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Medical Marijuna Misinformation and Ignorance: the Cops are Full of It

Pleased to give the Boys in Blue factual information to correct the information obtained from phoney police & drug identification specialists using out of date misinformation.

File image of DEA agents with their big 'catch'; a plant that grows naturally in the ground.  Pursuing this as a crime is one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer revenue in existence.
File image of DEA agents with their big 'catch'; a plant that grows naturally in the ground. Pursuing this as a crime is one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer revenue in existence.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - This Medical Marijuana business is really crazy. I guess this is where psychosis of ignorance really comes into play.

I had the grand opportunity to listen to Sheriff Tom Bergin of Clatsop County display more fake chutzpah than a used car auctioneer. He was talking at a conference about proposed changes in the marijuana laws. I was astonished at the width and breadth of his misinformation and his chutzpah to talk about it. He was one brave but foolish man. He was a sponsor of Initiative 32 (I-32) which will block all current Medical Marijuana laws and make a new one in which tax payers would pay for or subsidize Marinol costs at about $15 each for “legitimate Medical Marijuana patients” some of whom take 4 a day.

THIS IS CRAZY!! Marinol is NO substitute for Marijuana.

The U.S. Government, which grows it, says Medical Marijuana can be grown for $20 an ounce which makes about 50 MJ cigarettes, maybe more. We have 35,000 MMJ patients in Oregon and soon will have 40,000 and going up. Marinol costs would be astronomical.

Sheriff Bergin says it should be used only for Cancer patients and the dying and this represents only about 3 - 4% of the patients. This is the first time I’ve heard medical advice from a cop but it doesn’t stop there. He says the other 80 – 90%, for severe pain, could get by on Aspirin. Yeah high doses cause severe stomach ulcers, bleeding and death. Either one could be lethal. Why does he think doctors use Morphine or even Oxycontin?!? These are for severe pain and many Marijuana patients have been prescribed them but prefer Marijuana because it has fewer side effects and is minimally addictive.

He says the use of Marijuana is a “life style”. OK, so are alcohol and tobacco users for a life style. These are both lethal and among the most dangerous, most lethal drugs. Morphine and Oxycontin are also in the most dangerous, most lethal listing.

He says there is NO DOSAGE for Marijuana. He’s wrong, the dose is ENOUGH and usually a small titrated dose. It is NOT like fixed dose pills which many times may be too much or too little.

He says there is no oversight, well yes, Marijuana is medicine and there is virtually no oversight for the practice of medicine.

He also says there is a lack of valid studies. There are probably about 5000 printed medical studies indicating the effectiveness and safety of Marijuana as medicine. It is probably the only medicine which has NEVER killed anyone, try Aspirin, about 2000 deaths per year.

Sheriff Bergin says patients are allowed too much. The U.S. Government gives patients about 8 ounces per month. One gets 11 ounces. Marijuana patients use it sparingly. Because it’s ILLEGAL it’s cost is prohibitive.

He says it causes impaired driving. Morphine drugs, anti-histamines and alcohol are the real problems.

He says Marijuana contains about 460 CARCINOGENS. This is totally false and a real surprise. The U.S. Government owns a patent for the use of Cannabis/Marijuana to treat cancer and pure Cannabis chemical, THC, is used to treat cancer patients.

He says Marijuana plants can produce 30% THC. This will surprise everybody. The best I’ve heard is about 20% and that is really “high octane” and requires very little medicine and very small tokes.

He says it’s the number one drug for putting high schoolers in hospitals! If these high schooler 'criminals' are hauled into court they can plead addiction and go to treatment rather than jail. It’s an intelligence test!!

He says Marijuana causes euphoria which relieves pain. Euphoria is a GOOD feeling. Marijuana is also a very good analgesic or painkiller almost as good as morphine.

He says miscreants smoke it 6 times a day. Some do. Some smoke it only at bedtime for sleep. The worse the pain, the more medicine is necessary.

He says it is all about making money. It costs about $10,000 to set up a good grow. Patient users should reimburse that and the growing costs.

Sheriff Bergin, I will be pleased to give your Boys in Blue factual information to correct the information you guys have obtained from phoney police & drug identification specialists using out of date misinformation.


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spazmatic July 27, 2010 11:49 pm (Pacific time)

I saw that video of Bergin and was very offended. he said that 3 - 4% of the patients have cancer and the other 80 – 90% for pain. I have my card and I do not have severe pain or cancer. I have severe and persistant spasms. It helps tremendously. I am not sure where he gets his info but I think he should leave the medical work to actual medical doctors who went to 8 years of med school to diagnose and treat. What has he done that makes him more knowledgeable on medical diagnosis and treatment than a medical doctor. I am quite sure Bergin did not go to 8 years of medical school or any thing that can even compare. I want medical advice i am going to a doctor not a police officer because I want qaulified advice.

Editor Do you think that is a bit overreactive?  I do, lighten up and know that Nick didn't mean to get on your bad side.  I guess you must be perfect at all times?  Most people aren't, I hope you keep this closer to yourself, thanks.

Indica Man July 20, 2010 5:31 am (Pacific time)

The same anti-drug mania occurs here in Australia. This past weekend, in our little city (pop. about 80K), there was a 'Drug Blitz'. They raided a number of pubs in town, using sniffer dogs, mounted Police and others. They also set up a roadside drug testing unit and tested 70 drivers. That was just the drug (ice, Cannabis, speed, heroin etc) blitz. They also did roadside breath testing for alcohol. In all 1127 breathalyzer tests were done. The end result of this expensive exercise? 3 drink drivers, 2 suspected 'drug' drivers, 1 person found in possesion of methamphetamine in a bar, and one found in possesion of cannabis (most likely less than 3 grams). 5 busts and 2 maybes. The cumulative fines might total $5000 if they're lucky. What a waste. I agree that the use of Ice needs to be stopped somehow, but this type of 'drug war' solves nothing.

Killer Bud July 10, 2010 1:56 pm (Pacific time)

Sounds like another police department thats dependent on its $340,000.00 federal handout for fighting cannabis prohibition every year.

chet r biggerstaff June 23, 2010 12:09 pm (Pacific time)

Yes this is typical of our leaders and law enforcement. they refuse to look at the real facts of cannabis so that they can continue their war against patients. It is disgusting and morally wrong to do this but they dont care as its all about money control and power for them. We need to rethink our politicians and law enforcement poositions as right now they are the legal mafia

Kim June 24, 2010 6:38 am (Pacific time)

Thank you Dr. Leveque for standing up for what is right and with correct information. Those of us suffering with chronic pain for years and have tried oxycontin, morphine, etc and are still in severe pain want to at least be able to try it. Why only cancer patients (I'm glad they can in some states) because chronic pain is chronic pain. The cause doesn't matter. I can't say for it but morphine and oxy and such are just as dangerous as alcohol and we can use them and drive! That's, that's America's stupid, senseless, pain free people! This is cruel but I wish every single person against this had to walk in my shoes just 1 day, 1 day! It would be approved then, I know.

joe June 23, 2010 9:56 am (Pacific time)

Totally agree with this article. Even cops are aware of this, but must pander to politicans and citizens to look good. "Looky here at this catch! Whoo-wee, gotta big one!!" So they lie, bust more people to free up more tax money to pay for more raids. It's all about quotas and numbers and greed. You argue a good case, Mr. Leveque, but it's no good. Too many people out there worrying about how the world will look at them.

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