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Medical Marijuana Massacre in Montana: Medical Board Quit Frittering

Montana should get off the dime and suspend or revoke the Licenses of marijuana carpetbaggers.

Medical marijuana in Montana

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - I always thought that Montana had the last vestiges of the “wild, wild, west” but the current Medical Marijuana eruption is completely out of control and it appears the Montana medical Board and their State Legislature has been caught with their pants down. Oh, about the massacre – it is the valid Medical Marijuana patients who are at severe risk.

Up until about a year only a few physicians were willing to sign applications so patients with serious medical problems could get permits to grow, carry and use Marijuana as medicine. There were probably several thousands of medical patients using it as it had been legal elsewhere since about 1986.

Most Montana physicians had seen the ridiculous movie REEFER MADNESS and apparently believed it in spite of the fact that it had been used successfully for about 5000 years and had been very safe and effective with NO deaths and only a very slight addiction liability. Regardless very few Montana doctors were willing to “prescribe” the “Devil Weed”.

California, Oregon and Washington soon legalized Medical Marijuana and Dr. Allen Russo, one of the experts and recent pioneers of Medical Marijuana had clinics in Montana.

About 2 years ago, a Dr. Jason Crist discovered the financial possibilities of Medical Marijuana Clinics so that users could get legal permits. To say that he was SHARP is a euphemism. He is REALLY SHARP. He decided he could get Locum Tenens doctors with newly minted Montana Licenses, heavily advertise and BLITZ Montana with what has been called Cannabis Caravans and put on several clinics throughout Montana on the same few days. Almost immediately the number of patients exploded from 3000 to 15,000 in a few days. Some of his doctors were signing as many as 150 – 200 in a day which indicates almost no doctor – patient interchange. Some of the patient histories were done via television and whether the patients had REAL medical problems was beside the point. It is certain many got permits for recreational purposes and not for medical reasons.

I am not against people smoking for recreational purposes but that fact puts legitimate medical patients in severe jeopardy.

One Montana doctor, Dr. Camdan Kneeland of Kalispell says only 3% of patients have valid problems. He is wrong!! Even the U.S. Government says that about 10% of the population had a medical condition alleviated by Marijuana. He also says Marijuana’s euphoria is for pain. IT IS NOT! Marijuana is an excellent, safer than Morphine, pain killer!

The Montana Medical Board and the Legislature should get off the dime and suspend or revoke the Licenses of these BLITZKRIEG Marijuana carpetbaggers or else educate Montana doctors on the outstanding benefits of legal Medical Marijuana.



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chet r biggerstaff June 24, 2010 7:32 am (Pacific time)

Yje people that have money always seem to mess things up for those that dont.......

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