accelerating, and the danger this represented for all of us.

In the course of time I had become a student and practitioner of Tibetan buddhism, after exploring the various wisdom traditions that are available. These systems of understanding and guidance are all in agreement on the basics, and they are also at the very root of all of the theistic religious traditions, including the triad of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the so-called Children of Abraham. No matter how twisted and perverted these may have become in their various manifestions, at the bottom is the same fundamental injunction to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Taken out of its particular sectarian clothes, this basic principle - the Golden Rule - is the same everywhere, and derives from the simple but profound observation that we are all one family, that we are inextricably interconnected, and therefore, and most of all, what goes around comes around. It's really quite pragmatic and not at all mystical or esoteric.

Realizing all of this it seemed glaringly apparent that the only way to bring about some restoration of sanity and stability in the Middle East, the crucible of contemporary international relations, would be the establishment of a new political configuration in "the Holy Land."

Coincidentally, but not surprisingly, such a polity would nicely conform to what is nowadays universally considered the gold standard for a modern nation - a multiethnic, pluralistic, secular democratic state. The only opposing argument that has been advanced, and that continues to prevent such a felicitous outcome, is the notion that "the Jews" need a nation-state of their own, that

God gave them Eretz Yisroel, and that all other considerations are moot. The Palestinians - victims of this wholly fascist ideology (based, as usual, on mytho-historical nonsense) and the subsequent ministrations of the self-proclaimed "master race," combined with the exigencies of American dominated geopolitics (neo-colonialist Empire building cum Cowboy Capitalism), as well as incompetent and self-serving leadership - bought into the corresponding notion that they should also have a "State" of their own. Many of them are having second thoughts about this as we speak, particularly as they come to understand that the "peace process," which includes advocating the two state solution, is and always has been just a fig leaf for further ethnic cleansing and genocide.

That is the background that lead me to take the only course available - a kind of moral and spiritual imperative, so to speak - to devote myself to helping to bring about One Democratic State between the river and the sea, aka the One State Solution. After all, it's really a no-brainer. And if we don't accomplish this in the near future, heaven help us all.

A crazy gringo in Patzcuaro - Michoacan, Mexico

Sunalie Ratnayke of

~ Sunalie Ratnayke ~ - USA Contributor

SUNALIE RATNAYAKE is a SRI LANKAN Journalist currently based in California, USA.
She began her Journalism career eight years ago (in 2004), back in her homeland Sri Lanka, where she was attached to the editorial of the then most controversial National English weekly in the island ; “THE SUNDAY LEADER”, of which the Founder Editor-In-Chief, and world renowned Sri Lankan Journalist and Attoney Mr. Lasantha Manilal Wickrematunge was murdered (on January 8th, 2009), on broad daylight, on his way to work, on a busy highway, in an area, which was known as a so-called High Security Zone (HSZ) in the country’s capital city Colombo’s suburb Attidiya-Dehiwela, where a focal Air Force Base of the country was right adjacent (in Ratmalana) to his murder location.
Sunalie served in Lasantha’s editorial for a few years, almost until his murder, and was in the island during these catastrophic moments, amidst the island’s augmented media coercion, under present environments, a place where forthright journalists are subject to constant suppression, abduction and finally, homicide.
Having thoroughly read, from her schooldays in Sri Lanka itself, her ‘mentor’, ‘confidante’, and most trusted ‘comrade’ in the field of Journalism, in her later life, Lasantha Wickrematunge’s stimulating, yet accurate and up-to-date editorials of “The Sunday Leader”, published under the pseudo name “Suranimala” as “INSIDE POLITICS WITH SURANIMALA” (always published with supporting documents of proof to each and every contentious story), Sunalie always had a penchant deep inside, to contribute to the field of Journalism through her own writings someday, yet never even in her wildest dreams thought that she would actually end up being a full-time Journalist, who would truly be working with her childhood hero in Journalism. – Lasantha.
Fate was such, that her Journalism Career happened to essentially begin and escalate inside the editorial of this ever forthright and fearless Journalist / Editor (Lasantha Wickrematunge), the only one of the said calibre thus far, in the island-nation, who stood up boldly against corruption and poor-governance of each and every government that saw daylight in Sri Lanka, throughout his lifetime, until his valuable life was snatched away maliciously under the watch of the present regime in Sri Lanka, as Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa (aka Mahinda Rajapaksa) it’s chief, along with his notorious sibling Nandasena Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as its most arrogant Defense Secretary.
Lasantha, in his final editorial, which he had written and saved in a computer prior to his death, had clearly indicted the Mahinda Rajapaksa government as the culprits behind his murder.
( This globally widely read Final-Ed of Sunalie’s late guru in Journalism LASANTHA WICKREMATUNGE could be read via this link from SRI LANKA GUARDIAN ~ )
Sunalie’s initial mentor in Journalism, for whom she has utmost respect and fondness is the veteran Sri Lankan Journalist Mr. R.S. Karunaratne who has served the field of Journalism in Sri Lanka for decades. A published author himself, Karunaratne is the current Deputy Editor of the Sri Lankan government based Newspaper; ‘The Sunday Observer’ and had also served as the Deputy Editor of the government based ‘Daily News’.
To date, Sunalie has contributed to a varied range of prominent print and web based Sri Lankan media publications (in the English language) which includes; The Sunday Leader, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Observer, The Daily News, The Nation, the Sri Lanka Guardian, Irudina (a Sinhala language weekly Newspaper), and now the globally acclaimed
While currently continuing with further studies, and having chosen “Bio-Science” as her college major many years ago, Sunalie has been educated in diverse and contrasting fields, including “Journalism”, “Psychology”, “Real-Estate”, “Early Childhood Education” and “Aviation”.
Having started her Piloting studies at Lion Air Aviation in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka, she holds a ‘Private Pilot License’ (PPL) from the same flight school, which had later been converted into a US PPL following her “Instrument Flight Rating Training” (IFR Training) at Len Air Aviation at the John Wayne Airport in Orange Country, California, USA.
Being a bit of an assortment in terms of interests and engagements, Sunalie has also contributed by and large to the field of “Fashion Modeling” in her homeland, by modeling mainly for the Sri Lankan ‘Print Media’ for over a decade, decorating Cover Pages and Fashion Pages of almost all the mainstream media publications in Sri Lanka, published in both her mother tongue ‘Sinhala’, as well as in ‘English’.
Sunalie, as a Fashion Model / Actress, and a local Civic Figure has been featured in the Sri Lankan print media publications published in both English and Sinhala languages, which includes; The Sunday Leader, The Morning Leader, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Observer, The Daily News, The Nation, The Sunday Standard, The Sunday Island, Wedding Bells, Lankadeepa, Lakbima, Rivira, Silumina, Dinamina, Diwaina, Diwa-Mina, Kalaa Rasa, Mangala Seenu, Tharunee, Regina, Lak-Janathaa to name a few, in which, extensive interviews on her had also been featured through the years.
Also, Sunalie has adorned the cover pages of many a Sri Lankan novel, written by well-known Sri Lankan Sinhala media journalists and authours such a Sugath Shantha Moragahakumbura of the Diwaina newspaper (the sister newspaper of The Island).
She has also touched-base in the field of “Acting”, which she considers a mere leisure time involvement only, and had contributed to the field, whenever time may have permitted her to do so.  Sunalie has also been featured in a few TV Commercials in Sri Lanka, which had been filmed during her then frequent visits to the country.
Furthermore, apart from “Journalism”, which she considers as her true ‘passion’ in life, Sunalie has also comprehensively studied various forms of Art, including the much famed Indian traditional dance form; “Bharata Natyam”, as well as “Latin American Dancing”, in which she had also won the first place in Dances judged by International panels in prominent competitions held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, during the life and times of her Journalism career with the then Sunday Leader of Wickrematunge.
Additionally, to add to her glamour silhouette, Sunalie had also taken part in Sri Lankan & US Beauty pageants in the years 1998, 2000 & 2005, and was crowned 3rd Runner-Up in the Ms. Lanka contest of 2005 held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Being a persona that has always appreciated ‘rectitude’, and has eternally condemned all ‘immorality’ and ‘unlawfulness’, especially when it came to ‘Politics’, ‘Governance’ and ‘Society’ in general, she is also an inaudible ‘Activist’ in her own nature, who has always been, and continues to be plainspoken with her ideologies on any given subject matter that is of grave concern in present day society, both in her motherland Sri Lanka, and elsewhere in the world. This outspoken characteristic innate in her has created both admirers as well as adversaries in her life, whom she accepts with moderation.
Last but not least, she also tends to hold a distinct, yet unrevealed flair in “Poetry”, and though her yearning and adoration for “poetry” from her tender years have kept her occupied in writing her own “hushed poems”, almost all her life (totaling over 200 in count), as means of pure pleasure, thus far, she has seldom shared her “sonnets” with the public.
Amidst continuing with further studies, Sunalie who was born in Colombo, and been raised a fair portion of her life in the Middle-East (Sharjah U.A.E.) and a greater portion in both "Colombo" and her maternal hometown "Kurunegala" - Sri Lanka, she aspires to continue in contributing to the field of “Journalism”.
Though experienced rather indirectly on the subject-matter physically, (as she lived far from the foremost war- prone-zones in the North & East of the island), yet having born and growing-up in this island in Asia, where a nearly three decade civil war had been carried out (until it’s culmination on May 18th 2009), seeing via multiple modes of media, and hearing consequences related to intense calamity throughout a period almost equivalent to her lifetime, played a major impact in terms of Sunalie’s passion for journalism, and the urge to serve the ill-fated victims of such cruel circumstances to the best of her ability. In her case, the serving was abled via her pen.
Though she lived towards the Southern region of the island, she had also narrowly escaped two bomb blasts carried-out by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – known to be the deadliest terrorist group in the world, in present day times) during her life as a Journalist in Colombo.
The blasts in Nugegoda, and Ratmalana, in Colombo, (which occurred during the last stages of the LTTE's existence in Sri Lanka), she missed within minutes, as the deadly tigers (the LTTE) frequently exploded bombs and carried suicide attacks, destroying a greater portion of lives and structures in Colombo, Sri Lanka as well.
Although originally an English Medium Journalist by profession, she publishes her writings in two languages, her mother tongue Sinhala and also English, covering a wide range of topics from "Politics", to "Current Affairs", to "Investigative pieces", to "Child Abuse", to "Women's Rights", to "Art / Literature / Drama", to "Music, to Ethics", to "Movie and Book Reviews", to "Environment / Nature", to "Animal Cruelty", to any given "Leisure Reading Topic" and much more.
Her "Short Stories" too have been published through the years, in Sri Lankan government managed newspapers such as “The Daily News”, and “The Observer”, both publications of the Lankan government news hub – ‘Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (ANCL)’, also known as ‘The Lakehouse’. 
And in-between all the above, she continues to write her ‘Poetry’, and ‘Abstracts’, which she has seemingly just begun to gradually share with the public. Her topics in poetry too, happens to spread across a wide range. welcomes Sunalie to our remarkable team of dedicated and forthright writers around the globe, while wishing her the very best in her prolific journey in Journalism, also as the First Sri Lankan to join our web-related-news-team.
Sunalie could be reached at :

John Bury of

John Bury - USA Military Health Writer


John Bury represents both his interests and those of military veterans, with an emphasis on the U.S. Navy, and specific interest in health-related issues stemming from Agent Orange contamination; a rampant problem affecting so many who didn't necessarily have the deadly chemical dropped on their heads while fighting in Vietnam's jungles.

John was onboard the USS Sacramento (AOE-1) a fast combat support ship from Oct. 1967 to Feb. 1972, making four deployments to Vietnam waters. The ship supplied combat ships at sea with fuel, ammunition and food supplies. The ship operated within the territorial waters of the Republic of Vietnam in the South China sea and Tonkin Gulph.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, John enlisted in the U.S. Navy, February 1954. His Navy duty stations included the U.S.S. William T. Powell DE-213, USS Horace A. Bass APD-124, USS Ponchatoula AO-148, USS San Pablo AGS-30, U.S.S. Cadmus AR-14, USS Sacramento AOE-1, USS Barney DDG-6, Naval Station, Rota, Spain, U.S. Navy Recruiter, Roanoke, Va., Naval Reserve Station (Northeast) Philadelphia, Pa. A Vietnam War veteran, John retired from the Navy at the final termination of that war, in April 1975, with rating of Machinery Repairman (MR-1) after 22 years of Naval service.

Now an activist and writer, John lives in the aptly named Pennsylvania city, Media, where he continues to seek justice while becoming a larger and larger voice of the movement. John has a college degree (AS) Management from Delaware County Community College, and he taught disciplines of engineering at Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades from 1975 to 1984 (Power Plant Technology), also in Media, Pa.

When he isn't writing articles, performing research or rallying support for his fellow military veterans, John enjoys fishing; he is an amateur artist, and also spends time gardening and traveling.

William Barth of

William Barth - USA Political Strategist


Dr. William K. Barth recently completed his doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford’s Department of Politics and International Relations.

He also recently concluded his term as an Associate Fellow at the University’s Rothermere American Institute, and a alumnus member of St Antony’s College, Oxford.

Dr. Barth’s recently published his D.Phil. thesis entitled On Cultural Rights: The Equality of Nations and the Minority Legal Tradition (Boston, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2008). Prior to initiating his thesis, Dr. Barth served as a senior lawyer for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

He received his Master of Public Administration Degree from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government (’86) and Juris Doctor from Loyola University School of Law (’79). He has been a member of the California State Bar in good standing since 1979.

Dr. William K. Barth's book link is:

You can visit his blog page at this address:

Maidhc Ó Cathail of

Maidhc Ó Cathail - Japan Writer in Osaka


Maidhc Ó Cathail is a writer and educator. Born and raised in Ireland, he has been living in Osaka, Japan since 1999. is happy that this extremely diverse writer has joined forces with our team.

In addition to writing a monthly column for the Irish language internet magazine Beo!, Maidhc's work has been published by, Dissident Voice, Foreign Policy Journal, Khaleej Times, Media Monitors Network, Online Journal, Palestine Chronicle and many more.

Maidhc Ó Cathail was asked to join the Salem-News team because of his fantastic world coverage.

His reports covering events like the conflict in Palestine, show a fantastic overview of the developing events that are shaping world history.

We look forward to sharing stories from this well connected individual with our readers.

It is a tough and complicated world out there, and we're all better off with the additional education gleaned from Maidhc Ó Cathail's research and reporting.

Ivan T. Brecelic of

Ivan T. Brecelic - Australia Contributor in Australia


Ivan T. Brecelic has been writing about South East Asia for the past two decades. In his own words, "He is attracted to the extreme side of life where humanity functions at its best."

Perhaps that is why Ivan has been following the search for Sean Flynn, son of swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn, who went missing in April 1970 when the U.S. military invaded Cambodia. His work in this area crosses paths with founder Tim King, who has been following the Sean Flynn story for many years. Of particular interest is Ivan's coverage of fellow Australian Dave MacMillan's search for this historic photojournalist.

Ivan's writing takes you on a fascinating journey; from the bustling and vibrant crowds of SE Asia; to the tranquil side of art and expression; packed with images and stories that will leave readers thought filled and intrigued. His feature articles have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail, Ralph, and publications in Europe, syndicated by Planet Syndication.

Based out of Perth, Australia, Ivan T. Brecelic travels frequently to a growing array of destinations to meet the people and see the sights that fuel his writing ambitions.

You can more of Ivan's work by visiting: Ivan T. Brecelic on

Learn more about the search for Sean Flynn through Ivan's blog: Vanishing Flynn blogspot.

Dr. Richard Matteoli of

Dr. Richard Matteoli

Contributing Writer


Dr. Matteoli graduated from St. Mary's College of California in 1967 and Creighton University in 1971. He is retired from the US Navy where he spent most of his career attached to the United States Marine Corps and officially rated a Devil Doc. Other clinical experience outside private practice includes working for California Indian Health and California's Solano County Clinic for the poor as well as the Solano County Jail.

He is the author of the Handbook text references The Munchausen Complex: Socialization of Violence and Abuse and The Totemic Analogy in Bible Symbolism. has carried several articles over the years. Dr. Matteoli has also been helpful in research for other articles we have carried, particularly with regard to military base contamination. We have been very pleased to have the honor of sharing his valuable writing with our readers.

Toni Samanie of

Toni Samanie - USA Correspondent


Until last year Toni Samanie was a standard-issue grandmother and mother. She lived life like most ordinary citizens. She worked in a successful sales environment and brought enthusiasm and a win/win attitude to the customers she helped. Then tragedy struck her most regular of families and she lost her 38 year-old son-in-law due to poly-pharmacy. She also has an orphan disease which has enabled her to see the fallacy behind the idea that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are straining day and night to "cure" people like her. Once married to a physician she has had a special view of the medical fraternity from within.

Always an avid reader especially with regard to American History. Having been reared near Manassas' Bull-Run and Fredericksburg, VA she has a fondness for Civil War History and West Point War Strategy. Coincidentally, she is the daughter and step-daughter of two Marines who fought in the Korean War. She grew up in the small civilian town of Quantico, Virginia surrounded by the Marine military base and Navy hospital. She has always viewed the soldiers in her family, as well as other soldiers, with high regard.

As a teenager in the late 60's-early 70s she grew up in a time of civil unrest. "Question authority was de rigueur by most all American youth. Occupy Wall Street is very reminiscent of those formative, yet troubled years.

So, now that the rose-colored glasses have been crushed she is coming to write about the criminal activity of the pharmaceutical industry and to help others be enlightened before it is too late for them. She does not have any formal education in writing but comes with the strength and passion of a soldier.

Her web blog is

Dr. Ismail Salami - Contributor in Iran of

Dr. Ismail Salami - Iran Contributing Writer


Dr. Ismail Salami is an Iranian writer, Middle East expert, Iranologist and lexicographer. He writes extensively on the US and Middle East issues and his articles have been translated into a number of languages.

Dr. Salami examines the historical developments that impact national relations today, and the way western people view Iran. has carried stories from Iranian writers for many years and the critical politics have been and remain under our microscope of truth and fair play. This is essential in a world teetering on the brink of a third world war; literal annihilation, over the continual unfounded allegations from both Israel and U.S. politicians, of Iran's development of enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb.

The stark irony of the story is that Iran's primary accuser, is in possession of hundreds of these dangerous nuclear weapons; all undisclosed and highly illegal. In fact Israel has the very type of weapon they accuse Iran of "plotting" to develop.

In truth, Iran has almost no history of aggression toward the United States. Media hype causes people to see it differently, but in reality there are very few reported incidents.

Misinformation shapes opinion, and a large percentage of Americans have never been provided accurate information about the history of Iran and the western powers and their eternal quests for cheap oil. They don't comprehend the hidden complexities and that agonizing fact that Iran was ruled by the west, by proxy, throughout the years of the Shah, and that this only ended with the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Dr. Ismail Salami is a valuable addition to our staff of writers and his articles strip away the haze that so frequently, even constantly, surrounds stories about U.S. and Israeli involvement in the Middle east.

 Nadarajah Balasubramaniam of

Nadarajah Balasubramaniam Contributor


Based in London, Nadarajah 'Bala' Balasubramaniam is a contributing writer who also serves as Chairman / Leader of People's Front of Liberation Tigers.

His life as a journalist begins with the Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora. This event which began shortly after WWII and heated up violently in the 1970's and 80's, has caused a 20% decline in the population of the Tamil Sri Lanka culture in the last 30 years alone. Born in Jaffna, Bala also spent part of his life working in Colombo, but like so many, he lost his house and escaped from the 1983 pogrom, the year remembered for a murderous event against Tamils known as 'Black July' which left thousands dead.

When Mr. Balasubramaniam left Sri Lanka with his wife and three sons and went to work in the Middle-east, where he worked as a telecom engineer. In 1989 he moved to the UK mainly because of his children's education. Nadarajah Balasubramaniam has been associated with the liberation struggle of Tamil Eelam since 1972. is significantly involved in exposing the darkest aspect of the ethnic cleansing of Tamils in Sri Lanka; this is the culmination of the 30-year civil war in early 2009. The island nation was awash in war crimes that claimed tens of thousands, and involved horrific acts of cruelty against all segments of the Tamil population. This ranges from children who were murdered by the Sri Lankan army which employed obscene methods in its killing, to widespread sexual abuse of Tamil women, and the execution murders of many Tamil Tiger officers who surrendered, and even the son of the LTTE top officer.

It is our opinion that if this series of war crimes and crimes against humanity are allowed to go unpunished, that it sets a standard, already partly in place, granting a license to militant governments intent on eliminating their detractors through means of violence and elimination. This simply can not be accepted.

Learn more about what Bala and his team are doing, visit: People's Front of Liberation Tigers

Michael Luehring of

Michael Luehring

LA Culture and Life - Michael Luehring

Michael Luehring is a California based writer and documentary cameraman.

Michael began to pursue journalism early, when at the age of 13 he arranged and conducted a rare interview with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio.

After graduating from Washington State University with a degree in broadcast journalism, Michael began working in the entertainment industry providing film stock to production companies.

During his time working in Hollywood, Michael has conducted interviews with many celebrities and local politicians for production companies and local news outlets in Los Angeles.

Michael is also personally involved in coordinating the ongoing effort by missing photojournalist Sean Flynn’s family to resolve his fate and repatriate his remains to the United States.

In addition to his involvement with the investigation and recovery efforts in Cambodia, Michael also is actively covering entertainment stories in Los Angeles.

Dexter Phoenix  of

Dexter Phoenix War Photographer and Reporter


Dexter Phoenix has worked as a staff and freelance photographer since the mid-1990′s and has a wealth of professional experiences on his resume. We welcome his presence to our staff and

His list of assignments includes the European Forest fires in 1998, he photographed oil rigs in Southern Tunisia, while documenting local traditions and livelihoods mostly in the poorer areas of Southern Tunisia. In 1999, Dexter went to Algeria to document the impact of French colonization on the local people and their lifestyle, as well as the hidden dangers of the country – especially for foreign people. In Somalia he witnessed horrific scenes of dismemberment among victims in that ongoing internal strife; and also the power and influence of warlords over the local population; its abject poverty and harsh environment of the Southern Region and leftovers of the American Forces. In Angola, Dexter covered the story of Savimbi who returned to his guerrilla tactics, due to The FAA who pushed Savimbi out, and took more control over diamond producing sites, exploring why Angola is still devastated after nearly 40 years of civil war. Despite its natural resources, over 90% of Angolans live in poverty, two thirds of them on less than a dollar a day. Dexter covered the risks of foreign oil workers working in Angola, especially about the kidnapping situation that seemed to be a common occurrence in Angola. In 2003-2007 in France he photographed the French riots: burnt cars and damaged shops; the clash between the rioters and the police; the riots the day after, and the impact on local businesses.

Dexter covered the War in Lebanon: photographing people fleeing their villages like Ben Jbail, Naqoura, Nabi Uwaydah) and people hanging on to their livelihoods; the slow advance of the Israeli army; Lebanese people fighting back under the cover of civilian clothes (Hezbollah). In Israel he visited places from – Qiriat Shmona, to Ma’lot Tarshiha, Bezet, Nahariyya, Haifa, Nazareth, Tiberius, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Qiryat Yam, Akka, Mizpe Hanita, Matulla, and Ramot.

Staying in places where the Hezbollah rocket attacks were being fired at mostly – in Haifa, Matulla, Qiriat Shamona, and Ma’lot. Being with the Israeli troops engaging and firing back at Lebanon. Also being there as they pushed through slowly over Lebanon’s border. Seeing endless military supplies and personnel that carried on day and night until the war ended. He also documented the locals who stayed behind, and tried to live their lives normally. The damage the rockets left behind in the cities and towns. In Palestine, Dexter visited Hebron, Ramallah, Belain (15km from Ramallah), Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, and the West Bank, photographing among many other things, Palestinian demonstrations and the clash with Israel’s army; the lives of the people living under the control of the Israeli security forces; landscapes of the holy sites of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish religions, interviewing the local families about their missing sons and daughters that have fought for their independence. In Turkey Dexter saw the integration of the Kurds within the Turkish community. The potential terrorist threats that could affect their tourism industry, one of the main sources of income for Turkey.

This native of Great Britian moved to Los Angeles in 2007, where he photographed general news, general Interests, sports, freelance model photo work, and also stock images. In his career Dexter has had photos published: World wide, in many magazines and newspapers and online. Throughout the course of his career he has experience with technology of all imaginable types. In his career as a photographer Dexter has covered stories in Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France, Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Somalia, Tunisia, Algeria, Angola, Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, and the United States. Email inquiries about photo purchase to Dexter at the above address.

View articles and photos by Dexter Phoenix

Taiyo 'Siraj' Davis of

Taiyo "Siraj" Davis - Palestine Human Rights Reporter

Email: or

Originally from Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, Japan, the voice of East Jerusalem residentTaiyo "Siraj" Davis, is one of great strength and dedication.

Siraj's background is diverse and well suited for the human rights advocacy he has become known for worldwide.

His professional life includes working as an ESL English/Japanese instructor at American Language Center, and as a World/US History teacher at the Modern American School. Siraj has an MA History and is a published author.

He has held positions with Amnesty International, American Families United, Clemson University Asian Student Association; and he is the Founder and President of Collective Consciousness.

Regarding his role with, Siraj said:

    "I occasionally provide articles for this great Newspaper that is a voice for the oppressed despite the media bias against Palestine. This paper is our hope for the truth being told to the people so that justice and peace may become closer to a reality.

    "This paper is one of a few agencies who have listened to their conscience instead of their pockets. This is an example of heroism and character. It is with a modicum of doubt that Salem News will become something huge for the future because of their stance.

    "Now we are working on more stories from the primary sources of refugees from many conflicts to separate the corporate and political agendas from reality int he heartbreaking stories of the victims of conflicts. Look forward to Iraqi refugees voicing their feelings to the world."

Indeed, the good fortune is for as Siraj contributes in infinite ways, providing content for songs and human rights music videos, in addition to writing expressive, creative and powerful articles that challenge the societal norms that allow so much damage to take place from the hand of Israel.

Please visit:

James Van Thach of

James Van Thach - USA Military/Human Affairs Writer


A highly decorated Iraq War Veteran, Captain James Van Thach served twenty-four straight months in Iraq, despite being wounded twice during his first year, for which he was awarded the Purple Heart. Also, the government of Iraq awarded him the rank of Honorary Staff Brigadier General in the Iraqi Army.

Standing in Captain Thach’s presence you notice instantly an aurora about this young man and admire the goals he set forth in his life through education in the United States and travel overseas in his fight in war torn Iraq.

Why would an educated Law School graduate of Touro Law Center turn down numerous private sector job offers with a very generous salary or a safer career path as an Attorney with the United States Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) and only to choose a dangerous job as an Infantry Officer in active combat as a Military Advisor in Iraq?

Captain James Van Thach answered in a commanding voice, “My sacrifice had to be made because of the opportunities given to me from the men and women who sacrificed their lives and died for our country. I had to do the same in their honor, to protect our nation and protect the unborn of this country so that they might live in a peaceful world.”

Captain James Van Thach further stated, “As a Vietnamese-American, I personally feel in my heart and soul the sacrifices of life, along with the mental and physical scars suffered by both United States and South Vietnamese servicemembers who fought to defend South Vietnam against the Communist aggression of North Vietnam.”

Additionally, Captain James Van Thach says he will never forget and will always honor the men and woman that served in our military to defend our nation and our allies around the world, that have fought with our great military against Terrorism, Communism, and Fascism.

J. D. Adams of

J. D. Adams Contributor


J. D. Adams was born in Salem, Oregon, a descendant of Oregon Trail pioneer William Lysander Adams. As the son of a gifted artist and a physicist, Jim's abilities are centered at the intersection of art and science.

His experiences exploring and photographing the wilderness sustain a kinship with the spirit of the Oregon country, and prepared him for a calling as a writer. While recuperating from a back injury, he set up a recliner next to his computer and began writing. From the moment he finished his first story, "Phantom Trails of the Santiam Canyon", his words have resonated with readers, earning accolades from professionals with advanced degrees in

Writing and Literature. His next article was the humorous "Hazards of Extreme Camping" that went viral on the Internet, and has been re-posted on hundreds of websites around the world.

Jim's back has long since healed, but he still prefers the computer and recliner arrangement, where he has authored articles that have been published in numerous websites and newspapers on a variety of subjects. He is currently compiling his work for a book titled "JD Adams' Oregon" to showcase his unique style and perspective.

Jim welcomes inquiries about writing work that demands

research, attention to detail, thought-provoking prose, and poetic excellence. JD inhabits Oregon's Silicon Forest as an electronics professional with degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology and Microelectronics. He maintains a Web presence with a signature presentation in genres including travel, history, and technology.

Eric Salerno of

Eric Salerno - USA Writer


Eric Salerno is from Butte County, California. His background is with State and Federal Agencies assisting in recovery efforts in disaster stricken states.

In 2008 he began advocating for medical marijuana in his home state. This journey began after the supervisors in his district of Butte County enacted a moratorium on legal Prop. 215 patients rights to access and grow their own medicine. He was one of only 10 people to show up at the meeting and voice his concerns with their actions.

That year a coalition of mores than 300 residents was formed and a Vote NO on measure A campaign began. These residents of Butte County united to stop the interference of the county.

This campaign was successful with a large voter drive initiative and media campaign securing 55% of the voters saying NO on measure A.

Today Eric works endlessly from Southern California to Northern California advising and implementing political tactics, to ensure every Californian has the right to access legal safe medicine under the law. is extremely pleased to feature Eric as a writer and we strongly endorse his advocacy that helps sick people maintain access to a natural plant with myriad healing capabilities for everyone from HIV/AIDS patients, to cancer patients, and Veterans suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from their wartime service to their nation.

Eric and other similar brave human beings keep us safe and healthy, while ensuring that our civil rights are maintained, as well as the rights of the voting public.

Don Dupay of

Don Dupay - USA Correspondent


Don DuPay worked as a Portland Police officer from 1961 to 1978, working the last ten years of his service with PPB as a Detective, including the homicide detail. DuPay also worked in the burglary and vice units, as well as acting as an instructor and Detective Coach at the police academy, coaching young detectives.

For six years he managed a homeless shelter in Portland, as an advocate for the "homeless, the helpless and the unheard."

Along with being published with Street Roots Newspaper, The Portland Alliance Newspaper and The Tigard Times, DuPay has been published in Official Detective Magazine and several other noteworthy publications.

DuPay is currently a retired Grandfather and activist in the Medical Marijuana movement who continues to write editorials on Medical Marijuana.

Currently, DuPay is working on finalizing the publication of his memoir, which he wrote more than 20 years ago entitled "Behind the Badge in River City; a Police Memoir" about his close to 18 year career with PPB, when it was rife with corruption.

Don DuPay continues to write, submit his writing and be published.

DuPay's personal website, with the large portion of his entire body of work, can be found here...

David Swanson of

David Swanson - USA Contributor


David Swanson, an American activist, blogger and author, co-founded the website After Downing Street (now War Is A Crime .org), based around the U.S. congressional concern of the Downing Street Memo.

Additionally, Swanson embarked on a campaign to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney[2] through the now defunct website ConvictBushCheney.Org as well as contributing to the introduction of Dennis Kucinich’s The 35 Articles of Impeachment and the Case for Prosecuting George W. Bush. Swanson has also aided in the organization of campaigns such as Velvet Revolution's opposition of the United States Chamber of Commerce and Tom J. Donohue, and October2011.Org's Occupy Washington movement.

As an author, David Swanson has written several books; Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union (2009) and War Is a Lie (2010) and When the World Outlawed War (2011) and War No More: The Case for Abolition (2013).

Swanson currently blogs through various political sites, including his own co-founded site, WarIsACrime.Org and, where he serves as the Washington Director, and

Kusal Perera of

Kusal Perera - Sri Lanka Contributor


A one time Sri Lankan "Leftist" activist, Kusal Perera has been a Freelance Journalist for over two decades, living and working today in Bellanwila, Sri Lanka.

Kusal contributes in both Sinhala and English languages to the print media and Salem-News on socio-political issues, while taking part in panel discussions on current issues including peace and democracy and he is also a development campaigner.

During this time Kusal has written two novels “Magpie Song” a Nipuna Publication in 1997 and “Kicking Around Love Grass” a Godage International Ltd publication in 2003.

This caricature is one done by Ranjan, the Lay out and Design Artist working for SELACINE, the state production house under the Ministry of Information.

Visit Kusal's social media pages:

Facebook profile
Kusal has a Google+ profile

Kusal Perera

We creep where most don't

I always take life with a grain of salt, plus a slice of lemon and a shot of old arrack.....!

Clive Hambidge of

Clive Hambidge - UK Human Rights Reporter


Clive Hambidge is a Director at Facilitate Global, a not for profit organisation not affiliated to any political party, promoting peacebuiding, human rights and international humanitarian law. Facilitate Global holds that the fundamental essence of the political, legal and economic health of every nation and community depends upon the strength of its social capital, namely its people. Facilitate Global aims to advance human rights for all, campaign for one rule of law for all, promote the establishment of a culture of peace and good governance, serve humanity by fostering dialogue through friendship, advocate co-living driven by respect, dignity and self dependency. Facilitate Global fully endorses the Preamble of the UDHR and associated Articles.

Clive acts in an Emissary capacity to His Grace The Right Reverend Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal (former Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem and the Middle East). He works alongside many voluntary organisations.

With an interest in eastern philosophy and in particular the Hindu canon which affords a practical realisable road map where men and women are by divine law furnished the same rights in recognition of their evolving equality. Clive is also interested in Jungian psychology and neuroscience.

An abstract painter, Clive resided in Munich (Germany) for over a decade. There he had over 30 exhibitions. Clive lectured in Contemporary Art at the German People’s High School. Clive’s work is included in many private collections and galleries, and is imaged, among others, by one of the world’s foremost imaging institution, namely The Bridgeman Art Library.

Please visit

Soraya Boyd of

Soraya Boyd - UK Human Rights Reporter


Soraya Boyd is Founder and CEO of Facilitate Global. With an academic background in Humanities, Social Science and education, Soraya’s interest in ethics, human rights, philosophy, politics, law, economics, history and health informs her work.

Soraya acts in an Emissary capacity to His Grace The Right Reverend Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal (former Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem and the Middle East). She works alongside many voluntary organisations, communities, groups and individuals bringing together the secular, faith and inter faith sectors together focusing on the highest common denominators: our shared humanity and binding inter-dependence.

Soraya tutors in English literacy, English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), French, health, nutrition and fitness.

Soraya is also a steering committee member of Rights and Humanity (a leading Human Rights NGO), a member of the British Institute of Human Rights, European Civil Liberties Network, and a number of other organisations.

Please visit

Rev. Pervaiz Khokhar of

Pervaiz Khokhar Pakistan / Asia Correspondent


Rev. Pervaiz Khokhar is a single, 39-year old reverend and journalist located in Jhumra City, Pakistan. Representing the 1% Christian minority, he describes himself as a saved person who was Baptized in the water & filled with the Holy Spirit by the grace of the lord Jesus Christ.

"We want to tell you about our faith that we believe in Repent, baptized in the water and filled with Holly Spirit," Pervaiz said. His family belongs to F.G.A. Church.

Extremely inspired, he says the first time he was touched by God when he was working at a job with Citibank in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

He says God spoke to him in a dream, "Go and spread my work in all parts of world. Go. Ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost and Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever. I have commanded you. And look I am with you always even to the end of the world." (Matthew: 28-19-20) He believes he has been chosen by God for His work and that is certainly in line with our mission at

"God suggested to me that I start 'The Preaching Society & Social Welfare Services' Ministry and Minister the Christian people and poor, orphan children here in Pakistan".

While his life centers around religion, Pervaiz Khokhar's news articles are fair and compelling, well written accounts in English that bring us point of view perspective on important developments in this region of the world.

Joy Graves of

Joy Graves Cannabis De-Classified Reporter


Reverend Joy Maxine Graves is best known for her involvement as a Cannabis Freedom Fighting Activist. She prides herself for having been born and reared among "the dinosaur generation" as her "parent elders". A daddy's "lil soldier" and "tom-boy" by nature, she is quite the unique addition to the Salem-News team indeed. Raised only to be an "Army Brat", Joy has shown herself to be quite the trooper when it comes to fighting for as well as defending Turth Justice & Honor, for protecting the "weaker guy", and for standing her ground when faced with nothing but hate and diversity. As the #2 most beloved Personal "Jack's Girl" to the Emperor of Hemp himself for more than 13 years, which is how encountered her by the way, we soon-after couldn't help but to noticed her flare for photography as well as her knack with people, and in time, we invited her to become part of our team.

Her first assignment was simply to bring back some photos from a weekend "protestival" event in Washington state. She measured far beyond our expectations both with wonderful photography, but to our surprise and delight, she's proven herself equally gifted with video cameras and conducting interviews! It was after this, we've began to learn that Reverend Graves's measure not only spans across broad horizons, but also soars to great if not unlimited depths as well.

Her interests range from nature enjoyment and spiritualism to multi-range Kombaton Martial Arts and travel, though she's open to most things in between. She is proud to be an Eastern Star and in the fraternal brotherhood of the International Co-Freemasonry Grand Lodge with her goal being Knight's Templar as all her ancestors before her. She is pending also in the Order of the Amaranth, The Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America, and the White Shrine of Jerusalem as per her family inheritance to which she is to be a shoe-in. When relaxing, she enjoys raising her own little farm, complete with Saint Bernards, Horses & Ponies, and of coarse, the Peacocks she rescued from death a few years ago at the request of law enforcement and the state Dept. of Forestry which helped cover!

From the age of 10 she has had many successes in Business Coordination and personnel management as well as actually creating small businesses for others. She's worked jobs ranging from gas attendance and cashiering to inventory auditing, working as a cook & bartending, event coordination, party catering, landscape design. At the age of 13 she was supervising an entire balloon catering business(first of it's Kind) which entailed running a shoppe in a high traffic mall in southern California, while at the same time doing Complete event planning and catering supervising over a staff of 50 while raising 3 younger children for the bosses all at the same time! At 23 she opened a successful martial arts studio and club for a former instructor which also showed success, while business coordinating for another martial arts organization as well. We also learned later that Joy has been credentialed as a Mental Health counselor under Dr. Gary Jensen and is a trained therapist in his "Reality Therapy" mental health program since her youthful age of 16 and had very high marks and interest in the study of Law while in schooling as well!

Despite being born a "Helpless Child", then later confirmed "Permanently Physically Terminally Ill", Joy's outlook on life began to change perspective on her 19th birthday, just after she was told she would not live to see 20. That's when World Renouned Jack Herer literally saved her life while seeing her through a heat-stroke, it was from that weekend together forward, that her life then changed direction plunging her into the depths of Cannabis Activism. Herer made it a personal point and goal to become a very involved "father" in her life, which didn't sit all too well with her militaristic father. But being the persistent person he was, the Emperor had his way and became a Very BIG influence in her life and also in her way of thinking & in her "responsibilities" to the plant and his movement. Herer assisted in the creation of of the Oregon medical Marijuana Law (OMMA) which passed into law November 1998, and from there Joy helped Program Manager Kelly Paige errect the state's application and physician statement application forms for qualifying persons wishing to pursue Cannabis for medicinal reasons with state protections under law. It's been said that she has single-handedly helped Tens of Thousands to obtain and secure their legal rights to cannabis under state law just counting Oregon alone, many elsewhere, and that shes helped hundreds beat prosecution regarding cannabis who've wound up facing court if not trial.

In 2001, Joy, again with the persistence of Herer, obtained state and federal licensing to open the nations First "Non-Profit Medical Cannabis Charitable Co-Op". Though founded in Oregon, the Co-Op is without state boundary, provided the state the Co-Op assists in Has cannabis sanctioning within their law. Joy maintains CEO position within the Co-Op and is Proud to state that the Co-Op has helped many qualifying persons across the west coast with resources desperately needed yet far too often Overlooked with success as well as praise. Joy also has been declared "an expert in Cannabis from it's cultivation to it's consumption" by the Grant County Oregon District Attorney's office and honored as such by the Circuit Court Judge Cramer out there as well as of 2004.

Since then, she has become an Ordained Minister through 5 different entities, including specifically The United Cannabis Ministry, parented by the Reverend's Steven & Seeva Cherms, which is the daughter church to the Hawa'ii Cannabis Ministries which is fathered by the highly respected Reverend Roger Christie, and from this, she has just this year, received the right and sanction from the federal government to have formed her own church organization to which she's named "Soldiers Of Jah Ministries". Also here very soon as well, Joy's again about to display her diversity to the world by releasing her very first book regarding the life & death as She knows and believes it to be, of legendary Cannabis Activist to us, but to her very Personally, her "Second father figure", Jack Herer both as tribute and more so to keep her "Word" to him.

Allan C. Brownfeld  of

Allan C. Brownfeld - USA Contributor


Allan C. Brownfeld received his B.A. degree from the College of William and Mary, his J.D. degree from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law of the College of William and Mary and his M.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland. He has served on the faculties of St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Alexandria, Virginia, and the University College of the University of Maryland.

The recipient of a Wall Street Journal Foundation Award, Mr. Brownfeld has written for such newspapers as THE HOUSTON PRESS, THE RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH, THE WASHINGTON EVENING STAR and THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER. For many years he wrote three columns a week for such newspapers as THE PHOENIX GAZETTE, THE MANCHESTER UNION LEADER, and THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER. His weekly column appeared for more than a decade in ROLL CALL, the newspaper of Capitol Hill. His articles have appeared in such journals as THE YALE REVIEW, THE TEXAS QUARTERLY, THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW, ORBIS and MODERN AGE.

Mr. Brownfeld served as a member of the staff of the U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and was the author of that committee's 250-page study of the New Left. He has also served as Assistant to the Research Director of the House Republican Conference and as a consultant to such members of Congress as Reps. Phil Crane (R-Il) and Jack Kemp (R-NY) and to the Vice President of the United States.

He is a former editor of THE NEW GUARD and PRIVATE PRACTICE, the journal of the Congress of County Medical Societies and has served as a Contributing Editor AMERICA'S FUTURE and HUMAN EVENTS. He served as Washington correspondent for the London-based publications, JANE'S ISLAMIC AFFAIRS ANALYST and JANE'S TERRORISM REPORT. His articles regularly appear in newspapers and magazines in England, South Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries.

Mr. Brownfeld has been the recipient of five George Washington Honor Medals from Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where he was a regular lecturer for many years. He has also been a regular lecturer at the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School in Eglin, Florida, and for the Close-Up program for high school students in Washington, D.C.

He is the author of five books: "Hung Up On Freedom" (l969), "The New Left" (l978), "Dossier On Douglas" (l970), co-author with J.A. Parker of "What The Negro Can Do About Crime" (l974), co-author with J. Michael Waller of "The Revolution Lobby" (l984).

Mr. Brownfeld served as associate editor of the AIM REPORT, published by Accuracy in Media, and serves as associate editor of THE LINCOLN REVIEW, published by the Lincoln Institute for Education and Research. He is also editor of ISSUES, a quarterly journal and writes a regular column for THE WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS. He is a Contributing editor of THE ST. CROIX REVIEW.

In l980, he served as a member of President Ronald Reagan's transition team at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and wrote that group's report of policy recommendations.

Robert J. Burrowes of

Robert J. Burrowes - Australia Contributor


Robert J. Burrowes has a lifetime commitment to understanding and ending human violence. He has done extensive research since 1966 in an effort to understand why human beings are violent and has been a nonviolent activist since 1981. He is a war tax resister, has worked on many peace and environment campaigns and is the author of 'The Strategy of Nonviolent

Defense: A Gandhian Approach', State University of New York Press, 1996.

His personal website is at

Anita McKone and Robert J. Burrowes
P.O. Box 325
Victoria 3130
Websites: (Charter)
 (Flame Tree Project)
 ('Why Violence?')
 (Songs of Nonviolence)

Kelly L. Derricks of

Kelly L. Derricks - USA Contributor


Kelly L. Derricks is a driving force behind Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance INC. (COVVHA), which serves the unique but important purpose of connecting and educating the offspring of those who served in the Vietnam War. One of her primary goals is continuing public Agent Orange education through social and print media outlets.

A 2002 graduate of Widener University, Kelly holds a Masters Degree in Social Psychology, as well as five International Honor Society Inductions. She resides in the state of Pennsylvania.


She has served as President/Co-Founder of (COVVHA) Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance INC. since January 2012; working specifically in Operations Management and National Coordination.

Kelly's skill sets includes Information Technology (IT), Social Media Management, Authoring and Public Speaking.

We at believe one of America's biggest tragedies is the use of the chemical defoylant Agent Orange, manufactured by Monsanto, during the Vietnam War. For many years, we have followed the efforts of those who fight to raise awareness about this critical cancer-related issue that has cost so many lives. The problems from Agent Orange are multi-generational; many people today suffer its effects though they never had direct contact.

Heather A. Bowser, MSED, LPCC of

Heather A. Bowser, MSED, LPCC - USA Contributor


A resident of Ohio, Heather Bowser is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor & Educator with a Master’s Degree in Education.

A former high school teacher, Heather has more than 6 years of community mental health counseling experience for individuals, groups, families and marriages. Skilled in conducting in-take assessment, adept at writing reports and plans in relation to patient treatment. Outstanding ability to establish credibility, rapport and positive treatment outcomes.

Heather helped launch Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance INC. (COVVHA), which serves the unique but important purpose of connecting and educating the offspring of those who served in the Vietnam War; a group actively working to raise awareness about Agent Orange contamination as it pertains to the children of those who served in the Vietnam War.

Heather is also a public speaker and compassionate counselor born with multiple birth defects who is able to respond to student needs, mental disorders and disability with empathy, promote good coping skills, support structure and character as well as raise awareness and support for the impact of Agent Orange and the Vietnam War.


Heather earned her MS in Education – Counseling CACREP Accredited at Youngstown State University in 2007; receiving a 4.00 GPA and graduating Cum Laude. She also studied at the College of Education – Community Mental Health. Heather also holds a BS in Secondary Education minor in Art from Youngstown State University.

In her role as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Preferred Care Counseling in Poland, Ohio, Heather diagnoses and treats a variety of mental disorders on individuals, groups, families, and marriages through counseling.

As a Business Owner & Operations Manager with the Circle Antique & Flea Market in Deerfield, Ohio, ( Heather transformed an existing business from under fifty antique dealers to a thriving business with over 100 Antique Vendors throughout a tri-state area. Effectively manages the business operations with the help of three employees.

While employed as a High School Art Teacher with Lawrence County Schools in Summertown, Tennessee from 1996 - 2001, Heather taught students from rural impoverished schools the beauty and importance of Art through painting, sketching, designing and sculpturing. She also started a Drama Program and created a successful campaign to refurbish the school's theater, while planning and implementing various student contests and art shows

Jafar M Ramini of

Jafar M Ramini - UK Contributor


Jafar M Ramini is a Palestinian writer, commentator and analyst on Middle Eastern affairs living in London.

He was born in Jenin, northern Palestine, was educated in England and spent the early years of his working life in the Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.

He has traveled far and wide, searching for the answer to a question that still eludes him. Why does the United States of America support the Zionist line in such a blind folded way while ignoring the legitimate rights of the indigenous Palestinian people?

Particularly as the Palestinian people harbour no ill feelings towards America and its people nor has ever caused them any harm. It is, Jafar says, a conundrum.

Echo Townsend of

Echo Townsend, - USA Contributor


Echo Townsend is a recent 2011 graduate from Portland State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health.

Raised in Haines Alaska, Townsend is a longtime Oregon resident whose professional role involves creation of health solutions for the community at large. Townsend has written nonfiction works regarding the complexity of PTSD, Veterans health issues and also personal memoir.

Townsend continues to write about socially pertinent issues that directly effect veterans and marginalized members of Oregon's diverse and often unseen community populations.

Glenn Mollette of

Glenn Mollette - USA Contributing Writer


Glenn Mollette of Newburgh, Indiana, is a national columnist, author of ten books and hundreds of stories, articles and features. His most recent book is American Issues, Every American Has An Opinion.

Two books continue to be classics in Care giving and Nursing Home care.

These books are titled, "Silent Struggler, A Caregiver's Personal Story" and "Nursing Home Nightmares, America's Disgrace"

He has a number of interests with the main ones being:

- Spending time with his wife Carole and their five children.

- Writing

- Periodic exercise (author of Fitness Is A Mind Game)

- Working with 3500 global seminary students who are in all fifty states and forty foreign countries.

- Trying to build a safe fresh water well in a third world country when it all comes together

- Helping non-profits feed hungry American families

- Playing the guitar better.

- Living an active lifestyle