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Oct-12-2010 14:25printcomments California Launches Prop. 23 Page

Includes Daily Campaign Finance Updates from Secretary of State Web Site Data categorized by total contributions, top contributors, and contributions by state.


(BERKELEY, Calif.) - California, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization, that provides citizens and journalists the transparency tools to shine a light on the influence of money on politics, announces the launch of its Proposition 23 Page. The page is updated daily with campaign finance data from the California Secretary of State Web site. The data is broken down into support of and opposition to the proposed law and then categorized by total contributions, top contributors, and contributions by state.

"Ballot measures write laws that California citizens will live under for years to come," said Daniel Newman, executive director. "California voters deserve to know who is spending millions of dollars to influence laws in our state.'s new Prop. 23 page shines a light on the money fueling the debate surrounding this proposed law."

According to the Secretary of State website, "Proposition 23 suspends air pollution control laws requiring major polluters to report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming until unemployment drops below specified level." Full text of the proposed law can be found here. researchers have also posted the raw campaign finance data in a downloadable Excel format so journalists can sort and execute their own research. Sign up here to receive update alerts via email.

Current Prop. 23 Campaign Finance Data:

Data Source:

All campaign finance figures are based on information published by the California Secretary of State. .

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About is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Berkeley, California. Its mission is to illuminate the connection between Money and Politics (MAP) using its groundbreaking database of campaign contributions and legislative votes. combines data from the Federal Election Commission, the Center for Responsive Politics,, the National Institute on Money in State Politics (NIMSP), the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, and other sources to better inform Americans and local and national media about the role of special-interest money in our political system. has received numerous awards including a Knight-Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism, a James Madison Freedom of Information Award from the Society of Professional Journalists Northern California Chapter, and a Webby nomination for best Politics website. To learn more, please visit:

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McCain October 20, 2010 4:40 am (Pacific time)

Election Year Medicaid Medicare Inducement issues left open for November not openly discussed.Politics have gone from heated to man on fire thoughts. Also the Judicial dilemmas, since all are offically allowed to bear arms again, the big city Mayors are concerned about how the poor will be able to rearm themselves, and are looking for some type of financial relief from Federal State Medicaid programs to maintain their status quo.The higher courts face tough issues this term since making honest fraud legal, there agenda now turns toward making honest kickbacks and honest bribes equally as legal. This topic remains high as a shared issue by the medicaid medicare enrollment providers since they are looking to expand inducements past the complicated pregnancy stage. The DOJ has serious concerns that if legalized marijuana in California for medical reasons could be used as a inducement or inticement to help secure new enrollments for the Federal State Medicare Medicaid programs.The State of California is concerned that if the Feds step up their effort in killing off the marijuana crops it could cause higher tax problems that effect Medicaid currently under consideration by the State 'marijuana tax control board'. Limo drivers cancel their planned Medicaid Cuts DC rally and leave for California to protect this years crop. Wow, don't think I would like to be in Politics for this years elections. Govenor Schwarzenegger indicated that if the Tea Partys membership keeps holding their rallies at our Marijuana burning fields they will have to be taxed for their free use of inhalants, prior to having them bused back to Arizona. Senator Mccain wants the deportation of illegal Mexicans to stop immediatley claims their State has gone to POT and insists Californis return his landscapers at once.

Wayne October 12, 2010 7:36 pm (Pacific time)

The enforcement of AB 32 will cause an economic disaster for California that will keep other states from passing such legislation, and probably do more harm for the cause than it will help the environment.

Points to ponder on AB 32 / Prop 23:

° AB 32 is not a pollution law, it is a global warming law, but it won’t have any effect on global warming.

° Prop 23, in spite of fear-mongering by opponents, does not repeal any clean-air laws. It does not increase local pollution.

° CARB over-estimated diesel emmisions by 340%. What else have they over-estimated?

° Key CARB personnel caught lying about credentials and then failing to reveal this after it is discovered internally before AB 32 passed, until after AB 32 passed. What else are they lying about and with-holding?

° Sacramento State University reports estimated cost of $3734 per year per family due strictly to AB 32.

° CARB has admitted that California alone cannot have an impact on reducing global warming and CO2 emissions.

° US EPA acknowledges that US action alone will not impact the world CO2 levels;

° US EPA (11 July 2010) said that bills in Congress will not reduce the total use of gas and oil of 20 million gallons per day for decades.

° LAO (CA Legislative Analyst Office) stated: CA economy at large will be adversely affected by implementation of climate-related policies that are not in place elsewhere. (Letter to Dan Logue, 13 May 2010)

° Even CARB’s own economic experts have recognized the fact that jobs will be lost because of AB 32. In fact, they recommend establishing a “Worker Transition Program” to provide assistance to people who lose their jobs because of AB 32 regulations.

° AB 32 does nothing for local pollution, nor does Proposition 23 do anything to increase local pollution.

When the loudest objections to any candidacy or initiative are focused on vilifying its financial backers, this often indicates that its opponents’ arguments on its merits are weak.

Vote yes on Prop 23 and suspend AB32.

Wayne October 12, 2010 7:35 pm (Pacific time)

When the loudest objections to any candidacy or initiative are focused on vilifying its financial backers, this often indicates that its opponents’ arguments on its merits are weak.

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