April 18, 2014
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Salem-News.com (Apr-17-2014 11:47)

Cannabis Goes Viral in Denver Colorado on April 19th

Kannaway Unveils Cannabidiol (CBD)-Rich Hemp Oil Products and Presents Unique Business Opportunity for Households Nationwide.

(SAN DIEGO GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Kannaway Kannaway, LLC ("Kannaway" or "Company"), the first cannabis network marketing company that focuses on hemp botanical products, is hosting its inaugural convention during Colorado's "420 weekend" April 18th-19th at the Sheraton -- Downtown Denver.

Kannaway currently has over 60,000 marketing professionals in its network and more than 9,500 Brand Ambassadors.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-10-2014 10:19)

Oregon`s Grassroots Cannabis Campaign Moves Forward

Legal use of cannabis will stop needless police action and bring in money to the State of Oregon.

(SALEM) - marijuana clones Initiative Petitions 21 and 22, The Oregon Cannabis Amendment and The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, headed by The Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH), are in the race for the July 3 deadline.

Initiative 21 would end criminal penalties for cannabis, while Initiative 22 regulates and taxes cannabis, including hemp for industrial and agricultural uses.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-31-2014 13:33)

MSSP Hosts Medical Marijuana Event

"Our goal is to help educate individuals. We know many of them are taking marijuana as medicine and we want to make sure it's done in full compliance with Oregon's new law" - Candyce Hayes, executive director of the MSSP

(PORTLAND) - marijuana From Dr. Sanjay Gupta to Oregon's new law allowing for medical marijuana dispensaries, there is a growing recognition that marijuana can help sufferers of neurological diseases.

On Sunday, April 6th, at 2 p.m. at the Roseland Theater the MS Society of Portland, Oregon (MSSP) hosts a public (18+) meeting about medical marijuana. Experts will explain how Oregon's new law works and how guests can investigate if marijuana will help their condition.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-31-2014 13:04)

Northern California Politics are Changing!

Kathie Thelen has separated herself from her fellow political candidates by managing her own campaign with friends, and not hiring outside consulting firms.

(SACRAMENTO) - Kathie Thelen This past month of March has seen a new breed of political candidates in the Northern California area. Regular citizens some new to the political arena have stepped into the ring putting their time and energy into changing their communities.

In Yuba County a community activist and retired hotel hospitality manager, Kathie Thelen is running for Board of Supervisor in District 5.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-27-2014 16:07)

Here Comes Ukrainian Hemp

Isn't the precedent of connecting U.S. foreign policy in any way to a substance that benefits, rather than destroys, the environment of potentially great value?

(WASHINGTON DC) - Paul Bobbee in a field of tall Ukrainian variety of industrial hemp So the United States wants to buy hemp from the Ukraine. I suppose we should be happy. Anytime the U.S. government gives a country money that is not earmarked for weapons, we probably shouldn't too closely examine the unelected neo-liberals and neo-Nazis handling the cash.

Nobody pays attention to the Saudi government or the oil, wars, and terrorism it provides in exchange for U.S. largesse.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-11-2014 12:06)

Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference Announced in Eugene

Event provides insights and expertise on medical marijuana industry preparedness

(PORTLAND) - marijuana Following the sold-out debut of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) in Ashland, producer Alex Rogers has announced a new and bigger conference in Eugene, Oregon.

The event takes place Sunday, March 30 and Monday, March 31 at the Hilton Eugene and will feature preeminent medical marijuana business owners and political leaders from across Oregon and the West Coast, as well as an exhibit hall for cannabis-related industries.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-05-2014 14:10)

Study: Medical Marijuana Reduces Auto Accidents & Alcohol Use

The economists analyzed traffic fatalities nationwide, including the 13 states that legalized medical marijuana between 1990 and 2009.

(DENVER) - Marijuana and driving A study by the University of Colorado Denver and Montana State University shows that laws legalizing Medical Marijuana have resulted in a nearly 9 percent drop in traffic deaths and a 5 percent reduction in beer sales.

The study is the first to examine the relationship between the legalization of Medical Marijuana and traffic deaths.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-27-2014 10:41)

Monster Drug Pushers: The Army and the VA System

Even though marijuana/cannabis is still illegal in many states, Veterans and non-Veterans are willing to take the chance and use it for PTSD...

(PORTLAND, OR) - Prescription marijuana The Army and I presume the Marine Corps, trains its own addicts. If you don't believe me, pay attention.

I can't remember much about basic training, they kept us on the run from about five in the morning until some time after supper.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-25-2014 23:52)

Maryland Senator Corrects Police Chief in Hearing on Marijuana Legalization

Anti-Legalize-and-Regulate Cops Accidentally Highlight Own Ignorance of Drug War Issues.

(ANNAPOLIS, MD) - Marijuana death hoax The oppositional side of the hearing on legalization and regulation of marijuana in the Maryland Senate turned into a comedy of errors today.

The gallery erupted in laughter and outrage after Annapolis Chief of Police Michael Pristoop cited a hoax story about deaths attributed to marijuana overdose in Colorado.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-21-2014 11:26)

Marijuana: Good for Mental Diseases

40,000,000 patients say “Yes”

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - marijuana medicine There appears to be a great controversy about whether Marijuana/Cannabis is beneficial for mental disease or if it is really harmful.

One thing I noticed is that if a research physician or group wants to get a huge grant from a federal anti-marijuana agency, is for them to have the word marijuana near the words “drug abuse” or “dangers”. For this, there are hundreds of studies and/or articles.

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