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Marijuana: Good for Mental Diseases

40,000,000 patients say “Yes”

marijuana medicine
Marijuana facts scare people that have been spreading untruths for decades.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - There appears to be a great controversy about whether Marijuana/Cannabis is beneficial for mental disease or if it is really harmful.

One thing I noticed is that if a research physician or group wants to get a huge grant from a federal anti-marijuana agency, is for them to have the word marijuana near the words “drug abuse” or “dangers”. For this, there are hundreds of studies and/or articles.

The most trifling medical conditions to be treated with marijuana/cannabis seem to be: 1) insomnia, 2) migraines, 3) anxiety, 4) depression, 5) bi-polar disorders.

For the latter, most articles state that Marijuana/Cannabis causes bipolar diseases which may be the same as schizophrenia; I am not a shrink-ologist so pardon my error if it is.

Dr. Lester Greenspoon jumps in with Tourettes, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), possibly ADHD, anxiety, epilepsy, ADD, and Autism.

Granny Storm Crow, which is a pseudonym for her real name which must be anonymous, has thoroughly researched information about marijuana and the medical conditions for which it works for about twenty years and has compiled a list of about 60 conditions with references to the supporting medical articles. She has mentioned and posted the following additions.

These are:

  1. Addiction treatment
  2. Alcoholism treatment
  3. Alzheimers
  4. Neuroprotectant
  5. Anxiolytic
  6. Anti-psychotic
  7. Anti-Huntingtons
  8. Anti-Nauseant
  9. Anti-Mad Cow Disease
  10. Analgesic
  11. Anti-Parkinsonism
  12. Anti-PTSD
  13. Anti-Schizophrenic
  14. Sedative/Hypnotic

Along with the above information, I picked up the following article. “The Dope on Medical Cannabis: Results of a Survey of Psychiatrists”. This was psychological fun for me because it indicated that most of the 1138 psychiatrists, 109 psychologists, 163 nurse practitioners, and 22 physicians assistants were sternly protective of their territory --- no doubt about it.

Some of their comments were illustrative.

  • There is no medical necessity to legalize or prescribe something as addicting or toxic as smoked marijuana.
  • I am offended by the term medical. It is not for politicians but physicians to decide.
  • I would not prescribe it because it has no psychiatric indications.
  • I would prescribe it only for terminally ill cancer patients. It is a toxic, dangerous drug under most circumstances.
  • It is NOT medicine. It happens to be effective for chemotherapy related side effects, but not all the time.
  • Where are the scientific studies?

With these kinds of remarks, I would say. “Let’s avoid psychiatrists and the like”. Another author quotes, “A joint a day may keep a psychiatrist away!”

Remember, the US Government says about 40 million people use marijuana occasionally.




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Karen James February 26, 2014 9:08 am (Pacific time)

I guess in time we shall have a huge statistical database to measure the plus/negative aspects about legalizing marijuana. All claims will be up in the light for all to see. But as per the below article, the 100 million domestic dogs/cats out there are also going to become part of this info process.
"DENVER (CBS4) – An animal hospital in Denver is seeing an increasing number of dogs who have eaten edible marijuana and is finding that the diagnosis isn’t good.

VCA Animal Hospital is open 24 hours a day and they see hundreds of dogs every week from checkups to emergencies. Since Jan. 1 the clinic says dogs have been getting into their owner’s supply of marijuana, specifically edibles.

“What we are seeing is dogs getting into the baked products,” said Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald.

The concern is that edibles have a concentration of marijuana meant for controlled human consumption and dogs weigh far less than humans and have no control.

“The butter gets a higher concentration of THC, the active ingredient,” said Fitzgerald.

Thank you Karen, good thing that marijuana and THC are not fatal or this could be a real problem.  

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