Tuesday January 25, 2022
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(Left) PeaceBud explains how the political changes in America's past along with the industrial revolution has led us into a historical era of post-industrial Oil Wars; and (Right) The Flower contrasts a utopian society that freely farms and consumes a pleasure-giving flower with a society where the same flower is illegal and its consumption is prohibited. 

"If people let government decide what foods
they eat and what medicines they take,
their bodies will soon be in as sorry
a state as are the souls of those
who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson 

Salem-News.com (January 13,2022 17:42)

Hemp Compounds Prevent COVID Infection in Human Cells

Oregon State University showed that CBDA and CBGA prevented infection of human epithelial cells.

(CORVALLIS, Ore.) -hemp fieldHemp compounds identified by Oregon State University research via a chemical screening technique invented at OSU show the ability to prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human cells.

"Our data show CBDA and CBGA are effective against the two variants we looked at, and we hope that trend will extend to other existing and future variants.”

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Salem-News.com (January 07,2022 17:26)

Oregon Dept of Ag Receives Approval to Regulate Hemp Production

Hemp production throughout the U.S. must now comply with the 2018 federal Farm Bill.

(SALEM, Ore.) -hemp fieldThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s (ODA) plan to regulate hemp production statewide.

The approval allows the state through ODA to continue as the primary regulator of hemp production in Oregon.

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Granny Storm Crow's 2017 list is
a "must use" MMJ resource!

(LEFT) US Government data demonstrates the failure of cannabis
prohibition, ScienceInDrugPolicy;
(RIGHT) "Hemp For Victory" was 
shot by the USDA, who denied its existence, until Jack Herer proved it.
Salem-News.com (December 30,2021 18:07)

How the Drug War Has Affected My Life

The federal drug war is an actual war, against the people, and they have no tolerance for we, the 'enemy'.

(SOUTH HILL, Wash.) -Kristin FlorMy dad loved cannabis. He planted, traded, smoked, and educated himself about it since he was young. As my parents got older they turned into hard-core activists (they knew the medicinal value) and eventually my dad co-owned 5 medical cannabis dispensaries in Montana. My mom worked for the company.

In 2011 his company was raided.

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Salem-News.com (December 29,2021 14:32)

Oregon`s New Cannabis Rules Take Effect New Year`s Day

OLCC approves changes for cannabis industry;
Rollout of some hemp regulations staggered into 2023

(PORTLAND, Ore.) -cannabisWhen the new rules take effect, Oregon will be better aligned with other adult-use cannabis states, and be positioned as a legal export market as the groundwork is laid for federal legalization.

The new rules take effect January 1, 2022.

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