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Marijuana: Foolish Fallacious Dangers

7-year old girl defies the dangers.

Photo of Mykayla courtesy:

(PORTLAND, OR) - This article is based upon The Oregonian's November 25 2012 report, in which the headline was, 'A Seven-Year Old Uses Medical Marijuana', where it was reported that a child was using very strong, high dose marijuana extract. Following this, the letters to the editor went like chicken licking, 'The Sky is Falling'. The child is doing well.

Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian's reporter of this remarkable story went into a 'hissy fit' that the child wasn't "monitored by a pediatrician". She did have a couple of pediatric oncologists though who marveled at her improved health while taking severely toxic chemotherapy and according to Ms. Crombie, the very dangerous high grade marijuana, which according to other anti-marijuana advocates, causes long-term damage to her intellect, memory and attention.

The child's real father also has a hissy fit about this but he should have been pleasantly surprised that she was doing so well with this falsely accused 'dangerous drug', marijuana, and was not sick but playing video games. The child, Mykayla, uses marijuana to CONTROL pain, nausea, vomiting, depression, and sleeping problems caused by the chemotherapy. Ms. Crombie went right through the ceiling when she found out that Mykayla was using cannabis extract which was 58.6% THC, which is very high, but in her case it was satisfactorily controlling the usual severe chemotherapy side effects. Mykayla is using a high dose but it is not adversely affecting her. I would say that her mental function is on a par with reporter Ms. Crombie, who states that Mykayla's marijuana treatment is not shared by the American medical establishment. If anything, this shows that in general, American doctors do not know anything about a medicine which has been used safely and successfully for about 5,000 years. I would say that Mykayla knows more about it than the doctors do.

The U.S. government owns the patent on the use of cannabis for cancer. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Mykayla is apparently is doing quite well despite this "hatchet job" by Ms. Crombie and The Oregonian.

I checked through my files and discovered that I had written an article, 'Marijuana Dangers Leveque' on Feb 2 2009. Apparently Mykayla doesn't have any of these alleged foolish fallacious dangers.


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Anonymous January 6, 2013 5:09 am (Pacific time)

I have heard that these articles are causing a little bit of friction at the Big O Doc, those folks can't question that you really know your stuff, keep blasting away, all respect to you sir!

Malcolm Kyle January 6, 2013 4:31 am (Pacific time)

Here follows an extract from "Notes on Democracy" by Henry Louis Mencken, written in 1926, during alcohol prohibition (1919-1933):

The Prohibitionists, when they foisted their brummagem cure-all upon the country under cover of the war hysteria, gave out that their advocacy of it was based upon a Christian yearning to abate drunkenness, and so abolish crime, poverty and disease. They preached a [crime, poverty and disease free] millennium, and no doubt convinced hundreds of thousands of naive and sentimental persons, not themselves Puritans, nor even democrats.

That millennium, as everyone knows, has failed to come in. Not only are crime, poverty and disease undiminished, but drunkenness itself, if the police statistics are to be believed, has greatly increased. The land rocks with the scandal. Prohibition has made the use of alcohol devilish and even fashionable, and so vastly augmented the number of users. The young of both sexes, mainly innocent of the cup under license, now take to it almost unanimously.

In brief, Prohibition has not only failed to work the benefits that its proponents promised in 1917; it has brought in so many new evils that even the mob has turned against it. But do the Prohibitionists admit the fact frankly, and repudiate their original nonsense? They do not. On the contrary, they keep on demanding more and worse enforcement statutes — that is to say, more and worse devices for harassing and persecuting their opponents.

The more obvious the failure becomes, the more shamelessly they exhibit their genuine motives. In plain words, what moves them is the psychological aberration called sadism. They lust to inflict inconvenience, discomfort, and, whenever possible, disgrace upon the persons they hate — which is to say, upon everyone who is free from their barbarous theological superstitions, and is having a better time in the world than they are.

They cannot stop the use of alcohol, nor even appreciably diminish it, but they can badger and annoy everyone who seeks to use it decently, and they can fill the jails with men taken for purely artificial offences, and they can get satisfaction thereby for the Puritan yearning to browbeat and injure, to torture and terrorize, to punish and humiliate all who show any sign of being happy. And all this they can do with a safe line of policemen and judges in front of them; always they can do it without personal risk.

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