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Portland's Dr. Death Found Guilty in Australia

Oregon goes after esteemed medical marijuana physicians but allows the killers to move to Australia.

Dr. Jayant Patel
Dr. Jayant Patel Courtesy: topnews.in

(MELBOURNE) - Following a 14 week trail and 50 hours of deliberation, a jury found Portland, Oregon's Dr. Jayant Patel dubbed “Dr. Death” guilty on 3-counts of manslaughter, from botched death resulting surgery he performed on three patient in Australia.

This long overdue verdict is a slap in the face of Portland, Oregon's Kaiser Hospital that gave him a good recommendation when he departed Oregon to continue his sloppy surgery in Australia.

And to Oregon's Medical Board who's job it is to protect the public from doctors like "Dr. Death" Patel.

It seems that they were so busy making sure that some vet wouldn't grow his own, "legal in Oregon" medical marijuana that they let the real killers like Dr. Patel go on killing.

Our own Dr. Phillip Leveque, a World War Two Combat Veteran who went onto become a Professor of Pharmacology, Forensic Toxicologist and Osteopathic Physician, was hounded and fined by the Oregon Medical Board, which was bent on bringing the good doctor down.

Dr. Leveque trained the first western doctors in Tanzania and Uganda. He worked with thousands of Vietnam Veterans who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He lost his license to practice medicine because he signed a medical marijuana permit for a patient who qualified for medical marijuana on several counts, but was unable to travel hundreds of miles for a physical, due to being handicapped and poverty ridden.

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Mohil Patel March 25, 2011 1:44 pm (Pacific time)

What I think about the Article on the appeal of Dr Jayant Patel and the convictions?
I have just read about Dr Jayant Patel having the opportunity to appeal against his 7 years sentence on the conviction of the manslaughter of 3 patients and giving serious injuries to one of the other patient. They believe that the trial was not fair when the punishment was given.
Background of how I got to know about Dr Jayant Patel?
The very first time I had come aware of Dr Jayant Patel was by reading in the Asian Voice newspaper about convictions on the manslaughter of three patients and injuring one patient. Since then, I have always tried to keep in touch with this article by accessing the Internet websites. I had noticed many negative comments were made by people and media in regards to this case. To the extent Dr Jayant Patel was called “Dr Death” and some many other different horrible names. I was not satisfied with the articles that are written on the Internet. On many occasions, I had only noticed two issues that relating to the convictions and the appeals regarding the case. All the way through out, I was not able to see what Dr Jayant Patel had to say on the charges. To the extent, Dr Jayant Patel was also convicted for 87 fatalities combined in Australia and America, moreover the fraud involved in this case as well. Is this not hard to believe? Can the story be one sided and only one person is to be blamed? It seems that Media totally denied what Dr Jayant Patel has to say in his defence.
What questions I have on Dr Jayant Patel accused on Manslaughter, Body injuries and Fraud?
As a result, there are questions regarding the convictions Dr Jayant Patel as follows:
1) Whenever I read about Dr Jayant Patel issue in the Internet article, I always have seen that the media happens to only write against Dr Jayant Patel. But does he have nothing to say in his self defences?
2) If Dr Jayant Patel had being causing many fatalities, then why was he not stopped in the first place?
3) In the Operation Theatre, there are going to be more than one doctor performing the operation. Then how comes the other doctors are named and to be blamed.
4) If the Bundaberg Hospital thinks that Dr Jayant Patel was not a qualified doctor, then why was he employed in the first place? Are employers also not to be blamed in this?
5) It was also mentioned that one of the patient was bleeding a lot after the operation. In this case, other doctors are also able to help out as well. Then why did other doctors did not occupy the patient?
6) Do the people not think that Dr Jayant is victimised because; he was the Director of the Bundaberg Hospital and has the higher position?
7) Would Dr Jayant Patel want to do something like this if he was the Director of Bundaberg Hospital
8) Dr Jayant Patel was given the award because; of his skills. Would he really want to go on to do something like this?
9) If the patients were having problems, then why was their no complaint before for an early inquiry?
10) Many patients that happen to have a negative experience have little sympathy for the doctor. Why would those patients want to have sympathy for the doctor? Were they told to lie in front of the judge and the media?
11) Why did it take so long to investigate what Dr Jayant Patel’s mistakes were like and to bring them forward?
12) Did no one on the Bundaberg Hospital know what was going on in the hospital for a long time?
13) Was the lawyer doing the job the way it is suppose to be done in the court to defend Dr Jayant Patel? If yes, then why were other doctors not arrested in these types of convictions?
14) Was there nobody that was able to give witness or provide evidence to save Dr Jayant Patel in the court?
15) First it was said that Dr Jayant Patel was the Head in Bundaberg Hospital and then was said that he was an assistant. Does anyone know what he is in reality?
16) Dr Jayant Patel is convicted for fraud. Why are fraud details not been mentioned?
Are their answers to these questions? The obvious answer may be yes if the lawyers are going to be answering these questions as they would be experienced lawyers.
How I believe Media is against Dr Jayant Patel?
The media had covered the story one side and that was against Dr Jayant Patel. It would have favoured them a lot more due to Indian media having no interference to collect the facts to bring the truth to help out Dr Jayant Patel. Should the India media do investigation for Dr Jayant Patel to find out the actual facts of the convictions?
How I believe that Politics was involved in Bundaberg Hospital case against Dr Jayant Patel?
At workplace many different politics are going to be played and in this, Dr Jayant Patel that has been victimised. In Bundaberg Hospital, the real culprit would have got away because; they have so many other doctors, seniors and the higher executive officer available their to cover their back for them. It was believed that Dr Jayant Patel would come early in the morning and work late till night in the hospital. In his case, Bundaberg Hospital believes that he was creating mess. Were there nobody else working till that time? Would there be any reason for the assistant to work that much in the hospital and did no one tell him what he was doing? After been convicted for three patients manslaughter and one patient injured, he is given seven years prison on those cases. But, the people still believe that it is not enough and the sentence need to be raised a lot more. I believe that real reason would be for them to make Dr Jayant Patel give up and serve the punishments all alone on those charges. This is just the way to drown Dr Jayant Patel and leave him in mess caused by so many people. Overall, I see that if Dr Jayant Patel is to be blamed, the Bundaberg hospital should have taken necessary step immediately. If they were not taken, it can be the only meaning that they wanted to pile up the mistake against the doctor and suddenly bombarded the conviction later on. Were they not thinking about the patient’s life then? In the court, it was said the Dr Jayant Patel was doing this for long time and no one was able to understand how to stop this. There would be other workers at Bundaberg hospital that are able to help and also if Dr Jayant Patel is an assistant, then others in a higher position in comparison, can help to solve the issue quickly.
Media and politics combined together involved in the case against Dr Jayant Patel?
The media has on many occasion just influenced the story one side and have more responses. The media are also Australian and they are going to be bad mouthing Dr Jayant Patel all the way. Also the audience’s responses for them are very important and are receiving response in their favour as well. Also writers like Roger Sandhall and other writers would be able to really fire up the case and present the information in front of the audience. Having the patients photo in certain pause make it much more obvious in the news article. But there is only one name and others name are not be forgotten. What might of happen may be true, but one person is not be blamed in all this case. The political involved would be to show how they can expose the doctors that are causing errors in their job. Also, they are going to be saving the many people that are to be accused in this case because; they are trump card for them. I believe this would is a complete set up against one doctors and this is because; the issue was not raised for a long time and this had created the issue much more serious. I believe that more people are to be questioned in relation to this issue. As a result, this is where the whole of situation is going; many people are to be blamed and should be pulled up. Should this be how they are being exposed? It is very obvious that in the world that there are many different people in various communities watching the news. The real opportunity of the political influence is going to be when responses are going to be negative from the audience.
Dr Jayant Patel arrested for Fraud Charges:
Also the 8 fraud charges were suggested. Why would Dr Jayant Patel want to do fraud after so much money? In the news, newspaper, or Internet article, I have heard nothing in about him doing fraud and nothing has been mentioned as to what types of fraud had been done by him. Is this another way to make the case stronger against Dr Jayant Patel?
FBI arresting Dr Jayant Patel:
Moreover, Dr Jayant Patel was arrested in America by the FBI. This will obviously be more serious case and with the help of the other nation, more evidence going to be developed. Also the real culprits will be getting more cover and support and all the blames is going to fall on Dr Jayant Patel. Many enquiries were done and only Dr Jayant Patel name had come out in this. If only one person name has come out, then it is very obvious that there are errors in the enquiries. Earlier, when Dr Jayant Patel was realised, it was believed that “Whistleblower” had saved him and he had got away. But what is the guarantee that this time Dr Jayant Patel is not is not victimised? This is because; the “Whistleblower” would only suggest one name and have all the accusation thrown on his name, whereas other names would be ignored. Also the FBI would have pressurised him during investigation that had been carried. Even if Dr Jayant Patel would say something, it would be ignored by them. Who else is to be questioned in this?
What are the positive comments that I have heard about Dr Jayant Patel?
The colleagues and the students studying medicines have positive opinion on Dr Jayant Patel and what he was the Director at Bundaberg Hospital. The colleagues happen to say that he was helpful to them. The Patients believe that any issues that they had, they were explained to them in detail. The junior doctors say that Dr Jayant Patel was helpful in teaching and would stay till later to mentor. All this would have been presented in court. After this, is their going to be any point of Dr Jayant Patel manslaughtering 3 patients and giving serious bodily injuries to one of the patients? Once the problems happen to occur during the operation, where Dr Jayant Patel is the operation told one of the junior doctor (doing the operation with him) to place the cut on the patient. It was gone wrong and in order to recover it, the operation had taken long. I believe this is write step and also the court should have thought that way as well. Later after the operation, the patients had not stabilised due to error in the operation made and due to a lot of blood lose the patients had died later. In this case Dr Jayant might be blamed as he was supervising the junior doctor. But the actual errors was made by the junior doctor and moreover, it is happened to be believed that Dr Jayant Patel was an assistant that why was he helping the junior doctor? So, Dr Jayant Patel cannot be blamed in that case.
How can this situation be seen in a different way of Dr Jayant Patel for example?
Imagine Dr Jayant Patel is not a doctor but is a teacher. Firstly, it is believed that the teacher is very good and helpful and many different people think of it that way. The other teachers also had a positive view on him. The work that is to be done in the classroom by the students would be explained to them thoroughly and in response, they are satisfied over it. In general, the teacher response (Dr Jayant Patel) is very positive. Then one occasion, it had totally turned around when the teacher (Dr Jayant Patel) was giving the students revision on the upcoming exams. There are 30 students in the revision class and 15 students are able to do well in the exam, 5 students are on average levels and 10 students had failed poorly. Out of this the teacher might be blamed, if their understanding was not the way it should be. But, the question again would be that how those students behaved during the revision session, their attendance in the revision and general attendance, attitude towards studies and understanding as overall was in the classroom. Would the students not be blamed at that point? But still the teacher (Dr Jayant Patel) would be pulled for it them have to face the charges because of that.
When Dr Jayant Patel was pulled up earlier and free from those charges?
Previously, Dr Jayant Patel was blamed for the manslaughter patients in May 2003 at Bundaberg hospital, when he had done Oesophagectomy one of the patients that had kidney issues. He was aware that if nothing was to be done, it would become more serious. If the treatment would have been done, there was a risk. But the treatment to my perspective had to be done in order to save the person life. It was very unfortunate that the patient had died due to blood lose. Against Dr Jayant Patel, it was said that he did not do the treatment the way it was suppose to done. But this was not true because; the necessary equipments and medicines were not available. So what can Dr Jayant Patel do then? Also from my opinion, I believe that Dr Jayant Patel is not to be blamed on that case. If the equipments were missing, why were they ordered in the first placed? Also, training on them should to be taken on the equipments as they are going to be new. As a result, also the court happens to believe that Dr Jayant Patel was innocent and was free from the charges of manslaughter and grievous bodily injuries. To my point of view, I believe the court was right because; Dr Jayant Patel was not be blamed for errors that occurred and is believed to the natural causes and if he was to be blamed, other doctors, the whole of Bundaberg hospital staffs and accommodations would be blamed because of the medicines and equipments are missing. Would this not be the right step then? The reason also why I believe Bundaberg hospital had not victimised Dr Jayant Patel because; there was not way he could have been blamed as clearly equipments and medicines missing. Would you not think of it that way? As a result, the court had freed all the charges agreeing that he was innocent. So if Dr Jayant Patel was free all of those charges that time, why not this time? Can this issue not happen again as before? But this time, I think that Bundaberg would have had the opportunity to develop more evidence against him, where he could be victimised easily. Also more witness’s equivalent to 90 and other concrete evidence were gathered to make their conspiracy stronger and unbeatable. Is that not possible?
What have I heard about the experience about the Indians in Australia?
In Australia, there are many different cultured people from all different community settled their. It is obvious that many countries are going to be following multicultural and show they are respectful to all different cultures and communities.
How Indian students are treated in Australia?
For quite a time, I have come across the way Indians are treated in Australia. The way they are treated is very brutal. The students that go to Australia to study are not given opportunity to study and only problems are created to them. Admissions are not given to them. If the students are studying and they submit their assignment, they believe that it is plagiarised. Are students in Australia going to be able to study like that? Are student safe in Australia?
How are general Indian people treated in Australia?
There are many Indian taxi drivers that are brutally abused in Australia and beaten up. On the roads they are beaten up brutally and also the police complaints are not taken. They even die is well. What is their family going to be feeling? Many of them would be in the Intensive care Unit. More over, they had even protested. Did anyone listen to their voice? Obviously Not. But the people that were protesting were dragged and arrested. Is that they way for justice?
How Australians in India have behaved?
Whenever the Australians have come to India, they always have introduced poor behaviour at points. One of them was during the test match in 2001 when Australia had toured India. The issue was regarding Rahul Dravid being caught by Michael Slater. It was given not out and Michael Slater started a dispute over Rahul Dravid on it. Shane Warne did not like the food and had ordered food special from Australia. Is this not an insult to India? In the year 2004, against Australia had toured India and Adam Gilchrist had shown negative attitude against the food saying the food contained had contained “Cockroach” and later had eaten that bit because it was not “Cockroach”. Again it is this not an insult? India at one point had point had Greg Chappell as a coach for the India team. He had ruined Irfan Pathan bowling by trying to make him an all rounder on the basis of batting positively few times. But Irfan Pathan was not prepared and denied to be one and wanted to just remain as a bowler. Greg Chappell did not listen and did what he liked and end ruining his batting and bowling together, which costed him the overall quality of his cricket. Now he is struggling to find his place in the team and have not played for India a long time. With Saurav Ganguly, he had also tried to ruin his career, where Saurav Ganguly was not able to perform during the matches. As a result, Saurav Ganguly had lost his place for a long time and most probably seemed impossible for him to make his place in the Indian team. But had his opportunity and had proven his point. Was Greg Chappell right to ruin both Indian cricket players career like that? In the year 2008, Australia tour of India, Mathew Hayden and Zaheer Khan had a problem, where Zaheer Khan had to pay 80% of his match fees as fined. In the same tour, Shane Watson and Gautam Gambhir issue, where Shane Watson had to pay 10% fined and Gautam Gambhir was been suspended for the whole of the match. Shane Watson had a go at Gautam Gambhir first and other player. There were more issues that had occurred during that tour. In the year 2010, when Australia had lost to India 2-0 in the test series, Ricky Ponting had a go at Zaheer Khan, when Ricking Ponting was out. Also the Olympics were taking place. The result was that the Australian people taking part in the Olympics had lost their temper and had thrown things out of the window. In the World Cup 2011, when Ricky Ponting was run out against Zimbabwe. He was so angry that he smashed the television screen in the changing. But it was replaced and this is not a serious case to my point of view and the official did not take it serious. But what about the entire attitude that had been shown by them all the way through out when they had toured to India? Another problem related was different from sport and more political, when a person called Graham Stuart Staines, who was an Australian Christian Missionary, had come to India to develop a fellowship and teaching. The issue was that Hindus living in India were forced and converted to Christianity. As a result, he was burnt to death. The person involved in this was arrested and awarded a death penalty but the punishment was removed. But, I think for someone to come over from another nation and brainwashing other religion people and forcing them to convert to another religion, is unacceptable. This is going to create more problems and it is obvious that those people are going to walk away. I am sure that this case would have been under the law but that would not have been the case. As a result, this type of harsh step had to be taken to stop this from happening. Was Graham Stuart Staines not to be blamed in this case? Was their no politics in this case?
How Australian media in general have had a go at the Indians living in Australia?
In the previous years, Indians that have been facing problems living in Australia had come out in defence to say that the Indians are safe in Australia. Was this true? When the Indian cricket had toured Australia in the year 2007, the media had also been against India without knowing the fact. In this Harbhajan Singh was convicted of been racist to Andrew Symonds. Moreover, he was going to be banned from the remaining matches. But later, they were able to find out that Harbhajan Singh was innocent and was free of all the charges. On one occasions later during the tour, the media with Matthew Hayden was bad mouth Harbhajan Singh. Was this appropriate for the media to behave with the India cricketer and the general India public? Can it not be the same case with Dr Jayant Patel for his convictions? Previously, once one of the Indian doctors Dr Muhamed Haneef was arrested on charge of terrorism. But later was freed of all the charges and also in return is going to be given the compensation on that. Is the compensation going to be enough? Is this going to bring the time that he had spend the time in prison? This is another way where more problems are going to be creates for the Indian in Australia. As a result, it is just going to be defaming them a lot more.
America accusing Dr Jayant Patel and the issue of Warren Anderson:
Also it happens to be that America also had patients that feel that Dr Jayant Patel has been a problem for them just like in Australia. But if American government go back in year of 1984 in India, city of Bhopal and remember the Gas Tragedy resulting many over 25 000 people dieing, 100 000 people have chronic health issue and 558, 125 had been injured (Statistics may not be accurate). In this case, it was the American citizen, Warren Anderson, former chairman and chief executive officer of Union Carbide to be blamed. The Indian court had filed and charge sheet on Warren Anderson as he was the one involved in this project. But, he escaped and went back to America. Was Warren Anderson right to escape back to America? Is Warren Anderson not to be blamed for the death, health issues and injuries in India? I am sure that America was told about what Warren Anderson had caused in India and the result because of that. What did the American government do in regards to this issue?
What is my opinion on American Politics and how it links to Dr Jayant Patel’s case?
When Dr Jayant Patel was arrested, America believes that patients that faced problems like the Australians should be given justice. Does everyone know about how the American politics are? Previously, Saddam Hussein was given execution and many people were against because; they believe that it was false accusation. But political pressure of America was so powerful that it forced Iraq government to death sentence Saddam Hussein to death. Dr Jayant Patel is not a politician and also has no power of higher contacts. The evidence can false in this case through. Can this issue not be related to Dr Jayant Patel to be victimised?
How this issue is related to Dr Jayant Patel of how the Indians are treated?
Dr Jayant Patel is an Indian and I am sure that a lot people are aware of how the Indian are treated in Australia. What is the big deal for the Australian to have a go at Dr Jayant Patel like that? The issue may seem different but at this point it seems to be very similar. The reason why I would think of it this way would be because; it is impossible that no action was taken long time ago. Also, it is believed to be happening happening for years. If this has been happening for years, then can it only be one person behind it? In the operation there are going to be more that one doctor going to be doing operation, where are they? They have obviously got away with it and only Dr Jayant Patel was caught. Also, I believe that the lawyer hired was not able to do the job as required. The court did not understand the fees issues that he had and the depression that he would have been going through. Does this not seem racist? Also Dr Jayant Patel says that he had done his best to handle he situation. Then why is he to be blamed? There is point having of them having a go at him because of this making some suffer. Through out the investigation, Dr Jayant Patel would have said something in self defence. But in relation to that, were any investigations carried out? At the end of the day, it is going to be discrimination that would be used and has happened to many Indians living in Australia. Also in this issue, I am sure that Dr Jayant Patel is going to have counter argument against the appeal that he has made. Also, this would make is rare for him to prove himself that he would be innocent as all the evidence are going to be go against him. Also Dr Jayant Patel in the news was called to “Dr Death” and many more different names against him. What made it much worse was when they treated Dr Jayant Patel like “Terror suspect”. Did Jayant Patel any bombings? Has his name been mentioned in any terrorist suspect list. Dose he have any connection with the terrorist organisation?
Australia is Dictatorship or Democratic Nation?
This is going to make it more obvious that Australia is a dictatorship nation because; the way they have had a go at Dr Jayant Patel implies that would hide the real story. I believe this on the basis many India not just in Australia but around the world they are facing these issues. As a result, in Australia, they have created a conspiracy against Dr Jayant Patel and are hiding the real culprits. What is new about it? At the end of the day, all this going to be forgotten in few years time and then other Indian or any other person from different nationality is going to be in that position. Is this going to make any difference to how Indian people in Australia feel? To my point of view, I see that Australia would need to be Democratic, if they are going to be showing respect different community. Should it not be like this to keep people happy?
Conclusion as my overall final point of view on Dr Jayant Patel appeal on the charges:
After the court hearing, when Dr Jayant Patel was given the sentence of seven years in prison, many patients were happy. This would influence the public more against Dr Jayant Patel. But were those patients given justice that they need? If the protest was carried out for the students from India going to be Australia to study and general issues, then another protest needs to be carried out for Dr Jayant Patel. The Indians living Australia need to be put their hands on their heart and think would Dr Jayant want to do something like this? There are many successful India doctors in India and all over the world with very good reputation. Would Dr Jayant Patel want to ruin his future and the honour of the other India doctors? Most Indian are people approaching medicines and treatments more than any other country. Whenever I had gone to doctors, I have always been approached by Indian doctors. They are very nice and understanding as well. Also other people that I know have been approached by the Indian doctors. Those doctors are lucky because; they have not been victimised like Dr Jayant Patel. Also in news, many Indian doctors are doing operations and Laser operations as well. Are others not going to feel negative about their success? Are other nations not going to feel jealous? The real culprits out there are going to be enjoying their life and thinking that they have got away. Having the Australian media making the most by having a go at the Indians and Indian doctor like Dr Jayant Patel, is just going to demoralise and deteriorates the Indians. Having patients speaking against Dr Jayant Patel, does not mean that it is true. Also the witnesses does not have to be true because; all they have to do is to agree with other internally and plan what they have present in the court. If the witnesses are correct, but there they giving evidence against the wrong person. Can they not be bribed to give false evidence and witness? Like this so many Indians are framed in Australia and in other nations (Names I would not like to mention). Do FBI and the Australian government have any connection? The system can play internal politics for money. Also the government had been mentioned on many occasions all the through out this right from the beginning. As a result, it going to make it rare for anybody in the world to come out of problems, if they are caught up into problems issues like this. I have done my bit by putting my personal point of view and comment across. If the Internet articles are going to be accessed, they do not have to true if the are similar. Now the rest is going to be what readers thinks if they read what I have written. There would be many different opinions on my comment. But this is what I think in my point of view on Dr Jayant Patel. (I will be keeping with the news of Dr Jayant Patel all the way through)

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