January 17, 2018
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Salem-News.com (Dec-26-2017 22:34:00)

Fugitive Accused in Oregon Deputy`s Death Arrested In Mexico After 10 years on the Run

The suspect fled the country in 2007 after being accused of causing two deaths in a head-on car crash.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Alfredo De Jesus–Ascencio On June 16, 2007 Deputy Fredinburg was enroute to an emergency call on Highway 99E when his patrol car was struck head-on by a vehicle driven by De Jesus Ascencio.

Deputy Fredinburg's patrol car caught fire and he was pronounced deceased at the scene

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Salem-News.com (Dec-26-2017 18:56:00)

Tax Difficulties of the Self-Employed in America

IRS tax problems can be tough, but you should never lie to get a lower bill!

(SALEM, Ore.) - Salem-News.com In the United States, there are millions of people that classify themselves as self-employed. Most people see a major benefit in being self-employed. You generally get to be your own boss, with unlimited income potential, and you get to work on your own schedule.

Unfortunately, labeling yourself with this moniker also has many downsides, including a lot more risk.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-18-2017 18:00:00)

Old-Fashioned Driving Directions May Keep You Alive this Winter

OSP is warning the public about the dangers of mapping software or GPS units that may lead motorists into a dangerous situation during winter months.

(SALEM, Ore.) - oregon road closures Highway 22 is currently closed and motorists traveling between Central Oregon and the Willamette Valley are being urged to take Highway 20 through Sweet Home or Highway 26 through Government Camp.

Over the weekend, OSP Dispatch received several calls of motorists attempting to take Highway 22, but being rerouted by their GPS units onto Forest Service roads near Detroit.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-18-2017 15:08:00)

Online Sports Betting Do`s and Don`t for Best Results

Keep it fun, legal, and worth your time!

(SALEM, Ore.) - online sports betting Sports gambling is a huge industry where billions of people try their luck at winning some money. In fact, according to several reports, online gambling market is around 4 billion dollars at this time, and a large chunk of this comes through sports betting.

If you have recently decided to test your luck at sports gambling then these are the do’s and don’ts that can help you walk the right path and avoid losses.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-16-2017 22:36:00)

When Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If your situation requires legal attention, find a talented, committed legal team.

(SALEM, Ore.) - arrest Life is full of unexpected events that have unintended consequences. Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be a terrifying experience if you are unprepared to handle the situation.

Fortunately, there are legal professionals available to assist you with any representation you may need.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-16-2017 22:20:00)

4 Things You Need to Remember If You Are Pulled Over For a DUI

Driving is a privilege, and must be treated as such.

(SAN DIEGO, Calif.) - drunk driving Driving a vehicle is something most people do on a daily basis. The longer you drive a car, the more apt you are to develop a false sense of security. There are times when drivers make bad decisions and in some instances these decisions will have a lot of negative consequences.

Being arrested for a DUI can lead to a number of problems like a person being heavily fined and losing their driver’s license.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-11-2017 17:20:00)

School Bus Crashes with All Aboard

The kids are all alright.

(SALEM, Ore.) - school bus crash Today at about 3:30 PM, Marion County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the 11400 block of Sunnyview Rd NE regarding a traffic crash. This crash involved a school bus full of kids, all of which are ok, and a smaller ford pickup.

The investigation has determined icy road conditions to be the cause. The driver of the pickup lost control and crossed the center line and hit the bus head-on.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-08-2017 17:37:00)

Lynn R. Webster, MD Sets Standard for DEA Investigations

Following the trail of the prescription opioid epidemic and the DEA's efforts to expose the purveyors.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - Forest Tennant In 2013, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) launched an investigation of then-president-elect of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) Lynn R. Webster, MD, related to overdose deaths at Webster’s Lifetree Pain Clinic in Salt Lake City.

It was alleged there were up to 100 deaths at Webster's clinic which was raided by the DEA.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-08-2017 17:15:00)

Trying to Find a Great Car Insurance Policy? Consider These 4 Tips For Success

A few minutes will get you the best coverage on the market without having to pay too much for it.

(SALEM, Ore.) - car insurance Driving a car is something you probably do on a daily basis. Having a comprehensive insurance policy is something you need to view as a priority.

The right car insurance policy will allow you to stay protected while behind the wheel. Neglecting to focus on the Oregon insurance research you need to do to find the right policy will lead to a variety of problems.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-08-2017 16:30:00)

Both Parties Pushed Trump Toward Reckless Action on Jerusalem

Jerusalem is (and always has been) the commercial, cultural, educational, and religious center for Palestinian life.

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) - Palestine President Trump announced on Wednesday that the United States will formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the U.S. embassy would be moved to that multi-ethnic and multi-faith city.

No other government in the world formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or has its embassy there, instead basing their diplomatic offices in Tel Aviv. Observers familiar with this volatile issue agree the decision further reduces the chances of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

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