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The Evolution of a Pot Smoker

Speaking in real terms, the author tells his story of becoming a cannabis user...a pot smoker, and proud of it.

(MELBOURNE, Australia) - Marijuana Cannabis leaf I remember it very clearly, it was a significant moment in my life. It was the first time I laid my eyes on cannabis.

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Boxing Day Protest Outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground

The group wants to boycott the Sri Lankan cricket team and raise awareness of human rights violations.

(MELBOURNE) - Sri Lanka cricket protest in Melbourne Police will closely monitor a planned Boxing Day protest outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground, but are not anticipating any major disruptions.

The Tamil Refugee Council is organising a 9am (AEDT) demonstration outside the MCG on the first day of the Boxing Day Test between Australia and Sri Lanka.

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An Open Letter to Representative Dennis Richardson

As they say in Australia, "wake up to yourself."

(MELBOURNE) - Dennis Richardson I am an American currently in Australia. You were quoted on the front page of The Australian, Australia's only national daily paper.

You said that if teachers had guns at Sandy Hook Elementary most of those children would be alive today.

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Elderly Australian Doctor Deported by Singapore

Dr Senewiratne, who is Sinhalese but actively supports the Tamil cause, believes he was arrested in Singapore because he was going to speak to an “invitation-only” forum in Malaysia about the humanitarian crisis with refugees.

(MELBOURNE ) - Dr Brian Senewiratne An 81-year-old Brisbane doctor was locked in a small cell without food, water or toilet access for more than five hours yesterday in Singapore.

Dr Brian Senewiratne has been a long-time critic of the Sri Lankan Government over its treatment of Tamils...

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Responding Personally and Powerfully to the Climate Catastrophe

The Flame Tree Project asks deep questions about how we go about creating a new and higher phase of life on Earth.

(TASMANIA, Aust) - World peace News articles report one environmental disaster after another, with dire consequences for the planet and all its species.

For example, 'Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat Wave and Surface Firestorm'

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Greens Reflect `Grief and Courage of Tamils`

Disturbing images tell the story of ethnic cleansing.

(SYDNEY) - Lee Rhiannon addresses a Tamil rights rally. Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon spoke in parliament on November 27 to mark the the Tamil day, “Maaveerar Naal”, and detail the ongoing struggles of Tamil people to achieve justice and equality.

Her full speech is published below...

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Ma Frieda is No More

Frieda was aware of the dangers posed by nuclear reactors for electricity generation in India.

(CHENNAI, India) - Frieda Berryhill, 2012 just before she breathed her last. A good activist is one who understands the issues and is persistent in achieving one’s goals in the larger interest of the society.

A great activist is one who nurtures, educates, and creates future activists who are equally dedicated to a cause.

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Israel Attacks Gaza - AFP Response

Australians for Palestine issues the following information about an upcoming rally for the people of Gaza.

(MELBOURNE, Aust) - Attack on Gaza Australians for Palestine deplores Israel’s latest indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population of Gaza.

Spokesperson Samah Sabawi said: “To be clear, Israel’s attack is not simply a “response” to rocket attacks as is being peddled by Israel and much of the Western media.

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Deadly Prescription Drug Epidemic Finds its Way Down Under

"It is forbidden to kill, therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers -- and to the sound of trumpets" Voltaire

(MYRTLE BEACH SC) - Dr. Joe Kosterich Pharma's push of painkillers in their marketing of the phrase "under treatment of pain" now hits epidemic proportions in Australia along with the U.S. and Canada

A publication called "The Australian" recently ran an article written by Dr. Joe Kosterich.

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Voting is Bad for You and the Planet

... we must keep planning and implementing sophisticated campaigns of nonviolent resistance to prevent wars, end economic exploitation and save threatened ecosystems..

(BLACKBURN, Victoria Aust) - Famous slogan and image from the late 1960's Should Americans vote for Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Jill Stein in the presidential election on Tuesday?

There must be someone who will genuinely represent the interests of US citizens once they are in the White House. Surely.

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