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Occupy Eureka Arrests Might be Most Shocking and Flagrant in California so far

Occupy Eureka protestors arrested.

Occupy Eureka
From the Occupy Eureka Facebook page.

(EUREKA, Calif.) - It might possibly be the most boldface example of overrunning people's civil rights yet by Humboldt county government and their enforcement agencies; more than 20 Eureka police, CHP and county sheriff deputies descended upon the Eureka courthouse protest at approximately 3:15 p.m. today, rounding up, arresting and handcuffing those 15 or so Occupy people who were just finishing up work on building their most recent structure for simply tabling their concerns.

Police proceeded to again destroy the protest booth and haul all parts away. From what we understand, no charges were made.

Officers identified were Harpam, O'Neil, Laird, Stuens, Kessler, Lamb, Gordon, Malloy, Mendes, Collings and Buzzard.

Today's police invasion had nothing whatsoever to do with their previous position that such raids were based upon camping (sleeping), which is an integral part of this Occupy protest.

Today's police action instantly and incredibly exposed this county's past weeks of lies- leading to every crackdown, the violence, and arrests, in falsely posturing about why they would not allow these protests.

This time there were no violations of any of the following codes by any activists, which they have used as reason for their crackdowns and confiscation of Occupy gear. They simply arrested people for no given reasons, because there were no infraction of;

  1. sleeping
  2. posting signs,
  3. hanging, sticking in the ground or leaning of any signs or banners (examples of charges brought by mounting petty police against all of what has been previously allowed for many years of protesting on this county property, without cop retaliations.

This raid exposed the stark truth of where this government stands in terms of its opposition... and it's growing boldness in simply eliminating these rights and those who have the audacity to continue doing so.

All such codes in these cases are in themselves violations of state provisions assuring of these rights to protest.

They will shortly be part of upcoming Occupy Eureka protestors' claims against this county and every law enforcement officer who can be named as having been part of these constant threats or worse; each violation brings a $25,000 dollar fine against every police official involved. Today's cop raid was witnessed by many and filmed by at least two.

This could not have been a better scenario for Occupy Eureka in exposing this local and national vendetta against the Occupy movement, coordinated by Homeland Security itself, with Congressional oversight and obviously the decision to do so coming directly from the top.

This details the present government's incredible dereliction of duty in what amounts to criminal actions and of those officers who willingly obeyed such orders by carrying them out, rather than refusing to act unlawfully against citizens they have sworn to protect, will deal with civil litigation that can be financially draining.

Again the Occupy Eureka structure was destroyed and most all equipment; PVC pipe, hardware, tools, plus 4 more banners taken. All but two of those protesting were released at the location.

These are surely precarious times for so many, as our freedoms continue to slip away, begging us to be awake and vigilant to what we face.

You can help right now.

Those again arrested were Kim Starr and Stan Woods

Please write or call - asking for their immediate release.

Neither has violated laws, any more than the rest who were temporarily held and released. This is in total violation of their rights and reflects this continuing Humboldt willingness to arbitrarily arrest and punish in serving the few, rather than serving all citizens honestly and fairly, as part of their oath of office and upholding our Constitutional Rights.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: 707.445.7411 Gallegos 707.267.4400,

BOARD OF SUPES: 707.476.2396 jrsmith, cclendenen, mlovelace, vbass, rsundberg

EUREKA CITY COUNCIL: 707.441.4144 jager, mbrady, latkins, mnewman,mciarabellini, lmadsen, cityclerk

EUREKA POLICE: 707.441.4060 Temp Chief: Murl Harpham

Reported by Jack Nounan with Communities For Justice and Peace, in Humboldt.Co. Ca.

'Sending out reports and research studies, exposing media bias, holding government accountable.'

Jack can be reached at or 707-616-2212

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