April 23, 2014
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Salem-News.com (Mar-31-2014 00:03)

Nazi/Labor Zionism Collaboration

"Perhaps only 2 million Jews will survive the upcoming Holocaust, (yes, he used that word) but they will be strong and good for the Land of Israel. The rest will be blown into the dustpile of history." - Chaim Weizmann, leader of Labor Zionism, 1936

(ST. AUGUSTINE) - Chaim Weizmann Circulating throughout the internet is a photo of a used Boeing 777 parked in Israel, and with it the conclusion that this is proof that the still-to-be explained disappearance of the Malaysian passenger jet was an Israeli operation.

I was recently sent the text of Lenni Brenner's study of the Transfer Agreement, a horrid pact signed in 1933 between the Labor Zionists and the Nazis, by a very pro-Israel writer.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-25-2014 13:19)

The Only Middle East Country Worthy of Military Attack is Israel

Announcing release of new video, Prison Called Gaza: I'm In Gaza by JB feat. Ace A.E.M.G. Time to Bring Israel to its Knees

(SALEM) - Salem-News.com The new video, Prison Called Gaza: I'm In Gaza by JB feat. Ace A.E.M.G., shows the viewer what this whole affair is really about. The Jewish state is the only beneficiary of the violence perpetrated by the United States of America on Middle eastern countries.

Scarcely any Jews are killed in this day and age in Israel and Palestine, yet Israel lays waste to hundreds and hundreds, particularly in Gaza, an open-air concentration camp or prison, constantly.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-24-2014 01:41)

Is the BDS Democratic? Open letter to Omar Barghouti, Co-founder, PACBI by Paul Larudee

Is this a coincidence or is BDS headed in a different direction than its origins would indicate? Is it no longer a Palestinian movement, but rather a “soft” Zionist movement?

(LONDON) - Omar Barghouti Let me start by saying that you have done a lot for BDS and that BDS has done a lot for the Palestinian cause.

It is perhaps for this reason that we should all be concerned with potential corruption of the movement, and you most of all. I refer to changes of wording, changes of direction and changes of priority within the movement.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-22-2014 17:11)

What Next for Palestine

The entirely laudable hopes and dreams of the Jews are shared by us. We too want to live in dignity.

(LONDON) - Wall with portrait of Yassir Arafat Mr. Tareq Abbas, son of the incumbent Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has called upon his father to dissolve the Palestinian Authority, end the negotiations with Israel and seek a one-state solution.

He went on to say in an exclusive interview with the New York Times, that his father should dissolve the Palestinian Authority and put the burden of the occupation upon the occupier, not the occupied and that the two-state solution was dead in the water.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-22-2014 16:41)

Abunimah: Absolutely No Reconciliation with Atzmon

Ali said that Israel cannot teach the US about racism because the US promotes its own brand of racism (against Blacks, Latinos, Natives). Hello, Mr. Abunimah, it is not American racism that has ravaged your country, and continues to do so.

(LONDON) - Ali Abunimah Ali Abunimah introduced his new book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine, to about thirty people at a presentation at UM Dearborn (University of Michigan, Dearborn campus) last Tuesday.

I asked him whether, in response to Blake Alcott's request to "bury the hatchet" he would be willing to sit down with Gilad Atzmon and publicly hash out their differences.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-21-2014 19:48)

Northeastern Joins Zionist BDS Campus Attacks

In a delicious irony, Northeastern, a private institution which relies heavily on private and corporate funding, prides itself on its communications program. That reliance is not unlike that of the U.S. Congress, whose members survive on a diet of private and corporate campaign contributions.

(CHICAGO) - Bryan MacCormack photo appeared on the Boston Jewish Voices for Peace. Forget about the so-called Peace Process, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to use as a cover for Israel’s territorial incursions into Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Start worrying, instead, about Zionist incursions into American universities.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-14-2014 13:39)

Return of the Righteous

Each of these fanatical groups demands exclusivity for their membership, an exclusivity that turns plowshares into swords.

(LAVERNE) - Bachman Michele Bachmann (R MN) said, “The question is, will we as the United States cooperate in standing with Israel and blessing Israel, or will we join those nations that come against her? We are definitely on the wrong side. It is jaw dropping, it is stunning, it’s breathtaking”

With these “eloquent” words Michele Bachmann returned to the declarations of the dominionists who thrived during the George W. Bush administration...

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Salem-News.com (Mar-14-2014 13:04)

When PC Is Gone, Truth Prevails And Shoa Panic Is Detected

The meaning of all this is all too simple: For America to liberate itself, it may first have to emancipate itself from its current tribal icons of dissent.

(LONDON) - Anne Frank carciture Below is a six minute segment from a Q&A session at the Washington Report's AIPAC Conference of March 2014. It begins the moment the Holocaust narrative is challenged and the panic on the stage becomes palpable.

In the clip, an anonymous but well-informed member of the audience asks the panel to address the question of the dominance of the Holocaust in American life. Rightly, she points out that the Holocaust is a state-imposed religious dogma and as such ‘violates constitutional rights’.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-13-2014 02:16)

Arkansas: John Brown Professor Calls Hindu Gods ``Demonic`` & Hinduism ``Ugly``

"...yoga is the beautiful face that the very ugly religion of Hinduism uses..." - Professor Deborah Raiees-Dana

(RENO) - Deborah Raiees-Dana of John Brown University I have a feeling the radical abolitionist John Brown, who brought hell down on the practice of slavery, would not have liked Professor Deborah Raiees-Dana of John Brown University at all.

Brown took a violent, unwavering path toward freeing slaves and halting slavery expansion in the United States during the pre-Civil War years.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-08-2014 18:33)

Israel: A Significant Shift in U.S. Public Opinion...? And What if the Answer is ``Yes``?

If AIPAC wanted to show true friendship for Israel, it would have stopped cheering long ago and started whispering.

(LONDON) - Israel barbed wire A recent public opinion poll asked Americans which of two options they would favour if a two-state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict was no longer on the table. (It is in the rhetoric of leaders and diplomats but not in reality). The two options were:

“The continuation of Israel’s Jewish majority (presumably this assumes permanent Israeli occupation of the West Bank and continuing ethnic cleansing of it by stealth) even if it means that Palestinians will not have citizenship and full rights.”

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