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Respecting Heritage Means Multiple Languages and Cultures

Spanish was spoken in the United States long before English.

Immigration at the Oregon State capitol
Immigration at the Oregon State capitol
Photo by Tim King

(SALEM, Ore.) - Some people believe that politics are more important than quality of life. Isn't that what the debate about illegal immigration is about after all? Isn't it about the lines on a map overruling the importance of a child's hunger?

You have to truly be OK with people's suffering in order to justify anger over "illegal immigration" in my opinion. The only reason people come here is to work and improve their lives and my heart can't condemn a man for trying to feed his kids, not as long as I live. To the contrary, I wish every good hard working man and woman in this world great success.

On the subject of language, I discovered a riveting fact the other day that made sense in this raging debate. Around the time of the Gold Rush and the Mexican American War, the Spanish community in Monterey, California was dealing with the anger of the Caucasian settlers. A sailing vessel was driven onto the beach during a fierce storm and among the wreckage there existed a cannon.

But the next day the cannon was gone and the questions quickly turned to a cast of guilt as the white people reasoned that the Spanish people had stolen the cannon in order to wage war on the non-Spanish population. The entire notion was preposterous as the ship based canon would never have fired properly in a mobile land based configuration.

The local U.S. Army commander was a close friend of the man who was the leader and spokesman of the Spanish community in Monterey. They attempted to bring calm to the people there as all of the problems were self perceived by the white settlers. The Spanish community, established long before the Caucasian settlements, had no desire to attack anybody, they were ranchers.

That Army officer exercised his diplomacy to restore the spirit of the community and even made the Spanish people pay a fine- even though the cannon had not been discovered among their possessions.

The other thing that officer did was remove a printing press from the wreckage of the sailing vessel. It was used to print the first newspaper in what is now the state of California. That publication was printed in two languages; English and Spanish.

To me that is extremely significant. Long before the pilgrims came to the east coast, before James Town and Pocahontas, western Europeans lived on the west coast. My Spanish ancestors here are the first Europeans to have come to this land. I am directly descended from one of Hernando Cortez' lieutenants. We were here first and we spoke Spanish.

A year later during another storm the beach, sand shifted and guess what was there? The missing cannon that had washed up previously with the ship's wreckage. It had been there the whole time but was quickly covered by the beach.

My great grandmother, many generations in the Los Angeles/Southern California area, spoke Spanish and only learned English later in life. She was born in the Avila House on Olivero Street, the city's oldest street in downtown that has been a tourist draw for over a hundred years.

So I am sorry that people are so afraid of things that are a little different from them, like a culture and a different language. I grew up in gangland Los Angeles and I know racial discrimination from the perspective of a white person, which is somewhat rare in the greater sense. But I do not see the problem of illegal immigration as anything but a smokescreen to direct attention away from the other mistakes of a nation that was founded by people from other countries who now want to lock others out.

If there was a reasonable program to allow citizenship I know people from south of our border would seek it, but instead, like other games played in this country constantly, it is the privileged and those who already have money who can afford to become so-called "legal citizens." It isn't the poor and the indigent, instead they are jumping from one stone in this raging river of life to the next, and they are slippery.

As far as learning to speak English, there is a huge void in opportunities. In Salem, Oregon, for example, waiting lists of up to two years await those who seek to learn English. So people who are intimidated and poor don't always get on those lists and it isn't like anybody is trying to help them.

Perhaps it all boils down to the simple fact that some people believe in a birthright and others don't. I align that with other "entitlement" issues from this American entitlement generation that are shared among the weak and needy, clamoring to any advantage they believe life owes them, shutting out those who are of far higher character but are born in "other places" and branded as "illegal" which is a joke and a sore and another sad view of the face of the ugly American who only rears his head out of fear and has lost sight of what compassion means, as well as their actual purpose here on earth.

No amount of crying or whining or fear mongering is going to change the fact that this is a multicultural society.

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Jefferson February 5, 2008 1:29 pm (Pacific time)

Feldman in this topical area you are in the majority, and probably most everything else you appear to be offering minority viewpoints. Like a broken clock, rarely right...but hey glad my ancestors were able to provide the right to be wrong to you and your genome...

Neal Feldman February 4, 2008 7:04 pm (Pacific time)

Anonymous - Give what a rest? Any mean-spiritedness is inferred, not implied. Nice of you to try and change the subject since I destroyed your earlier comment and you clearly cannot defend it. I am concerned with the welfare of others but not to the extent that I ignore their criminal status, their criminal actions or the harms they cause. Doing as you want is not compassion, it is stupidity. I am not crying, and even if I was why would I want to ruin some else's beer? Crying seems to be your thing, not mine. And I think you mean I am right technically, not technologically. They are two different words meaning two entirely different things. I suggest you get a dictionary and learn to use it. And I think you need to work on your phrases too, as I think you do not mean I have a thin skin. That clearly would be you. And far from being cold hearted as you claim I have the audacity to give a crap about those who are here legally and the costs and harms caused them by the illegals you so mindlessly defend. Also I care about the millions of would-be immigrants who are still waiting back in their hellhole countries because the 30 million of your blessed illegals are here instead of them. You see I have nothing against immigration or immigrant... so long as they are done LEGALLY. You seem ill-equipped to comprehend the concept of laws and why they are important to an orderly society. Here I will give you an example, let's see how you react - Opra Winfrey is incredibly rich and has several lovely homes. Let's say I were to break into one of her homes and move in, eat her food, drink her beverages, take her money, trash her home, maybe even rob, rape or kill some of her guests. When she finds me she tells me to leave and I refuse saying I have a right to be there, and accuse her of being cold-hearted, lacking in compassion, saying she is just trying to keep me from having a happy life and that she is clearly racist. Now... would you defend me in that situation as much as you defend your sainted illegals here and would you attack Oprah as you attack me here? Hmmm? Ah well...

Anonymous February 4, 2008 4:35 pm (Pacific time)

Geez Neal, why don't you give it a rest. You come across as a mean spirited guy and seem utterly unconcerned for the well being of others. So go cry in somebody else's beer why don't you? Your lack of compassion is vivid and says everything about why your point however right technologically, you have thin skin and a cold heart so even if you are right it sadly doesn't count for anything.

Neal Feldman February 4, 2008 4:11 pm (Pacific time)

Anonymous - Illegals are driving our economy all right... right into third world nation status. Instead of staying in their own little hell hole of a country and changing it to make it more like the US they instead illegally invade the US to try and make the US into another little third world hell hole. Gee what great folks these illegald are, huh? Ah well...

Neal Feldman February 4, 2008 4:06 pm (Pacific time)

Henry Ruark - Where do I claim an exclusive right to be right? On this issue I AM right. And I am far from alone. Mine is the majority viewpoint as well. Being majority in and of itself does not make it right but being right makes it far more likely one is in the majority. If you claim I am wrong why don't you step up and prove it instead of taking unsupported and unsubstantiated pot-shots? I thought ou disliked when others did that. But you see no issue with doing so yourself, huh? I long ago proved I was right on this issue and am on record with a very effective and workable plan on how to deal with it. What do you do? Claim without substantiation that there are absolutely no problems at all with an invasion of 39 million illegals and unfounded allegations of racism and... oh, right, that's about it. Seems on the scales you come up quite lacking here. You are usually so much better than that. What happened? You claim I ignore facts. Precisely what facts am I allegedly ignoring, hmmm? Come on... you made the allegation so back it up, if you can. I've backed up my position. And trying to paint my position as just 'one man's view' remember mine is the position held by the majority of those in this country legally. So we are all wrong and you are right? So who is it declaring for themselves an exclusive right to be right? Hmmmm? Ah well...

Neal Feldman February 4, 2008 3:55 pm (Pacific time)

Henry Ruark - If I'm such a racist why am I opposing only illegals? Why am I not opposing all non-whites (or all non-Jews)? Why did I suffer no disappointment on any level when my daughter got martied and her surname changed to Perez? Dang, I must be the most tolerant racist the planet has ever witnessed! Wow! Instead of just dismissing my words as racist without any legitimate foundation in fact why not comprehend what I'm saying and you will see my words make sense and my suggestions will work. Will there be disruption? Of course. But there is disruption now and this country has weathered disruption before. Distruption will pass. Those patiently waiting in line to immigrate here LEGALLY will be allowed to do so in a controlled and rational manner, the jobs will be filled first by those already here then by legal immigrants. The only thing we will be rid of are the illegals and all the problems and costs they bring. The only thing illegals deserve from us is a swift boot to the rear in the firection of the border in an outgoing direction. Ah well...

Anonymous February 4, 2008 1:20 pm (Pacific time)

We have a wonderful and unique culture. Americans are free to live as they wish. But the "open borders" crowd believes our culture is bad and that all other ones are just wonderful. We Americans must stand firm and proud; after all, we are not emigrating to other countries. Illegal aliens are placing an enormous burden on taxpayers. It costs approximately $22 billion for welfare; $2.2 billion for food stamps, the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program, school breakfast, and lunch plus take-home food; $2.5 billion for Medicare; $12 billion for education of non-English-speaking children; $17 billion for educating anchor babies; and $3 million per day to incarcerate illegal alien criminals. Add the cost of American wages suppressed and lost and we are told illegals are driving our economy?

Henry Ruark February 4, 2008 8:34 am (Pacific time)

To all: NOW we get the illumination really needed from internal and external circumstance which is clearly driving this whole discussion. I'll leave it up to each of you which one most clearly approaches what must be seen as surely "the American way", regardless of which person has which particular role thrust upon him by circumstance. Perhaps the most revealing statement in all of this is: "I just love when those supporting the illegals see they have no facts to back them up they drag out false accusations of racism, scapegoating and 'acting like Hitler'. Your doing so is insulting and it is offensive." What bravado to claim an exclusive right to be right ! Facts in abundance having been cited, and ignored when they interfere with fallacious and irresponsible "conclusion" obviously driven by painful personal experience, there can be little end to this one now other than wide public and reader understanding of "the why" involved in individual stances. That, too, is a great and essential part of any open, honest, democratic dialog,and it must be pointed out how important is the essential ID we have here of both parties, with responsibility and its other side, accountability, in full operation to aid our real understandings of these strong statements from both sides. Without that, would you now really understand well what has been so strongly stated here ?

Henry Ruark February 4, 2008 8:10 am (Pacific time)

To all: As usual, Tim's insights go to "the heart of the matter" and illuminate the only real issue here: "I do not see the problem of illegal immigration as anything but a smokescreen to direct attention away from the other mistakes of a nation that was founded by people from other countries who now want to lock others out." That's the reality --and no pile of pretensions otherwise will ever overturn it, for any who truly try to think things through in American terms, based on our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Racism is racism, wherever, whenever, however encountered; and we owe ourselves, as well as the rest of the world, the greater effor to live up to our Founding Fathers ringing documentation of what they learned from that deepening understandings they developed starting with the Federalist Papers. But those who do not know, nor understand, those deeply world-admired beginnings now turn to less-than-admirable attempts to impose personal feelings on millions of others who deserve better of us, and will surely demonstrate to the world how deeply we really feel about those treasured and widely-flaunted documents on which this issue crucially now must turn.

Vic February 4, 2008 8:09 am (Pacific time)

Great article ...!!!

Neal Feldman February 3, 2008 11:04 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King - Oh puh-LEEZE! I use 'illegals' because that is what I'm talking about. Are you confused? Do you think I'm talking about illegal cocker spaniels or illegal bonsai trees, Tim? Are you really saying you do not comprehend that I am talking about people? I use the term murderers when speaking about them. Am I not talking about people then either? I've seen desperate before but this raises it to new levels! Does the fact that 'they are people; excuse everything to you? You still have not answered my question regarding my hypothetical invasion of Oprah's home. Would you, or would you not, support my actions in that case? If not, why not, since you seem to support the same basic things being done on a much larger scale by the illegals. And I say 'illegals' not 'illegal immigrants' because 1) I then get accused of opposing immigrants in general which is not the case, 2) invaders are not immigrants in my way of thinkig any more than the Nazi army 'immigrated' into France, Czechoslovakia, etc. and 3) it is unnecessary and more than doubles the length of the term to be typed. It is more concise and less misrepresentable to use the term 'illegals' even though those determined to find fault regardless of the facts, the truth or anything else, will clearly attempt to do so as you are demonstrating. And trying to drag slavery or the Chinese railroad workers etc into it is equally desperate. They were not here illegally. The slaves were kidnapped here. The Chinese workers werte imported with the promise they would be allowed to settle here, a promise that was reneged on. Maybe you see the world far too simplistically. Not your fault, the vast majority, I have found, have no ability to do otherwise. I blame the lackluster education system personally as I have pointed out as well elsewhere. I see the universe in nearly infinite shades of nearly infinite hues and unending layers of complexity. I make my arguments in terms others can comprehend, even if they often try and misrepresent my statements as you seem to be trying to do for some reason. Only you can explain your actions. I could make guesses but they would likely be fairly uncomplimentary and would not go over very well. And I am singling out no group. Illegal is not a group, it is a status... a status THEY CHOOSE. Or are you claiming they are all forced at gunpoint to come here and stay here like the slaves were? Care to back up that argument with facts if you are trying to make it? And your thinly veiled KKK reference did not go unnoticed either. As I said before of the two of us you are the one exhibiting racism, not I. You have yet to show otherwise with honest facts and legitimate argument and have done a great deal to support the attribution. I wish I did not have to say it but like I said, I value honesty and forthrightness so I cannot do otherwise. Sorry. Ah well...

Tim King February 3, 2008 10:21 pm (Pacific time)

Hitler clearly brought people behind him through racism, to say otherwise is not even something I can take seriously. He blamed problems on the Jews, that is a fact. Just your use of "illegals" without mentioning in some way that you are referencing people is evidence enough of the points I have made. These are human beings we are talking about and they may not be the least of our problems, nor are they the scum you and others imply they are. Historically, people who have made your point were not there to help anyone but themselves in this world. It happened to the Chinese after the railroads were completed in the 1870's. Suddenly people all said things like you say today, really, almost exactly the same points, that is because we are a racist country by nature and ever since we slaughtered the Native Americans, the only people who deserve to make the arguments you make on behalf of the white people here. The Chinese were ruthlessly persecuted and laws were passed that made their lives really hard. Once again, people of a different appearance and a different native language, and here come the "American whites" to light their crosses. Whether the people are Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Arab, whatever, singling out any group is just bad business.

Neal Feldman February 3, 2008 9:37 pm (Pacific time)

And btw Hitler did not rise to power due to scapegoating. He rose to power primarily because the Treaty of Versailles that was forced on Germany after WW I was so draconian, unreasonable and punitive that it galvanized a bitter hatred in the German people against the rest of the world. It was that galvanization that allowed his rise. And originally several of those groups actually supported Hitler. Gays for example were promised much if they supported his rise and once he was in power they were repaid with the Night of Long Knives. You see I have actually studied WW2 far deeper than the movie of the week so I understand things a bit more broadly. What you presented was a ludicrously simplistic and shallow description of the dynamics of the time and area and the actual events and their causes. Sorry but if you are going to try and falsely accuse me of supporting the actions of Hitler the gloves come off. Ah well...

Neal Feldman February 3, 2008 9:31 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King - Oh puh-LEEZE! Racism? Hitler? You show me where I am exhibiting any kind pf racism because I oppose ALL illegals... not just hispanic ones. Is it MY fault that by their own actions Hispanics make up the majority of illegals and that they seem to be the most demanding? That is THEIR doing. I also have no issues with Hispanics per se... my daughter's surname is now Perez. And with a surname of Feldman, even if my chosen religion is Wicca, how you ever get that I support Hitler or any of his policies is beyond belief. If there is a group actually causing problems with their lawbreaking it is neither racism nor scapegoating to point it out. It is undeniable that illegals drive up costs and drive down wages and do take jobs that in fact Americans ARE willing to do. Fast food jobs, once a staple of teens, are almost entirely staffed by illegals it seems. Contractors cannot stay competitive in business unless they hire illegals because their competitors who hire illegals will always underbid them. If all you can see is racism and scapegoating them IMHO you are not looking very closely and are ignoring mountains of facts. Where am I (or anyone) saying that those here legally of any race or sex or whatever cannot ve successful? I just say they should do so legally. And for this you level charges of racism, scapegoating and Nazi taxtics at me? And you see nothing wrong in your actions? You think you are too tolerant? I could suggest other more accurate adjectives I assure you. I just love when those supporting the illegals see they have no facts to back them up they drag out false accusations of racism, scapegoating and 'acting like Hitler'. Your doing so is insulting and it is offensive. And if there is any us vs them going on it is because the illegals forced it with their invasion. If 10% of the population is here illegally that is an invasion. So when the Nazis, to use your analogies, invaded France the French should have just welcomed them and not resisted at all... after all we must love our invader and we cannot have any of that nasty us vs them stuff going on, right? Most folks use the term Mexican because wherever they originated most Hispanic illegals came here through Mexico. But it sounds from your words that YOU are exhibiting actual racism against non-Hispanics. Yes, racism should not be tolerated.. from EITHER direction. Neither, though, should false accusations of racism (playing the race card) be tolerated either. But you never answered my question... if I were to invade Oprah's palatial estate and if she tried to kick me out for just trying to better my situation I just leveled charges of racism at her would you support me and my actions? If not is it just because I'm white? Wouldn't that be, in fact, racist of you if so? Ah well...

Glen February 3, 2008 8:08 pm (Pacific time)

Well put, Tim. From the heart and from the head. As long as America keeps producing citizens like you we're going to be okay.

Tim King February 3, 2008 4:23 pm (Pacific time)

In the 1930's a man rose to power in Germany because he was able to direct blame on a group, or actually a few groups of people. Adolph Hitler had great success and he nearly took over the world by uniting one group against another. He did it by spreading hate and fear of something. That is all I see here; for all the complaining I see no impact on my personal life from the so-called "illegal" people but I see budding racism in my state and I see tones of hatred that should sound the alarm for all good and well intentioned people, particularly those who believe in God.

What can I say? Am I just more tolerant? I am sickened by the white people with all their wealth who think they are the only ones entitled to a reasonable amount of success in their lives. And then there are the ones who always blame their employment problems on workplace discrimination laws. It is not a black and white world; there are too many variables. Caucasian people lack the work ethic and drive of most Hispanic people. I have in fact never seen a lazier race, if you have to break it into racial boundaries, white people lay around the most.

The "us and them" mentality used in the Third Reich against the Jews and Gypsy's and homosexuals is only a symptom of fear and it is not a fair recognition of the fact that evolution happens and people adapt, move and change to improve their lives. If real movements ever took place against these people I believe many of of would take to the streets over it, as the Germans should have when that piece of crap with the stupid mustache took power there. (I hope you're rolling in hell Adolph and that somehow you have had to suffer more than your victims) We need to be careful to not bring these qualities out in people and writers do it every day. Racists are the ones who should be deported.

Another thing to recognize is how the lowest intelligence white Oregonians often call all dark complected people "Mexicans" when in fact they are often not from Mexico, and that country has plenty of problems with its south border as well. Hispanic people hail from all over South and Central America and they share a culture that is extremely native to Southern California. I understand that people in Oregon have more of a problem with it, of course they do. The city had a sign in the 1950's that read "Welcome to Salem, 99% white" and those days are over now.

Racism is not tolerated here, and there is no changing the fact that people speak different languages and are in fact, different. So I accept that people want to improve themselves, that education is lacking, that girls do not always conceive children for the sake of it, and that those who do live here have very limited opportunities to learn English. My life is not impacted because a few people with a lot of courage have what it takes to collect everything they own and journey across the desert in search of a better life for themselves.

Neal Feldman February 3, 2008 4:10 pm (Pacific time)

The concepts of national integrity is far more than 'just lines on a map'. And those favoring support of the rule of law are not heartless (necessarily... there may well be those who are) and unfeeling for a hungry child. But there will always be hunger. Nothing will stop that. If you have a hungry child why aren't you blaming the parents for having more kids than they can adequately provide for? And if anything is acceptable (including violating laws) in the name of a hungry child do you favor full decriminalization of shoplifting food because the culprits may have hungry children to feed? Or is it only some laws that you support while advocating the violation of others. And while Spanish may have been spoken in the western states prior to being incorporated into the US they lost the Spanish-American war. That means they lost claim. The US, since its inception, has been an English speaking nation. Until very recently all government and virtually all business dealings were in English. What language was the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights written in? Folks could choose to speak other languages if they wanted but to make it in the US you needed to learn English. All my years growing up and even though many of my adult years I never ONCE has to 'press one for English' or be forced to sit through long diatribes in a foreign language. When I was starting out in employment I, a born US Citizen, was not put at an employment disadvantage because of my status because I was not bi-lingual in spanish like the kids of illegals tend to be it seems. So today the kids of illegals have the employment advantage where 'non bi-linguals need not apply'. Heck even to get a fast food job you need to be bi-lingual. I cannot recall the last time I heard a word of English uttered from behind the counter folks at a fast food joint. As for 'being OK with people suffering' to be opposed to illegal immigration I guess it depends on the parameters. No I am not generally in favor of human suffering (there are exceptions of course... what I would like to see happen to child rapists/murderers would make Gitmo look like Disneyland) I look at it through the lens of responsibility. It is not our fault we built our country up while they allowed theirs to become a hellhole. So why should we have to do without or pay for it? It is their problem, it is not my problem. If I CHOOSE to help out there that is one thing... but the ever more aggressive illegals have been making ever more in your face demands and claiming 'rights' where none such exist. What about OUR quality of life? What about OUR kids growing up threatened by gangs of illegals? (no, I'm not saying there are no gangs of non-illegals but the gangs of illegals hardly betters the situation, does it?) What about our kids crammed into 50 student classrooms because the illegals and their 12 anchor babies per generation (or so it seems). What about our having to wait in an ER for six hours suffering behind a line of illegals with the sniffles who cannot control their unruly mobs of kids that treat the place like a playground? I almost had to threaten to backhand one particularly annoying brat who insisted on continually turning on my power chair so he could play with the movement joystick because he thought it was 'fun' to run my feet and legs into chairs, the wall, etc while I was trying to focus past a very painful kidney stone. I ended up shouting that if someone did not keep the btat away from me I would knock him out and then sue the hospital. (I was taken back into the exam room immediately I guess because they did not want me 'offending the illegals' anymore. Sheesh! Are these the quality of life issues you mean? I have no issue with folks wanting to work or improve their lot or feed their kids. But I'm kinda funny, I guess, in that I expect them to pursue their lofty goals LEGALLY. I do not excuse meth dealers or bank robbers or car thieves because 'they are just hard working folks trying to better their lives and feed their kids'. In all honesty I find such arguments to be asinine (to put it in the most positive frame I can stomach). Again, though, the Spanish lost the Spanish-American war. As such whatever laws or language they had ended when the territory changed ownership. I have no issue if folks want to speak Spanish, Tagalog, French or pig Latin. More power to them. But when they demand the 'right' to ignore our laws I draw the line. When they force their language onto me as if my nation has been conquered I take offense. In the US I should not have to press anything for English... it should be a given. It should be assumed. If they want to have separate lines for other languages that is up to private businesses. But I know there is not enough tax revenue to do what the govt is supposed to do so yes, I take it as a personal affront to see millions or billions of tax dollars wasted on Spanish and other languages. If they cannot speak English then they need to learn or they choose to live on the fringes. If they need a translator they should have to provide it. Not tax dollars. But my position has nothing to do with fear or a lack of comprehension and it is insulting to suggest such. We (myself and those who agree with me) dislike being marginalized and put at a disadvantage in our own country. We were far too tolerant of this garbage and look where it has gotten us. It is unacceptable and it will change. The illegals grossly overstepped and overreached with their 2005 rallies and waving their foreign flags and demanding that which they have no right whatever to. And as I said back then they have awakened the sleeping giant and the backlash is going to be something they will never forget. They have not even seen the small tip of that backlash iceberg yet. It may take a decafde or two to fully manifest but it is coming as clearly as night follows day. I would not want to be in their shoes when it arrives in full bloom. If they want a guest worker program fine... so long as these workers know they leave as soon as the specific job is done, no anchor baby dropping, no social services, no driving down wages, etc. If they come in and refuse to leave then they might force any others let in throgh such a program to get GPS chipped so they can be found more easily should they try and hide once in the US. But if the policies I suggested were in place that would not be an issue because illegals would not be able to survive, much less thrive, here... the environment would be too toxic for them with no ability to legally work, no ability to have legal shelter, no social services available and no real access to the government without fluency in English etc... why would they stay? Why would they come? But if you do not like the immigration laws then work to change them. Do not just ignore and violate them and expect there to be no consequences for such illegal actions. And have you checked Mexico's immigration laws lately? They make those of the US look positively pink and fluffy! And illegals are of 'higher character' huh? Wow! Maybe if I commit mass murder and violate a few hundred other laws by those standards I'll become a Saint! Sheesh! Yes being born in the US certain things ARE in fact my birthright. But even I have no right to look at a billionaire's estate and decide I have a right to it and so I break in and set up housekeeping, eating their food, drinking their wine, trashing their house and if they find me and tell me to leave I just tell them I have a right to be therre and ask hor dare they try and deny me what I want, if it is Oprah's house i could even throw out accusations that she just wants to kick me out because she is a racist. Sound familiar? From where I sit this is exactly what the illegals are doing. The analogy is absolutely perfect. I expect some will disagree. So be it. Ah well...

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