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Honoring the Memory and Legacy of Michael D. Meyers

Michael D. Meyers ~ RIP
January 12, 1950 - September 16, 2022

Michael D. Meyers RIP
Michael D. Meyers, RIP

(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) - It is with deep sadness and sorrowful hearts that we announce Michael D. Meyers, beloved Father, Brother, Friend, Spiritual Leader, Mentor and Artistic Genius now walks among our ancestors.

He began his journey to the spirit world on the 16th of September 2022 at 5:12 am, with the Morning Star, blessed to have his son at his side in Costa Mesa after battling Kidney issues at the golden age of 72 years, 8 months and 15 days.

Michael was born in Los Angeles, California on the 12th of January in the year 1950.

Michael's father Don Meyers, who was born in 1929, was the oldest living WW2 veteran in Nevada until he passed in March of 2021.

Michael credited his father for his passion and talent in the vast array of artistic gifts bestowed to the world. His father was conductor at The Million Dollar Theatre in downtown Los Angeles while Michael and his siblings grew up.

Hence, it's not really much of a surprise that Michael had a deep love of music and art, or that he wrote and performed many of his own songs over the course of his years walking among us on Mother Earth.

Michael Meyers, who would come to be known as Artist Michael M, grew up in the family home with his parents, four brothers, Tony, Gary, Ron and Lawrence and a sister Mitzy. The musical siblings became known as "The Allens".

The Allens were the first ever "white family", as Michael would proudly say, to be signed by Motown Records in 1975 with their song "High Tide" which was a hit single in England that summer.

Art has always been Michael's true spiritual passion. He studied both Music and Dramatic Arts at the University of Kansas-Lawrence and graduated in the class year of 1970. Prior to that, Michael graduated from DeSoto High School.

His junior year of High School was at Arapahoe High where he studied the Arts; his first 2 years of High School were at the Pater Noster High in Los Angeles, California.​ It can’t be emphasized enough the love for art he had nor the depths of his soul it burned from.

Proof of this can fairly easily be found in the deep prints he’s left behind ranging from the film and television industries through to his digital, paint and charcoal paintings, and all the walls and windows etc. he left his magical beauty upon... great and small.

Much of Michael's 4 dimension art can be viewed at: subself in 4 dimensions the genetic trigger; though again, the broadness of his art stretches far beyond most.

One of the more significant examples of this is found at the Troika headquarters in Seoul, Korea where the Supreme Ultimate symbol, The Korean "Taeguk" symbol was painted on a ceiling by Micheal M in 1996.

The significance of this was that Korean cannabis hemp is considered the most sacred cannabis in the universe according to ancient folklore. And as Michael would then say, “We need to ask ourselves why?”

Michael was very proud of his hand-painted portrait of "100% pure cannabis Sativa" on a huge banner of 14oz canvas weave honoring legend Bob Marley.

He created the masterpiece and gifted it to Cedella Booker Marley, Bob's mother. Sadly, the banner was stolen in Hawaii and has yet to re-emerge from the shadows. Hopefully it still exists. Michael then became Founder of PR NTR KMT, the Temple of the Divine in ancient Egypt.

Michael's wisdom regarding spirituality is preserved through temples website along with divine

His work is continuing forward per his request of and to the Kautantowit’s Mecautea (KM) church founded by his dearest friend and brother in arms, founding father of the global hemp and cannabis liberation movement, Jack “the Hemperor” Herer.

KM and Pr Ntr Kmt is and will forever remain completely free of any exclusions on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, affectional or sexual orientation, age, national origin, or adherence to any particular interpretation of religion or any particular religious belief or creed and is rooted as not only the first nation of earth but also stands as the first Black African Kemetic, Egyptian religion.

Not enough people within the cannabis community today are aware that the true “founding fathers” of cannabis freedom for medicinal and recreational use actually are our beloved Michael Meyers and Jack Herer.

They accomplished this for the ill in a South Carolina courtroom in November of 1992, after which Herer and another friend Dennis Peron went on to deepen that achievement via the California Prop 215 initiative which passed into law November of 1996.

A link to this direct accounting can (and should) be viewed at: is another website Michael established to bring cannabis "hemp" awareness, wellness and enlightenment to the world at large in every way he could think to.

This became self evident in “Time 4 Hemp” when, according to Michael:

    “Jack Herer ferreted me out and introduced me to the Hemp movement. I was so impressed with his book I produced the first Hemp educational TV series called “Time 4 Hemp”. We did 10 shows, the last one was an interview with Willie Nelson, shown in 99 cities in 44 states.” [Courtesy: Willie Nelson: Hemp and the Family Farm]

Michael was very active in the liberation of Cannabis Sativa as well as in restoring the respect and integrity of and for the entire plant family for medicinal as well as spiritual purposes.

Michael stayed humble and preferred to work his magic behind the scenes, though hidden in plain sight before the eyes of the world. In fact, this is one of his artistic creations for Hempstead back in 2015... Woody in his hemp suit!

As stated before, Michael's artistic talents are globally renown, especially when it comes to the film and television industries.

It's no surprise given that he worked in the film industry since 1996 on more than 50 IMDB films and a variety of television projects, most which are being listed here for your enlightenment along with noting his specific role in them:

  • Godzilla vs. Kong II - ART/Props - Concept Designer
  • Star Trek Picard (Season two and three) - Art - Concept Designer
  • Paper Girls (Season one) - ART/Props - Concept Designer
  • Jupiter’s Legacy - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Godzilla vs. King Kong - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Godzilla vs. King Kong - ART Art Director
  • Best Worst Weekend Ever - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Hotel Artemis VFX Concept Designer / 3D Modeler
  • The Orville ART S - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Apollo 11 Command Module - Autodesk/Smithsonian - VR 3D Modeler
  • XXX3 The Return of Xander Cage - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Through the Looking Glass - VFX - Concept Designer
  • Monster Truck - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Captain America 3 PROPS 3D - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Captain America 3 - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • GeoStorm - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Jungle Book - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • The Interview - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Jurassic Park 4 - VFX - Previsualization Artist
  • Divergent - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Spiderman 5 - VFX - Previsualization Artist
  • Jupiter Ascending - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Ender's Game - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Ouija - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • GI Joe 2 - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Oblivion - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Green Lantern - VFX - 3D Concept Illustrator/Design Visualization
  • The Avengers - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Transformers 3 - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • "The Thing" - VFX 3D Concept Design Visualization
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Visualization Rapture (Bioshock) - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • Transformers 2 - ART Department - Concept Designer
  • They Came From Upstairs - VFX - Previsualization Designer / Animator
  • Speed Racer - ART/VFX - Modeling Supervisor & Concept Designer
  • The Fast and The Furious 3 Tokyo Drift - VFX - Previsualization Artist
  • The Allens on American Bandstand

  • Charlotte’s Web - VFX - Previsualization Designer / Animator
  • The Santa Claus 3 - VFX - Previsualization Designer / Animator
  • World Trade Center - VFX - Previsualization Artist
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend - VFX 3D Modeler
  • The Chronicles of Riddick - VFX - 3D Modeler
  • Van Helsing - VFX - 3D Modeler\Texture Artist
  • The Princess Diaries 2 - VFX - 3D Modeler\Texture Artist
  • The Village - VFX - 3D Modeler
  • Serenity - VFX - 3D Concept Design\ Modeler\Texture Artist
  • The Mask 2 - VFX - 3D Modeler
  • Casanova - VFX - 3D Modeler\Matte Painter\Texture Artist\Animator
  • Superman Returns - VFX - Previsualization FX Animator
  • Stay Alive - VFX - Weapon Designer
  • Eight Crazy Nights - VFX - Animation Technical Director
  • Bruno - VFX - Character Designer/Modeler
  • Small Soldiers - VFX -Character Modeler
  • The Allens, in a casual pose.

  • Dungeons and Dragons - VFX - Modeling Supervisor

He also worked on for National Broadcasting Company on 'The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson from October 1974 through September 1975 as Correspondent.

Michael leaves behind two sons, Sean and Brenton Meyers, extended family, many many congregation members, friends and associates who will love and miss him deeply for the remainder of our days.

In the words of his son, Sean:

    “What can I say dad. You lived a story book life and you were the best father I can ever imagine for any person on the planet. You were not only a wonderful father, you were a friend, you were a brother in many ways, you were a hemp activist who was leading the way.

    "You are the rock of my life always will be. I'm going to have a very difficult time going throughout life without my mentor but my dad wants me to be strong. I'll be strong for you dad. See you on the other side.” ~ Sean Meyers

Opportunities to honor his life will be announced at a later date. Thank all of you for your continued prayers and support, especially for his family and dear friends during these sorrowful times. Namaste to all.


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