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Marijuana Legalization and Reefer Madness, or
Mad Cow Disease in Oregonian Editors

No state affiliated group would or could aid in any way to form the regulations to monitor or control marijuana dispensaries. We had to do it ourselves.

Oregonian Newspaper
So much for the Big O

(PORTLAND, OR) - I don’t think I can have any other explanation of their article on Sunday, July 29th, 2012 entitled, “Flaws in the push to Legalize Marijuana.” and also a similar OPED denigration.

The Oregonian has been debasing medical marijuana since it became legal in 1999 but these two articles ‘take the cake’ in their vehement ignorance in that cannabis/marijuana has been used safely and effectively for medicine for at least 4000 years with no deaths ever, which can not even be said for aspirin and coffee let alone salt water.

The Oregonian editors indicate absolutely no inquiry of anybody or any organization which might provide an enlightened opinion about marijuana as medicine. The Oregon Board of Pharmacy has indicated that they may know something positive about it but the Oregon Medical Board, who should know something, hides behind its arrogant ignorance.

There is one special Oregon official from Dartmouth College, who could shed some light on this subject but he is quiet.

The Oregonian ignorantly debases marijuana as medicine by claiming it will be more available to children. This may be a surprise but children from 18-24 represent the largest block of users which is at least 30% of that age group. In the meantime the legal medical users, average age about 45 years, have great difficulty in getting adequate supply which is why we advocate for dispensaries where they can buy it rather than resorting to the Mexican Mafia dealers.

No state affiliated group would or could aid in any way to form the regulations to monitor or control marijuana dispensaries. We had to do it ourselves.

The newspaper decries the desire of secrecy by growers and suppliers. These are supreme targets of Mexican marijuana thugs and any others who would steal, rob, and even kill those involved in their business. Many growers and suppliers have been robbed and even killed.

The Oregonian seems to think that promotion of the Reefer Madness movie in schools will somehow scare students from using it. The students know that the movie is a crass fraud and so must be the DARE programs. Both are cheap advertising for drug use.

Letters to the editors indicates that of the 522 total articles, 449 votes or 88% were FOR legalization of marijuana while only 73 votes, or 14%, were against. In addition the letter writers indicated far more knowledge about the marijuana subject than the Oregonian editors or their consulting advisors, who indicated dismal ignorance of the subject.

Susan Nielson, Associate Editor, who wrote the OPED article, indicated dismal ignorance of the subject and decried even the scientific/medical articles which have been published about the subject, again showing the rabid influence of the Reefer Madness movie in her own opinion.



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