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We cannot blame the ‘government’ alone, for selling us ‘flamboyant dreams’, by shrewdly disguising their ‘shady deals’ deep within.

Sunalie Ratnayake

(LOS ANGELES) - You are the ‘best judge’ in terms of how you should live, or how you may want to live your life on earth. No so-called ‘title baring interloper’ is qualified to ‘dictate terms’ on how you should be living life.

This earth has no ‘superior possession’ to any other ‘designated creature’, anymore than it has to you. As long as you are sincere to both yourself, and all other exterior entities in this world, and you mean no harm to none, you do not need to be overseen, especially by those, who are a ‘brazen’, ‘deceitful bunch’ themselves. 
Especially, when you are being ‘governed’ by a bunch of ‘ignorant’, ‘unscrupulous’ ‘ruffians’, who does not have the ‘authority’, the ‘insight’, or in the least, the ‘prerequisite’ to do so, you are vulnerable to being scrutinized, surveyed, directed, monopolized, controlled, subjugated, maltreated, proselytized, crisscrossed, reprimanded, reformed, oppressed, squeezed, ambushed, robbed, harassed, projected, valued, decreed and finally murdered by ‘those’ who are no more reputable than any branded criminal.
By being ‘governed’, you will be susceptible to all the aforementioned, and much more, in the mere name of ‘civic utility’, ‘overall concern’, ‘substructure growth’ and even more. That is what the ‘government’ calls ‘integrity’. That is what the government calls ‘humanity’. That is what the government calls ‘development’.
Yet, at the end of the day, you have only been a ‘prey’, where many a moon, and long-drawn-out generations shall eventually pass by, ‘failing to realize’ that ‘veracity’.
We cannot blame the ‘government’ alone, for selling us ‘flamboyant dreams’, by shrewdly disguising their ‘shady deals’ deep within. But, it’s about time that we quit buying tickets to the captivating galleries within our own minds. The minds that are incapable to reason-out the reality in the long-run. The minds that continue to believe in every dazzling lie, sold by the ‘government’.

Publisher’s Note :
SUNALIE RATNAYAKE is a SRI LANKAN Journalist based in USA.
Though her yearning and adoration for “poetry” from her tender years have kept her occupied in writing her own “poetry” almost all her life, as means of pure pleasure, thus far, she has seldom shared her “sonnets” with the public.
She could be reached at : /

Special thanks to Sri Lanka Guardian



Special thanks to Sri Lanka Guardian



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