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Poll: US, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan Biggest Threats to World Peace

United States was ranked as the greatest threat to the world peace by 24 percent of the countries, according to the survey report.

(KABUL) - Threat nation flags According to a new poll report, United States of America, Pakistan, China and Afghanistan are the top four nations which poses threats to the world peace.

WIN/Gallup International conducted the global survey, where residents of 68 countries were questioned on everything from the global economy to politics and living conditions.

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It is India`s Turn to Face the Music

Rajapaksa wants to rescind the 2002 agreement and take the v oil tanks back. The Sinhalese are very smart. They always move step by step.

(MELBOURNE) - Trincomalee oil tanks There was a time under the advise of RAW and the Brahminic Indian Diplomat J.N. Dixit young pup Rajiv Gandhi fell into the trap set by the cunning fox, Jayawardene, and signed without consulting the Tamils, politicians or the Tigers, who were reigning supreme in the jungles of Vanni, the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord of July 1987.

One of the clauses in the Accord stipulated that no country will be allowed to have a foot-hold in Sri Lanka, especially in Trincomalee.

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I`m Still Standing
Fire Sweeps Chinese Skyscraper but...

Around 380 firemen battled the flames, which quickly overwhelmed the entire building.

(SALEM) - Skyscraper fire in China Chinese residents in the city of Guangzhou were shocked last week when a massive skyscraper lit ablaze, tumbling to the ground at free fall speed, almost exactly like the three buildings in New York City that burned and fell on 11 September 2001.

OK, it isn't April Fool's Day, so I will cut the charade. The building in China did burn, for 11 hours in fact, but it didn't fall because fires do not make skyscrapers fall, implosions make them fall.

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Japan Is Fast Becoming Another USA-Mastered Fascist State

The Japanese government, which already has a long history of cover-ups and opaqueness, is on its way to becoming even less open and transparent... - The Daily Beast

(NAIROBI, Kenya ECOTERRA) - Japan-China flags It’s not just Fukushima … Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for 50 years. There has been a cover-up by the American government ever since the Fukushima earthquake. The American (and Canadian) authorities virtually stopped monitoring airborn radiation, and are not testing fish for radiation.

The U.S. government increased allowable radiation levels so that we could be exposed to radiation. Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that high-level friends in the State Department told him that Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing that the U.S. will continue buying seafood from Japan, despite that food not being tested for radioactive materials.

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China Escalates Senkaku Dispute to Divert Attention from Slowing Economy

US Secretary of State John Kerry said America was ‘deeply concerned’ about China’s announcement and warned that ‘Escalatory action will only increase tensions in the region and create risks of an incident.’

(TOKYO ) - uninhabited Senkaku islands CHINA’S new leadership under President Xi Jinping has upped the stakes in its dispute with Japan over a couple of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, after a year of thaw and intense behind-the-scenes negotiations.

The negotiations were aimed at maintaining stable economic relations between the two East Asian powerhouses.

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Shocking Truths about Wal-Mart | Brainwash Update

Unabashed and pulling no punches, this is a hard and frank look at a group famous for the under 40-hour work week.

(NEW YORK) - Abby Martin goes over how Wal Mart Originally recorded in July, RTV's Abby Martin goes over how Wal Mart is swallowing up the world, citing examples of sexual discrimination, environmental pollution, disregard for workers' safety, and costing tax-payers millions of dollars.

Underscoring the absurdity of this corporate giant known for selling Chinese made goods, Abby takes us to a massive WalMart gathering where Tom Cruise has the gall to say Walmart is making the nation a better place for women.

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China`s Antidumping Investigations Against Cellulose Pulp

Dissolving pulp is not a homogenous market.

(NEW YORK CITY) - Dissolving Pulp Production Plant In February 2013, the Chinese government announced that it would be conducting an antidumping duty investigation of dissolving pulp producers in Canada, the United States and Brazil.

This article examines the structure of the dissolving pulp market, the factors that have negatively affected China’s domestic producers and the likely effect of a duty on China’s domestic price.

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`Desperate Times, Desperate Measures`; That`s the Way!

Western governments used to go to great lengths to say they were standing up for human rights in China. Now, trade ties with Beijing are so lucrative that Western leaders no longer need to lie.

(LONDON PFLT) - British Conservative politician George Gideon Oliver Osborne Western governments used to go to great lengths to say they were standing up for human rights in China. Now, trade ties with Beijing are so lucrative that Western leaders no longer need to lie.

George Gideon Oliver Osborne, a British Conservative politician, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the country's second-ranking official, says officially, "China is what it is. We have to be here or nowhere". It's business; you see, just business. After all, "Who's Afraid of Chinese Money?"

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Chinese Police Shoot Dead Seven Uyghurs in Kashgar: Group

Chinese authorities usually blame outbreaks of violence in Xinjiang on the region's ethnic minority Muslim Uyghurs, who the government describes as "terrorists". But rights groups and experts say Beijing exaggerates the threat to take the heat off domestic policies that cause unrest or to justify the authorities' use of force against Uyghurs.

(HONG KONG RFA) - Map of Kashgar in China's far western Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Seven ethnic minority Uyghurs have been shot dead by police in separate clashes in China's restive northwestern region of Xinjiang and nine others detained for protesting against some of the killings, an exile Uyghur group said on Monday.

The shootings underscore a trend of increasing violence in Xinjiang, where the Muslim Uyghurs complain of discrimination and religious controls under Beijing’s rule.

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Peter Myers: Who Authorized Preparations for War with China? - Amitai Etzioni, on `Air-Sea Battle` Pentagon Plan

One of the more disturbing elements of all this is that has been inspired by The Pentagon. It has not it seems been done with USG consultation.

(TASMANIA, Aust.) - Chinese military My friend Peter Myers picked up item 1 on my posting on the subject line above. He has done some research and put out much more information on this profoundly important matter.

Item 2 is the Amitai Etzioni report behind what Paul Craig Roberts had to say. If you take this seriously, you would do well to read through it - you will be very well informed.

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