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Human Rights Solidarity with Sri Lanka

This tragedy reaches around the world, affecting all those that cherish life.

(YORK, UK) - sri lanka I was shocked and saddened to hear of the devastating terrorist attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Men, women and children, from all walks of life and of different nationalities were among the victims.

The attacks have claimed the lives of over two hundred people and injured many hundreds more, including several British nationals.

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Sri Lanka Condemns Violence Against Muslims

Stronger international oversight urged to ensure accountability and protection of ethnic and religious groups.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Sri Lanka The United States Tamil Political Action Council strongly condemns the attack on the Muslims in the town of Aluthgama in Sri Lanka on Sunday and calls on the international community to address the rampant impunity on the island.

News reports are emerging that Muslims were attacked by Sinhala nationalist extremists and their properties were destroyed in Aluthgama and neighboring areas.

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Exhibition Exposes Sri Lankan Human Rights Crisis

The exhibition was launched on April 30 with a public meeting attended by 100 people.

(COLOMBO) - A three-day photo exhibition at Fremantle's Victoria Hall brought the human rights crisis gripping Sri Lanka to a wider audience.

"Sri Lankan Genocide 2009" exhibits images taken by various photographers documenting the months before and after the massacre of more than 40,000 Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan Army in May 2009.

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External Pressure on Sri Lanka May Hurt Progress: President Mahinda Rajapakse

"At present Sri Lanka's annual average growth rate is 7 per cent. In the north it is around 22 per cent. Sri Lanka is among the few countries in Asia with a high growth rate after China," - Majinda Rajapakse

(CHENNAI) - Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse President Mahinda Rajapakse on Wednesday told a top UN official that undue external pressures on Sri Lanka were having adverse effects that could hurt the country's progress.

John W Ashe, the president of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) is currently in Colombo to attend the 15th World Conference on Youth hosted by Sri Lanka.

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Militant Training Camps on Sri Lankan Soil - L. Ganesan

On 5 May Central security agencies claimed that Pakistan’s ISI had plans to carry out terror attacks on two foreign consulates.

(CHENNAI ) - L. Ganesan, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member L. Ganesan, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member warned his party on 5 May 2014 in Tiruchi that Pakistan had chosen Sri Lanka as a base for organising arms training camps for terror outfits and was trying to send militants into India through coastal routes.

He said that Sri Lanka was aware of these illegal activities taking place on its soil, but had not acted upon them.

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Jaffna University Students are not Allowed to Conduct Any Mullivaaykkal Memorial

A notice conveying the ‘instruction’ with the signature of the Registrar has been put up at several places inside the University premises on Tuesday.

(MELBOURNE) - Students at Jaffna Univ Even ten UNHRC resolutions in Geneva will not bring freedom of expression and movement to the Eelam Tamils. Now that the Tamil students are free from their academic studies, they will not be allowed to conduct any Mullivaaykkal function anywhere else in the Tamil Homeland.

As if this is not enough to stifle the freedom of expression of the Tamils, no church or temple bells will be allowed to toll during this period. No memorial prayers could be held in the temple or church premises. Any symbol of reference to the dead martyrs or civilians will invite arrests.

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Sri Lanka Had an ISI Hand in Chennai Bomb Blast?

Tamil Nadu has been targeted by ISI backed by Sri Lanka since Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is against the present regime of the island nation.

(CHENNAI TruthDive) - Chennai Central station Sri Lanka-based links to two suspects with ISI background nabbed by Tamil Nadu police in connection with bomb blasts in Chennai railway station has opened a new revelation to intelligence agencies.

Sources said that a person who was found hiding in the train even two hours after the bomb blast was of Sri Lankan origin. Further interrogation showed that he had links with ISI agent Jafar caught on April 29 by the police. The ISI agent had entered Tamil Nadu through Sri Lankan route.

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Several SL Aircraft Banned from Entering Air Space of European Countries

Economic sanction in disguise?

(COLOMBO Lanka-e-News) - Sri Lanka air A number of planes belonging to the Sri Lankan (SL) aviation service have been declared as not airworthy and a number of European countries have therefore banned their use of the air space of those countries, according reports reaching Lanka e news.

The reason for this ban is the use of corroded decrepit airplanes by the SL aviation service to transport passengers, which do not conform to international standards and hence risky for passenger travel.

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Sri Lanka: Arrest of Tamils Without Warrants Still Continues

Within the last two months, more than 70 people have been detained and interrogated by the SL military, according to its own claims.

(MELBOURNE) - Tamil arrested People are being abducted on a daily basis in North by the Sri Lankan military intelligence operatives clad in civil as ‘Terrorist Investigation Division’ of the Sri Lankan Police. The abductees are taken to interrogations cells operated in each district.

Most of the victims are taken to interrogation camp situated in Vavuniyaa, paramilitary sources in Vavuniyaa said. Many of the families of victims avoid media focus due to the prevailing threat and intimidation by the SL military.

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Sri Lanka: Who is Producing Statistics on Rape?

Major General Shavindra replies to allegations

(COLOMBO Hiro News) - Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanant Representative to the UN Major General Shavendra Silva Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanant Representative to the UN Major General Shavendra Silva replied to allegations raised against the Army over sexual assaults in the North through UN Reports.

Major General Shavendra Silva stated that the Government of Sri Lanka has implemented a firm policy on sexual violence and has taken firm action against reported cases of violence against women during the conflict and the post-conflict period.

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