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Cannabis Continues Going Up in Smoke in Emerald Triangle

"They are intentionally letting Trinity Pines, Hyampom, Denny, Mad River and parts of Hayfork burn up in my opinion," commented one cannabis grower.

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(COTTAGE GROVE, Ore.) - Well folks, once again, we're seeing marijuana going up in literal smoke within "Cannabis Capitol, California", but this time we have a source from within the flames, cluing us in to the efforts and lack there of, into the extinguishing of the fires raging throughout the Emerald Valley of California with little hope but much smoke in sight.

Cal-fire report that currently there are approximately 18 fires raging throughout the golden state and that more than 10,000 firefighters are actively trying to contain them, though a deeper look into the wording on their page, a scary new realization is met as Humboldt county alone are reporting to have more than "75 total fires" which are reported as being about 45% contained at the present time, all from Lightening!

Multiple states are jumping into the aid of the fires, but little containment is proving possible at the given time, and temperatures are reporting to be in the "abnormal rise" as well.

This far the Humboldt fires are accredited for burning more than 46,000 acres and still going strong.

Our focus this story though, is on Trinity County, part of the Emerald Triangle well known and respected for the cultivation of the state's best outdoor grown herb cannabis, aka Marijuana, including by the rest of the triangle growers as well.

As of right now, Cal-Fire report that one of the fires, known as "Fork Complex" which is in the Shasta/Trinity National Forest has scorched more than 19,000 acres of land near Hyampom alone, and remains only 17% contained at this time.

Additionally though there are other fires burning in Trinity including over 18,300 acres in the Mad River area with only about 35% contained at this time, and the "South Complex" fire has claimed more than 18,000 acres West of Hyampom in the Six Rivers Forest, reported to be only about 5% contained.

More than 18,000 acres have been burned near Denny, California also in the Shasta/Trinity forestland as well, about only 8% contained.

However, sources from directly within these fires say that the damage is far greater than is being reported by Cal-Fire and local media sources, and that many residents, especially in the Trinity Pines area are almost feeling as if the fires are intentionally being allowed to burn, at least in their immediate area.

"Though there are thousands of cops out here, there's very little effort being physically seen as far as trying to get these fires out," reports one resident of the Hayfork area of California.

"We cannot help but to feel they're letting the fires burn to ensure they destroy our crops without being viewed as trying to destroy our crops."

The man went on to say "Our plants literally have burned up, and the smoke is so thick that those that haven't burned are being choked by the smoke and lack of light."

When asked about their feelings as to the possibility that effort may be lacking, the man (who asked to remain nameless) stated, "They are intentionally letting Trinity Pines, Hyampom, Denny, Mad River and parts of Hayfork burn up in my opinion."

He went on to state that there hasn't been a single sighting of helicopter assistance nor "Boraid" going on to fend off the Hayfork area fires.

It's reported that many residents of Trinity Pines California are Refusing to Evacuate despite Cal-Fires assistance that they are mandatory to.

"One guy has refused to leave 3 times so far," said one area local.

Currently both Hwy 3 and Hwy 36 remain closed to all westbound traffic, though Hwy 299 and Hwy 3 leading to Hayfork surprisingly remain open despite heavy smoke and limited visibility.

One person reported that "A bunch of people told the cops to f**k off on the mandatory evac's, so they stayed and saved a bunch of peoples residences, after USFS pulled out."

As of right now, despite the flames being within a single mile of many Hayfork homes and trailers, there is currently no Evacuation ordered for residents in the area, though there had been a short order until "The wind changed directions".

Cannabis growers in the Hayfork area state, "They are letting the fires burn out the weed" and that more than 80,000 acres of land has burned in their area alone, and estimate "Millions of cannabis plants have literally gone up in smoke already, and the fires are still raging out of control!"

When asked if they felt a story should report this, they said "Knowing them it will only make things worse here," but this reporter believes that with public attention, the better the odds of getting things actively done, hopefully we're proven right by the publication of this story, because the devastation to this fall's cannabis market already seems to be the worst since any relaxation on the plant via law.

Please stay tuned to Salem-News for updates "From within the Flames"

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Anonymous February 5, 2016 8:52 pm (Pacific time)

I'm glad the crops are burning. Get them out of here! Those violent hombres can go back to Mexico... hopefully they take their damn dogs with them.

someone upset August 22, 2015 3:14 pm (Pacific time)

give me a break they are not letting that beautiful place I grew up in.innocent homes and people..come on lets be real..

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