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VIDEO: Tamil Girls Tortured, Sexually Abused by Sri Lankan Army

The scenes inside this video are chilling to say the least, and there is no question that this is what the UN calls sexual violence.

Tamil girls forced to serve in genocidal Sri Lankan army terrorized
Tamil girls forced to serve in genocidal Sri Lankan army terrorized by male soldiers who strike their behinds with sticks repeatedly.

(SALEM) - New video emerged just a few hours ago of male Sri Lankan soldiers snapping Tamil girls' buttocks with tree branches while forcing them to do awkward push-up exercises with their feet two or more feet in the air. They are also forced to low crawl in a military style training environment, as the soldiers walk alongside bringing the crude torture devices down over and over again on the young women's backsides.

Muthamizh Vendhan, the first person to send photos of the Sri Lankan Genocide to our newsroom several years ago, says this video from a Sri Lankan soldier's cell, depicts the fate of the Tamil women compelled to join the Sri Lankan army.

"Beside being sexually abused the women have also been subjected to such inhumane treatment on a frequent basis. One can denote the Sinhala chauvinist patriarchist nature of the inhuman treatment they are subjected to in the video."

He says the phenomena of Tamil women being forced into the genocidal Sri Lankan military was circulated in various news mediums in a distorted manner, intending to present the ground situation in the North and East Sri Lanka as one where Tamils are after the genocidal war, even embracing the Sri Lankan army.

While some degree of brainwashing of captured Tamils has undoubtedly taken place inside of Sri Lanka's post-war detention camps, most have zero interest in serving in the army of Sri Lanka which killed at least 40,000 civilians during the closing months of the country's long running war between Tamil separatists and the Buddhist Sri Lankan government.

Sri Lanka's long shattered integrity is no longer a hidden factor. Convicted by the Permanent People's Tribunal of Genocide in December, this regime under President Majinda Rajapakse, is now standing in front of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, while countries move toward a resolution calling for an independent international investigation of the war crimes committed by both the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tigers, or LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

Vendhan asked, "Is it absolved from intersection with ethnicity, territory and religion? IS is not sexual violence against Tamil women? I wonder were all those fierce commentaries from the radical feminist of India and Sri Lanka is now? They are quick to denote revolution by the masses and oppressed nations as nationalist and communal, but unable to transcend their own bias against Tamils and their own internalization of pan Indian or pan Sri Lankan consciousness regarding being principled when it comes to crimes against women."

The women in this video are being subjected to fierce pain, terrible fear, and extreme humiliation. It is clear that the soldiers are enjoying torturing the girls and continually striking their butts with tree branches which make an unmistakable sound when used as a weapon.

One can only imagine what takes place off camera.

The Sri Lankan army and government show us once again that they are incapable of government their own military behavior, and that sexual abuse and torture of Tamil girls and women is systemic and encouraged.

The wrath against the Tamils did not subside with the close of the war, it continues in a fashion that nearly resembles slavery.

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Wasantha March 21, 2014 11:51 am (Pacific time)

You Idiot!
These are not Tamils! They are Sinhala girls who undergoing an Army Training!!! It may be wrong the way of doing the training. But don't spread lies!!!

Sri Lanka's government is one big festering lie.  This was presented to me as it is described, nobody has been able to point to any reason they can conclude there are no Tamil girls in the video, idiot.  Besides, the fact that they are Tamil is only one point; these girls are being abused by the Sri Lakan Army, some things never change.  Perhaps their training and discipline is the very worst in the entire world.

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