December 3, 2020
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As Medicine Advances, Recovery Times Decrease

Surgical patients now experience less pain and shorter recovery times

(SALEM, Ore.) - medical procedure As researchers discover new ways to treat patients, these new surgeries, treatments, and procedures become centered on patient comfort and care. This, in turn, leads to decreased recovery times.

So, let’s take a look at a few different procedures and how their recovery times have gone down in recent years.

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Oregon Reports 10 More Deaths Due to COVID-19 and 1,099 New Cases

Oregon sets pandemic records as 2-week "Stay at Home" order goes into affect.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - COVID-19 The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients across Oregon rose to 406 today, marking a new record for the pandemic. The largest increase was in the Portland metropolitan area, and in the Willamette Valley, and in Jackson and Josephine counties.

There are 94 COVID-19 patients in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, two fewer than yesterday.

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Coping Without Losing Hope in a Spiraling Crisis

There are lessons to learn from indigenous/native people.

(OCCUPIED PALESTINE) - Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability It is almost a year since the start of this global pandemic with over 50 million who were infected and over one million died from. Everyone of us can count personal loss, economic and human.

Countries like India, Brazil, and the US were especially hit hard because of their corrupt leadership. But every country and region in the world suffered. Here in Palestine as an example, the viral infection rates are still on the rise especially in Gaza.

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Book Release: Oregon`s N. Santiam Canyon---Before it Burned

The Canyon Cuts Both Ways/hidden stories—Sixteen overlapping stories from the heart of Oregon’s North Santiam Canyon

(RIDGEFIELD, WA) - book review Cox crafted the overlapping stories in this collection to draw readers into Oregon’s North Santiam Canyon, recently in the news because of wildfire.

The powerful sense of place anchoring this cohesive work nearly elevates that canyon to the status of full-blown character—one with an omnipresent impact on the psychology of its inhabitants.

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Tim King: The Man I Never Met But Will Never Forget

Obituary for Tim King from Alexandria, Egypt

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - Tim and Bonnie King I got to know Tim through my collaboration with (a distinguished online site that promotes world peace & advocates free speech & human rights).

I am Ashraf Ezzat, a medical doctor from Alexandria Egypt. Like Tim, I had many passions, for I’m also an independent documentary filmmaker and author.

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Are people dying of COVID-19 or with COVID-19?

Is fear consuming us rather than good common sense and demanding answers?

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - masks for sale The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been releasing data almost on a daily basis for months, updating their findings on COVID-19, a virus which has invaded every country in the world -- though we knew little about what made it tick.

Much of the information contradicts itself and is a roller coaster of fact or fiction.

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Child is One of Three Killed in Salem Shooting

Hostage situation ends in death of suspect, a woman and a young boy

(SALEM, Ore.) - Salem shooting A shooting in SE Salem yesterday which resulted in multiple fatalities has left the city wondering what happened. This morning we have more information, though what motivated the hostage situation to begin with is still unknown.

Yesterday at about 12:30 p.m., MCSO Deputies responded to a hostage situation. Upon hearing gunshots inside deputies forced entry into the residence in an effort to effect a rescue.

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Salem Hostage Situation Ends with Multiple Fatalities

Officer involved shooting in SE Salem leaves multiple people deceased.

(SALEM, Ore.) - shooting investigation Once deputies arrived at the home a call was placed to the suspect inside by a trained negotiator with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Hostage Negotiation Team. As the incident unfolded, shots were fired.

Deputies are reporting that there were multiple fatalities during this incident, including that of the suspect.
No deputies were injured.

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Man Suffers Self-Inflicted Gun Shot Wound in Downtown Dallas

Anyone with information regarding this shooting please call 503-831-3516.

(DALLAS, Ore.) - shooting investigation Dallas Police officer Jordan Schrock responded to a 911 call found an adult male with a gun shot wound outside a downtown business in the SE 100 Block of Court Street. The individual was alive. Dallas Fire & EMS responded also and transported the male to an area hospital.

The preliminary investigation indicates the gunshot injury was self-inflicted.

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George Atiyeh, Opal Creek Champion

"George Atiyeh is the Hayduke of the Ancient Forests." ~Jeffrey St. Clair

(SALEM, Ore.) - George Atiyeh George has been missing since the Sept. 8th Wildfire that roared down Opal Creek, burning down the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Education Center at Jawbone Flats, the old mining camp that he and pals restored starting the 1970s.

As I write this no contact has been made since that fateful day.

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