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Woodburn Man Arrested on Numerous Sex Crime Charges

So far, police have only been able to locate three victims, all of which are minors.

(WOODBURN, Ore. ) - David Gonzalez Elias A Woodburn, Oregon man has been arrested on multiple sex crime charges, and police fear there maybe more victims.

Woodburn police say on Wednesday night, they arrested 29-year-old David Gonzalez-Elias after an investigation into his actions began in 2012.

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A Memorandum of Instructions to Volunteers for Training as Common Law Peace Officers

Issued by The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels on May 12, 2014 (Accompanied by The Common Law Sheriffs' Training Manual)

(HOLLY HILL, Fla.) - ITCCS logo This Memorandum is issued to those who have volunteered for training as common law peace officers and court sheriffs. It is part of a package that includes a short Training Manual and relevant documents.

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Taking Schoolgirls into Slavery, Sign of Boko Haram`s Profound Ignorance of Islam

We must release Islam from the ignorance of Boko Haram while also releasing the captive girls from the clutches of these cruel bandits!

(TEHRAN IranReview.Org) - Rally against capture of Nigerian schoolgirls The news was very scary. The kidnapping of 275 high school girls in Nigeria by Takfiri and terrorist members of Boko Haram group and their later announcement about their intention to sell the girls as slaves was shocking enough to heavily weigh down on the conscience of every human being.

However, this has not apparently taken place in reality. It seems that the world has become callous and indifferent as a result of high frequency of violent crimes and extremism.

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British Soldier Persecuted, Institutionalized for Discussing Common Law Arrest Warrants Against Elizabeth Windsor

Cunningham reported the existence of the standing arrest warrant against Windsor for crimes against humanity.

(STAFFORD, England) - Elizabeth Windsor Vivian Cunningham, a serving soldier in the Irish Guards Regiment in Aldershot, Hampshire, has been detained, institutionalized and drugged against his will for mentioning to a senior officer the Common Law arrest warrants against convicted felon Elizabeth Windsor (aka "Queen Elizabeth").

Cunningham has been detained without consent for 6 months.

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Deputies Seek Public Help to Find Flasher

If you know this person or think you may have witnessed this incident, please call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 503-588-5032.

(SALEM) - 2200 block of Lancaster Drive NE, Salem, Oregon Monday, at about 10:30 p.m., a female victim called the Sheriff's Office to report that she had been chased by a male who had exposed his genitals and began masturbating in her presence.

The victim stated she first noticed the male as they passed each other in the 2200 block of Lancaster Drive NE. The victim stated the male mumbled something to her and when she turned around his face was covered, his genitals exposed and he was masturbating.

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Woman Falsely Convicted of Sex Crime and Set Free Talks to Tim King About Oregon Justice

Lucinda Hites-Clabough, says Oregon needs an Ombudsman to oversee the integrity of district attorneys, judges and even the attorney general. A similar program was launched in Washington in the late 90's.

(SALEM) - Lucinda Hites-Clabough Lucinda Hites-Clabough is a school teacher who was falsely convicted of first-degree sexual abuse, and later had her conviction overturned.

Her case is one of many in Oregon that involves a legal system that insiders say, has no check or balances. Years of official corruption clashed with a gross lack of skills in determining an actual suspect from a contrived one, today define Oregon's justice system.

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Mayor From Okinawa to Bring Surprising Message to Washington

International Scholars, Peace Advocates and Artists Condemn Agreement To Build New U.S. Marine Base in Okinawa.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Mayor Susumu Inamine Imagine if China were stationing large numbers of troops in the United States. Imagine that most of them were based in a small rural county in Mississippi.

Imagine -- this shouldn't be hard -- that their presence was problematic, that nations they threatened in Latin America resented the United States' hospitality, and that the communities around the bases resented the noise and pollution and drinking and raping of local girls.

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Enforcement of Annulment Orders Against the Church of Rome and of England Will Commence in July

Training of Common Law Officers and Sheriffs to begin May 19

(BRUSSELS) - ICLCJ logo The Easter Maastricht Proclamation of the Court that nullified the laws and authority of the Church of Rome and its corporate subsidiaries will be actively enforced by duly sworn and trained Common Law Officers commencing in the first week of July, 2014.

Assisted by the community, the Officers will enforce the lawful annulment of these corporate bodies in at least nine countries...

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Sri Lanka: Who is Producing Statistics on Rape?

Major General Shavindra replies to allegations

(COLOMBO Hiro News) - Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanant Representative to the UN Major General Shavendra Silva Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanant Representative to the UN Major General Shavendra Silva replied to allegations raised against the Army over sexual assaults in the North through UN Reports.

Major General Shavendra Silva stated that the Government of Sri Lanka has implemented a firm policy on sexual violence and has taken firm action against reported cases of violence against women during the conflict and the post-conflict period.

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New ``Black Ops`` Sabotage and Misinformation Campaign Based in Ireland, and Directed Against our Work

Issued by ITCCS Central and the ICLCJ

(BRUSSELS) - The Official Stamp and Logo of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ). BE ADVISED that a catholic-funded Irish operative named John Deegan, who along with his wife goes by the internet name "Mary Hennessey", is currently engaged in a smear and misinformation campaign aimed at the most active and successful branches of the ITCCS and their affiliated common law courts.

The Deegans are issuing false public statements in the name of ICLCJ and are fraudulently using and issuing our official logo in their own name, without our knowledge or permission.

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