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Marijuana, Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Illicit Drugs, Aspirin and other Lethal Substances

Why the government and their paid stooges and oafs continue to bleet about the DANGERS of Pot or MARIHUANA as they continue to blather is beyond cogent understanding.

Medical marijuana
Medical marijuana may one of the safest treatments in existence for an endless list of health related issues.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - You may consider this to be a wild title, so do I. The garbage coming from the U.S. Governments National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) seems to put Marijuana at the top of dangerous/lethal drugs. I would call this humorous if it weren’t so foolish.

      Marijuana advocates such as Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Has No Clothes, the BEST encyclopedia on Cannabis/Marijuana (C/MJ), has offered $10,000 to anyone who can prove a death by C/MJ. No takers in the past 15+ years.

      Why the government and their paid stooges and oafs continue to bleet about the DANGERS of Pot or MARIHUANA as they continue to blather is beyond cogent understanding. Thousands of medical articles by thousands of physicians and scientists disprove their paid-for ignorant blathering.

      One of the most flagrant examples of this miscarriage of Medical Marijuana use is by the posers of “psychological treatment” for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They pay no attention to the fact that thousands PTSD Victim Veterans say that C/MJ is the best therapy for acute battle terrors and also PTSD. The Institute of Medicine recently published an article indicating that not only are the psychological treatments are virtually worthless but that the standard medicinal treatments especially by the Veterans Administration with Morphine-like drugs, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics are not only relatively worthless but more dangerous and lethal than combat itself.

      Now that I have this introduction off my chest lets get to relative lethal toxicities of the most popularly used “medical” poisons. I’m using Drug War for my references. This was for the year 2000 but it must be still close to the truth.

      Many colleges have very extreme rules against Marijuana use. The result is extreme alcohol parties with deaths in the thousands.

      Getting back to the subject. Tobacco kills about 400,000 per year directly or indirectly. Alcohol kills about 85,000 per year including college students. Prescription drugs kills about 32,000 per year. Doctors are responsible for many of these. Illicit drugs such as Cocaine, Meth and Heroin kill about 17,000 per year. Even Aspirin et simila kill about 7000. Where does Cannabis/Marijuana fit in here?? 



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