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Oregon Cannabis Church Founder Arrested on Multiple Charges

"...we are going to kill him, you understand that right?"
- Douglas County Deputy, October 2018

Tim Timm
Tim Timm, Oregon cannabis activist will appear in court 6/7/2022.

(SALEM, Ore.) - A week ago (May 29, 2022), longtime Oregon Cannabis activist Timothy Timm was arrested and is currently facing a collection of charges from a number of years.

57-year old Timm is a unique character. I have spent many hours visiting with him throughout the years and found him to be intelligent and interesting. He has been eager to help and considerate of others. But no man is without faults, and Timm has his challenges.

His spiritual leader, Joy Graves, holds Timm’s durable Power of Attorney and has been a supportive counsel for nearly 30 years. Church leaders, members and the community are concerned for Timm's safety.

“Mr. Timm is recognized federally as well as by multiple Oregon courts, judges and physicians to have a severe mental disability,” said Graves.

“He suffers from multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) going back to the age of just four years old when he fell out of a motor vehicle at 60mph, breaking his neck.

"Timm also struggles with Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, ADHD, ADD and Seasonal Anxiety Disorder.”

Throughout his life, several physicians and specialists have seen and diagnosed Timm including University California San Francisco (UCSF), the best neurological treatment and rehabilitation center in the nation.’s medical expert, Dr. Phillip Leveque (RIP), spent several decades of his career studying Traumatic Brain Injuries suffered predominantly by combat veterans. He was himself a Veteran of WWII and suffered lifelong PTSD.

Dr. Leveque had a deep fondness for Timm and was his primary physician for a time. Leveque continued overseeing Timm’s care, struggles and progress even after his retirement and considered him a personal friend until his passing in May of 2015.

Timm’s hearing is Tuesday June 7th, 2022 at 9:15am in Douglas County Oregon Circuit Court.

Timm was a founding member of Kautantowit Mecautea Church. Church officers fear that Tim Timm does not fully comprehend all that is happening, or understand what is in his own best interest, or even the physical risk to his health and life they believe he is in.

“I and our church ask that any form of a plea entry at this point not be allowed into official record. We are asking for an official investigation into the entire situation,” added Graves.

Backtracking the Arrest History

On February 14th, 2016, Timothy Timm was arrested for a warrant resulting from a secret grand jury indictment alleging a domestic violence incident took place nearly two years earlier, July 15th, 2014.

In July of 2014, Timm was president of the Kautantowit Mecautea Church and Joy Graves was serving as the church’s CEO.

A reliable source told us that the “incident” began when a caller told police: “Timm stabbed the church’s CEO.” Police may allege that Joy Graves was “stabbed in the neck” by Timm during an altercation, but we do not have confirmation of this detail.

When spoke with Ms. Graves, she rejected the entire stabbing story premise.

“I was never stabbed. They say he stabbed me in the neck. It’s not true. I’m sure I would have needed urgent medical attention if I’d been stabbed, and too, that I’d have some sort of a scar- I don’t,” she insists.

“I remain willing to go to any physician of their choice to help prove it!”

During our interview with Ms. Graves, we saw no scars or indicators that she had ever been stabbed on her neck or other visible parts of her body.

“By alleging I’m his victim, the courts were able to place a No Contact Order between us,” explained Graves.

“Personally I think they did it because they know how much he depends on me. Now he has no advocate. There have been several times where Tim’s been encountered by police over the years and has been erratic and or mentally unstable. They’ve called me to the scene to calm and deal with him.”

Timothy Timm is being charged with a misdemeanor for the alleged stabbing (Assault 4th Degree). He was also charged with harassing Graves in 2014, which is another misdemeanor crime.

Joy Graves strongly asserts that both of these charges are untrue and that both she and Timm have been targeted with bias.

The “incident date” in 2014 and a two-year lapse before the “indictment date” of February 14th, 2016 is a notable cause for concern, and potential evidence of something amiss.

On May 25, 2016 Timm was charged with Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving and Recklessly Endangering another person. Timm claims that he was a passenger, not the driver of the vehicle, but police “did not believe” him.

Timm’s recollection is that he and another male passenger were sitting in a parked vehicle on the side of the interstate freeway because the driver had stopped to urinate. The driver did not return to the car, perhaps because he spotted an oncoming police cruiser. The driver fled with the key to the car.

Both occupants were arrested at the scene and the vehicle was taken to impound, minus any key to operate it. The owner apparently never retrieved the vehicle, and he is since deceased.

Tim Timm’s driving privileges were suspended in Oregon due to this DUI but he claims to not have known.

Just over a year later, July 4th, 2017, Timm was charged with Attempting to Elude police, Reckless Driving and Criminal Driving While Suspended. He hasn’t been arraigned on these 2017 charges as of yet; it is expected that they will be included in the current court case.

“It’s one misunderstanding on top of another. This shouldn’t be happening,” Graves said.

“The sad reality is that Timm has been subjected to bias and bigotry for many years, since becoming a frontline cannabis activist more than two decades ago.”

Jack Herer and Tim Timm, 2008

Cannabis Activist for Legalization

Standing up for cannabis legalization used to be much more risky than it is today. Before medical permits or recreational use, those that dared to speak were often targeted for arrest and ostracized from their communities.

The brave souls that led the fight to end cannabis prohibition have taken their licks, but success is their reward.

Tim is one of those people. Starting in the mid-1990’s, Timm was under the direction and tutelage of global hemp and cannabis leader Jack Herer. According to Joy Graves, Herer founded a confederation of churches in 2005 which was then known as The United Cannabis Ministries.

KM (Kautantowit Mecautea) became an independent church per Herer’s instruction in 2008-2009 when he insisted it’s focus expand beyond cannabis to include protecting “The sacred foods (and drinks) of the Gods.”

Jack Herer is a household name for many Oregonians. Herer began his plight to liberate cannabis in Oregon in 1984. He is author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, a veritable “bible” for cannabis activists across the country and beyond.

Herer was also integral in the passage of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act in the November 1998 election.

Jack Herer passed away in 2010, but the fight against cannabis prohibition continues all across our nation and around the world.

American Native Church Gains Unwanted Attention

Kautantowit Mecautea “KM” Church is a non- incorporated 508c1; a non-denominational multi-faith spiritual collective geared at the preservation of human rights, civil liberties and natural law.

Timm injured by Lane County deputies 2012

The official opening of the KM Church, located in Douglas County, was in 2008. According to sources, multiple complaints have been filed against Douglas County for profile targeting and harassment since the KM Church opened its doors.

“We’ve had issues with Douglas County just about from the very beginning,” says Graves.

“Douglas County resents our rightful separation as Church from their State and are violating Mr. Timm’s human rights, American and state constitutional rights due to their bias against us.”

In December 2012, Timm suffered a severe beating by law enforcement. A witness claims police said [the beating] was “because he was president of Herer’s cannabis church.”

Lane County Sheriff deputies are alleged to have inflicted so much damage on Timm that he was diagnosed with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), including multiple blood clots and a hemorrhage (brain bleed).

Unfortunately for Timm, his civil rights attorney for that incident derelict the case due to personal issues.

“Perhaps if it had been pursued then Tim might not be in the precarious situation he is currently experiencing. We will never know, but we do intend to see him through this to the best of our ability,” added Graves.

In recent years, the KM Church has filed complaints against Douglas County and the state of Oregon alleging on-going criminal acts including racketeering, RICO, operating kingpin criminal drug enterprises and failing to pay federal taxes, et al.

Timm is named as a plaintiff and victim in two civil rights cases filed with the federal district court and is also a key witness for the church filing against the state regarding their on-going RICO activities. (See: Case #3:19-cv-01864-MO; Case #1:21-cv-00783; Case #1:2021cv00879)

Tomorrow, Tim will go in front of Judge William George Ambrozini. Interestingly, there may be a conflict of sorts for Judge Ambrozini. This judge is named as a defendant in the KM Church vs. Oregon case, but he has not recused himself as of this writing.

Did Police Help or Hinder? That is the Question.

Things for Timm took an unexpected turn in October of 2018, when law enforcement attempted to arrest him. Graves was a witness to a deputy openly stating they had the intent to “kill him” as soon as they saw him.

Timm was not at the church location and was not arrested, but Graves recorded audio during what she calls “an unlawful attack on the church property”. The audio is muffled, but the words "...we are going to kill him, you understand that right?" can be made out. (See Video below.)

Now, in June 2022, Timm is lodged in Roseburg, Oregon at the Douglas County jail on $55,000 bail.

Keeping him separated from Graves, who is essentially his caregiver with durable power of attorney, is very unsettling for the 57-year old mental health patient. Timm has depended on her for guidance for 30 years on all things great and small.

“Tim is in imminent physical danger which could ultimately lead to his death,” said Graves. “I’m trying to ensure he doesn’t die or be prosecuted for bogus charges.”

It is possible that Timm could end up in prison, if the court sees fit.

“Prison would benefit no one. Not society, and not Tim Timm, an imperfect American citizen that only wants to live in peace.”

Timothy Timm is facing 8 Misdemeanors and 1 Felony charge.


Timm’s hearing is scheduled for Tuesday June 7th, 2022 at 9:15am in the Douglas County Oregon Circuit Court. He will go in front of Judge William George Ambrozini for the above charges.

AUDIO: "...we are going to kill him, you understand that right?" October 2018




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