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Multiple Sclerosis, Marijuana and Hijacked Medical Articles

Phillip Leveque has spent his life as a Combat Infantryman, Physician and Toxicologist.

Marijuana leaf
Photo by Bonnie King

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - I knew when I started helping severely disabled patients get medical marijuana permits that I was entering a cesspool of resistance and below-the-belt savagery not only against me but also my disabled sick patients.

I’m accused of being a drug peddler and quack and my patients are just a bunch of lying, faking potheads who just want to get “high”.

These are some of the sickest most disabled patients I have ever seen and worst they have been rejected and abandoned by most doctors who still believe this Reefer Madness crap and the garbage coming from Walters, McCafferty and a another bunch of numbskulls even in the face of thousands of supporting medical articles and prestigious medical associations like the American College of Physicians.

Even the U.S. Govt. Publishes that about 50 million people use marijuana and few if any are going crazy or committing heinous crimes.

Now after that tirade I want to get down to cases. The Wednesday July 30th Oregonian newspaper had an article about multiple sclerosis. It was written by Don Colburn who first “outed” me with pictures of me on the front page and some snide remarks about me and my patients. He always said, “We have to print both sides of the story.”

There is only one side--- Effective medical care for disabled patients but he and the Oregonian didn’t seem to see it that way.

Now about 20 thousand patients have permits signed by 27 hundred Doctors. I have been subject of these snide articles more than all the other 2700 doctors.

His article was about an M.S. Patient and six drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration. He even mentioned one of these new drugs was pulled off the market because it caused serious brain infections. A BAD SIDE EFFECT!

Let me give a clue to the Oregonian: Several M.S. Patients are using medical marijuana very successfully and the number one card holder was an M.S. patient.

I estimate about 30 M.S. patients have cards and are using MJ very successfully. Check with OMMP.

One of the M.S. drug companies hi-jacked my M.S. articles and used it for advertising bait and switch.

Yes Marijuana is GOOD for M.S. Better than the other six.


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Str8Arrow August 6, 2008 11:19 pm (Pacific time)

It's sad that anyone would put prohibition above patient care. Cannabis is helping many people when all else fails. So, let's have some mercy for patients who need cannabis. Stop attacking them and their docs. It's called compassion.

Susanmary Trescowthick August 6, 2008 7:44 pm (Pacific time)

FROM AUSTRALIA: I have MS - which naturally is slowly progressing ..... but not even my Drs want me to stop using what I call refer to as Mari-joo-woopie-weed, Now seeing I am yet to be greatly effected by MS (except for some Epileptic symptoms which happens anyway to some 5% of us)I intend to use it and take NO OTHER DRUGS for MS.bugger my judgement too!! :-)

Mr. California August 5, 2008 1:52 pm (Pacific time)

Keep posting the facts Dr. Leveque. Hats off to you. My take on the naysayers is that the "other side of the story" people have either never ingested any cannabis of reasonable quality or only did so when under the influence of alcohol. They believe the ONDCP and Partnership for a Drug-Free America hype because they will believe anything that they see dramatized on television. There is no doubt that the pain from Multiple Sclerosis is alleviated by cannabis. Far from addictive, I have noticed cannabis to be nothing short of killing the cravings for other habit forming drugs, even cigarettes. I don't understand the "gateway drug" theory as it seems to me that cannabis is the gateway to losing dependence on other drugs. If those drugs happen to be expensive pharmaceuticals, then so be it. I've heard people say stuff like cannabis "affects ability to judge between right and wrong." I would have to agree. As soon as people feel relief from cannabis, they realize that all the negative political baggage associated with cannabis is totally wrong. They realize that people like you are 100% right. So, yes, cannabis has a profound effect on judgement.

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