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Marijuana Medical Journal: the Best is O'Shaughnessy's

Getting to know one of the oldest marijuana related publications.


(MOLALLA, Ore.) - This must be about the tenth year that this amazing publication has come out. I am lucky enough to have a copy of every edition. The writers are first in their classes starting with Dr. William O’Shaughnessy himself in 1838 and the California Medical Marijuana doctors have been like Battalion Scouts and Pointmen and I cannot state a better accolade. They were the first starting with Dr. Tod Mikuriya, the real guru to whom we all are greatly beholden.

      New information in the present edition states that new strains of cannabis with high CBD, (cannabinodiol) are more effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Nausea and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I already have patients using “regular cannabis” for these diseases.

      Dr. Stacey Kerr in this edition writes an excellent list of classes of drugs from which cannabis is better. “Cannabis and cannabinoids represent an alternative to analgesics of all kinds, anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, anti-panic, anti-obsessive-compulsive; gastrointestinal agents including anti-spasmodics and anti-inflamatory medications; migraine preparations; anti-convulsants; appetite stimulants; immuno-modulators; muscle relaxants; multiple sclerosis management medications; glaucoma treatments; sedative and hypnotic agents; Tourette’s syndrome agents, and anti-cancer agents.

There is a wonderful compendium of published clinical research at:

      Literature research by Arno Hazekamp and Franjo Grotenhermen run through the gamut of preparations and disease conditions helped by cannabis in almost excellent textbook fashion. There is probably no better exposition.

      Dr. Lester Grinspan of Harvard University, one of the first writers on the medical benefits of marijuana (1971) writes on its effectiveness in Autism. I was under the impression that California marijuana doctors, possibly Dr. Mikuriya, were the first to write about this in O’Shaughnessy’s but I may be wrong. It has received mega publicity in the press and all national TV channels.

      One of the more informative articles was about Robert Randall the first Glaucoma patient to get a U.S. Government permit to use and his Dr., Dr. John Merritt of Howard University who first noted that non-white patients had a much higher rate of Glaucoma. Dr. Merritt was able to successfully define the benefits of marijuana and get him the Government permit. He also discovered that synthetic THC, Marinol, had much less THC than it was supposed to caused by biological degradation in the capsules.

      Another article by Irv Rosenfeld, the second U.S. Government permit holder gave a wonderful story about his first public speech at an anti-marijuana conference in Florida, one of the meanest marijuana states. He had his grass and smoked it in the presence of at least 20 local cops who just stood glaring at him!!

      One of the weirdest but interesting stories was about former Drug Czar William Bennet a well disgraced compulsive gambler (his “weed”). Why was he so against marijuana is clear – he was getting up to $50,000 for speaking about the immorality of marijuana!!

      Another article was about SPICE the newly synthesized cousin of THC. Apparently it is a potent psychotropic in new users but its use seems to be increasing. Its effects are similar to THC but it is NOT and is not generally illegal yet.

      An interesting short clinical note indicated it was effective for Aspergers, a relative of Autism and why not, it’s good for many of their similar diseases.

      A great surprise of a Marijuana Conference in Rhode Island featured Raphael Mechoulam, the discovery of the structure of THC and was a totally outstanding researcher on the subject.

      A very interesting short article was about a DAV (Disabled American Veterans) meeting close by the marijuana meeting. They had some joint (pun) sessions and pointed out that most battle veterans smoke marijuana when they can get it.

      This has been a short schrift for a newspaper/medical journal with over 64 pages and 62 articles all excellent and educational. The best thing I can say about them and my short abstracts is to get the original at:


P.O. Box 490

Alameda, CA  94501




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