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Blue's Views on Insurance

Over the past 15 to 20 years, our health insurance industry has contributed to, or flagrantly caused, the deaths of thousands of American citizens by denying them the treatment or the medicine that would have saved their lives.

Insurance denial

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Years ago regulations were put into effect nationally to curtail the reported "bad practices" of property and casualty insurance companies. Admitted insurance carriers were no longer allowed to cancel personal or commercial policies at any time for any reason. Further, if a policy was not going to be renewed, or if the rates were going to be increased sharply, the insurance companies had to notify the insured well in advance. The public supported these changes, as do I.

This year we attempted to regulate health insurance companies, and tens of millions of Americans rushed to the defense of the wealthy health insurance company executives. I was astounded. Why should the insurance company that covered your car and your home have been fair game, but the insurance companies that purport to provide your health insurance be exempt and immune?

Even before regulation, how often did you hear of an insurance company rescinding your policy (almost literally taking the policy back and returning the premium) after you had an auto accident or a fire at home? Almost never. Yet today, it is commonplace for health insurance companies to rescind policies after the insured becomes ill, has surgery, etc. All they have to do is return the premium and “rescind the policy”. They can be very creative in the reasons they use to do this. In one case I know of, the insured was off by one inch on her height, and 5 pounds on her weight, on her application. Nearly a year after they purchased the policy, she got sick. Claiming “insurance fraud”, the health insurance carrier rescinded the policy and returned the premium. Just imagine for a moment your health insurance company did that to you. Awful thought, isn't it?

I cannot for the life of me- figure out why so many Americans think this is fair, and the right thing to do – unless it is because the health insurance company is doing it to someone else, and not to them!

Over the past 15 to 20 years, our health insurance industry has contributed to, or flagrantly caused, the deaths of thousands of American citizens by denying them the treatment or the medicine that would have saved their lives. The reason they do this is to increase their own profits and bonuses.

By the way, do not believe what you hear from those who want to reduce taxes on the rich in order to "create jobs". These people usually do not use these extra profits to create more jobs. They spend this money on homes, cars, jewelry, alcohol, drugs, prostitutes, sex slaves, and all other sorts of debauchery. (It is not the poor who are buying all of these things, as you will realize if you ever think about how much those things cost).

Do the health insurance companies have to do this to be profitable – absolutely not! The life and health insurance industries have mortality tables that rather accurately reflect the number of people who are going to die and who are going to get sick. Over the years they have made so much money, and still have so much money, that they can buy politicians, buy the most effective actors to present very believable television and radio ads, and have succeeded in fooling the American public to the point of absurdity.

Are there actually sound tables that can predict hurricanes, earthquakes, defective autos, bridges that are going to fail, oil spills, or other catastrophes that are covered by the property and casualty insurance companies. We all know there is not as of yet.

Do property and casualty insurance companies routinely kill people by withholding needed treatments and medicines? No, they do not. So just who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? If you still feel your car insurance company is a bad guy, what must this make the health insurance company?

If you are a Christian, even a conservative Christian, in your hearts you know I am right. By opposing health care reform, you are supporting Satan’s greatest allies on Earth, and you know you will be held accountable. If you are making money off the current health insurance racket, or if you plan to do so, then you will claim that I am all wrong and a liar.

To those of you who think our current health insurance system is just fine, I hope someday you lose your health insurance, or your health insurance carrier denies the needed life sustaining medical care to someone you love. Then you will be on my side, but it may be too late for the one you care about. You should have voted for the American people back in 2010, when we still had a voice.

Just think about it.

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Amanda October 1, 2010 2:08 pm (Pacific time)

Yes, the documentary "Sicko" is an eye opener for those who have not travelled and seen the other world of excellent healthcare without fear of affordability. We are, in more ways than one, "Third World America"

Ralph E. Stone September 29, 2010 11:36 am (Pacific time)

You might see Michael Moore's "Sicko," as his documentary mentions this the issue you raise.

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