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Joint News Release by OSP and Wilsonville Police re Stolen Motorcycle and Crash (VIDEO)

28-year old Jared Lee Hoffman of Lynnwood, Wa is also suspected of having left another stolen vehicle near the gas station.

(PORTLAND, OR) - 28-year old Jared Lee Hoffman of Lynnwood, Wa A man is in custody after reportedly stealing a motorcycle while its owner was at a Wilsonville gas station.

The alleged thief and motorcycle were later being involved in a non-injury crash while attempting to elude police officers along Highway 99E near Gervais.

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Get Ready for Red Dragonfly II: Veteran Health Motorcycle Tour (VIDEO)

Red Dragonfly has been called the most unique veteran outreach program in the nation.

(SALEM) - Tim King and Operation Red Dragonfly For the second year in a row, I will cross this nation on a solo motorcycle tour, giving talks about a number of critical, life and death issues facing current and past members of the armed services. Operation Red Dragonfly II is designed to save the lives of Veterans.

Military bases across the US and around the world are contaminated with deadly toxins, stuff that will really make your lip curl.

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Salem PD SWAT Team Arrests Man in Stolen Motorcycle Case

At least one person was taken into custody.

(SALEM) - Salem SWAT team The Salem Police SWAT team served a search warrant Wednesday evening at a residence in the 2000 block of Trade Street SE as the result of an investigation concerning a suspected stolen motorcycle.

At about 5:30 PM, the SWAT team and several other police vehicles arrived on the scene. The police action closed the street and gave citizens much to be concerned about. 49-year old Anthony Salmons was taken into custody.

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Waterfront Sportsman Motorcycle Ride Protest for Lake Jordan Mixers and Walmart Distribution Center

Waterfront Sportsman is committed to all types of waterfront activities for all sportsmen... the Redneck Environmentalist, and the upcoming Bike Rally/Ride info.

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Waterfront Sportsman Ricky Gunn's Labcorp/ Burlington Medical Sludge Spreading Petticoat is Showing, Lets let the bikers rip it off

Petro Stopping Center and Golden Skillet on the Buck Horn Road and Downtown Mebane designated for Waterfront Sportsman Rally Points for Daytona Bike Week March 7-16.

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Tim King Appears on `Your Voice Counts` Today at 3:00 p.m. Pacific

Tim says it is an honor to visit with Phil Tourney, please follow the link below to catch the show live

(SALEM) - Phil Tourney and Tim King Tim King will make a guest appearance on "Your Voice Counts" on Saturday, December, 28, at 3:06-4:00 PM Pacific Time, 5:06-6 PM Central Time, 6:06-7 PM Eastern Time! The program is hosted by Phil Tourney, who was a U.S. Navy sailor aboard the ill-fated U.S.S. Liberty which was attacked off the coast of Israel during the "Six Day War" in 1967.

Tim will discuss his recent nationwide motorcycle trip to raise awareness of health issues impacting Veterans and other reporting projects and developments.

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New Song and Music Video for Veteran Outreach Mission: (Operation) Red Dragonfly

Along with former Marine Robert O'Dowd, Tim King is the co-author of Betrayal: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-up

(BOSTON) - Tim King of Operation Red Dragonfly Operation Red Dragonfly is one former Marine's journey to cross the country spreading the word about toxic military bases and other issues impacting Veterans and the general public.

Tim King rode just over 11,500 miles this summer giving talks about health issues that impact Veterans and the general public. It all takes off again in the summer of 2014 with Red Dragonfly II. The goal is to save lives.

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Marine Veteran`s National Motorcycle Tour for Veteran Health Ends in Sacramento

'Operation Red Dragonfly' completes mission, covering 11,511 miles.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Tim King in Sacramento Operation Red Dragonfly was carried out with the simple goal of raising awareness over health issues facing Veterans, their families, and the public. Tim King hit the road on the 14th of August and the journey led to the east coast.

Objectives include raising awareness of the toxic contamination of military bases in the U.S. and overseas, spreading awareness of PTSD research and treatments, outreach over Agent Orange and the children of Vietnam Veterans, and other military health issues.

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Arrest Alexian Lien for Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter: Give the Motorcyclists in NYC Justice

Does having a baby in your Ranger SUV give you a right to kill?

(TUCSON) - Edwin Mieses Jr. The motorcyclists may have been reckless in NYC but the attack against the driver of a black Range Rover who ran down a number of people intentionally, was a spontaneous reaction to an arrogant, extremely dangerous hit and run motorist.

Media and the public seem to believe that the driver of a car had a right to bash cyclists with thousands of pounds of steel because he was scared, I call foul. Those motorcyclists weren't out to hurt some guy's family, that is a sensational and ridiculous assertion, and it is being repeated endlessly in electronic media and press.

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Operation Red Dragonfly Lands in Carlsbad, New Mexico for Veteran Health Talk (VIDEO)

Veterans welcome Tim King's talk on critical issues affecting Veterans.

(CARLSBAD, NM) - Operation Red Dragonfly in New Mexico As part of the Operation Red Dragonfly Veteran's health awareness tour,'s Tim King spoke at the Carlsbad, New Mexico American Legion Monday night, Oct 14th 2013.

The talk was well-received and also well-promoted by the Current- Argus newspaper in Carlsbad. Their article Motorcycling newspaper editor Tim King talks veterans health issues in Carlsbad was published prior to Tim's talk, helping alert the community prior to the event.

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Red Dragonfly Veteran Health Mission: Dodging Raindrops in Tennessee

Weather has impacted the trip but I have been very fortunate for the most part.

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) - Tim King's motorcycle in Tennessee Operation Red Dragonfly has been successful and long for a solo motorcycle ride, and it is far from over, which is a mixed bag. I decided to do this national tour to raise awareness of veteran health issues which are claiming lives left and right.

It has been a whirlwind trip, some days have seen nearly 500 miles covered in a single day. Others were busy with speaking engagements and interviews. Overall, I am very happy with it and the team and I see it happening next year as well.

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