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Meet Egypt`s Next Leader

“Muslim Brotherhood is nothing but a blight in the Egyptian contemporary socio-political fabric and wiping it off requires a leader with a vision”

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - Iraq is devastated, Lebanon is worn out, Yemen is collapsing, Sudan is split, Libya is ruins, Palestine is history and Syria is dying and the Gulf states are feeling the tremor approaching … all eyes are on Egypt now.

Welcome to the new Middle East … welcome to the aftermath of designed chaos and fake democracy, or the so called Arab Spring.

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Ukraine vs. Egypt: Chaos in Progress

“Obviously, I was watching the Ukrainian version of the Tahrir Square revolution. Is it a coincidence? Is it only my imagination? … I don’t think so”

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - Cairo vs Kiev Though I’ve never been to Ukraine or Russia before but the minute I started following the news of the huge protests in Kiev, I felt like I was somehow connected /related in a strange way to this Ukrainian revolution.

This whole revolution thing sounded not so unfamiliar to me.

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Today`s Egypt in a Song: `Rima is back to her old ways`

The lyrics are highly idiomatic where what is left unsaid is understood from the little that is said.

(LONDON) - Yasser Elmanawahly In Egypt, there is a new catchy tune circulating in social media pages.

The song, which gives a symbolic description of the current events in Egypt, is sung by an artist who is known for his strong leanings towards the 25th January 2011 revolution.

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The Meaning Of Dieudonné

Dieudonné has reminded us what the Left stood for in the first place...

(LONDON) - Dieudonné Since the 1968 Student Revolution, the European and American Left, together with a herd of Jewish progressive intellectuals, have invested enormous effort in attempting to break society down into multiple segments of identities.

The Left adopted this peculiar approach because it could never cope with its own failure to bond with working people.

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Misplaced Lessons of Tahrir

The lesson I take away from The Square is that we must prevent the operation of business as usual until the institution itself, not its face, is fixed.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Tahrir Square in Egypt I still want Dirty Wars to win the Oscar, but The Square is a documentary worth serious discussion as we hit the three-year point since the famous occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo that overthrew Mubarak -- in particular because a lot of people seem to get a lot of the lessons wrong.

I suppose some people will leave Dirty Wars imagining that we need clean wars, whatever those would be. But too many people seem to be drawing from The Square lessons they brought with them to it...

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Sajeeb Wazed Joy Has Millions in a Swiss Bank Account

William Gomes says most of the media became the PR agency of the ruling party and the listed few who were vocal against the fascist regime have been successfully silenced by the ruling government.

(ISLAMABAD) - Journalist William Gomes has claimed in a Tweet and email to Sajeeb Wazed Joy,Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s son that Joy has an account in swiss bank worth 30 bln USD.

Journalist William Gomes has claimed in a Tweet and email to Sajeeb Wazed Joy,Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s son that Joy has an account in swiss bank worth 30 bln USD.

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Bangladesh Hangs Jamaat Leader for War Crimes

UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay wrote to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seeking a stay of the execution, saying the trial did not meet stringent international standards for the death penalty.

(DHAKA Burma Times) - Bangladesh on Thursday hanged Abdul Quader Molla Bangladesh on Thursday hanged Abdul Quader Molla, a top Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader known as the “Butcher of Mirpur,” making him the first person to be put to death for massacres committed during the country’s bloody 1971 war of independence.

Deputy law minister Quamrul Islam announced the execution, saying Abdul Quader Molla, 65, a senior leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was hanged by the neck at 10.01 pm (1601 GMT) in a jail in the capital Dhaka.

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The Rwanda People`s Party Mourns President Nelson Mandela, a Global Peace Icon

We also extend our deep sorrow and condolences to President Nelson Mandela’s family at this difficult time...

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Nelson Mandela On 05th of December 2013, the world heard with sadness news that South Africa, and Africa as a whole, lost its greatest son, President Nelson Mandela. President Mandela will always be a giant icon for peace, unity and reconciliation.

He helped drag South Africa from the shackles of racist apartheid and pushed it onto a path of peace and reconciliation.

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Bangladesh Must Halt Execution of War Crimes Suspect Abdul Qader Mollah

Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes asked president of Bangladesh stop the hanging of the leader of the country's largest Islamic party.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Abdul Qader Mollah Hanging Mollah on the basis of retroactive legislation and then denying him the right to appeal against this sentence is a grave violation of his fundamental rights. Following the international standard of Justice, Abdul Qader Mollah, accused of war crimes, should be granted a right to appeal against the conviction and death sentence.

According to Human Rights Watch, Mr. Mollah's death sentence was handed down based on retroactively amended legislation. This is a violation of international fair trial standards.

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Reconciliation Rather Than Revenge, Assessing the Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Mandela rejected those in the black community who wanted revenge for the years of apartheid and, instead, called for reconciliation and the creation of a democratic, multi-racial society.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - The death of Nelson Mandela has taken from us an extraordinary leader, one who embraced reconciliation rather than revenge, and provided his country with an opportunity to move forward without the bloodshed and strife which has characterized other parts of the African continent.

He used the power of forgiveness and reconciliation to heal deep wounds and usher in an era of peace after decades of racial conflict. On a continent with leaders who remain in power for life, Mandela became a role model, stepping down from the presidency after one term.

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