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Marijuana Parties in Washington State: Vacation Destination and New Year's Eve

I can hear the stampedes going through the airports from here, 40 miles away.

Clark County Fairgrounds

(PORTLAND, OR) - Now that marijuana is legal in Washington state, a new industry has suddenly flamed up. Although it is illegal to smoke in public or while driving, any other place appears legal. The cops are crying in their beer about this -- tut tut.

According to TV news from Washington, it is still illegal to sell but not to buy marijuana. The transactions go on and it is reported that even Spokane, Washington has a city legalized dispensary. Seattle possibly does also and I suspect they are in many cities, legal or not.

There are an estimated 100,000 legal marijuana users in Washington and probably about 400,000 total users, and you can bet your last peso that there are many bodegas where it can be purchased.

Police spokesman solemnly state that it will take the newly formed marijuana commission about a year or two to formulate the regulations for growing, distributing and selling marijuana and apologetically all users will have to quit using until the commission finalizes its idiocy. That is not going to happen. The medical and non-medical users both have their supply systems established. While people in the supply chain are legally vulnerable, there are so many of them, between 10,000 and 20,000, what is the legal system going to do with them?

The Mexican mafia is already rubbing their hot little hands together and counting their new source of income.

It is probable that every marijuana user in the US and the world has a relative living in Washington, where marijuana can be used safely in a person's home.

I can hear the stampedes going through the airports from here, 40 miles away.

Entrepreneurs have established plans for marijuana tours and a huge marijuana party New Year's Eve at the Clark County Fairgrounds. It holds about 20,000 or more people. You can get there by bus or taxi, so don't worry about driving. I understand that even police and district attorneys are invited, but they won't be able to arrest anybody.

Marijuana Avance y celebrar!


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Anonymous December 13, 2012 5:45 pm (Pacific time)

I have to agree with PRAVDA. They wrote that illiterate people live in America. Just look at our Administration all the way down to State level. Marijuana is a drug, very dangerous.

Editor: Ridiculous and ancient, this is the modern age and nobody believes your nonsense. You are really citing a source in  Russia?

It dries your brain and you can read it.

 Editor: "dries your brain" - ? You are saying that because somebody wrote something that it must be true?

People will not be able to drive or operate heavy machines.

 Editor: So what? Can they do that on alcohol or heavy doses of 'legal' meds?  Didn't think so....

They will be under the influence and it used to be illegal as we were still a proud and great Natihttps://

Editor: What during the 'proud' slave owning days?  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were established hemp farmers, Abe Lincoln loved smoking pot, you are ridiculous, simply asinine. 

This Nation exist of low life, lazy and spoiled people.

 Editor: Obviously... you forgot judgmental and intolerant.

Living of the hard working people's money and become a cancer to society. That is exactly what the Federal Government want. Stupid people who are not able to think for themselves and have the Government take care of them.

 Editor: Oh the irony...

This Country is in decline and I don't think there is any hope for us to become that great Nation we used to be.

Editor: It wasn't ever a great nation for a whole lot of people and the reason... people just like you.

Anonymous December 12, 2012 6:15 pm (Pacific time)

In the fullness of time we shall see some serious social/economic decay. Many deaths and serious injuries will happen, homes will be broken because of this stupid and uninformed law. Many will be fired when they fail to pass employee drug screens. Responsible people will be employed, and the losers will continue down loser road. I am going to love to see many of these users crash and burn. Early deaths by these misfits will help clean America until we get the sweepers fired up to cull the herd for the final solution.

DJ: Is your last name Eichmann? 

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