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PTSD and Anti-Depressant Drugs: the Worst Notorious Modern Medical Fraud

A side comment is that the drug companies have sold the idea to the Veterans Administration and they prescribe these drugs by the ton to PTSD Veterans.

Afghanistan by Tim King Salem-News.com

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - I’m sure some people will take umbrage at my title. Keep on reading. First of all there are about 30 of them – why? It’s easy, most don’t work. In fact placebos (fake sugar pills) frequently work better.

Another point, their adverse side effects are horrible. Some even cause worse depression and even suicide. The main side effects are nausea, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, decreased sex drive, dizziness, weight gain or loss, tremors, sweating, sleepiness, fatigue, dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, headache, et cetera. Who needs that stuff?!? They also screw up ones head and balance with falls and fractures. If one stops taking them, the withdrawal symptoms sound worse than heroin. In addition to all this, some are addicting and it is very difficult to stop taking them.

This kind of drug or drugs has an extremely interesting origin. Around 1950 the first drug in this class was actually an anti-tuberculosis drug Isoniazid. For some reason it also acted as a brain stimulant, much like amphetamine. When this side effect was published by the T.B. doctors, other doctors decided to try it on depression patients. Prior to this certain Morphine-like cousin drugs and amphetamines were used for depression. They had severe addiction liability.

Isoniazid, the T.B. drug, was used on an experimental basis and the patients brain function improved dramatically. The psychiatrists who read about this tried Isoniazid on their depression patients and they coined the word ANTI-DEPRESSANT.

From then on starting about 1957 the Tricyclic drugs were born. They were relatives of anti-histamine drugs and they did combat depression. I think the first well known one was Elavil which is still in use. This type of drug drifted around quietly for several years searching for a disease all of the sudden it erupted – CLINICAL DEPRESSION. The first REAL drug Fluoxetine or PROZAC came out in 1988 by Ely Lilly & Co. It was heavily advertised and we soon had a epidemic of clinical depression spread all over the world.

I’m not going into a recital of the various kinds of anti-depressants. I think there is enough to indicate that at least 500,000,000 prescriptions are written per year and for the 14 or so leaders, each is worth up to several billion dollars to the drug companies.

As I said in the beginning placebos, or fake pills, work about as well as these chemicals and exercise or just plain talking to a psychologist may work as well. The drug companies advertise heavily in the millions of dollars to sell these drugs to doctors and patients. It is worth it. The anti-depressants bring in billions of dollars.

A side comment is that the drug companies have sold the idea to the Veterans Administration and they prescribe these drugs by the ton to PTSD Veterans. The evidence is that they don’t help much and cause a lot of harm.


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Christina February 19, 2011 7:34 pm (Pacific time)

wow! I am writing a powerpoint for my neuropsychology class and this certainly puts things into a new perspective! Great article! Great Information!

Editor: Thanks Christina, having Dr. Leveque in our world is a real gift.  You can always go to the PTSD tag for hundreds of other articles and reports relating to PTSD: http://www.salem-news.com/tagged/ptsd/0M.  Thanks for caring, it is a wide ranging problem as you know and it potentially affects all people. 

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. September 21, 2010 8:39 pm (Pacific time)

In working with dual-diagnosed clients (psychosis + substance abuse/addiction)it was never more apparent that the Tx drugs were worse than the dis-ease and addiction combined. Severe nightmares, dyskinesia, dissociation, organ damage, hypervigilence, paranoia, anxiety, jaundice, etc. on top of the short list you mentioned. And... suicidal ideation/suicide.

PTSD clients typically came into rehab with a shopping bag full of neuroleptics. All of them guinea pigs or simply dumped by the "therapeutic" community. 

While some of the symptoms are associated with the dis-ease, the presentations, due to the drugs, were magnified 10 fold. 

Much needed therapy is virtually impossible with all those toxins in the body and mind. 

Over the years, studying psychopharmacology and talking with sales reps, the truth emerges that roughly only 1/3 of clients using neuroleptics (anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, mood enhancement)respond to the ameliorative quality of the meds (still, with "side" effects).  The other 2/3 merely suffer the negative effects, suffer from increased symptoms,and suffer greatly. 

It is commonly known (yet seldom discussed) by doctors & therapists that these drugs have a notable propensity to actually create the symptoms they are prescribed to ameliorate. 

One of the more disconcerting medical "scams" of the day is the massive prescribing of the drug "Abilify". If your anti-anxiety/anti-depressant isn't working (remember the 2/3)just add a little "Abilify" to enhance the effects of those other drugs. 

Please keep speaking out, Dr. Leveque.  Knock 'em alive! 

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