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Medical Marijuana Vs. Dangerous Drugs

As a registered Pharmacologist/Toxicologist I have decided to jump in with my 2-bits worth.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - Several enlightened patients and others read my articles occasionally and I try to keep at least one small step ahead of them.

I checked to see who says what comparatively about Devil Weed the star of the movie Reefer Madness. I’ve been reading this crap for so long almost nothing surprises me. Apparently in 2009 a British Government Agency erected this list and a whole bunch of pseudo-pharcamologists (I gotcha on that one!) jumped on that one and posted it on their own websites. Fie on them! At any rate it has had 13,000,000 hits. It appears many people are trying to stay out of coffins.

As a registered Pharmacologist/Toxicologist I have decided to jump in with my 2-bits worth. Here is the list with my smart aleck remarks from worst to least:

  1. Heroin: Super Morphine/Oxycontin
  2. Cocaine: Nose candy, a real killer
  3. Barbiturates: Reds and Blues used for suicides
  4. Methadone: Lethal substitute for Heroin
  5. Alcohol: Killed more WWII Vets than bombs
  6. Ketamine: Hog tranquilizer, who’d have thought
  7. Valium drugs: Once number one addictant
  8. Amphetamines: Once number one speedo
  9. Tobacco: A more pleasant way for cancer & death!
  10. Bupremorphine: Any Opiate can be lethal
  11. MARIJUANA: who are they kidding
  12. Solvents: Even gasoline and whiteout
  13. 4MTR: A long Amphetamine
  14. LSD: You go crazy first
  15. Ritalin: Beware autistic children
  16. Anabolic steroids: Muscles destroy brain function
  17. Ruphies: Rip roaring amnesia
  18. Ecstacy: Worse rip roaring stimulant
  19. Alkyl Nitrates: These were the predecessors of Viagra
  20. Khat: A junior grade amphetamine
  21. MARIJUANA: It’s rightful place. Never killed anyone!

I am expecting a lot of bitching and moaning about my remarks. Just remember I didn’t produce this list in the first place.

I think Anti-depressants from the VA should be in here someplace, however most Vets quit taking them and become alcoholics and croak.



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ratana norman September 2, 2010 7:57 pm (Pacific time)

did you know drugs are bad for you

chet r biggerstaff June 28, 2010 8:23 am (Pacific time)

Keep up the good work Dr Leveque as we are not going to give up either

SteveInIndiana June 27, 2010 2:29 pm (Pacific time)

Nothing personal Doc Leveque, but what are you trying to say? What's your real point in this article?

Editor: Is this a serious question Steve?  

SteveInIndiana June 27, 2010 2:27 pm (Pacific time)

Follow the money. Marijuana is almost free. Big pharma has jobs and billions of dollars to make off the drugs that do the same thing that marijuana does. Who do you think really want's to keep marijuana illegal? AND.... the old stoner hippie types are NOT the ones who will succeed in getting the plant legalized.

Anonymous June 26, 2010 4:52 pm (Pacific time)

I am 52 years old. i cant remember whether it was late grade elementary school, or early grade middle school, but I will never forget the video they showed us, of a guy taking ONE hit off a marijuana cigarette, and then putting a drill to his head. Dear lord.. then, when their lies were falling apart, they come up with "its a stairway drug to harder drugs".. Our government, and what they put upon us with lies and deception is the friggin stairway drug!!!!!... So then, tell me..why the f*andk is hemp illegal?? Is it a stairway drug? It cant even get ya high. I dont even know what to say anymore, either people start waking up to the elite that control, to wake up to their motive, to turn off their tv, ...grrrr.. people just dont care. more than a billion dollars spent to protect the G-8 meeting..trillions spent on war for some enemy that doesnt exist, while America crumbles. their lies, their control, their owning the media and education system, sometimes I just think there is no hope. Legalize drugs, and a huge portion of our problems go away. But they wont do it. Instead, they will sue Arizona for stopping the drugs coming into their state. grrrrr, gosh darn grrrr. Marijuana = no deaths, no harm no foul... Pharmaceutical drugs = tens of thousands of deaths, and the killings you see on tv, are probably from those who take pharmaceutical drugs.. again...grrrrrr... anyway, try to have a nice weekend i suppose.. :-)

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