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Drug Czar Kerlikowske: Misinformed Anti-Cannabis Attack Pit Bull

Punishing the sick & PTSD Veterans.

Courtesy: thcfinder.com

(MOLALLA, OR) - I just don’t know where this guy came from. I have read much garbage about him and I can distill it into two words, “IGNORANT SCOUNDREL”.

Forced smile Mr. Kerlikowske?

His latest diatribe before Memorial Day made me sick. He uses the facts about wounded veterans such as physical injuries, mental health problems and lack of military and V.A medicines to help, resulting in alcohol, tobacco, and other “drug abuse” as a weapon against these battle heroes. His statement, “USE MARIJUANA AND GO TO PRISON.” is a slap in the face to probably a million or more PTSD veterans who gave up on the Military and VA zombifying drugs which caused more problems than help.

In New Mexico, which has legalized medical marijuana, most of the permits are for PTSD. In addition, we doctors for medical marijuana know of thousands if not millions of PTSD veteran victims using marijuana which they have found to be more effective, safe medicine. Kerlikowske misquotes the FDA and the institute of medicine about he use and effectiveness of medical marijuana. He also quotes the National Institutes of Health that marijuana causes addiction, respiratory disease, and cognitive impairment. He must have been thinking about Oxy, meth, heroin, or alcohol. Cannabis/ marijuana is only slightly or not at all harmful in any way. Bad or high THC cannabis can cause problems but nothing like the above “ghastly four”.

By the way, the largest group of users are from 16 to 24 years old and occasionally they get some strong stuff. To counter Kerlikowske’s statement, cannabis is probably the most benign drug ever found by man. In fact D.E.A. Administrative Judge stated that “cannabis/marijuana was the most effective, benign, safe drug ever found by man.” O.K, so I slightly misquoted him. The U.S. government grows and gives marijuana to several patients. Also THC, is the main chemical is a prescription drug, “Marinol”. It’s strange the Kerlikowske believes that cannabis is a dangerous and addictive substance.

He says we, that is, the U.S. government supports medical marijuana research. This is a DAMNABLE LIE and he knows it. The U.S. government estimates that about 50 million Americans use it daily or occasionally. This being so, where are all of the people being harmed? It is obvious there is no such harm.

Kerlikowske’s lie constantly inter-mixes information about the killer-foursome above with cannabis. This should prove that he knows nothing about what he is talking about. Despite his diatribes, he or his “attack dogs”, the D.E.A., cannot slow down or prevent the use of medical marijuana.



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