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What You Should Know to Buy a Trim Tray

In a cannabis-legal state like Oregon, trim trays are an important tool.


(SALEM, Ore.) - If you grow cannabis in a legal medical or recreational state, you probably know how important it is to trim it. The first reason to do so lies in its appearance.

Whenever you see pictures of usable marijuana, the buds always look immaculately manicured. So, good weed is usually associated with such an appearance.

Another reason is the harshness of the weed. Trimming it makes it smoother to smoke. And last but not least, the concentration of THC is also affected by trimming. Since you can get more THC from the bud, most growers, not to waste any THC, adjust their trimming process to extract it separately from leaves.

To trim marijuana properly, you’ll need a few tools. Make sure to have trimming scissors, a comfy chair, trim tray, cleaning supplies, attire, and something to entertain yourself since the process is pretty time-consuming.

What can sometimes be a little challenging is choosing the right trimming tray. There are lots of questions considering this tool, especially since not every grower uses it regularly. Therefore, in this article, we have gathered everything you should know before purchasing this useful device.

Why Buy a Trim Tray?

Not everyone needs a trimming tray. If you use a shearing machine, there’s no need for it. But for those growers who trim cannabis by hand, a trimming tray is definitely essential. Without it, trimming your plants can result in an extremely messy workspace. You can also accidentally throw away some of the kief that you can use.

After the very first usage of a trim tray, you’ll see the difference it makes. This item is very handy, and you’ll definitely want to purchase one sooner or later.

It is specifically designed for this purpose, so using some cardboard for collecting trichomes won’t work as well as a tray. And the variety of different types and designs of a trim tray on the market allows you to choose the best one for you.

What to Look for in a Trim Tray?

Finding a trimming tray may be difficult without the proper knowledge of some main features of the product. Let us help you with that. Here are some qualities that you need to take into consideration when buying a tray.


In case you are going to trim the cannabis on your laps, the weight of the tray is very important. Trimming takes some time, so make sure the tray isn’t too heavy, and you will feel comfortable working with it.


Naturally, the size of the tray is important. Most of the trimming trays have standard sizes, but it’s still better to make sure that they are suitable for your buds, and they don’t fall out.

Type of bottom

Some people find it convenient to trim at the counter or table. In this case, the type of the tray’s bottom is very important. You should opt for one with a non-slip bottom so that you won’t get distracted by the slipping tray during work.

Useful features

There are lots of models of trimming trays out there. For extra convenience, you can buy some that can hold trimming scissors, for example.

Ergonomic design

Again, trimming cannabis plants is a pretty labor-intensive process that takes some time. So ergonomic design, as well as the weight of the tray, is an important feature. Make sure the trim tray you are going to buy fits comfortably on your laps, has some handles for moving it, etc.


Speaking about moving the tray, don’t forget about the portability. You’ll have to carry your tray anyway; the question is how often, and whether it will eventually become a problem. So check the size and weight of the product carefully.


Of course, you’ll know how durable a product is only after using it for a while. But what you can do is make sure the materials of the tray are high-quality.

Where to Buy a Trimming Tray?

Of course, there are lots of stores that sell cannabis products nowadays. But our advice here is as follows: if you don’t have any reliable offline store, buy a trimming tray online.

There are a variety of different websites where you can not only compare different products and choose one but also read some customers’ reviews.

However, buying in a reliable store is a priority. So you’d better ask some of your friends who have experience with these kinds of shops. Or, at least, make some research and see which shops professional growers recommend.

There are a lot of articles by experienced weed growers online that contain all the information you need to know about buying a trim tray and growing marijuana in general. Don't forget to check them out to ease your decision-making process.

How Much Does a Tray Cost?

If you decide to purchase a tray, you’ll see that the prices are different everywhere. The expensive items are those that are large and have some additional features. If you are more of a professional grower and spend a lot of time trimming, choosing the more expensive model makes sense.

Do not just focus on the price, though. Some products can be overpriced. Always analyze your needs and look for the features you want. The simpler the tray — the lower the price. But you can also find some quality products at discounts and sales.

Trim with Ease!

Using a trim tray makes your trimming process much easier and neater. Choosing the right model for your needs may be troubling not only for an amateur but also professional weed growers. Lots of features need to be taken into consideration and thought through if you want to make the right choice.

It is the most important to analyze the purposes of you getting a tray and how you are going to use it. Are you going to trim the plant on your laps or at the table? Will you have to move the tray a lot? What is the budget?

After answering these questions, you’ll understand what exact trim tray you need. Then it's off to the trim room and back to work!

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