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The Musa Case - It's Not Christmas for This Family

Child stealing by the state: The Musa case...

Chiwar and Gloria Musa outside the RCJ, August 2011 with the very much victimised Maurice Kirk'
Chiwar and Gloria Musa outside the RCJ, August 2011 with the very much victimised Maurice Kirk'

(LONDON Butlincat) - All over the country children are being removed from good families under the most dubious of circumstances by town councils, SS and others, often in via the Secret Family Courts. When told about irregularities in cases the authorities do nothing. It is time it was stopped.

On the 8th April 2010 at around 4:00 p.m., 8 policemen let themselves in by key to the Musa family council home and removed the Musa's 5 children without any notice or prearrangement. The children were removed on what later were found to be totally untrue allegations made by certain employees at Y council. All allegations have been disproven; the allegations ranging from the children not being the Musas offspring and were being trafficked, to the children being beaten and generally mistreated by their parents.

Regarding the child trafficking allegation that the children were not the Musas offspring and they were in fact part of a child trafficking network, DNA tests instigated by the Musa parents, and taking a phenomenally long time to undertake and reach a viable result proved without a shadow of a doubt that the children were indeed the Musas children, and the children were in no way being trafficked in any shape or form.

After this allegation was disproved other equally ridiculous allegations were made to keep the children from returning to their once happy home. One such allegation that was made was that Gloria Musa was an active sex worker - a prostitute - who plied her trade in front of and with her church congregation and also in front of her children.

She is, in fact. an ordained bishop in the Evangelical Church of Africa and is not and has never been what this allegation alleges. This ridiculous allegation was made with no evidence of any kind to substantiate it yet the court believed this nonsense, along with other unsubstantiated allegations such as the children being beaten by the parents, even though medical examinations made when the council took the children showed no sign of anything to back their allegations of cruelty by the parents towards their children.

Even though the allegations were proven groundless never was it mentioned that the children were to be returned to their parents as they should have been, of course. Quite the opposite in fact took place in that a 6th child was removed from the Musa parents, the hitherto unborn baby at the time of the April 8 2010 child removals. The baby x6 was stolen once at her birth, the violence of the police during the removal operation in the hospital at 3 in the morning directly after Gloria the mother had just given birth nearly killing this defenceless mother {she is still suffering appalling injuries to this day which the prison,for she is in prison {see update below} will not address by denying her proper medical treatment}.
The baby was returned later after a matter of weeks, but was stolen again on even more dubious allegations on June 28th 2011, and the parents have not seen the baby since that date.

The baby's removal, like the entire case, needs a thorough investigation far away from the entities within this area of London who are dealing with vulnerable defenceless children, and their parents. During the time the children were removed the eldest, now 12 year old x1, complained of being "inappropriately touched" - sexually molested in other words - by the teenage habitee of the foster home she was placed in. Ever since this child complained of this appalling sexual harassment, over 18 months ago, all contact visits ordered by the court were stopped by the council - which was against the governments "Children's Charter" {which actually promotes contact}, and the family's Human Rights.

X1 has not been seen by any family member or anybody from the Nigerian High Commission - some of whom are actually Godparents to certain Musa children - and for over 18 months from when the childs allegation was made to her parents at what turned out to be the last contact visit they ever had with her in the Autumn of 2010 until the Musas were imprisoned on Nov. 28 2011, and it was not known whether x1 was alive or dead, or was even in this country as the council refused to allow any contact visits or say anything about the child when the parents inquired after her. She simply vanished from her parents lives.

There was a £1000 reward been offered by an anonymous donor for her giving her testimony on video as to what had been happening to her during her imposed silence. The council had also allegedly changed x1's name to "x2". {This article on "Parent Alienation Syndrome" shows how changing a childs name,location and lifestyle can turn her away from her loving parents and all she knew before her removal and the subtle changes introduced: ( - . Although commonly used in divorce cases it can of course be used to alienate parents after the child is moved into a foster home.}

Recently on the 28th June 2011 the Musas took their baby x3 to Z hospital, London as they thought she seemed to have a fever - a temperature. This was enough for Z council to arrange for the police to remove the baby, claiming it had been administered hard drugs, even though tests taken by medical staff at the hospital at the time proved negative for all drugs in not only the baby but also in both parents. Nevertheless an Emergency Protection Order {EPO} was placed on the baby immediatly and she has been removed from the Musa family, even though the reasons for the baby's removal are totally fictional.

At a court hearng on the 7th July the judge, who happened to be the original judge who ordered the removal of the other 5 children, believing the Z councils allegations, confirmed he would be issuing an Interim Care Order {ICO} on the newly taken baby, thus effectively removing her from the parents care, when a 2 week period was up.

This he duly did, and the x3 has not now been seen since 28th June 2011, some 16 months ago from the date of her removal. For no contact visits to be allowed during this period is totally illegal, against all orders the court has made regarding the childrens contact visits with their parents, against the "Children's Act" and against the parents and baby's Human Rights.

Allegations by the council, in the early stages of this case, were that Gloria Musa was given opium by her stepfather whilst in the UK as a teenager. These are complete lies, yet were part and parcel of the allegations used to remove and keep these children. Gloria Musa has no stepfather, has never taken opium at any time, and was not in the UK as a teenager. This is just one totally false allegation fabricated by the council and used in the removal of the Musa children.

It has been said by the president of the secret closed family courts that "professionals dont lie". This in itself is completely untrue which should be ignored completely always. There is overwhelming evidence of lies being told in this Musa case let alone numerous other now famous caes of child removal in the UK such as the cases of Vicki Haigh, Maureen Spalek, Cheryl Stannard, Eve Pears, the Baylis family, Paul Manning {see videos on youtube about these and other outrageous cases} and others which of course is completely unacceptable.

The people removing the children are public servants and are not paid to act like this, as arent the judiciary or police.

Many other irregularities and anomalies exist in this outrageous case, from outright witness intimidation at least 5 people I personally have spoken to {see a witnesses story below} familiar to the Musa parents to police conducting raids with no warrant or legal documentation whatsoever and without the necassary witnesses required by British law. The court orders concerning contact visits with the children have not been adhered to by the agency responsible for them on scores of occasions, and nothing has ever been done about this, causing much unneccassary grief, worry and financial hardship for these parents who have been targetted by Haringey council employees and those connected to it. Supporters have written hundreds of emails and many letters sent by postal recorded delivery to MPs and other so-called "authority figures" {such as police and a Chief Constable} all of which have been totally ignored, and have made each and every person told absolutely aware of so many irregularities an and crimes committed in this appalling case and who exactly has undertaken what is described.

Even so nothing is ever done about anything by anybody clearly and concisely told about the unacceptable events, even when trying to inform them of 9 year old girl x1 {at the time} being sexually molested by a teenager she was sadly placed at the home of. The Musa parents were remanded in prison on the 28th November and after a trial which began in May 2012 and lasted 6 weeks approx. they were found guilty of "mistreatment of their children" {see update below} and sentenced to 7 years each, and to be deported immediately on release back to Nigeria.

By a "balance of probabilities" at a Family Court last November at a 6 day hearing the verdict was given in favour of the prosecutions case. Injunctions against me forbid me to say any more about this, but the Musa parents are far removed from anything to do with what is alleged and did not even have legal representation for that important hearing as they simply couldn't get any, and they have not had legal representation for most of the legal hearings held, as not only can legal reps not be got to represent the family for some strange reason as i said, but those that do take the case on strangely "change" after a couple of weeks to act in a way completely opposite to that which they should, viz. they stop acting in the parents interests.

The legal profession is a very closely knit one - so many are "pals" with the "you scratch my back and ill scratch yours" attitude and many are previous colleagues even and word soon gets about which cases are a "no-no" and those which have a "tick" by their name - those "no-no"s protected by secrecy laws and dubious "high-ups" who cannot afford any more public scandals such as the "Baby P" case, of which it is well known Haringey council played a major part, {see:} and sadly we all know what happened to poor Peter Connolly, R.I.P.

There is a list of solicitors I personally have who's actions leave much to be desired who most definately have not acted in their clients interests in this case - like, for example, not turning up for an important hearing as they were supposed to as Mr. Paul K-W didnt. The list is long.

The sentencing will be given on August 14 at Z crown court. A long sentence is expected to be given. {see below for update}. A whistleblower from the crown court where t he trial was held for the criminal case against the Musa parents has said the jury was not picked as it should have been - from the Electoral Roll etc.. Rather, it was handpicked by a dubious source. Also questions must be asked as to the eligibility of the judge who presided over the trial because of his alleged undeclared affiliations to certain organisations, and also other affiliations and connections.

The defence team did not do their jobs in so many ways, or they knew about certain things and did not act correctly as they should have. Much is to be said about their actions. One can imagine that this case which began 29 months ago has many twists and turns, but not only that numerous irregularities and even outright crimes exist, undertaken by authorities. The evidence for all I allege can be produced at any time. These are the basic facts of this outrageous case but so many more crimes and irregularities exist.

This is a true sworn statement and I contend a factual opinion of what has taken place and any further details can be given on request from me John Graham
Video: The Musa Case - The Irregular Interim Care Order Hearings:

UPDATE 16 AUG. 2012

The Musa parents received 7 years imprisonment on the 14 Aug. 2012 at Y Court, and are to be deported to Nigeria immediately on finishing their sentence. They have served already 259 days leading up to today in custody in prison. Although grief stricken on receiving this verdict they bore the outrage with dignity before being dragged away from the glass-lined witness box to be taken back to their respective prisons to begin their completely unjust sentences. C

hiwar called at 7.30 pm and seemed very reasonable in the circumstances. A great travesty of justice was performed today. An appeal will be lodged alongside the appeal for the conviction itself. There needs to be a thorough honest investigation and enquiry into the entire Musa case of their 7 children being removed by the UK government, where so many irregularities exist, along with contraventions of court orders, and blatant breaches of every family members human rights time and time again.

Regarding unanswered irregularities, as of the 9 Sept. 2012 there is still missing electronic data connected to the 2nd youngest baby x3's medical records on her entry into hospital on the morning of 28 June 2011 that needs to be addressed, and also a handwritten "letter" allegedly written by the eldest Musa daughter x1, now 12, has never been officially confirmed as being written by her by any trained official graphologist but should have been.

There is the unaddressed allegation that x1 suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the teenage member of the household she was placed with immediately on being removed from her family in April 2010. The police have refused to investigate properly in any shape or form anything regarding this matter, even though I have officially notified the Chief Constable of Dorset 3 times about this, along with every MP time and time again along with other government departments.

These last 3 matters mentioned have not been addressed properly at all by the Musa's legal representatives, who seem to have shirked completely certain responsibilities they clearly have regarding the important subjects just mentioned.

Other subjects exist too that need to be addressed but haven't been, such as the children's contact visits with their parents not taking place {for over 18 months in the case of the eldest child x1}, the worthless travel warrants issued to the Musa parents for the contact visits, which were continuously given even though the council were fully aware the travel warrants the Musas were given were worthless and unusable, and the feasance and malfeasance etc of the children's "guardian solicitor", for whom the Solicitors Regulation Authority refused to investigate time after time when official complaints were issued to them regarding her irresponsible, unprofessional and often criminal behaviour along with the Legal Ombudsman who also ignored notifications of serious wrongdoing by this rogue solicitor. Indeed, when I complained to the Legal Ombudsman about the actions of the SRA refusing to deal with the irresponsible behaviour by the children's "guardian solicitor" and about my other grievances I was informed that the department was "closed" to me on these matters! "Closed" indeed!

The prisons the Musas are in have consistently failed to provide the proper care and responsibility they are supposed to - mail to the Musas is often undelivered to them or takes weeks to get to them, prearranged visits are denied whereby visits are officially made yet when the visitors go they are denied seeing either Musa, and more - but the most serious inaction by Holloway women's prison is regarding the medical care Gloria is and was supposed to receive whilst resident with them - that medical care being almost nonexistent most of the time even though numerous government agencies have been notified time and time again about the situation.

Chiwar has never ever set eyes on his newborn son born on March 10 2012, let alone ever hold him in his arms, and Gloria has only ever had a fleeting glimpse of her new son during birth and at no time since. They may never see any of their children ever again, as everything will be done to discourage any knowledge of anything to do with their children ever reaching these victimised and tortured parents once their lengthy prison sentences are completed and they are deported back to Africa. It is a public scandal and what has and is happening and something needs to be done about it immediately lest anything like this ever happens to any innocent victims ever again.

1} In this video {15 Aug. 2012} UK Column's Brian Gerrish mentions the Musa case at 22 minutes in =
UK Column Live - 15th August 2012

2} Video: The Musa Case - The Irregular Interim Care Order Hearings:
3} Reporter Christopher Bookers articles for the "Sunday Telegraph" on this case {these links stop Aug. 2011 - more articles exist} =
4} April 2008 Daily Mail = "Baby P council falsely accused me of abusing a child, reveals whistleblower who feared she'd lose her daughter." {By Eileen Fairweather} =
5} Figures at an all time high for children being removed from families, most often good, loving ones - Daily Mail April 12 2012 =

6} The African publication "The Leadership"'s articles are just 2 of many African exposes on the case:


"This: ( is a heartrending account of a friend of the Musas. Read it and hear your heart friends. The truth will come out, we know this. The Musas are strong and they are not counterfeit ministers parading around in sheep's clothing. They are true born again believers who are spirit-filled and yes they believe in power evangelism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts.

We know there are fraudsters and there is the counterfeit church. Throughout the bible Jesus warns us to beware of those who call Him Lord but He will say depart from Me I never knew you. The Musas will look to the Lord through this as they have Christians around the world fasting and praying for them three days every single month and praying daily for the truth to come to the fore.

I have faith in the people of this nation, the general public, but sadly my faith in the government and the state church has diminished. Did you know the man presiding over the Musa criminal trial is an ordained Anglo Catholic minister and a deacon in the Ordinate? Gloria Musas is an Ordained Bishop in the African Evangelical Church and her husband is an Apostle. What a conflict of interest? Also Judge REDACTED said: 'She styles herself as a Bishop!' Gloria Musa does not 'style' herself as a Bishop, she IS a Bishop. She is a Nigerian bishop.

When she writes to me from Holloway prison, she signs the letter Bishop Gloria. So many good men and women have been imprisoned for righteousness sake. Dig deep into your hearts readers and ask the question: what is the truth in all of this? Jesus said: If you seek the truth with all your heart, soul and strength you will find it. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life! There is no other way.

The Musas came here to evangelise the UK; they came as missionaries. Goggle Musas, Haringey and you will get mountains of information, their facebook pages, You Tube Channel, Judge's Judgement's, witness statements, videos of's all available on the world wide web. We don't need to rely on the main stream media who don't investigate and get to the heart of the matter. Check out UK Column Live folks for an alternative news coverage
Where is justice when we cannot have a voice?"

by and thanks to Jackie H.

Letter from Gloria Musa 5 Sept. from Holloway prison - In it she states that she has seen a "Dr. REDACTED" who gave her some imflammatory tablets, however she states she is still in great pain still and unable to leave the cell, and that also she cannot sleep at night and whats more is having panic attacks =

{qu.}"I saw Dr. REDACTED who prescribed inflammatory tablets to relieve the pain but im yet to see change yet, coupled with lacking sleep at night as i have to leave the light on, still having panic attacks more especially as the police gave evidence at their brutality to me at the hospital" {unqu.}.

The full communication from Gloria is put here so as everybody - supporters and quislings alike can see it, removing of course the identity the solicitors mentioned as 2 lots of solicitors have mysteriously declined recently from helping the Musas from formerly being enthusiastic about helping them. I believe somebody "put a spanner in the works" regarding this, and this behavior from solicitors has happened many times before with solicitors starting off on the right foot only to actively change after a short period of time. Is that not true solicitors Rajesh S., Paul K-W., Georgina C., Paul G., Ian J., C. in Harrow, plus others?...

but especially not forgetting the woman solicitor from Deptford who "Sabine Mcneil" arranged to visit Chiwar who charged £230 for "travel expenses" etc, travelling from Deptford to Pentonville - a distance of 3 miles or so - Chiwar telling her she was unsuitable on the day and bidding her farewell. I believe this entire visit by this character was a deliberate preplanned ploy to try and exhaust the Musas legal aid status by this outrageous charging by a solicitor who in Chiwars eyes was clearly not fit for the job - her name and the charge details stated here are on the recording of the call i made to her a couple of days after the event. With all the chopping and changing the Musas have been very lucky to retain their legal aid status at all - no thanks to the person who arranged the very expensive solicitor who added her outrageous figure to the legal aid bill yet did precisely nothing in return.

Sent by Royal Mail recorded delivery letter {twice} + and email to LORD MCNALLY, justice minister + K. CLARKE, sec of state for justice, 3 Sept. 2012: {LETTERS TILL NOT RECEIVED BACK AS OF 31 OCT 12}

For the attention of: the Minister of State, {and Deputy Leader of the House of Lords} - the Rt. Hon. Lord McNally, and the Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice – the Rt. Hon. Mr. K. Clarke QC MP

Dear Lord McNally, and the Rt. Hon. Mr. K. Clarke,

 I write to you today about very serious and grave miscarriages of justice that has happened in our high courts. I have been notifying numerous MPs, including Mr. Pickles, Mr. Clarke and numerous others about the actions, or rather the criminal activities of X COUNCIL for some time, yet never have I received any kind of reply or even acknowledgement to my communications, by email and recorded delivery Royal Mail postal service. {update 11 Sept. – replies {pics below} from the IMB and Mr. N. Hardwick have now finally been received – the IMB, which says it is made up of “members of community” is standard rhetoric – their letter begins

“I have noted your observations but the IMB secretariat are not equipped to deal with personal circumstances of any individual unless they are unable to raise the issue themselves by application” but then whichever “member of the community” wrote this thing contradicts him/herself by stating {presumably about Glorias’ plight “They {IMB members} have also liased with the no. 1 governor regarding her case , and after receiving other letters and have had lengthy discussions”. Well make your mind up please. Either you are dealing with Gloria’s appalling mistreatment or your not. Either way not much is being done and Gloria should be in a hospital and getting proper medical treatment – not what is happening as no improvement is being shown - being in a cell and falling down and not being able to get up which she says has happened 8 times at least, and bleeding blood clots as Gloria has stated is happening still since giving birth on March 10 is simply not good enough. That is the gist of the letter from the IMB, whereas Mr. Hardwick simply gives an address to write to of yet another government department and the IPCC and says hes unable to deal with anything. Ms. Tysoe still has not replied at all}.

 This council has removed 7 children from the Nigerian visitors here CHIWAR and GLORIA MUSA and this family has been subjected to the most gross irregularities that could befall a family – performed by personnel within X council who removed 7 children from these parents over a 2 and a half year period. A 6 week trial during May and June 2012 saw these innocent parents subjected to a sentence of SEVEN years – the end result of a farcical, one-sided and very biased trial, presided over by a judge who performed great failings throughout the trial.

 We have it from good authority from a whistleblower also at the court the trial was heard at – Z Crown in North London, that the jury was not chosen as it should have been, but rather it was rigged.

The entire case needs an honest and thorough investigation by honest parties, and I speak as one who has been closely involved in the case since April 2011, having attended many court hearings, some as a Mckenzie friend – particularly during a fact-finding hearing held at the Royal Courts of Justice beginning Oct. 31 until Nov. 6 2011, presided over by Sir Nicholas Wall.

The entire 6 day hearing there was a farce, the Nigerian parents had no legal representation at all and little factual information came out during the hearing – medical records were missing {and remained missing even throughout the trial months later}, the legal bundle had been altered with items removed or the wording changed and tampered with and all sorts of irregularities took place during the hearing so as a certain result could be achieved – and was!! The truth about more or less everything in this case has been twisted and altered out of all proportion to the actual truth – so as to conveniently admonish each and every participant who conspired with others to pervert the course of justice throughout this case – from the solicitors involved, to the police, judiciary, social workers and a whole lot more.

Please use your powers to bring an honest thorough investigation regarding this shocking case. 7 children have been removed from their parents of the most fake of allegations – and as if that wasn't enough situations and falsehoods were manufactured by certain characters to compound the completely false case – the children brainwashed and coaxed into saying things they never would under normal circumstances – all to cover up the irregularities of most dubious social workers in the land, who are not fit to be employed by anybody – those employed by Haringey council,in my humble opinion.

I have no reason to lie or make anything up regarding anything to do with this case – I simply feel it is so wrong what has happened – and I ask you please to look at the attached notes. Much didn't come out in court, {or wasn't allowed to} due to a pathetically incompetent defence team who played right into the hands of the prosecution and all they stood for. Much vital evidence was deliberately ignored and not brought into the trial – the entire thing was a farce.

There is so much that needs to come out regarding this entire case, such as the witness intimidation that existed at the beginning of the case but was never mentioned – and the sexual abuse suffered by the eldest child, then 9 years of age when taken into care on April 8 2010. All has been conveniently hushed up and not mentioned during the trial – gross irregularities.

Now 2 innocent parents have been given 7 year sentences on the basis of a pack of untruths, and 7 children have lost their true parents. It is a disgrace.

Whilst on remand in prison awaiting her trial, and since whilst beginning her sentence, Gloria Musa has been treated completely appallingly, and illegally I might add. I have written numerous times along with others to the Governor of Holloway prison {a recent example below}, and also to various authorities but have never received any replies about the shocking treatment she is being given. My message to the Independant Monitoring Board {below} has still not been answered, and it is disgraceful the Prisons dept. under the guises of Mr. Hardwick and Ms. Tysoe {Prison Healthcare} have not answered my communications they have been sent regarding the appalling treatment Ms. Musa has received since she has been in Holloway prison since Nov. 28th 2011. She has been denied medical treatment for serious ailments, and denied visits when weve gone to visit her to deliberately keep certain things covered up, and a whole lot more.

What is happening to her in Holloway prison is a public scandal.

Please help and let the truth come out about this horrific case.

Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, J. Graham Mckenzie friend to the Musa family, and concerned citizen.
This below was sent to the Independant Monitoring Board, and Mr. Hardwick and Ms. Tysoe of the Prisons Dept. and Healthcare respectively – see full article + full pics of repliy letters recd. here {but not from Tysoe of "Prisons Healthcare}: .

To: as stated above Ashley House 2 Monck Street London SW1P 2BQ

From: J. Graham supporter, and Mckenzie friend to the Musa family and concerned citizen. August 24 2012

Dear Ms. Elizabeth Tysoe, Mr. N. Hardwick, and whom it may concern at the Independant Monitoring Board,

I am writing to you concerning a shocking situation and an abuse of power by prison employes paid to know and act better regarding the mistreatment of a female prisoner in Holloway prison by the name of Ms. Gloria Musa, no A2767CJ. Helen, an erstwile and devoted Musa family supporter reports that Gloria Musa, the unjustly imprisoned Nigerian mother and prisoner had called her today Thursday 23rd August by telephone from Holloway prison where she is being denied medical treatment for serious conditions, and has been for about 10 months since her entry into the prison. Gloria has recently begun a 7 year sentence after already serving 259 days on remand there.

Gloria Musa has told of how she was attacked by countless police officers at 3am in the morning whilst breastfeeding her newborn baby in a side cubicle in a London hospital, in June 2010 – the police allegedly attacking her so badly whilst removing her baby that she still is suffering the damaging effects to this very day over 2 years later – and is being refused medical treatment still in Holloway as she has been since November 28th 2011 – the day she was remanded in custody there on the most questionable of charges. Gloria told Helen she fell earlier in the day in her cell in Holloway prison and was in much pain and couldnt get up, and also she wet herself and was much humiliated by it all. She says she has been bleeding blood clots for weeks too after giving birth to her new baby on March 10 2012 – some 22 weeks ago and has been denied any kind of medical treatment to remedy the situation.

After falling her cellmate got the warders who helped Gloria up and took her to the medical room and gave her a couple of paracetamol to ease the pain. It is outrageous that nothing has ever been done in the 10 months of her being in prison for the ailments she has. Many times the authorities have been notified and complained to about the situation – a typical communication is below – but nothing is ever done about Gloria Musa’s ailments – indeed, our communications have never even been acknowledged let alone replied to by the characters that have been notified – MPs included. It is a truly disgraceful situation and the people written to dont care at all if any permanent damage is done through the lack of medical treatment regarding the ailments Gloria Musa is suffering. Why do they not take her to the hospital and give her proper medical treatment? No wonder they refused to find a wheelchair for her on the 12th August to bring her for our visit – if she had come she wouldve told us of her dire medical situation again and the refusal of the prison to give her the medical treatment that she is entitled to. As Gloria could be classed as a “difficult prisoner” in the authorities eyes this is how they retaliate – by making her life as miserable and painful as possible. What an absolute disgrace!

Authorities have been told for months and the prison too about the situation but they deliberatly ignore the situation to add insult to injury. Gloria said when a probation officer came a couple of weeks ago – a Martin Wagner – to interview her they found a wheelchair straightaway to take her to the meeting. Remember on the Sunday 12th Aug when they refused to bring Gloria to the visiting hall the prison warder – officer HY601 – blatantly lied and said there were “no wheelchairs in the prison” while the warders superior in a suit 5 yards away in the visiting hall – a Mr. ATTARD – said that there were indeed wheelchairs in the prison – contradicting the officer HY601′s obvious lie. Why didnt they get one to bring Gloria to the visit? They had 5 days notice of the visit to find one as the visit was arranged on the preceeding Tuesday 5 days earlier, and also on the 9th Aug – the Thursday – i sent the letter {below} to the Governor complaining about the awful lack of treatment Gloria has been denied for 10 months now at this prison. What if permanent damage is done to Glorias knee or hip? Nobody in the prison cares about that whatsoever! Please help this lady. Thank you very much.

J. Graham

Full article+ full size pics of the letters below:

Modify message

The Leveller says: :

butlincat replied:

We have been to numerous agencies sending complaints about the state of the contact visits with the children, as descibed in articles viz. the Musa parents would go on a prearranged visit, as decreed by the court, only for, on many occasions only some of the children to be brought to the visit, if at all. The Musa parents would often spend all day getting to and from the visit centre, and the entire thing would be a waste of time. The agencies contacted were mostly in the UK - and only one reply ever received back, which is below too, - addresses being:
\"And a letter to the foster agencies of the UK:

From: butlincat . ( )
Sent: 08 June 2011 11:19:48

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 10:58:10 +0100 Subject: your complaint.
With reference to your complaint I regret that we are unable to assist you. Please contact the local authority and make your complaint to them. They will have a complaints proceedure in place. Kind Regards Contact Us"

UPDATE 26 SEPT. 12 -

We received a message from Gloria earlier this week and it is understood Gloria has ceased taking the medication she was being given and is feeling much better as a result.
7/09/2012 20:07, butlincat . wrote:
"On the 16 Sept. Sunday 15.30 gmt we - H and I - visited Gloria at Holloway prison.
1} Gloria was in good spirits mostly but swayed into being near tears at times and the main points I wish to forward are these below. I hope Helen will confirm anything if anything is doubtful.
2} Gloria said she is experiencing panic attacks still from when the police at the trial described their what many people say is appalling mistreatment of her. She said after at least 7 police officers had entered her single cubilcle at the hospital at one point there were 2 officers sitting each on seperate legs whilst a third was strangling her. She said she was seriously choking and had stopped breathing and believes this was a deliberate attempt on her life. Photographs exist of wounds Gloria sustained during this episode.
The baby having been removed from Gloria did not thrive over the 4 months gone and became quite unwell – so much so that she was returned to Gloria. The baby didnt take long to get back to her happy normal self. Then 7 or so months later on the 28th June 2011 the baby was removed again via an Emergency Protection Order after the Musa parents had taken the baby to St. Thonas’s hospital, London because she seemed to the parents to be unwell and running a temperature. Once at the hospital xxxxx arrived up after the council were called. xxxx was the top man – and Gloria felt it strange he should turn up at all.
After a 6 day factfinding hearing beginning Oct 31 at the Royal Courts of Justice it was deemed by a “balance of probabilities” that the Musas had mistreated their baby which resulted in her being taken to the hospital on June 28 2011. The Musas had no legal representation throughout the 6 day hearing.For such an important hearing to be allowed to happen at all when the “defendants” had no legal representation whatsoever was surely highly irregular. Later the Musa parents were to receive 7 years imprisonment each for supposedly “mistreating their children” after a “6 week trial”.

3} Gloria yesterday also spoke of acute pain in her knee, hip, back and arm – her arm from falling down at least 8 times. A new ailment has begun being she has now something wrong with her left eye. She described it as being “painful” and her sight is affected and says it could be a result of one or more or a combination of 5 different drugs she is now being given as it wasnt happening before the drugs were introduced. She has fallen down over 8 times recently, and cannot get up once she has fallen and needs assistance to get up. She tells us she was left for 2 hours on the cell floor recently after falling down in the middle of the night – not getting any help to get up from the prison warders. Being in acute pain as she describes, and bleeding still from giving birth one wonders why she isnt getting proper treatment in a hospital, and having proper x-rays and blood and other tests done? This we have been trying for for over 10 months since Gloria first complained about her knee – damaged as a result of police action even they described during the ytrial when it was such tat jury members and public gallery members were reduced to tears. Being given drugs and not being told the names, as Gloria relates, is illegal.
Surely on certain drugs one could go insane. Surely we must be careful Gloria is not pronounced mentally incapable or ill etc etc and sectioned off to a mental prison or similar, never to be seen again! She understands she is being given a painkiller, but the name of this drug and the names of the other 4 being given are not forthcoming and Gloria says the prison refuse to tell her the names of the medications. This is surely highly questionable as surely one is allowed to know the names of the drugs one is being told to take, even if one is imprisoned. Still there have been no x-rays on her knee or anywhere to determine if her knee is actually broken. Also she has been bleeding internally constantly since giving birth to her baby on March 10 this year – for which there have been no proper medical examinations carried out, or blood tests done – which must surely be far from the norm in a situation whereby someone is bleeding constantly.

4} Gloria told us that she had received a letter from a certain person on Thursday 11 September 2012 stating that the Musas legal aid "had run out" regarding representation by her defence team. Whether this is true or not or a fabrication remains to be seen. Where the Musas stand now with supposedly 2 appeals underway - against conviction and sentencing - can only be imagined. Since when do legal representatives tell a member of the public things like that to tell the clients of the legal reps? Why have they not told the Musas themselves and why hasnt any lof the 3 legal representatives visited them since the conviction date of 14th August 2012 when the Musas received 7 years imprisonment on a charge of mistreating their children - something they did not do. The present legal team rarely visit either Musa. {update 22 Sept. - it is claimed one of the defence legal team did visit Gloria but this has yet to be confirmed}.
The amount of irregularities and anomalies in this case are such that an honest investigation needs to take place as soon as possible.
5} Gloria told us that she had not seen the numerous emails sent via the "emailaprisoner" service in recent weeks.
6} Gloria told us the reason she was not permitted to join the 3 supporters who tried to visit her on the 12 Aug. 2012 but were denied the visit because Gloria was not brought was because a particularly hostile female senior officer was on duty and was behind her deliberately not being given assistance to attend the visit. Gloria told us of apparently other hostile acts towards her have occurred by this person which I will not go into here.

Finally it is good that 4 visitors did not go to the prison for the visit as was tentatively arranged. Luckily 2 persons changed their minds at the last minute. 4 people arent allowed on a visit - only 3 are - but here is just 2 excerpts of the recording with the prison visits officer lieing and deliberately arranging for a 4th person to attend the visit - which he knows ISNT ALLOWED =
I asked repeatedy could 4 people go on a visit = = he replied in the affirmative each time and duly took the 4th name. When at the prison I asked a visits officer about the number allowed he said THREE ONLY. Another blatant lie told us regarding 4 visitors being allowed on a visit. We have been lied to many times and I have travelled before for a prearranged visit only to find out no such visit exists and is listed. It was then I bought a recording device which has proved extremely valuable when ive been able to prove a visit had been arranged when ive arrived at the prison for a visit only to be told one hadnt been arranged.

Others have experienced the same irregularity and have been denied their visit when it had been absolutelly properly arranged. The prison simply does not reply to 99% of communications sent to them, of course, as havent scores of other departments and authority figures written to by numerous Musa supporters, including Mr. Martin Baker. Chief Constable of Dorset police, who refused to reply when I wrote notifying him of sexual abuse suffered by X1 Musa during the early part of her being placed in a care home after being removed from her parents on April 8 2010. I sent at least a total of 3 emails to Mr. Baker about this serious sexual crime upon a minor, but my emails were blocked after the 1st one sent, but I had already sent letters via recorded delivery Royal Mail. After my 2nd email to Mr. Baker was returned undelivered further emails were sent via Dorchester police HQ asking they be forwarded to Mr. Baker as CC. Nothing has ever been received back from anybody regarding this, but Mr. Baker has resigned {though of course not necessarily connected to anything written here -

That is the gist of yesterdays visit with Gloria.

Yet another year rolls around and another anti-child abuse rally will take place in London on September 29 at Trafalgar Square, from until 4 pm
Organised by:
•Home •UK END CHILD ABUSE RALLY •Our Fundraising Events •Support Group Events •State Endorsed Paedophilia •SRE Parental Awareness Campaign •Global Child Abuse Issues •Support Our Cause •Contact us
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from David Icke:
Physical, emotional & sexual abuse ‐ paedophilia & incest – exploitation ‐family court corruption ‐ institutional, systematic & ritual abuse.
The UK Rally Against Child Abuse is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to join together not only in raising awareness of this most serious issue but also to show victims/survivors/families that you/we/they are not alone.
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us ‐ survivors, non‐survivors, friends, families, children, supporters and support organisations, anyone who is against child abuse and wants to make a difference.
Rally T-Shirts will be available to purchase from this page shortly


X MUSA IS SIX TODAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY X!!! {gag orders with threats of imprisonment stop any public naming or anything to do with any of the Musa children}


"President of the Family Division, Sir Nicholas Wall, retires by Natasha

The Ministry of Justice have just this moment notified its readers of the news that Sir Nicholas Wall, the current President of the Family Division is to retire on the 1st December, 2012 ( this year), on grounds of ill-health.

Working within the confines of the courts and the limits of the law, Sir Nicholas was one of the more outspoken judges of his time and certainly pioneered radical discussion on increasing rights for unmarried couples, implementing no-fault divorce and more access to the family courts through media reporting to help increase transparency inside the system. He was also kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to be a panel member for our Westminster Debate for KIDS.

We will be sorry to see him leave and wish him a quick recovery. However, the question which remains, is who will take Sir Nicholas's place, as the new President of the Family Division?"

Natasha | September 28, 2012 at 4:42 pm | Categories: Family Law |

From the "Sunday Telegraph" by Christopher Booker:
30 10 2011 - Christopher Booker
Lord Justice Wall takes on an alarming child-snatching case
This seems to be a classic instance of the way social workers make a crashing initial mistake, then add ever more questionable allegations to defend their blunder. A mother and her daughter have been fighting a care order Photo: ALAMY By Christopher Booker 7:00PM BST 29 Oct 2011 In the child-snatching story that I have reported on here most often, the latest twists are as disturbing as anything that has gone before. The case has been taken over by Lord Justice Wall, the President of the Family Division. It is a classic instance of how, when social workers seize children on the basis of what appears to be a crashing initial mistake, they then seem to make ever more questionable allegations against the parents to defend their original blunder.
On June 27, a year-old baby that had been torn from its mother’s arms at birth (but was later returned to the couple on a judge’s orders) developed a fever. When the parents took the baby to hospital for medical advice, the staff contacted social workers, who called in the police on an allegation that the parents had drugged the baby with opium. The parents were arrested and held in a police cell for 27 hours. The baby was taken back into care.
This month, I am told, the police announced that no charges would be brought against the couple, lab tests having shown no trace of any drugs. The social workers had apparently known this for weeks. Meanwhile, they asked the police to arrest the couple on a charge of conspiracy to abduct their other five children from foster homes and take them abroad. The parents had no idea where their children were, having not seen them for many months. Again, it seems, no charges are to be brought, because there was no evidence.
Despite an order by Lord Justice Wall that the parents must again be given regular contact with their children, his order has, I gather, been ignored. There is much in this alarming case for the learned judge to investigate.
For legal reasons, comments have been disabled on this story.
Statement of Gloria Musa for the High Court;21/7/2011

1:-My name is Gloria Musa.My husband Chiwar and I have six {update: as of March 10 2012 there are 7 children upon the birth of X7 in Holloway prison - ed} children who have never been ill or in hospital before the intervention of X councils social services, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, + X7.
I am of Nigerian nationality and a respected evangelist preacher and bishop,author of many books and my sermons can be found on DVDs on line including one preached to a large congregation at the Hilton Metropole hotel in London.I was a virgin when I married and in accordance with my strict Christian beliefs I have never had sexual relations with any man other than my husband.We are visitors in this country and our dearest wish is to return to Nigeria with our 6 children to live a normal family life in an African culture.We would all leave immediately if permitted.

2:-The reason given at the time for taking away my children in April 2010 was a letter found in the garden allegedly written by X1 (then aged 9) saying that I was a cruel mother who beat her without mercy.This letter was written in an adult hand that bore absolutely no resemblance to X1's writing in her school exercise book but Judge Brasse refused to look at my evidence so that the handwriting could be compared ,refused to look at the graphologist report confirming that X1 was not the author of the letter,saying that it did not matter as "we have gone beyond that".

With respect the judge erred as if X1 did not write the letter then the person who did forge her signature also perverted the course of justice and the matter should have been investigated.

3:-It was a terrible shock in April 2010 that my 5 younger children were taken away with no prior warning by police and social workers whilst I was still pregnant with my youngest X6. Originally when the children were taken X local authority applied for an interim care order, Judge Brasse heard the barrister for the local authority state as a fact that I was a sex worker (I was not allowed to speak in order to either question the barrister or deny the allegations). ,that I had been abused in childhood and taken drugs , that the children were multiparented and had been traffiked into the country and would entail jail sentences for those responsible.Judge Brasse in answer to my denials of all this promised rather sceptically that if I produced my medical records and dna results to prove my denials true that was all I needed to do.I assumed that he mean't that I would then have my children returned.

4:-DNA proved all six were mine and my husband's my medical records showed a normal happy drugfree and uneventful childhood ,and the care assistant who wrongly and illegally described herself as a social worker admitted she had no evidence of sex working other than that "she ticked all the boxes as she never claimed benefits"She made several enquiries from parents at my children's school asking if they knew I was a sex worker causing uproar,dismay,and a lot of bad publicity.The lack of evidence was recorded on a court document that was sent to me by Haringey inadvertently !.Judge Brasse then studied reports made by social workers and other documents handed in by them which I was not allowed to see ! Surely denying me a fair hearing contrary to my human rights.Judge Brasse at a later hearing did not keep his promise ,and it was only just before the fact finding hearings in February 2011 that allegations of child beatings on all five elder children were made against me purely on hearsay to justify the further care orders being put in place;I was refused permission by judge Brasse to question Joyce the allotted social worker at that time and refused permission to play a recording that would have proved conclusively that she had lied under oath.Surely contrary to my human right right to a fair hearing.?

5:-When my 6th child , X6 was born,8 police came into the hospital with two social workers after 3am ,4 hours after the baby was born and seized my baby by force waking up other mothers in the ward . I was badly bruised when this took place perhaps because I shouted that I would resist until they showed me a court order which they did not.With such an uproar the affair was put very much in the public domain by those who witnessed it.Judge Brasse refused to consider the unecessary taking of my child at the instance of X council but blamed me for the bad publicity! Surely he should have considered this evidence when judging my behaviour against that of X council? 6:- Some months later my baby who was continually ill in care was returned to me where she thrived,proving surely that if I was no danger to a helpless baby then I was was surely no danger to my older children who judge Brasse had ordered to be fostered in London .They were in fact fostered in Dartford via Capstone Fostering agency.Judge Brasse refused to enforce his own order leaving me to carry my baby plus food for the children to contact vie bus from my flat to seven sisters tube,then on to London bridge station ,from there to Dartford,and then Taxi to the contact centre.All this was 3 or 4 times a week at my own expense as the only time X council gave us two tickets we did not notice they were singles so my husband and I were both fined £50 on the return journey !Judge Brasse refused to believe X council had not provided financial help, calling me a liar and refused to allow social workers to be questioned on that point. .7:- Despite the fact that the independent social worker and the psychiatrist both reported to me that X1 aged 10 wanted to see her mother,I have been denied contact face to face and by telephone,I have not seen or heard from my daughter for nearly a year; Social workers informed me that they had changed her name to "Y",. When the children's grandparents came from Africa to see her and her aunt came from the USA both were denied access. Even X1's siblings told me they had not seen her at all this year. Judge Brasse ignored the fact that in August 2010 X1 had alleged sexual abuse by the son of her foster family and asked as a present for her birthday a diary with a lock on it so that she could record her secret thoughts; Judge Brasse decided instead to deprive her of all contact with her parents ;He refused me permission to telephone to say happy birthday and later happy Xmas nothing more than two words and supervised to boot..This neglect to enquire into a possible crime but instead to sequester the complaining child from that day forward was surely illegal or at least contrary to goog legal practice? Her workbook produced by the independent social worker late last year revealed her answer to the exercise titled"your thoughts" when she chose to ring "fed up","pressured" and "angry" 8:- I and Chiwar share parental responsibility for all our children and therefore have the right to see medical records and school reports for all of them but these have been consistently refused both by social workers and by judge Brasse since the children were taken in April 2010.Surely the judge erred in this? 9-The ABE police video made when the children were taken shows all 5 older children denying that they were ever beaten or struck with implements by their parents.This video has been illegally witheld from evidence with judge Brasse's consent, and apart from a letter "found" in a garden purporting to have been written by X1 in a handwriting in no way resembling her own ,no written or verbal evidence from the children themselves alleging beatings or showing any marks has ever been presented.The children themselves could have cleared up the matter by coming to court as all clamoured to come home at contact and all 4 still allowed to see me said they had been told to say they had been beaten otherwise contact would be stopped ,which it now has been ! Their right to make their views known and to testify if competent was denied them contrary to the UN Declaration of Children's Rights and also to a recent Supreme court decision W(children) 2010. Instead social workers said the children admitted to being beaten and their hearsay evidence was preferred by judge Brasse to the live evidence on the police video of the children's own words ! To find as fact that the children were ill treated on hearsay evidence when photographs of happy well dressed children with their parents and the childrens own denials were disregarded surely shows that the judge erred, .10:-Recently a health visitor gave the baby "X6" a normal injection against childish ailments that resulted in giving the baby a high temperature (not unusual) When to be on the safe side I took her to hospital I was accused of feeding her opium and police prevented me from approaching the baby even after discharge from hospital when it was shown that no traces of drugs of any kind were found in the blood of the baby or us her parents.Despite this the child has not been returned but has been witheld illegally since no theshold has been crossed given the mistaken belief in opium poisining and the inadvertent abuse of the baby by the hospital who at the insistence of social workers that the baby was suffering from opium poisoning gave her large doses of an antidote which made the child very ill indeed before she was finally discharged and fostered. 11:-I am representing myself with (I hope!) the assistance of a Mckenzie friend because every solicitor that has acted for me or been consulted by me has insisted that the only way to regain my children would be for me to accept all the allegations of X council that I am a prostitute,a drug user,and a child beater but apart from the absurd slur on my character this would be perjury and having sworn to tell the truth I shall continue to do exactly that in all circumstances 12:-The most worrying aspect of this affair is the immediate sequestration of X6 following her complaint of sexual abuse by 19 year old R (son of the fosterers) .My other children reported that she had been seen by police and also by a psychiatrist,but even X3 with whom she shared a foster family stated that she had not seen X1 since Xmas and neither had the other children; Contact with all five elder children was stopped with no reason two months ago and I have had no contact with X6 ,my baby since she was taken for the second time. Judge Brasse refused to consider any of this and forced me under duress of "consequences" to sign an agreement not to approach X1's foster family or school. Surely he erred in doing this without any kind of investigation as to X1's circumstances given her"disappearance" following her protest of sexual abuse Surely his refusal to allow even a supervised telephone call to say "happy Xmas"and refusal to allow access to granparents,aunt,and even the high commissioner for Sierra Leone (a friend) was contrary to the children's act 1989 giving priority to uniting families not destroying them? There have been allegations that I wildly accuse all those involved of "grand design" and Conspiracies" when in fact it is very obvious that Haringey and his honour judge Brasse have made several very serious errors and are anxious to cover them up to justify their actions rather than admit them or to put matters right.A very human and very common failing. I hope my Lord that you will put matters right and at the very least order some form of supervised contact with X1 as


Signed........................ Date........................



Affadavit from Gloria Musa's mother proving Gloria is of Nigerian nationality
- for full view go here:

We, the 3 of us who have been visiting the Musas for some time and many more times than any others, have not been allowed to see either Gloria or Chiwar for weeks now. Recorded delivery letters have been sent to both prison governors regarding the 12 August Holloway prison visit where Gloria was not allowed to be brought to us 3 visitors and to other visit grievances involving Chiwar to which there has been no replies as yet from either prison.

I have called Pentonville visits booking line some 12 times since Chiwar told me he was booking a visit for us when he got off the phone at Pentonville on Sunday 16 Sept 12 - I have recordings of most of these calls to the prison during that time up till a couple of days ago where I am told repeatedly by the prison that no application has been received from Chiwar Musa even though he has told different supporters he has made visit applications for us. It can only be assumed the visut apps. are being ignored by the prison and other authorities. Convicted prisoners are allowed a visit every 14 days from friends / family members etc but these have been denied to the Musas for weeks now, and below is a letter I wrote in December last year about irregularities to Chiwar Musa's VERY FIRST PRISON VISIT!
Nothing has changed except it is now worse than ever with ALL visits being denied at present, it seems. Ive lost track of the number of times I or others have been denied prearranged visits with either Musa - our official written enquiries about the irregularities are always ignored by either prison governor.

Our complaint from last December regarding our 1ST PENTONVILLE VISIT:
"J. Graham
To: Nick Leader
HMP Pentonville
Caledonian Rd
London N7 8TT
10 December 2011
Dear Sir
Re: Chiwar Musa (Nigeria), B Wing, No. A2793cj
Yesterday Friday 9th December I and Belinda McKenzie visited Mr Musa at Pentonville Prison for the first time since his incarceration on remand, following his and wife Gloria Musa’s hearings at Haringey Magistrates Court on 30th November and 7th December respectively. We are friends and McKenzie friends in court hearings of Mr & Mrs Musa.

We are most concerned at the treatment Mr Musa is receiving whilst resident at Pentonville. I had booked the visit yesterday, however when we arrived the staff had no recollection of my adding Belinda, therefore she was not allowed to see Chiwar, to our and his great disappointment. In fact, we had already booked a visit on Tuesday 6 December, 4 days previously, only to then be told there is no visiting on the first Tuesday of the month.

Our concerns are:

Chiwar still has no clothes except what was issued to him on Day 1 of his incarceration. Yet yesterday, after a 1-hour wait while I tried to hand in clothes for him in the appropriate department of the prison, I was told I couldn’t as he had already received clothes from a visitor the day before. When I then met Chiwar face-to-face he said he had received no clothes whatsoever during his 12 days at the prison, either from inside or from outside. On entry all his clothes had been taken from him and he had been issued with prison clothes, even though he is on remand and is allowed to wear his own clothes;
Chiwar has not been receiving any emails from us. I have sent him 2, and others have sent him emails too, that he has not received. At 30p per email sent we demand to know why our money has been taken when nothing in return has been given?
Chiwar told me all postal mail in and out has been disallowed for him. Why is this?
Chiwar told me he is allowed no phone calls out – again, why is this? He is very much allowed them according to the book;
There have been other instances of victimisation and targeting by the prison staff towards Chiwar Musa, very similar to the treatment his wife Gloria Musa has been enduring whilst simultaneously a remand prisoner in Holloway Women’s prison, in that prison warders have told other prisoners that he has mental problems therefore he is to be avoided. This is of course against his human rights and totally inhumane as he has no history of mental illness whatsoever. We fear the stage is being set to have both Chiwar and Gloria sectioned, in order to reinforce this scenario of mental insanity and make it easier to control them absolutely, so that the people who have stolen their 6 children from them and are attempting to brand them as child-abusers can keep the children indefinitely.
We request your immediate intervention in this situation which is against the rules for prisoners on remand, as well as against ethics and human rights. Chiwar Musa has not yet been sentenced and is in any case innocent of the charges against him, as will be proven. Therefore we demand that he receives the same rights and treatment as other prisoners on remand in UK prisons.

Yours faithfully

John Graham

Cc: Nick Hardwick, C
hief Inspector of Prisons; Crispin Blunt MP, Minister for Prisons & Probation; Don Marcus (Solicitor); Christopher Booker (Sunday Telegraph)
Sent by recorded delivery ENDS

Also below are other communications I received from the Ministry of Justice from April and the Inspector of Prisons when I tried to complain about the atrocious victimisation of the Musas whilst in prison, which continues to this day. Never is anything ever done, and to this day mail is being denied them, as are other things, such as emails sent to them via the "emailaprisoner" online service.
Another reply from the Inspector of Prisons stating he can do nothing about what is happening to the Musas - deliberate victimisation and worse, dated Sept. 2012: {see pic of letters @

Regarding the "booking line" fiasco i complained about they mention in the reply letter above they fail to mention the subject of my complaint: that often when one phones up on a Sunday, even though they state the booking line is closed then in their reply to me, they fail to mention their phone lines are still misleadingly open and say when one calls that one is being held in a queue waiting to talk to a prison employee to make a visit - often for literally hours - this is carefully avoided in their reply to me..

Mentioned in a reply shown @

is what i call "atrocious behaviour" towards Gloria Musa, especially by a certain Senior Officer mentioned in my other posts: from:

= "7}
"Gloria told us the reason she was not permitted to join the 3 supporters who tried to visit her on the 12 Aug. 2012 but were denied the visit because Gloria was not brought was because a particularly hostile female senior officer was on duty and was behind her deliberately not being given assistance to attend the visit. Gloria told us of apparently other hostile acts towards her have occurred by this person which I will not go into here. Finally it is good that 4 visitors did not go to the prison for the visit as was tentatively arranged. Luckily 2 persons changed their minds at the last minute. 4 people arent allowed on a visit - only 3 are - but here is just 2 excerpts of the recording with the prison visits officer lieing and deliberately arranging for a 4th person to attend the visit - which he knows ISNT ALLOWED =

I asked repeatedy could 4 people go on a visit = = he replied in the affirmative each time and duly took the 4th name. When at the prison I asked a visits officer about the number allowed he said THREE ONLY. Another blatant lie told us regarding 4 visitors being allowed on a visit. We have been lied to many times and I have travelled before for a prearranged visit only to find out no such visit exists and is listed. It was then I bought a recording device which has proved extremely valuable when ive been able to prove a visit had been arranged when ive arrived at the prison for a visit only to be told one hadnt been arranged. Others have experienced the same irregularity and have been denied their visit when it had been absolutely properly arranged. The prison simply does not reply to 99% of communications sent to them, of course, as havent scores of other departments and authority figures written to by numerous Musa supporters..."
...this "atrocious behaviour" does not seem to have stopped, according to the latest letters received from Gloria.
- for full article + letters pls go here:


From "The Sunday Telegraph" - the Musa case is towards the bottom of the article "Parents who lost their six children"
"The worst scandal I have seen in my 50-year career
By Christopher Booker 13 Oct 2012

Our 'child protection' system is severely dysfunctional, but it has not come to the centre of national attention because it hides its workings behind a veil of secrecy One mother had her child taken away after falling out of a window and becoming temporarily paralysed. Social workers portrayed it as a suicide bid, and her as an alcoholic and a drug addict Scarcely a week goes by without more evidence emerging to indicate that our “child protection” system is so dysfunctional that it should be looked on as a major national scandal. On one hand, we see the number of applications by social workers to take children into care soaring to nearly 1,000 a month, having more than doubled in the four years since the tragedy of Baby P. On the other, we hear of horrific episodes, like those recently reported from Rochdale and Rotherham, where social workers and police turned a blind eye to the systematic mass-rape of underage girls, many themselves in state care.
For three years I have been investigating scores of cases of children seized from their parents for what appear to be quite absurd reasons. This outrage has not yet come to the centre of national attention only because our child protection system hides its workings behind a veil of secrecy. I have been amazed to discover how our family courts routinely turn all the cherished principles of British justice upside down. The most bizarre allegations, based on hearsay, can be levelled against parents who are then denied the right to challenge them.
Although I have reported on several such cases more than once, they drag on through the courts so long that I haven’t been able to explain how they ended. I summarise three of them here to indicate why this is the most disturbing story I have covered in all my years as a journalist.
The fateful fall
Related Articles Slovaks protest at Britain's 'illegal child snatching’ 22 Sep 2012 Don’t ask your grandson how his jaw got broken 01 Sep 2012 Vicky Haigh is freed - despite telling her story to the press 18 Aug 2012 Police won’t return an innocent girl’s laptop 11 Aug 2012 A teetotaller branded as 'alcoholic' loses her child 04 Aug 2012
My first case centres on a mother who, five months after the birth of her daughter, fell from a first-floor window. Lying in hospital, temporarily paralysed from the neck down, she took a call from a social worker who told her that her baby was being taken into care. Although no one had suggested that her fall was anything other than an accident, the social workers made out that it was a suicide bid and that she was an alcoholic and a drug addict. A psychiatric report and clinical tests found that none of these accusations were true.
The mother had to make a weekly 80-mile round trip to have “supervised contact” with her daughter. The contact supervisor wrote glowing reports on how closely they seemed to be bonded. But when, at a case conference, a social worker was challenged by the supervisor for having excised any references to this from her reports, it was the supervisor the council suspended. After a succession of hearings at which, I gather, the judge became increasingly impatient with the social workers for their sloppy handling of paperwork and repeated requests for adjournments, it seemed the case was going the mother’s way. Her wish for her daughter to be returned to her was supported by the child’s “guardian” (an official appointed by the court to represent the child’s interests).
But then, for no clear reason, fortune swung back the other way. Two years after the case began, the judge ruled that the child should be sent for adoption. As the mother made a final plea to the Appeal Court, a lurid report in the local paper repeated all the original claims of the social workers: that the mother was an alcoholic, a drug addict and had tried to commit suicide. A family friend tells me she witnessed the distraught mother being allowed a “goodbye session” with her daughter, the centre of her life for three years, whom she will never be allowed to see again.
The runaways
My second case centres on a mother who fled to Ireland with her teenage son because social workers had been making enquiries about them, due to the fact that the father, who had been out of their lives for six years, was an alcoholic prone to violence. When they had been happily settled in their new home for six months, with the boy doing well at school, British social workers brought the father to Ireland and persuaded an Irish judge, on evidence that mother and son were not allowed to see, to order the boy’s deportation back to England. He was so depressed that he attempted suicide. (I spoke to the boy in hospital shortly afterwards).
After being taken to England, the boy was placed in foster care, where he managed repeatedly to convey to his mother that he was desperately unhappy. Although bright, he was initially sent to a special needs school, where he was bullied for being so different from the others. He was denied the right to attend court to express his wishes, in contravention of the UN Convention on Children’s Rights. Neither he nor the mother had anyone to speak up for them and, although there is no evidence that she ever harmed her son, it was ruled that he must remain in foster care until he is 18 (normally, children are released from care when they are 16). The mother continues to work in Ireland, denied any further contact with her son until he is old enough to return to her.
Parents who lost their six children
My third case is the strangest and most disturbing of any I have covered. I first came to it shortly after the mother of a large family had given birth to her sixth child. Her new baby had been torn from her arms in a hospital bed by six policemen and three social workers just three hours after the birth. Three months earlier, the social workers had removed five older children from the family home in the belief that the mother was a “sex worker” engaged in child trafficking with her husband, whom they claimed was not the father of any of the children. The social workers also had a letter, allegedly written by one of the children, claiming that her mother had beaten her.
What made all this particularly odd was that, one by one, these claims seemed to crumble. DNA tests showed that the children all came from the husband. The letter was in a different hand from that of the child supposed to have written it, but no graphological tests were allowed and it was eventually admitted that the letter had been “destroyed”.
For a time, the parents were allowed occasional supervised contact with their children, although for this they had to travel for four hours. The oldest child claimed at one meeting that she had been sexually interfered with in her foster home – after which she was never allowed to see her parents again.
But the case against them began to seem so flimsy that the baby was returned to them. However, they subsequently took the baby to a hospital to ask for advice on a puzzling complaint. A junior doctor carried out blood tests which apparently showed nothing amiss, but when the family’s name came up on a computer, the social workers were summoned. More tests were carried out, the parents were accused of giving their child a dangerous drug and the baby was again taken into care.
Events then took a still more serious turn. The couple were arrested, accused of planning to abduct their older children (even though they had no idea where they were) and fly them abroad in a private plane. They were sent to prison on remand, while a long list of further charges was compiled, ranging from physical abuse of their children to a claim that they had sought to kill the baby.
At their trial, 44 prosecution witnesses were called. Only two were allowed for the defence. The children spoke on video link, but their parents were not allowed to question them. The parents were given long prison sentences and a family court then ruled that the children must all be sent for adoption.
However odd all this may seem, I know enough about this family, and a story I have followed since 2010, to believe that it represents a travesty of justice which says much about what our child protection system has become.
Pls see "Messages to a Chief Constable regarding the sexual abuse on a Minor =




I got a letter from Chiwar today {17 Oct.} from Pentonville prison mentioning being “peaceful”- a bit odd i thought in the circumstances and not needing to be said as we cant go around as some have.
Anyway it is THEM that use violence – mental and emotional violence – acute physical violence was used against Gloria by at least 5 policemen and 3 social workers in the middle of the night 3 hours after she gave birth to her baby X6 in a hospital in the summer of 2010 – her injuries from then have got progressively worse from then and now she cannot walk without crutches or a wheelchair {which has been denied her when weve tried to visit her in prison, so the visit couldnt take place – see the above post about the Aug. 12 2012 aborted visit to Gloria then} - and the mental violence this family has had to suffer from certain “authorities” is blatantly shocking – like not being allowed to see their eldest child for over 18 months after she had been removed as all contact visits were allowed to lapse with her – {see my official complaint to the SRA + the Legal Ombudsman about the “guardian solicitors” lack of ethical code and duty about this} with the other 4 children not being allowed to be seen for 6 months too – breaking all orders the court made regarding contact visits between parents and their children as well as going against the “Childrens Charter” touted by the government {which actually promotes contact between removed children + parents}, and also against all parties Human Rights. I replied to Chiwar immediately sending him an email saying i thought it admirable in the circumstances he says what he says when so much violence has been used against him and Gloria and the children in so many ways. Whether he got my email is a different matter and unknown as so much mail – and emails – sent to both Chiwar and Gloria never is received, we have learnt. The letter received from Chiwar on Weds.: The full size pic of this letter can be seen here along with other articles on the Musa case:

God Bless Tom Watson for having the courage to speak out against these perverts in high places!!
10 days that shook my world November 3rd, 2012 |
"It's ten days since I raised a question about intelligence suggesting a paedophile ring that touched the very heart of a previous government. I'd done so because a very credible retired child protection professional had lived with a gnawing suspicion of a cover up for many years. These people are the rarest of human beings. They're the people who labour in anonymity, day in day out, trying to make the world a better place. They have always been the foundations of our public services. Yet this retired public servant had, through a quirk of fate, stumbled on something that appeared so huge, that almost everyone he'd ever raised his concerns with had baulked at the challenge. Since then though, many more ordinary people have contacted me about suspicions they have had of a wider wrongdoing – in some cases so heinous it made me cry. They have talked of psychopaths marking children with Stanley knifes to show "ownership". They tell of parties where children were "passed around" the men. They speak of golf course car parks being the scenes for child abuse after an 18 hole round. And they have named powerful people – some of them household names – who abused children with impunity. Two former police officers have raised their concerns of cover-ups. Child protection specialists have raised their fears that the network of convicted paedophile Peter Righton, the nexus of the group, was wider than at first thought. Others have identified a former cabinet minister who regularly abused young boys. Some have raised mysterious early deaths, disappeared children, suspicious fires, intimidation and threats. It's bewildering. These allegations go way beyond the claims made on BBC Newsnight yesterday. Newsnight failed to name the paedophile mentioned by a North Wales survivor. I can understand why. A career can be destroyed by an allegation of such magnitude. There needs to be a high bar of proof. Yet the thing I learnt most from the hacking scandal, and for that matter, the Savile case, is that the intelligence was staring the police in the face. These people were hiding in daylight. So powerful, so brazen in their actions, those who had an inkling of what was happening turned a blind eye. Or maybe none of this happened. Maybe the 50 plus emails and numerous phone calls and letters I have received were all from fantasists. Maybe the allegations of the victims – made for many years, consistently to anyone that would listen, maybe they're bogus. One thing is for certain: someone has to join the dots. And that should be the police. There are a few hardy child protection specialists who for many years, have been burrowing away, trying to uncover the truth. Their work and insight should be taken more seriously. The police should work with them. The hacking scandal was about the police failing to follow clear leads of wrongdoing by powerful people. They could do this because politicians turned a blind eye. This is potentially worse. Some of those powerful people involved in a cover up may well have been – and could still be – powerful politicians. I'm not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. It's spooked me so much that I've kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen. As I type this blog post, I'm half-smiling about how insane all this appears. It sounds like I've taken leave of my senses – just like they said I had during the early days of the hacking scandal. Maybe I have. Yet with a properly resourced investigation, with the voice of victims being heard in public and with the political will we can get to the facts. I wish I could fight the case of everybody who has been abused by a paedophile who has so far got away with it, but I can't. That is a job for the police. Up and down the country private grief is being stirred by these stories. I cannot help in each individual case, but the police and support services can, must and will. If you were abused a long time ago and want justice now, go to the police. It is not too late. What I am going to do personally is to speak out on this extreme case of organised abuse in the highest places. At the core of all child abuse is the abuse of power. The fundamental power of the adult over the child. Wherever this occurs it is an abomination. But these extreme cases are abuse of power by some of the most powerful people. Abuse of trust by some of the most trusted. It is a sickening story, but one which – like the truth about Jimmy Savile – is now going to be told."

Below is an article from the "Daily Mail" sent by Ian Josephs supposed to explain why the Nigerian government has refused so far to help the Musa family - its all apparently to do with politics and aid etc etc. Note how the Slovak government stood up for the Slovak family who were victims of child stealing too by certain people here. It is a great pity the Nigerian government have come nowhere near equalling the Slovaks' actions in supporting their countryfolk. The Nigerian High Commission has never really been of any use to the Musa family. Indeed, on the occasions I visited the Commission with the Musas it was a complete waste of time talking with the diplomats there, who didnt seem interested at all in the Musas heartfelt pleas regarding their tragic plight of having a total of 7 children now stolen by our government. Note some of the diplomats at the Commission are Godparents too to some of the Musa children. The words "lily livered" and "cowards" spring to mind. Such disloyalty is rarely seen in a government

Excerpt from the "Daily Mail" article 20 11 12:

"Aid down the drain In a blistering report, a parliamentary watchdog finds a £230million aid project for Nigerian schools has produced ‘no major improvement in pupil learning’.
And no wonder. On a visit to a typical rural school, funded by British taxpayers, an inspector from the Independent Commission on Aid Impact found almost no teachers had turned up for work, leaving pupils to play football all day.
Elsewhere, trainee teachers had given up their courses because state officials had failed to release scholarship money.
Indeed, everywhere the researchers looked, they found appalling waste.
Yet despite the ever-mounting reports of corruption and incompetence, the Department for International Development is to give the country £1billion over the next four years, from its fast-growing – and ring-fenced – budget.
How much more evidence do ministers need before they stop squandering our money abroad, to no effect, when it has never been more needed at home?"


The article from the African publication "The Leadership" - 21 08 2011 - detailing the shocking Musa case:

British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children Sun, 21/08/2011
Six children, including an infant of a Nigerian couple are in the custody of British authorities, because the British Police insist the children are not biological children of the couple. The five minors were said to have been whisked away by the men of the Y Police to the X Social Service on June 12, 2010, after they had stormed the Z Hospital, where the woman claimed she had given birth to the last child, who is also in custody of the police.
Chiwar and Gloria Musa, who claim to be parents of the children, were said to have been reported to the London Borough of X by one A, on the ground that the mother is a sex worker, and that the children had different fathers.
But Chiwar told this reporter that a DNA test revealed that the six children namely; B. C. D. E and F are children of the couple, contrary to the report made to the Police by A.
Efforts by LEADERSHIP SUNDAY to confirm the story from the Metropolitan Police, however failed to yield results, as the officer in charge of enquiries refused to comment. Also, several attempts to reach the Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Dalhatu Sarki Tafida, proved abortive.
However, an official of the Nigerian High Commission, who sought anonymity, confirmed that the matter was being considered by the Commission in London. The couple’s petition, dated August 13, 2011, and addressed to the British government to intervene, made available to LEADERSHIP SUNDAY, read in part: “With a sorrowful heart, I wish to bring to your notice the bizarre, unthinkable, and worrisome act perpetrated by the men of the Y Police and Y social service who invaded Z Hospital, unleashed mayhem and abducted a new born baby from her unsuspecting mother. This atrocity was meted out against me and my new born baby, F, at Z Hospital, at about 3a.m on June 12, 2010.
“Regretable,painful and inhuman as it were, the action of the police did not only cause pandemonium, discomfort, unnecessary tension, and embarrassment to the patients and staff of the hospital, it revealed a plan that is Devilish in character and lacking in human feeling, insouciant in her approach to assigned duties, amateurish in style, brutish in operation, and dastardly in her acts of executing a hidden agenda that runs counter to westernised forms of civility in police modus operandi. It is unbelievable that a country like the U.K, highly respected as an icon of democracy with commendable human rights records could stoop so low to authorise police to perpetrate acts that are antithetical and inimical to the course she goes all out to protect”.
Mr. Chiwar claimed that, “My family has done practically nothing to deserve this painful and unwarranted suppression. Five of my children were, without cogent reason, abducted by eight policemen from Y, and while the case for their release is still being battled, nine policemen, again, in an unprovoked attack, swooped on me and my new born baby in the hospital, seizing the baby, thereby denying it of its right to natural love, breastfeeding and care by its biological parents. This is injustice of the highest order to me, my family in general and the new born baby in particular.”
Made available to LEADERSHIP SUNDAY, was a letter addressed to a senior official of the Nigerian High Commission in London, Mr. M.M.B. Aliyu, by a British columnist with the Sunday Telegraph, Christopher Booker dated 17th August 2011, which read in part: “Since last June, as a columnist with the Sunday Telegraph, I have been following, very closely, the case of Chiwar and Gloria Musa, Nigerian citizens whose six children were last year taken from them by social workers of Y council.
“Not only have I followed on a regular basis what ensued from their loss of their children, but I have also been made familiar with many papers relating to the case. It has been quite clear to me that Y council was very seriously misled over the evidence on which it originally tore this family apart. On the basis of hearsay, they were under the impression that Mrs. Musa was a ‘sex worker’ and that the six children were all from different fathers”.
The letter added that “Impressions could not have been more mistaken. Mrs. Musa is, in fact, a respected Christian preacher and an author of several books. Mr. Musa is a respectable businessman. DNA tests on the parents and children confirmed that Mr. Musa was the father of all of them”. But, in a turn of events, the correspondent is said to have subsequently changed her report to suit the line of action of the Y police, that the children did not wish to come home. The oldest child, according to the alleged author of the handwritten letter, had not been seen by her parents since August or by her brother and sisters for several months. There are considerable grounds for disquiet as to what may have happened to her."
{This article has been heavily censored due to injunctions}.

24 November 2012:
After receiving a disturbing message from a fellow Musa supporter describing a call from Gloria Musa to her, I was compelled to write to the so-called "governor" of Holloway prison who seems incapable of doing a job she is highly paid with public money to do =

Tom Watson has gone very quiet on the question of child abuse,it would be nice to be updated,has he had the frighteners put on him?

My letter to Watson on the 21 Nov. 12:

We all may as well stand and bash our heads against a brick wall. As I recall MS May said "WE WILL LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED" I haven't seen any being turned as yet ! They are all a joke - reply from The Leveller

This letter below was sent by Recorded Delivery Royal Mail on the 24 November to these people about the shocking treatment Gloria MUSA has had to put up with whilst serving a completely unjust 7 year sentence in Holloway prison. Not one of these government reprsentatives has bothered to reply regardng Gloria Musas barbaric treatment by prison employees:

1} H.M. Chief Inspector of Prisons NICK HARDWICK 1st floor 2 Monck St. LONDON SW1P 2BQ

2} Independant Monitoring Board - Business Support Officer Mr. BILLY PRENDERGAST {who has replied on occasion to my complaints regarding both Gloria + Chiwar} H.M. PRISONS 2nd floor ASHLEY HOUSE LONDON SW1P 2BQ

3} Nigeria High Commission Consular Affairs Section 9 Northumberland Ave., LONDON WC2N 5BK

4} J. KILLICK, GOVERNOR, HMP HOLLOWAY PRISON, HOLLOWAY ISLINGTON LONDON N7 ONU 5} THE MP IS: JEREMY CORBYN MP Westminster House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Tel: 020 7219 3545 Fax: 020 7219 2328

Constituency 86 Durham Road, London, N7 7DU

The letter sent by Recorded Delivery to the above named:
From: J. Graham {redacted}
To: Whom it may concern in Parliament / the media
Dear Ms. Killick, Governor of Holloway prison,
Concerning Ms. GLORIA MUSA, a resident in Holloway prison, no. A2767CJ.
I received this disturbing message today from a fellow supporter, and am disgusted that you could allow such outrageous behaviour to happen to a prisoner in one of Her Majesty's prisons, in this case HOLLOWAY prison.
"Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 07:44:30 +0000
Subject: Hi Folks

I got a call from Gloria and she was upset, this is why:
She was in the toilet and was changing her pad (because of the bleeding) some prison workers came in and said she had to come as there was an appointment for the doctor. They pulled her off the toilet, when she asked if she could put underwear on they said no and proceeded to take her for her appointment without knickers on. Of course she was bleeding, as she has been since the birth of Nasara, March 2012.
Kind regards
--- "
As the Governor of Holloway prison it is your responsibility for the welfare of prisoners at all times. What is your explanation for this described in the above message received regarding the appalling treatment meted out to Gloria Musa?

You have been told over and over about her serious medical condition yet you do nothing! This is an outrage!
This is no joke or hoax, and I have complained many times about the appalling and I may add ILLEGAL behaviour towards the Nigerian persons serving sentences CHIWAR and GLORIA MUSA in their respective prisons, those being HOLLOWAY and PENTONVILLE prisons, London.
One reply I received back was that I was "making serious allegations" towards certain government personnel {pls. see atmt.}. Well, as long as things descrbed in the message I have received continue to happen I will continue to make SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS!!
I am making a TRUTHFUL STATEMENT and demand that action is taken against the perpetrators of such animalistic behaviour towards another human being as has happened as described in the message received regarding GLORIA MUSA!
I look forward to your reply.
J. Graham concerned citizen.
Sent via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery on the 24th Nov. 2012 to:
1} H.M. Chief Inspector of Prisons NICK HARDWICK 1st floor 2 Monck St. LONDON SW1P 2BQ

2} Independant Monitoring Board - Business Support Officer Mr. BILLY PRENDERGAST {who has replied on occasion to my complaints regarding both Gloria + Chiwar} H.M. PRISONS 2nd floor ASHLEY HOUSE LONDON SW1P 2BQ

3} Nigeria High Commission Consular Affairs Section 9 Northumberland Ave., LONDON WC2N 5BK

4} J. KILLICK, GOVERNOR, HMP HOLLOWAY PRISON, HOLLOWAY ISLINGTON LONDON N7 ONU 5} THE MP IS: JEREMY CORBYN MP Westminster House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Tel: 020 7219 3545 Fax: 020 7219 2328

Constituency 86 Durham Road, London, N7 7DU Tel: 020 7561 7488 The letter was also sent via email to the following:


please see the Musa case,the Baylis family, Norman Scarth, Maurice Kirk, Hollie Greig:

please see the Musa case,the Baylis family, Norman Scarth, Maurice Kirk, Hollie Greig:
my blog:

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