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PTSD Women and the VA

No one wants to confront the VA because of the elected officials' political desire to use Veterans issues as an election ploy.

Pfc Danielle Young
New Hampshire

(LEE, N.H.) - I read an article today - Back from combat, women struggle for acceptance. Can the descriptions of what these U.S. Military Veterans are going through be the same as when we returned from the Vietnam Conflict?

It is a lonely transition as they struggle to find their place, and they can describe what the American citizens who fought for this nation’s freedom have gone through after each conflict or after we came back from war.

The acceptance that the average citizen cannot understand what it is like to live and die each day or kill others indiscriminately and feel proud of your actions is reasonable.

Reasonable does not make it right to send children off to fight when so many back here, for whatever reason, will not serve.

It can never be accepted that the Veterans Administration, which was created to aid and help returning veterans, uses every legal loophole to deflect and degrade through a long process to cause or eliminate the veteran from getting help.

The article talks about Aimee Sherrod, 29, an Air Force Veteran with PTSD. Aimee finds trouble talking about what she did and went through, even though she is proud of her actions.

Women veterans are treated as second-class citizens because it is not accepted that they served on the front lines. The VA treats Aimee's disabilities as token and trivial because she got pregnant after discharge.

Genevieve Chase, 32 of Alexandria, Va. made the classic statement “We just want to know that when we come home, America has our back”.

Here is a woman that fought on the front lines for this nation and the people back here make her feel as a second-class citizen for what she did.

New Hampshire native Danielle Young, serving as a Marine Pfc in Iraq last
summer, is living proof that women today are having the same experience in war
as men, at least in some cases. Pfc Young did not talk about being a PTSD
sufferer, but her time in the combat theater like many women, is very real.
Video by Tim King Salem-News.com

This is why the code of silence is learned after we come home by the U.S. Military. Rachel McNeill was a gunner during hostile convoys in Iraq. After a strange level of non-acceptance from U.S. Citizens upon her return home, as a veteran, she now questions herself.

She seemingly even got the same response from the VA, with all the misinterpretation of her paperwork because she was a woman.

Many women have the same experience with the VA.

Men have been complaining for years about the poor or hostile actions of the Veterans Administration with the same response. (The VA leadership has said it recognizes it needs to do more to improve care for these veterans)

U.S. Military Veterans have been mistreated, and the only time action is taken to correct the wrongs is when the news stories highlight the wrongs. One or two articles, and then the mainstream news forgets. The VA resumes the wrongs as if it is the norm.

I am lucky, as my four service connected disabilities were recognized, after going through the same ordeal as stated by others above.

But now, because U.S. Rep Shea-Porter from NH did not like my opinion article, she used her federal powers to stop my medical care.

The VA in NH has worked with Shea-Porter to see that as long as I write - no medical care will be issued.

I do get token visits for things that I do not complain about as a way for the VA to buff my medical records for public display.

This is the way that the United States treats U.S. Military veterans. I write this letter because I believe what these women are being put through is wrong, just as I believe what all U.S. Military veterans have been given for what we did is wrong.

No one wants to confront the VA because of the elected officials' political desire to use Veterans issues as an election ploy.


Peter Macdonald was a Sergeant of Marines during the Vietnam War

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Peter December 3, 2011 7:37 am (Pacific time)

Community Commentary response “Yes we can save America’s middle class” are the words from a woman that lives of the backs of what others do. Carol Shea-porter will tell you that she understands the military because her husband served in the Air Force for twenty-one years. Carol has a policy of taxing other people to give away to democratic wishes for political gain. Carol once had me arrested because in her first term I wrote a letter that questioned her policies. The Dover police dropped the charges because they were bogus. Carol uses other people but as a favored person of the editors biased news is funneled to her credit. What ever happen to response letters and the other view? Carol does not have to like what I say or believe. When an elected official such as Carol uses her political power to harm a voter that is public information that the news can never be allowed to censor. Carol did not serve in the military. I am a 100% disabled US Military Veteran. I was injured four times. Three of my four disabilities are combat related. I participated in two Vietnam offensives and did eight convoys as American Advisor. I lived to earn my right to exist in the USA as a citizen protected by our Constitution from people like Carol Shea-Porter. I am part of the American Middle Class that Carol is trying to use once again for her own gain. Everyone has a view. Should a disabled veterans view be censored as the newspapers scare the public using what I did in the military as a weapon? Carol claims to help US Military veterans for she understands what they went through. Carol wrote a letter to the VA using my disabilities to have me locked up. Carol cannot dispute the truth only hope that the newspapers censor the facts to protect her image. I have been there Carol while you were home safe living of the back of our Military. It is to bad that you feel your life has more meaning than mine. An elected official must represent all the citizens equally even if you find my service-connected disabilities a burden on where you can spend our tax dollars. To save the middle class in the USA tax and spend: for that is the worst damage done to the middle class. Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi 465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

Bob December 18, 2009 4:36 am (Pacific time)

Brand new blog that shares VA Horrors I saw; vahorrors.blogspot.com If someone has a story about the VA, they can post it there.

Scott Wallace December 16, 2009 11:20 am (Pacific time)

I saw these woman in Iraq, whoever thinks they are less then heros is showing a lack of experience in combat zone.

A.S. December 16, 2009 4:53 am (Pacific time)

Thank you for writing this and I am so sorry what the VA or your elected officials are doing to you. I wish more people would highlight this and make it known that it is certainly a problem how female veterans are treated.. by the VA and by a lot of closed minded people. ~Aimee

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