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DEA Digging In

Let’s demand that the federal government make drug policies based in sanity, not fear and hysteria.

DEA out of control


Recently, the DEA issued a ludicrously false statement claiming that marijuana "has no accepted medical use in the United States and lacks an acceptable level of safety for use even under medical supervision."

Since when is law enforcement qualified to issue medical opinions?  What's worse, the DEA's stance makes them an obstacle to sound scientific research.

Write to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart and demand that anti-drug ideology not stand in the way of sound science.

The DEA’s statement came in response to a citizen petition to remove marijuana from the list of Schedule I narcotics, the category of drugs associated with the harshest criminal penalties.  Confronted with a rational call for change from reformers like you, the DEA chose to issue blatant lies -- ignoring decades of scientific research, doctors’ expertise, public opinion and the shifting political tide of the nation.

Do they really think anyone is still buying that nonsense? Let’s show the DEA that they can no longer get away with that type of dishonesty.  Let’s demand that the federal government make drug policies based in sanity, not fear and hysteria.

Like you, I’m frustrated that the DEA is still peddling absurd scare tactics. But the fact that they’re ramping up the hysteria shows me that we are gaining ground. Medical marijuana is already allowed in 16 states and the District of Columbia, and it’s likely that in the next election one or more states will vote on making marijuana legal. You’re making a difference, and our opponents are digging in.

Let's show the DEA that we won’t stand for the status quo any longer.  Tell Michele Leonhart to stop prioritizing outdated drug war ideology over hard evidence.

Let’s show DEA that they can no longer get away with this sort of nonsense.  Let’s demand that the federal government make drug policies based in sanity, not fear and hysteria.

Bill Piper is the Director of the Office of National Affairs, Drug Policy Alliance

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Douglas Stanley Benson August 3, 2011 8:31 am (Pacific time)

TK you must mean our own government .You know the ones that bring drugs here , then victimize us with crime ,jackbooted thugs ,and get us to pay for it ten times over with prisons ,courts,etc. Hate to break it to you but this country stands for freedom and moral nutjobs have turned what this country stands for into a joke . They have sold what individuals wish to buy ,leaving to everyone to be the gaurdian of his own health and happiness. Thomas Jefferson This country was founded on the idea that government has zero business telling citizens what they may or may not consume,believe ,say,etc. People like yourself have betrayed the very fabric of our country not the other way around. Peace

TK Lawson RPhT August 1, 2011 10:37 pm (Pacific time)

Where are you coming from? Be thankful we have someone protecting the interests of those who would pedal death without regard to anything but unrelented greed,insane poisonous protracted profitering at the expense of the very fabric this country stands for.

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