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The Grace and Charm of Crystal Eastin Brown Remembered

Crystal Eastin Brown, Dec. 2, 1939-April 1, 2016

(SALEM, Ore.) - Crystal Eastin I was sad to hear of the passing of Crystal Eastin Brown. I was honored to have the opportunity to visit with her on one occasion, as I've been captivated by her story for many years.

During the Vietnam War, Crystal had a relationship with John Steinbeck IV, the son of the famous US author. Both journalists, they had adventures beyond compare, and Crystal gave birth to their child while living in Vietnam, a girl they named Blake. She is the only biological grandchild of author John Steinbeck.

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Western Oregon Site of Early Agent Orange Tests!

A disturbing document summarizes world-wide US military use and storage of the wartime defoliant, infamous for its lingering toxic impact.

(SALEM) - Agent Orange Department of Defense documents recently released detail testings conducted by the Air Force in Eastern Oregon, under the management of Oregon State University.

On pages 65-66 of the "The History of the US Department of Defense Programs for the Testing, Evaluation, and Storage of Tactical Herbicides" was a review of the 1973-1974 testing which covered over 300 acres with five drums of concentrate Agent Orange, diluted with kerosene for effective spraying.

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Wartime Ordnance Explosion Severely Injures Ethnic Coffee Farmer Near Former U.S. Marine Base at Khe Sanh

They face lethal threats every day.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Khe Sanh Th​e Mine Action Alert below has already been circulated to a number of lists​, so apologies for any duplication. This is a tragic ​reminder that unexploded ordnance is still taking casualties in Vietnam 40 years after the war, and why Project RENEW's work remains important.

Some basic knowledge of how to deal with the situation this young farmer encountered could have saved his hand.

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Study Suggests Veteran`s Agent Orange Exposure for C-123 Crews Will Cost $1.8 Million

Veterans have been forced to resort to expensive legal procedures to access necessary scientific and administrative documents.

(SALEM) - C-123 Provider by Fairchild This week it was estimated that an Institute of Medicine study of veterans’ Agent Orange exposure aboard C-123 transports will cost approximately $1,800,000.00.

The study, ordered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, addresses exposure concerns raised by veterans who flew these former Agent Orange spray transports between 1972-1982.

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Kelly Derricks: Voice for the Children of Vietnam Veterans

Kelly has battled severe health issues since she was born that continue today. Some of her illnesses are presumed to be associated with the inter-generational effects of Agent Orange.

(PHILADELPHIA) - Kelly Derricks Kelly L. Derricks is the daughter of deceased Vietnam Veteran Harry C. Mackel Jr. Harry died in 1982 at the age of 37 after being exposed to Agent Orange while serving two tours in Vietnam in addition to a tour on Johnston Island.

After serving with the United States Air Force, Harry went on to serve the City of Philadelphia as a highly regarded and awarded officer of the Stakeout Unit with the police department. Kelly was only seven years old when her father died.

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Welcome Home: Vietnam Veterans Day

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day from Agent Orange Legacy by Sharon L. Perry, Founder and Dee Reyes, Co-founder

(WASHINGTON DC) - Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Today I Welcome Home my husband, Reuben 'Bud' Charles Perry, III, because he didn't live to see it (Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day) for himself.

I also Welcome Home all Vietnam veterans who came home and those whom have died from exposure to Agent Orange or physical & emotional wounds as a result of their service in Vietnam & to their country.

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Agent Orange Not Included In ``NEW`` Lessons from An Old War

The “NEW” Lessons from an Old War, do not Include Agent Orange, According to University of Pittsburgh’s Honors College Panelists

(LANGHORNE, PA) - When something is just to good to be true and it usually is.

The University of Pittsburgh held a college honors program, March 4th, called Vietnam: New Lessons from an Old War, a Half Century On. The speakers were Senator Bob Kerrey, Vietnam Veteran and former governor of Nebraska, Peter Arnett, from New Zealand, he won a Pulitzer prize for his journalism during the war, Thomas Vallely, the former director of Harvard’s Vietnam Project and Vietnam Veteran.

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High Dioxin Levels in Dong Nai Lakes

The contamination is believed to be caused by toxic chemicals used during the American War 1959-1975. According to experts, the level of dioxins at the airbase is higher than at airports in Da Nang and Phu Cat, two others dioxin contaminated hotspots.

(HANOI VNS) - About 16 of the 28 lakes at southern Dong Nai Province's Bien Hoa Airbase have been found to have dangerously high concentrations of dioxin.—File Photo About 16 of the 28 lakes at southern Dong Nai Province's Bien Hoa Airbase have been found to have dangerously high concentrations of dioxin. Authorities have told local residents not to drink or use the water.

The highest concentrations of dioxins were found to be more than 8,000 parts per trillion (ppt), eight times higher than recommended levels.

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Help an American Who Served in Vietnam

I took the same danger... while bringing to the soldiers a welcomed visit from home.

(SALEM) - Lesli Moore Dahlke When I first met Lesli Moore Dahlke, I was duly impressed. Here is a Vietnam Veteran who didn't serve in the Marines, or the Army, but the USO.

She was bathed in Agent Orange, the chemical the USA used to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam; contaminated again, and again...

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Full Disclosure: Toward an Honest Commemoration of the American War in Vietnam

Please check out our website and sign-on for this very necessary campaign.

(DA NANG) - Helicopter squadron in Vietnam Our Full Disclosure campaign is a Veterans For Peace effort to speak truth to power and keep alive the antiwar perspective on the American war in Viet Nam.

The war is now approaching a series of 50th anniversary events.

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