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Marijuana Legalization, Reefer Madness, and Mad Cow Disease at The Oregonian: Continued...

Oregon marijuana advocates want to get the Mexican drug cartels out of Oregon and the marijuana business.

Mexico's drug cartel drug war; Dr. Leveque has been trying to draw attention to this for years.  Anti-pot foes are working to keep these murderers from Mexico in business,
Mexico's drug cartel drug war; Dr. Leveque has been trying to draw attention to this for years. Anti-pot foes are working to keep these murderers from Mexico in business,

(PORTLAND, OR) - The Oregonian has recently published three articles demeaning the effort to legalize marijuana. They seem to ignore the fact that most Oregonians and most Americans are in favor of legalization. Why the newspaper has this position is just NOT understandable.

The marijuana legalization diatribe in The Oregonian, August 16, 2012, indicated the possibility of two new diseases afflicting writer Brendan Monaghan. The first is tunnel vision. He very narrowly defined the scope of Measure 80 proving that he knew very little about marijuana therapy and even less about the laws about it.

The second possible affliction is the medical term, Cranio-Rectal Inversion. I could translate the Latin but I won’t. Even some 63 comments about his article questioned his judgment, sanity, knowledge and about everything else. Those who commented obviously know far more about the subject than he does.

He suggests that the D.E.A., Drug Enforcement Administration, would continue to prosecute Oregon’s marijuana evil doers. I guess he doesn’t read The Oregonian which publishes that we have about 55,000 legal medical marijuana users and about 28,000 caregiver/growers. This makes for about 80,000 legal users/growers. The D.E.A. can’t really touch them. Together they have about 30,000 grow sites. If the D.E.A. had nothing else better to do they could only apprehend a few of these.

He decries that if Measure 80 goes through, Oregonians would “party”. Most medical marijuana patients use it everyday without “partying”. Thousands of high school and college age kids use it frequently with or without “partying”. The D.E.A. goons are already known for their brute force activities and the users and advocates regard them as onerous fleabites. It is doubtful that the Supreme Court or Congress will do anything in that about 50,000,000 Americans use marijuana occasionally and well over 50% approve of its use.

The main fact that Mr. Monaghan missed is that Oregon marijuana advocates want to get the Mexican Mafia out of Oregon and the marijuana business. They have controlled the supply and the price for several years. Legalization will immediately put them out of business and out of Oregon.

As to stopping recreational use, those people are so far out in front of the D.E.A. and Mr. Monaghan, that regardless of the passage of Measure 80 or not, they will never catch up.



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