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Sri Lanka Appoints Military to Teach Sinhala in Vanni Schools

The language policy in practice, just like ‘reconciliation’ upheld by Colombo’s abetters, is a policy of naked genocide, Tamil education circles commented.

(JAFFNA, Srl Lanka TamilNet) - Tamil children being taught Sinhala in school. Sri Lanka has appointed occupying military to teach Sinhala as second language to Tamil school children in Vanni.

The Sinhala military personnel went in uniform to schools to report as Sinhala teachers and they claimed that they had permission from the SL education authorities...

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Marijuana: Foolish Fallacious Dangers

7-year old girl defies the dangers.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Mykayla This review is based upon The Oregonian article, 'A Seven-Year Old Uses Medical Marijuana', which reports that a child was using very strong, high dose marijuana extract.

The child is doing well.

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Ten Little Girls and One Unexploded Landmine

I was told in Kabul that Afghanistan has more unexploded landmines than any other country in the world.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Ten young Afghan girls laid to rest A landmine explosion in eastern Afghanistan killed ten little girls in mid-December. Such a number is unthinkable, yet we should all consider it for this is the price of war and no family on the face of this earth should ever have to bury ten little children at once.

The girls were gathering firewood according to reports, when one unknowingly struck the mine with an ax.

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The New Normal...a View from the Eyes of a 14-Year Old

"Where can one be safe, ever? Is this the new normal?" asks a 14 year old.

(NEW YORK) - Eye of a child Imagine the Newtown, CT tragedy through the eyes of an impressionable 14 year old.

She was just born when Columbine happened and was too young to understand 9/11.

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PTSD, Massacres and Damage to the Soul

Are we all crazy?

(PORTLAND, OR) - Candlelight vigil The enormity of the horrible massacre at a Connecticut school really hasn't hit many people yet, but the TV and news coverage that this "has broken our hearts" is appropriate.

When a long line of firemen, in remembrance to one of the children, stand with hats in hand and some with tears in their eyes, it should tell the rest of us that this is a horrible meaningful event should not be lost in time.

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The Musa Case - It`s Not Christmas for This Family

Child stealing by the state: The Musa case...

(LONDON Butlincat) - Chiwar and Gloria Musa outside the RCJ, August 2011 with the very much victimised Maurice Kirk' All over the country children are being removed from good families under the most dubious of circumstances by town councils, SS and others, often in via the Secret Family Courts.

When told about irregularities in cases the authorities do nothing. It is time it was stopped.

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An Open Letter to Representative Dennis Richardson

As they say in Australia, "wake up to yourself."

(MELBOURNE) - Dennis Richardson I am an American currently in Australia. You were quoted on the front page of The Australian, Australia's only national daily paper.

You said that if teachers had guns at Sandy Hook Elementary most of those children would be alive today.

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Tribute to the Teachers

During the early period of life, the family and the teacher act as the main reference for the child.

(MADRID) - Kids in class The Spanish Foundation for Aid for Drug Addicts (FAD) has launched a new advertising campaign.

It highlights the important role played by the school teachers who, side by side with the families, are leading trainers in values.

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Various Religions Come Together in Nevada in a Tribute to Connecticut Victims

Tributes to all victims, their families, teachers, administrators, and first responders touched by this tragedy.

(RENO, NV) - interfaith tribute for Conn. Shooting Victims Christian-Muslim-Hindu-Buddhist-Jewish-Baha’i leaders came together in Nevada today in a community-wide multi-faith memorial service in honor of Connecticut shooting victims.

They recited prayers and read from scriptures in Arabic-Sanskrit-Hebrew-Aramaic besides English and lighted candles at Reno First Congregational Church (RFCC), paying tributes to all victims...

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From Misogyny to Murder: A Feminist Perspective on the Connecticut Shootings

To kill a mother, you have to learn how to hate her.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Connecticut shooting aftermath Misogyny is not funny or harmless any more than racism: it’s serious, even deadly.

It’s a warning signal of more violence on the way. When we catch it, we can heal it.

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