February 6, 2023
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Salem-News.com (Jul-16-2014 07:49)

Tillamook Cheese Vans Found Safe; 2 Sacramento Men Arrested

Both suspects were taken into custody in the City of Rocklin, Calif., without incident.

(MANTECA, Calif. ) - Tillamook Cheese VW Vans After an extensive investigation, Tuesday at 12:45 p.m., members of the San Joaquin County’s Delta Regional Auto Theft Task Force arrested two people involved in the theft of several Tillamook Cheese vehicles, which included three custom VW Micro-Buses, valued at $300,000.

The theft occurred over the weekend, while the Tillamook Cheese transport truck and trailer containing the restored VW buses were parked at a hotel parking lot in Manteca.

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Salem-News.com (Oct-09-2013 21:30)

Northern California Court Supporters Fight Back

From the Judge to the attorneys and public defenders, on down to the court reporters and bailiffs, the reality begins to spread in the courthouse that their is a large gathering of dedicated people supporting defendants in medical marijuana cases.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Court support for Prop 215 patients in California Recently in Northern California a new breed of activist has been born. They call themselves court supporters and most of them belong to a organization called The Human Solution or (THS).

These upstanding citizens take time out of their daily lives to join medical marijuana patients at their criminal court hearings. Most supporters are medical marijuana patients who are tired of seeing the justice system railroad their fellow sick patients by prosecuting them unjustly.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-05-2013 13:07)

Organic Roots Collective Seeks Court Support for Eric Salerno in Marysville

It begins today at 3:00 p.m. at Yuba County Superior Court.

(MARYSVILLE, CA) - Eric Salerno Eric Salerno is a cannabis activist and Salem-News.com writer who has been fighting charges over medical marijuana for years. The Organic Roots Collective is asking for court support for Eric Salerno beginning today.

The judge will be reviewing all the recent appellate court decisions and making a ruling on whether or not to proceed with trial.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-24-2013 09:51)

Dr. David Bruce Allen Returns for Deposition in $551M Lawsuit, Plans Saturday Party at Blue Hole

All charges against Dr. Allen were dropped in January 2012.

(ESCATAWPA, Miss. GulfLive.com) - Dr. David Bruce Allen Dr. David Bruce Allen, the former heart surgeon who was held in prison for 14 months on drug charges that were eventually dismissed, returned to Jackson County last week and testified in a deposition connected to his $551 million federal lawsuit against Jackson County and Sheriff Mike Byrd.

"I testified about two or three hours with the (county) board attorney and my attorney Michael Crosby," Allen said Monday.

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Salem-News.com (Jun-17-2013 21:20)

California Growers Win!!

These new rights would not be possible if individuals and collectives alike had not joined together and fought for their legal right to grow medicinal cannabis.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Marijuana garden This month of June is the best part of the year for Prop. 215 patients here in California.
Many have put in their garden and some are working hard to get their garden put in.

The growing season is a exciting time for people, it's the chance to grow their own medicine and control the production of the healing cannabis plant.

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Salem-News.com (Jun-14-2013 14:35)

Three People Shot, One Dead in Sacramento Gas Station Shooting

A Sacramento Police spokesman says homicide detectives are on the scene, as investigators try to piece together the details.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Scene of fatal shooting in Sacramento "Pop, pop pop pop pop" - the sound of a gun interrupted an otherwise quite morning in Sacramento today. This reporter was in traffic about 75 feet from the scene of the shooting. It happened just after 11:30 at an Arco station on Mack Road in Sacramento.

Doug North, spokesman for Sacramento Police, tells Salem-News that three people were shot in the incident, one died at the scene.

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Salem-News.com (May-29-2013 19:20)

Medical Cannabis Law May be Changing in California

Californians especially are encouraged to closely examine all details pertaining to any cannabis initiative introduced for your consideration

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Medical Marijuana Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act, was the first of it's kind passed into an American state law in 1996 by the majority of Californian voters.

What 215 did was exempted medical cannabis patients and their doctors from punishment, for those who prefer medicinal cannabis use over pharmaceutical drugs for the state's ill patients suffering from diseases like cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, wasting syndrome, PTSD, pain & etc.

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Salem-News.com (May-23-2013 20:50)

5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Northern California

About 30 seconds ago, the ground in Northern California began to shake.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Northern California earthquake The ground in Sacramento had been shaking about 90 seconds when I initially published this story, I brought it onto the front page with very little information, since I had no idea when it was going to stop!

The quake was felt from Sacramento to as far south as Lodi, Stockton and the city of Oakley.

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Salem-News.com (May-10-2013 23:39)

California Supreme Court Shoots Down Marijuana But Will It Last?

The old guard of prohibition has failed, it's high time for a new more educated law of action to be enforced.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - California Supreme Court On May 6th 2013 the California Supreme Court accepted the arguments that Cities and Counties could ban medical marijuana dispensaries within their localities.

This decision came about after an appeal to the higher courts in the Riverside case.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-19-2013 14:13)

A Human Solution is Coming....

The power of their system can ruin your life and change it forever, that was true until a organization called The Human Solution stepped into the fight.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - A Human Solution Here in California we have more than a handful of organizations that accept donations and fight for the rights of Prop.215 patients.

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