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Post Traumatic Psychic Injuries or PTSD?

As always, at the end of the discussion, cannabis therapy works best.

U.S. soldier on patrol in Afghanistan
U.S. soldier on patrol in Afghanistan. Increasingly, the difficult and challenging lives of these vets are being turned upside down by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. photo by Tim King

(MOLALLA, OR) - I just heard from somewhere that somebody wants to change PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to Post Traumatic Stress Injury or PTSI. I don’t get it! We already have (Post) Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. PTSD indicates the injury but not the site of the injury which I don’t think there is any doubt that it is in the brain but in my mind it is the Psyche or mind. People do not necessarily go crazy (psychotic) from a brain injury but in my personal PTSD experience and my medical experience with about 1000 PTSD Veterans, psychiatric treatment is necessary but in this case not with the standard psychiatric medications which in the hands of the Army and VA have been mostly a miserable failure.

For the benefit of the reader, I include a list of the classes of medications I am writing about: Anti-depressants like Zolft and Elavil which many times don’t work, Anxiolytics like Valium and Ativan which are highly addictive, Anti-convulsants like Neurontin and Depakote which many times don’t work, Beta Blockers like Propanonol which rarely work, Atypical Anti-psychotics such as Abilify and Seroquel which many times don’t work, Opiates like Morphine or Oxycodone which enable sleep but are very addicting, Brain Stimulants like Ritalin which keep people abuzz but can kill, Opioids like Methadone which are addicting and can kill patients, Strong Anti-psychotics like Haldol which has bad side effects, Neuroleptics like Seroquel and a big ET CETERA.

All of the above drugs are sold after very expensive advertising but usually do little to help patients and sometimes make them worse. As shown above, the list of psychiatric medications is so long as to be baffling to anyone with the slightest interest and knowledge.

As many of my readers know, I am a retired Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology and I have been following intently the parade of all of these kinds of drugs for over 50 years. The only definite thing I have observed is that they have made a lot of drug companies and Psychiatrists rich.

The best medical advice and information came from the combat veterans of Viet Nam who found out “on the job: that Cannabis/Marijuana worked better for battle/combat terrors which occurs routinely in battle but also from the post combat stress which is Post Traumatic Psychic Injury.



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Daniel Haszard June 5, 2012 2:29 pm (Pacific time)

PTSD treatment for Veterans found ineffective.

Eli Lilly made $65 billion on the Zyprexa franchise.Lilly was fined $1.4 billion for Zyprexa fraud!
The atypical antipsychotics (Zyprexa,Risperdal,Seroquel) are like a 'synthetic' Thorazine,only they cost ten times more than the old fashioned typical antipsychotics.
These newer generation drugs still pack their list of side effects like diabetes for the user.All these drugs work as so called 'major tranquilizers'.This can be a contradiction with PTSD suffers as we are hyper vigilant and feel uncomfortable with a drug that puts you to sleep and makes you sluggish.
That's why drugs like Zyprexa don't work for PTSD survivors like myself.
-Daniel Haszard FMI Google-Haszard Zyprexa

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