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Are Police Pushing Occupy Portland Toward Violence?

So far more than 50 people have been arrested in Portland.

Occupy Portland
Frame from Occupy Portland's live video

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - "Impact weapons, Tear gas, pepper spray, less than lethal rounds, (A wives tale - the bullets kill and have center metal cores) police appear to be growing more threatening by the moment right now in Oregon's City of Roses. The black clad cops with their 'hard gear' are vastly outnumbered.

At least one demonstrator has received injuries from police, the number is probably much higher.

Protestors are trained, and along with media, they have equipment like gas masks, and will not easily be moved. At least 15 had been arrested by mid-afternoon.

Occupiers held their ground all night and into the morning, so now Portland Police are really going to work to aid Wall Street against these Americans who say they are rallying for the rights of all.

Some of the cops in Portland are getting more credit than they deserve for their treatment of Oregonians at the Occupy Portland.

At the time of this writing, Portland Police are making an attempt to clear the movement from Chapman Park, police are forcibly clearing property and KATU's live camera showed an officer taking a person's guitar and intentionally smashing it and then throwing a pallet onto it with force.

It seemed a symbolic gesture representing what may the looming anger of riot police deployed to the scene.

Never has anything divided Americans more than the mass deployment of riot police. In this case police say they could attack the demonstrators with chemical agents.

Police are being clear that the prefer to use violence on the crowds rather than allow their demonstration.

Chapman Park is the place, the movement called for people to join them at the park today, police are destroying the areas that were used to provide food and shelter to the people taking part in the demonstration.

Last night and into this morning, police and demonstrators squared off for hours, literally pushing back and forth for inches of ground.

Protestors in Portland have been able to maintain their presence without violence which has been rampant in places like Oakland, California. The crowd in Portland has bent over backwards to comply with the wishes of police and city and parks officials who have done everything possible to end the movement.

We'll keep you up to date, right now we know that Portland Police are making things as hard on the movement as they can, they are doing it with direction from Portland Mayor Sam Adams who is not supporting the movement, along with, apparently, all members of the Portland City Council.

They are not paying attention to the wishes of the people, they are responding to those who oppose a peaceful movement. Reporters in Portland are saying they have never seen this type of police presence in their lives.


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Anonymous November 14, 2011 1:06 pm (Pacific time)

It's about time the junkies are being cleaned up. Time for these losers to go back to school, go to work or look for work. Great job Portland Police. Kick their butts out

Gandhi November 13, 2011 9:13 pm (Pacific time)

It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. - Mahatma Gandhi

GreenWhatElse November 13, 2011 7:42 pm (Pacific time)

The Oligarchy and their fascist pigs are making peaceful revolution impossible. The shitting traitors don't understand that citizens out number them and we have guns. The Oligarchy count on Americans being too cowardly to actually defend our country any more.

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