November 30, 2022
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How to Bring Mental Health Awareness to Oregon

Oregon citizens need help, but not everyone knows how to elicit change.

(SALEM, Ore.) - mental health signs In 2022, Mental Health America ranked Oregon second-to-last in a report highlighting the prevalence of mental illness and access to care.

The state has also ranked in the bottom three states for the last nine years.

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Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Fuels the Opioid Epidemic Creating New Addiction! Outrage?

Prescription opioids remain a critical element of the larger opioid epidemic.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - DEA fentanyl wall Over the years, I have had the privilege of forging a wonderful professional relationship with Ed Thompson, President of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc.

I have attended FDA meetings with him -- one was the approval the highly addictive and criminally marketed, OxyContin for children.

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Oregon Food Bank Responds to Measure 111 and More Anti-hunger Victories

“Our communities showed up to support the kind of policy changes that address hunger at its roots.”

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - hungry kids "This election was a critical moment for voters to address hunger and its root causes at the ballot box.

"Our communities are reeling from ongoing pandemic impacts and the rising cost of food and housing."

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Patriarchy in India is Beginning to Crumble

Enlightenment is not the exclusive province of male Brahmins.

(OLDENBURG, Germany) - Shiva Rudra Balayogi. In the Vedic tradition of India the feminine side of creation is given equal importance to the masculine.

Unfortunately, centuries of colonial domination have made Indian society as male dominated as the West is. Fortunately, women in India are now developing a strong feminist movement to change this.

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Harm Reduction in Drug/Fentanyl Tsunami Exposed in NY - What Took So Long?

Hopefully, the New York Post will further their investigations of "zombieland".

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - drug consumption sites For several years, I have been exposing and reporting on the very dangerous agenda of the promotion of illegal drug use under the guise of "harm reduction."

The profiteers pushing poisoning of people with illegal drugs softened the term to "safe consumption sites."

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Key Factors to Keep in Mind About Kennel Cough

Prevent, protect and get the right treatment when needed.

(SALEM, Ore.) - sick dog With the wide range of health issues that are common among dogs, it can be difficult for pet owners to familiarize themselves with all of them.

Some illnesses have very similar symptoms so, if you are unsure, it is always important to seek veterinary assistance.

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6 Benefits of Clinical Trial Software

The medical industry is constantly trying to find a way to help people.

(SALEM, Ore.) - medical microscope In the past years, diseases have sprouted faster than medical experts can find a way to treat them.

It's not lost in the field of medicine that there are still debilitating illnesses today like AIDS and ALS that don't have a cure.

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Opioid Overdoses in Oregon Increased in 2021

Fentanyl and methamphetamine drive the rise in deaths and hospitalizations

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - opioid deaths Oregon Methamphetamines and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl helped drive an increase in opioid overdoses and related deaths in 2021, according to a new Oregon Health Authority (OHA) report.

Overdoses involving multiple drugs also rose during 2021 and now account for more than half of all fatal overdoses.

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Harm Reduction - An Ax to Grind in Drug/Fentanyl Tsunami

"Decriminalizing all drugs under the harm reduction agenda is dangerous."

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - morgue Now the harm reduction people supporting safe injection sites for drug addicts to continue shooting up illegal drugs are calling people who don't buy what they are selling, racist.

Do you know what people are who don't buy into the harm reduction agenda?

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The Guru: Live in Your Living Room!

Meditation is a lifeline to sanity in a world gone crazy.

(OLDENBURG, Germany) - Shiva Rudra Balayogi You can learn to meditate from one of the great spiritual teachers of India, then meditate with him live online and ask him questions – all for free.

He transmits a powerful force-field that you access by tuning in with devotion to his voice and picture.

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