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'Brotherhood - War Alone is the Reason for the Decline of Eelam Tamils!'

ENDLF'S retort to the untrue and poisonous statements of Pazha Nedumaran.

Scene in May 2009 in Jaffna
Scene in May 2009 in Jaffna

(COLOMBO, Sri Lanka) - In his article under the title "The Brotherhood - War was begun by Karunanidhi"
written 'Junior Vikatan' - a Tamil weekly - twice magazine - Mr. Pazha. Nedumaran has
expressed very incorrect reports about our ENDLF (Eelam National Democratic
Liberation Front). For a very long time, he has been in the endeavour of converting
history into imagination.
The 'RAW' created an association as ENDLF by uniting those
persons who had left the movements of TELO, EPRLF and PLOTE.
For this, Paranthan Rajan assumed charge as the President. The
'RAW' utilised this Association by supplying weapons to threaten
and kill the people supporting the Tigers in Tamil areas."
- Thus Mr. Pazha Nedumaran who has turned himself as the History Professor for the
Eelam Tamils, has preached lectures in the 'Junior Vikatan' magazine. Because the Tamil
people reading that periodical may believe the falsehood of this person, we have to give
the right retort on behalf of the ENDLF.
Only those members who had left the PLOTE (Peoples Liberation Organisation of Tamil
Eelam) started ENDLF. Not even a single member of EPRLF has joined ENDLF. Till now,
we have never admitted a former member of any other than PLOTE. We want to stress
this blatant truth by giving this reply to that teller of lies.
But the LTTE headed by Mr. Prabakaran surrendered before the Sinhalese Government
- the sole enemy of the Tamil Race in the year 1988. They invited the extreme disgrace
by seeking relationship with those tyrannical rulers from whom the freedom for Tamil
Eelam have to be achieved and they obtained money, arms and refuge shamelessly from
the same Sinhalese enemy. Our ENDLF has never undertaken such duplicity in our
freedom - fight in the deceiving style of chameleon (the colour changing lizard).
In 1989, Mr. Premadasa became the President of Sri Lanka and within two months on
12th March, the Sri Lankan Government's Intelligence Department supplied rifles with
bullets in two containers to the Tigers at Pullumalai in Baticaloa (Mattakalapu) District.
But the Sinhalese Army Commander of that area seized the third container of weapons
and took the same to his military camp.
Latter, while enquiry was conducted during the regime of President Mrs. Chandrika
Kumaratunga, the above Commander stated angrily in his deposition at the court as
"Was the President Premadasa such a mad person as to give arms
to the Tigers? Tamils are our enemies. The Tigers have killed
many Sinhalese soldiers. To them should we supply weapons"
 Lawrence Thilakan, Adele Balasingam, Anton Balasingam, Yogarathnam(Yogi),
Paramamoorthy - the delegates of LTTE, are seen here with Mr. Premadasa, the
President of Sri Lanka.
This photo was taken on 5th May, 1989.
 This is a vivid exhibit to prove that the LTTE sought surrender with the enemy
Sinhalese President Premadasa and with his cooperation; they killed leaders and
the members of other Tamil Liberation Organisations as well as the Indian Peace
Keeping Force soldiers who came to protect the Eelam Tamils from genocide.
In this world, none of the Liberation Organizations had knelt down before its enemy like
this and begged for the dole of assistance. Only the LTTE cruelly murdered the leaders
and the members of co-liberation Organisations, by obtaining weapons from the enemy.
Was Premadasa offering arms to the LTTE for attacking his own Sinhalese Army? Not at
all! No other Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation have surrendered before our
Sinhalese enemy and solicited help. Only the LTTE headed by Mr. Prabakaran had
started this sort of shameful deed. There is no exaggeration in the saying that the most
disgraceful struggle for independence had been carried out in Tamil Eelam. Mr.
Nedumaran has very easily hidden the fact that the Liberation Tigers had killed
mercilessly, more than 20,000(twenty thousand) Tamil youngsters, with the weapons
received by deceitful ways from the Sinhalese enemy.
"Having become the President of Sri Lanka, Mr. Premadasa raised
the demands that the Indian Peace-Keeping Force should leave his
country and the Provincial Government of the Tamil should be
- Stated by Mr. Nedumaran in Junior Vikadan magazine.
Actually, Mr. Premadasa became the President in the year 1989 on the 1st of February.
But Mr. Nedumaran has wrongly mentioned the year as 1991, depriving two years of the
President's office to Premadasa.
Moreover, he has revealed another utter untruth. Even before President Premadasa had
declared any statement openly about the expelling of the IPKF, or about the dissolving of
Eelam Tamils' Provincial Government created according to the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord
of 1987 Mr. Nedumaran started propagating for LTTE requesting the expelling of IPKF
and the dissolving of the Provincial Government.
These two demands were roared only by Mr. Nedumaran and his group in the streets of
Tamil Nadu to satisfy the LTTE's leader Prabakaran. Concealing the truth this Madurai
citizen has tailored an illusory story about the demands even before it could be declared
by the President Premadasa.
This 'History Professor'! Nedumaran has written an erroneous report about the death of
Mr. Kuttimani, one of the leaders of TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation) in the
Tamil Daily Newspaper ' Dinamani' dated 27th June, 2012. The main feature of his article
is furnished below:
"Mr. Kuttimani, one of the leaders of TELO which had been
functioning from Tamil Nadu since 1973, was arrested by the Tamil
Nadu Police Department officers on the charge of illicitly
transporting explosives. When the Sinhalese Police Department
requested the Tamil Nadu Police, the Tamil Nadu State Government
to entrust Mr. Kuttimani to them, as the Chief Minister of Tamil
Nadu, Mr. Karunanithi ordered his Police Officers to hand over
Kuttimani to the Sinhalese Police. Consequently, one of the
prominent Eelam Liberation Leaders, Mr. Kuttimani was put into
jail, and he was torturously murdered within the prison in 1983.
Therefore, Mr. Karunanithi is the sole responsible for the death of
Mr. Kuttimani."
- This is the invention of the investigation undertaken by Mr. Nedumaran in Junior
Vikadan Magazine.
The real circumstance on the death of Kuttimani is entirely different. We now wish to
state the truth about the end of his life. This is neither hearsay nor a false written by
During the month of March, 1973, while staying in Tamil Nadu, Mr. Kuttimani had sent
40,000(Forty Thousand) electrical detonators to Jaffna through a boat of his relative.
That boat stood static in the middle of the sea due to a problem in the engine, the same
seized by the Sinhalese Naval Force. All the newspapers and magazines in Sri Lanka
published the report about this event elaborately.
In 1973, during the months of January, February and March, the prominent leaders of
the Tamil Students Federation and others were arrested in Jaffna. Those included
Mr. Sathiyaseelan (Leader of Tamil Students Federation),
Mr. Gnanasekaran (Rajan - Founder President of ENDLF),
Mr. Sri Sabaretnam (Leader of TELO),
Mr. Mavai Senathiraja, MP (Member, Tamil Youth Federation)
Mr. Sabalingam (He was killed by the LTTE in France)
Mr. Muthukumarasamy and
Mr. Narayana Das.
At that time, as the detonators sent by Mr. Kuttimani were caught in the sea, the
Sinhalese Intelligence combined both the charges of seizure of detonators and the arrest
of the liberation student leaders and they besieged the house of Kuttimani at
Valvettithurai in Jaffna.
Because no material could be confiscated there, they arrested Mr. Rajendram, husband
of Kuttimani's elder sister in that house and imprisoned him in the Bogampara jail at
Kandy along with the members of the Tamil Students' Federation.
The Sinhalese Intelligence firmly stated that only after the surrender of Kuttimani, his
brother-in-law could be released by them. But Reajendram was a severely affected
patient and his stay in jail would become very dangerous to his life. The reason was that
proper medical facilities were not available at the Kandy Bogampara prison. Kuttimani's
elder sister was visiting her husband in jail once in a month and was returning to the
house with flood of tears. On account of her extreme agony, Kuttimani was pushed into
precarious mental torture.
If his brother-in-law should be redeemed from the prison, there was no other better way
to Kuttimani than to surrender before the Sinhalese Police. Hence he had to take the
decision of surrender. At that context, Kuttimani thought that if he would go to Sri Lanka
and surrender directly, the Sinhalese intelligence would kill him. So, the legal
consultants advised him that if he would surrender in India, his life could get the safeguard
at the international level with the support of the Indian Government. According to
such counsel, Kuttimani surrendered before the Tamil Nadu Police at Thanjavur town,
on 18th of November, 1973.
The information about his surrender was communicated by the Tamil Nadu State
Government to the Sinhalese Police in Colombo through the India's High Commissioner
for Sri Lanka. The Police Force under the captaincy of the Sri Lankan Intelligence Officer
Mr. Bastiyan Pillai, came from Colombo to Tamil Nadu and brought Kuttimani to
Colombo. During the enquiry, it was found that the detonators were transported by him
were meant for commercial puposes only and not for any terrorist activities. In spite of
this factual finding, Kuttimani was taken to the Bogampara prison at Kandy.
Mr. Rajendram, the brother-in-law of Mr. Kuttimani, was released in the month of May,
1974. Afterwards, Kuttimani was freed in May, 1975. Along with him, several members
of the Tamil Students Federation like Mr. Sri Sabaretnam, Mr. Mavai Senathiraja and
others were released. Yet, the Founder - President of the ENDLF, Mr. Gnanasekaran alias
Rajan and Mr Amarasingam were continuously suffering in the Kandy Bogampara
From the above detailed particulars, it is clearly evident that the decision of surrender at
Thanjavoor in Tamil Nadu, was taken by Mr. Kuttimani himself and he was neither
arrested not handed over to the Sri Lanka's Sinhalese Police in 1973 on the treacherous
orders of the then Tamil Nadu State Chief Minister Mr. M. Karunanithi, as contended by
Pazha. Nedumaran, 'The Joseph Goebbels' of LTTE.
Hence the accusation on the former Chief Minister Mr. M. Karunanithi for the
imprisonment of Kuttimani in 1973, is one more blatant lie of Mr. Nedumaran.
After three years since their release from the jail, the freedom-loving youth like Mr.
Kuttimani, Mr. Sri Sabaretnam and others joined together and they founded TELO (Tamil
Eelam Liberation Organisation) in later part of the year 1978. Mr. Prabakaran united
with TELO at the end of 1980.
In the small town of Kurumbasitty, a robbery was made at the pawn-shop of Mr. Vanniya
Singam in the month of January, 1981. During that looting, two Tamils were shot dead.
Thereafter, utilising that money, a very huge amount of Rupees Forty Lakhs (Rs. 40 00
000) belonging to 'The Peoples Bank' was plundered by interception at Neerveli near
Jaffna on 25th March, 1981. In these two robberies, Prabakaran had involved himself
Among the searched offenders in there the robberies, the persons noted as important
were - Mr. Prabakaran, Mr. Sri Sabaretnam, Mr. Thangathurai and Mr. Kuttimani.
The three freedom-fighters Kuttimmani, Thangathurai and Jegan were arrested by the
Sri Lankan Navy at the beach of Kudathanai - Nagarkoil on 5th April, 1981. After two
years, a total of fifty three Tamil youngsters including Kuttimani, Thangathurai and
Jegan were brutally killed within the compound of the Colombo - Velikadai Jail by the
Sinhalese prisoners and officers with the assistance of the Sinhalese Army, on the dates
of 25th and 27th in the month of July, 1983.
From the above details, it is a firm fact that Mr. Kuttimani was not languishing in
Colombo prison continuously for nine years from 1974 to 1983 as stated by Mr.
Nedumaran. It is really astonishing to read the fabricated story of this 'Madurai -
Warrior' about the jail-life and cruel death of Mr Kuttimani!
Because of his thought that the real history of all the Tamil Eelam Liberation Movements
may not be known to everybody, Mr. Nedumaran has been continuing the profession of
telling false history about those sacrifiers for Eelam.
Mr. Pazha. Nedumaran is a perplexing person who has upgraded himself to the status of
'The Commander of Tamil Nadu for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam' through his
publicity stunts. He would frequently issue irrelevant statements and would attend
uninvited the agitations held by any party in support of Eelam Tamils. He would take
photographs of such events and send them through Email to the Eelam Tamils living in
foreign countries. On seeing those videos and pictures, the Eelam Tamils would believe
that Pazha. Nedumaran has been actually conducting such agitations for their rights and
they would send abundant funds in American Dollars to him.
Thus, when his life had been passing successfully with the monetary flow from the
Eelam Tamils, the huge income began to decrease after the year 2009. Since the lapse of
two years, as he found that nobody had emerged officially to claim the right of LTTE, Mr.
Nedumaran regained his renaissance and began to tell stories about the LTTE. His
articles and statements are appearing in Daily Newspapers as well as weekly magazines
continuously. Till now, some important closely associated personalities have been
leading their livelihood by utilising the name of the LTTE. Nedumaran stands first in that
regard. Because we have thought that he has been telling the stories, only in order to
earn his livelihood, we did not resort to refute his poison-based statements. Now we feel
that if no counter is raised, by writing false stories again and again, he may convert them
as real history. Therefore, on behalf of Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front
(ENDLF), we wish to repudiate his illusory expressions.
Particularly, the history about the freedom - fight for the sovereign Eelam Land, is only
known to Mr. Pazha Nedumaran. He has developed himself in such a way as to making
many people to consider him as the 'University of Tamil Eelam'! By his appearance and
by posting his figure majestically to the photographers, he has been cheating both the
people of Tamil Nadu and Eelam Tamils very cleverly. So, it is our bounden duty to
expose his deceitful deeds on behalf of our Eelam people.
He was named 'Palaniappan Kamatchi'. Kamatchi being his name and Palanivel being his
father's name. He changed the name Kamatchi to pseudonym name 'Nedumaran' while
entering into politics. People in Madurai said that with the aim of giving a threat to the
Tamils on hearing his name, he brought this change with a pure Tamil word.
His family profession was to publish 'Panchangam' (Astronomical data of five elements)
and to earn money by its sale every year. Due to the precious situation with no other
enough income, Kamatchi alias Nedumaran, made contacts with the youngsters who
came forward to fight for the Liberation of Eelam Tamils. Some wicked persons in Tamil
Nadu deceived the people coming from Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka etc., and seized
money and valuables. Such cheating occurances had been happening habitually in the
years of 1970s and 1980s. When a vacuum crept into his political life, Pazha. Kamatchi
(Nedumaran) hoped that he could get income if he would render aids to the Eelam
Tamils coming from Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu.
His calculations were correct. At that juncture, a person without the affiliation of any
party, profession or any regular income was needed to the Eelam youngsters. He
appeared to be appropriate for fulfilling their requirements.
As expected by Mr. Kamatchi, revenue began to pour in abundantly. There could not be
any other income equal to this one. He exhibited himself as the strong pillar of Eelam
Liberation to the eyes of the people of Tamil Nadu. But nobody knew that money alone
had become the pillar for his popularity. If his figure is looked at, it will resemble a
beggar shattered with extreme starvation. On seeing him, all people may tell: 'Such huge
money with him? There can be no chance at all!' The fact that Nedumaran is a Lord of
many millions is known only to those who are closely associated with him.
"Mr. M. G. Ramachndran issued invitation to the fighters to meet him
on a particular day. Mr. Karunanithi called the fighters one day
earlier to that date and had created enemity between them"
- Thus Mr. Kamatchi has stated in Junior Vikatan magazine.
The former Chief Minister MGR had never issued any call to the fighters of the Eelam
Liberaion Organisations, openly. He had called them secretly and granted them financial
aids. But in 1984, for giving the money heaped as donations on his birthday (3rd June),
Mr. Karunanithi sent invitations to the fighters openly. In this generous deed, from
where the aim of preventing the unity came? He divided the money gathered for him,
with equal share and gave the same to all the Eelam Liberation Organisations.
The Chief of the LTTE Mr. Prabakaran did not go to receive that money. For his act of
neglect, did Mr. Karunanithi send any message to the leaders of other Liberation
Organisations, stating "please do not unite with LTTE!" Nobody had mentioned that.
Why has Kamatchi fabricated such a story? With the thought that the truth would not be
known to anybody, he has raised this disputable conception.
"The Indian Government did not accept the demand in unity by the
Liberation Fighters at the Thimpu Talks. The 'RAW' (Research and
Analysis Wing - External bureau of investigation) planned to threaten
the fighters. The trap setup by the RAW found its first prey TELO
followed by EPRLF. RAW offered arms to those Organisations and
induced them to attack the LTTE. The fighters of the TELO brutally
murdered Captain Lingam, - a Commander of the LTTE. Only as a
consequence to this the fight exploded and Mr. Sri Sabaretnam was
- Thus Mr. Kamatchi has written in the Junior Vikatan magazine. The coir was twisted by
this Nedumaran preaching lessons to the Eelam Tamils, is a very feeble one. He has
distorted the truth with fabrication.
Thimpu is the capital city of Bhutan. So the conference held for solving the problems of
the Eelam Tamils was called the 'Thimpu Talks'.
The talks were conducted in two parts. The first schedule took place from 8th to 13th of
July, 1985 and the second schedule took place between 12th and 17th of August in the
same year. While the second part of the talks was in session, the Sinhalese Army
murdered Two Hundred Tamils in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. On hearing that shocking news,
all the Eelam Tamil Liberation Organisations felt that there would not be any fruitful use
in holding talks with the President Jayawardane's SInhalese Government as its army had
been killing Tamils even while the exchange of views were going on in Thimpu.
Therefore with agonized hearts, all the Liberation Organisations left Thimpu. This is the
truth behind the failure of Thimpu Talks.
After the endeavour undertaken on behalf of India to conduct the talks continuously had
met with failure, resentment arose between the Indian Officers and the Liberation
Organisations. Hence, the leaders of the Organisations returned to India from Thimpu.
Mr. Sathyendhra and Mr. Chandrahasan who participated at Thimpu Talks as
representatives of TELO were banished from India.
As contended by Mr. Kamatchi, if TELO and EPRLF had fallen into the trap of the RAW at
Thimpu, then for what purpose India had to banish the delegates of TELO?
In this way, Mr. Kamatchi should not fabricate fables unceasingly. With his crooked
mind, he should not distort the history of the Eelam Tamils.
Thimpu Talks ended on 17th August, 1985. The leader of TELO, Mr. Sri Sabaretnam was
killed on 6th May, 1986. When such is the fact, did Mr. Kamatchi tell a new history that
the battle between LTTE and TELO had occurred for nine months? There was no news at
all about the murder of a person called Lingam. This is out and out a fabulous story of
Mr. Kamatchi.
For the sake of argument, if we accept his version, a pertinent question arises. For the
killing of a single person Lingam, should 600 Tamil youngsters be murdered by the
Tigers? If so, for the killing of popular senior political leader Navalar Mr. Amirthalingam,
how many fighters among the Tigers should have been murdered?
The scheme of the LTTE's leader Mr. Prabakaran was that 'No other Organisation would
be left out to survive. All other leaders and their followers should be killed!' In case
other Organisations are left to remain, then in the future, they will demand share in the
Government. Therefore, if all others have been slain, then the principle of the Tigers'
leader viz., "Me the King and me the Minister!" will certainly achieve victory. Among
those who have been supporting the dictatorial principle of Mr. Prabakaran, this Mr.
Kamatchi is an important personality!
Mr. Kamatchi says that captain Lingam of LTTE was killed by TELO with the weapons
given by RAW of India. The LTTE murdered the leader of TELO Mr. Sri Sabaretnam and
600 carders of his Organisation. This expert of untruth has deliberately concealed the
fact that these many fighters of TELO were killed by the LTTE only with the weapons
supplied by India. We want to stress that the LTTE murdered Mr. Sri Sabaretnam and
600 Tamil youngsters of his Organisation only with the arms, offered earlier by India.
This is the bare truth that India supplied weapons to all the important Eelam Liberation
Organisations. The reason for that assistance was the Tamils should protect them by
themselves. In the 1980s there were no sufficient weapons with the Liberation
Organisation. Because the Sri Lankan Government has been utilising the three wings of
its defence forces to destroy the Tamils, the weapons were supplied to them by India for
the self - protection of the Tamil people, the leader of the Liberation Tigers, Mr.
Prabakaran destroyed the Brotherhood Organisations with the weapons meant for
The Tigers set fire to the tyres on the main roads of Jaffna town and threw members of
TELO in to those flames. On account of the unbearable agony when such caught persons
tried to escape from the burning tyres, the Tigers shot them and threw them into the
blazing fire. Moreover, the Tigers tied the hands of many seized TELO members and
hanged the tyres over their neck and after pouring oil, they set fire to them. Thus, the
LTTE utilised all the weapons supplied by India, only to carry out the 'Brotherhood -
Likewise, on many such occasions Sinhalese Army and the Sinhalese rowdies virulently
murdered the Tamils. In the years 1958, 1977, 1980 and 1983, Tamils were killed under
the cloak of racial riots. The Sinhalese people destroyed the lives as well as the
properties of Tamils by setting fire to them. But, the Tigers murdered the Tamils more
cruelly than how the Sinhalese destroyed the Tamils.
TELO should have levelled charge that the RAW gave arms to the Tigers and instigated
them for destroying the TELO movement by murders. But they did not throw such a
slander. The reason was the TELO's leader Mr. Sri Sabaretnam knew pretty well about
Mr. Prabakaran the leader of the LTTE. It was already a known fact that Prabakaran was
a despotic power-fanatic and hence no instigation was needed. In this connection, one
point must be especially mentioned. When Sri Sabaretnam was killed, he was at the war
front in Jaffna and Prabakaran was at Adayar, in Chennai, in Tamil Nadu. While such was
the truth, Goebbels (Nedumaran) accused the members of TELO as traitors.
Before murdering the members of TELO, Prabakaran had killed numerous persons like
Michael, Appan, Sundaram, Oberoy Devan in Sri Lanka. In 1982, he shot at Uma
Maheswaran, leader of PLOTE and Kannan in the busy streets of Pondy Bazaar in
Chennai with a pistol and ran in front of them. He did not worry about the shame that
would arise out of his firing offence. The Sinhalese newspapers and magazines published
insulting reports like "The Tamil fighters were shooting between themselves at the
bazaar streets in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu." Will a liberation fighter with rational
wisdom, shoot at a co-fighter in a foreign country in front of innocent public? That too
with missing shots!
"RAW gave weapons to TELO and EPRLF and directed them to destroy
LTTE who had been moving armless after having entrusted the
weapons in continuation of the 'Rajiv-Jayawardaney Pact'. Twenty
two Tigers were murdered. As the result of retaliating action taken
by the Tigers, the Organisations TELO and EPRLF were routed and
their arms were seized."
-As quoted above, the invention and fabulous story of Mr. Kamatchi have appeared in
Junior Vikatan magazine.
What a wonderful statement! Can anybody believe that the Tigers had become so
honourable and peace-loving by abandoning all arms? Mr. Kamatchi alone has invented
that the Tigers had entrusted their weapons to the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF)
and wandered as armless fighters. Certainly this is not the truth!
From 29th July to 5th October, 1987, a total of 68 days, the only whole and sole service of
the LTTE was that they reach and every house of the other Brotherhood-Organisations'
members and committed cold blooded murders of the Tamils ruthlessly. Within 68 days
LTTE had killed 6000 Tamil youngsters.
According to the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord 1987, The IPKF arrived at the regions of Eelam
in Sri Lanka. On the hope that peace would surely return, the innocent Tamil youths who
went underground, had come out to visit their parents at their homes. At that juncture,
the tigers hunted those young men during nights treacherously. Neither the IPKF nor the
Tamil Organisations were able to prevent those brutal murders by the LTTE. Every night
the Tamil youths were shot dead. Mr. Prabakaran enjoyed immense pleasure in granting
promotion of military grade to the LTTE Cadre who had killed highest number of Tamil
Kamatchi has uttered a lie that 22 Tigers were murdered by other Liberatoin
Organisations. In this period the members of other Liberation Organisation did not kill
any LTTE cardres.
The LTTE had announced boastfully that they had destroyed other Liberation
Organisations - first TELO followed by EPRLF and then PLOTE. Moreover, these
Organisations were banned by the LTTE according to their announcement. In such ways
of brutality, the Tigers committed murders of about 6000 members of other fraternal
Organisations within short period of 68 days, excluding the ordinary non-fighting
The Sinhalese Govt encouraged the inhuman activities of the Tigers and also offered
them all sorts of assistance to destroy the other Tamil Liberation Organisations. Apart
from the help of enemy Sinhalese, it is a well-known fact, that the Tigers killed
thousands of members attached to other Tamil Organisations, with the weapons mostly
supplied by the Government of India.
Now, we-the ENDLF, have to specifically point out the social responsibility shown by the
LTTE at that crucial period.
On 30th March, 1987, when Mr. Kittu(Former commander of Jaffna for LTTE) was
travelling lonely in a vehicle during night, one of his enemies threw a hand grenade into
his vehicle and Kittu lost one of his foot.
While the LTTE were languishing with exhaustion after having killed about 2000 Tamil
youngsters, Kittu had met with the plight of losing his leg.
The responsible commander of the LTTE at that time, Mr. Aruna heard the news about
the loss of Kittu's leg. Immediately he took up pistols in both his hands and rushed away
remembering the American Actor Clint Eastwood!
At Nallur town near Jaffna, there was a building belonging to a Tamil. The house was
called “Kandhan Karunai” (Mercy of Lord Murugan). The tigers seized the house
violently from its owner and confined the members of EPRLF and TELO in that building.
The LTTE cadres captured 60 members and had their hands and legs tied up.
Commander Aruna who came to that house with two guns, shot recklessly till both the
guns were empty without bullets and loaded the guns and fired again. In that firing,
Aruna managed to kill 55 of them while 5 of them were left alive with severe wounds.
Among the dead were 45 members of EPRLF and 10 members of TELO. The irony of fate
was that for one leg of LTTE commander Mr. Kittu, 55 Tamil youngsters of other
Liberation Organisations were revenged as victims. The people of Jaffna named the
killings as 'Kandhan Karunai Massacre'!
On 23rd July, 1983, LTTE's leader Prabakaran and his men killed 13 Sinhalese soldiers
with a Claymore attack. To avenge that offence, the Sinhalese Army murdered 53 Tamil
youngsters including Kuttimani at the Welikada Jail in Colombo on 25th July, 1983 (two
days after the killings by the LTTE). These inhuman murders were named "Welikada
There was a strange phenomenon between the above two killing events;
"THE WELIKADA MASSACRE" was committed by the Sinhala fanatics. "THE
KANDHAN KARUNAI MASSACRE" was committed by the 'Honourable' LTTE of the
Tamils in a Tamil's House!
For the death of Thirteen Sinhalese soldiers, the enemy killed 53 Tamil youngsters as
revenge! For the loss of one leg of the LTTE member (Kittu), 55 Tamil youngsters were
murdered as revenge by the 'Holy' Tigers! This is the mode how the despotic Prabakaran
had been executing his social responsibility and racial rights!
 This Photo was taken at the Hilton Hotel in Colombo during May, 1989.
 The registered Marriage of Kittu and Sandhiya was conducted by Adele
Balasingham and Anton Balasingham. The Hotel arrangement was made by the
President Premadasa, was rejected afterwards. Then the function was presided
over by Balasingham couples.
'Whoever kills the Tamil youngsters with selfishness and dictatorship, were the sacred
gentlemen and unequalled Warriors'! All the murdered genuine freedom - fighters are
- The invention of this new theory has been spread by some fabricating Goebbels in
Tamil Nadu. These devotees of Prabakaran are no other fable-writers than this Kamatchi
Nedumaran and his imitators.
On 26th May, 1987, the Sinhalese Army under the captaincy of Brigadier Koppegaduwa,
captured Vadamaratchi, the Northern part of Jaffna. Therefore the Tigers ran to
Thenmaratchi. Due to the critical situation under which Jaffna would be completely
seized by the Sri Lankan Military, the Indian Army entered the Air-space area of Sri
Lanka on 3rd June, 1987 and dropped food-packets in Thenmaratchi where Tamils were
severely starving.
Thereafter, The Indo-Sri Lankan Accord of 1987 was signed by the then Prime Minister
of India Shri. Rajiv Gandhi and the President of Sri Lanka Shri. Jayawardane.
Only because of that agreement, the LTTE who were crippled by the Army surrounding
in Jaffna, were able to escape from the onslaught. After escaping from the clutches of
death, and after various incidents in the span of the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord they
submissively sought combination with the Sinhalese President Premadasa - the enemy
to the independence of Eelam Tamils, so that both of them could bring failure to the
Indo-Sri Lankan Accord, besides driving away the IPKF which came to rescue the Eelam
Tamils from genocide by the Sinhalese Army.
About the unprincipled joint venture of the President Premadasa and the LTTE leader
Prabakaran, we have already traced the details of the events at the beginning of this
After having become the President of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga ordered
the Sinhalese Army to invade Jaffna in 1995. Without asserting anyone, the Tigers
escaped into the forest of Vanni overnight. Does Kamatchi know the reason for their
departure from Jaffna? The Brotherhood-war of the Tigers with other Liberation
Organisations and also their previous surrender before the former President Premadasa
are the basic reasons.
"The Man-power of the Tigers was extremely immense. As such, the
Tigers attacked and destroyed the Army camp of Elephant-pass
within three days"
- This is also a meaningless prattle of Mr. Kamatchi
Because of the 'Brotherhood-murders' carried out by the Tigers in Northern Province,
the Tamil youngsters and the members of the other Liberation Organisations who were
left over had got out of Sri Lanka as refugees. Many thousands of common Tamil people
had isolated themselves without the involvement with any Organisations.
But in the year 1983, many Tamils came forward voluntarily to entrust their boys to
Liberation Organisations with the intention of fighting for the freedom of Tamil Eelam.
But such entrusted boys were dreadfully killed by the Tigers due to their jealousy that
other Organisations should not grow with manpower other than LTTE. Who had given
such an authority to the Tigers for killing the Tamil youngsters in that brutal manner?
Mr. Prabakaran! The parents cried with tears lamenting, "How unjustly the Tigers are
killing our children in heaps?"
In consequence of the uncontrolled murders, bewildering famine for fighters had
happened within the LTTE. Hence, the Tigers who had restrained themselves inside
Vanni, began to decide about retreating and even leaving Sri Lanka. At that juncture, Mr.
Karuna who was from the Eastern Province gathered 2000 freedom fighters from
Batticaloa. Along with those followers, he came by walk from the East through the areas
of dense forests and reached Vanni.
By properly guiding the fighters from the Eastern Province, Karuna attacked and
destroyed 3 Army camps at Ottusuttan, Mullaitheevu and Elephant - Pass. After which
the Tigers attained a new renaissance.
Unfounded suspicions and unlimited greediness for the despotic leadership alone had
been inducing Prabakaran to commit the murders of thousands of freedom-fighters and
the leaders of the other Liberation Organisations. Likewise the fire of suspicion began to
blaze in the crooked mind of the LTTE's leader. Smelling such a deviating dangerous
attitude, Mr. Karuna had left the LTTE.
After this departure, the strength of the Tigers had decreased to 30% and 70% had left
with commander of the Eastern Province (Karuna). There were large amount of
weapons, ammunition and seized land areas. Despite availability of everything, there
were not enough fighters to battle! Hence in the month of January 2009, the Tigers
suddenly retreated from Kilinochi.
When they took control of the Tamil Eelam regions, the Tigers directed their forces to
stand upright with alertness in the border areas. But the age of those soldiers were from
12 to 14 years! Such young children had been violently recruited, dragging them away
from their parents. They were sent to warfront just within 2 days of training!
One of the captains of the LTTE had passed information to the Sinhalese Army as below;
"Those who are placed to stand in the borders are not fighters. They
are captured school students. You (Sinhalese Army) can proceed with
your attack boldly!"
- As soon as the Tigers came to know about this secret message, they shot and killed the
But the boys and girls who were made to stand at the borders died due to the attack by
Sinhalese Army.
Should not Kamatchi make an enquiry about the details of the above events? Can he
explain why the Tigers utilised the young Tamil students as soldiers and offered their
life as prey to the guns of the Sinhalese Army?
Only the Brotherhood-war performed by the LTTE is the real reason for the decline of
Tamil Eelam. Neither the Tigers have managed to live nor did they help the others live.
This is the fate of the Eelam Tamils!
If we look at the physical appearance of Palaniappan Kamatchi our thoughts may flow as
"What a pity! By agitating and agitating frequently, his body as weakened to
just skin and bones, even without tonsuring the hair on his face!"
But can anybody figure out the crores of Rupees rolling behind his back?
Recently he published a book on Prabakaran. He printed 10,000 copies for the first
edition and 15,000 copies for the second edition. The price of one book is Rs. 800. The
cost of 25000 books Rs. 2,00,00,000. The expenses for the books would not exceed Rs.
50,00,000. Which means he had earned a profit of Rs. 1,50,00,000. Has such a big book
sale ever been made in Tamil Nadu?
For the third edition he has placed order for 25,000 copies. So, blue talk stories (on the
Tigers) to the Tamil people; but abundance of countless money to Nedumaran!
In Tamil Nadu, at this cost, only 500 to 1000 copies can be sold. All the remaining books
will be loaded on the head of Eelam Tamils living throughout the world, by Kamatchi!
Since 1983, he had been speaking sympathetically in support of the LTTE, ignoring other
Eelam Liberation Organisations. Then, his only income was from sale of 2000 copies of
Panchangam published by him every year.
After the demise of the former Chief Minister Mr. K. Kamarasar, this Kamatchi left 'Tamil
Nadu Congress' and founded 'Tamil Nadu Kamarasar Congress'. But it had no popularity
and it was no good for the political business. So he took up the profession of propaganda
for LTTE's leader Prabakaran. Thereafter he was able to accumulate wealth through
various sources.
The supporters of Prabakaran have been living in many foreign countries. Even after the
defeat of that dictatorial hero at Mullivaikal in May, 2009, they are believing the
fabricated fables of Kamatchi and hence they are pouring upon this Tamil Nadu's 'Bogus
Hero', abundance of money in foreign currencies! So, among the universal people, the
more cheated people in the hands of Kamatchi are the Eelam Tamils.
With the huge money donated by the Eelam Tamils, this devotee of Prabakaran has
become the landlord of numerous pompous bungalows in Chennai and other town in
Tamil Nadu.
Mr. Nedumaran.
Appears to be under severe starvation. It is for this
appearance the Eelam Tamils fall for.
The French style bungalow of Mr. Nedumaran,
located at second street, Sanakarapuram,
Palavakkam, Chennai.
Palaniappan Kamatchi has been spreading very slanderous views and news, twisting the
true history continuously for more than 30 years. In respect of the ‘Struggle for Tamil
Eelam Liberation’, he has been supporting only the dictatorial Prabakaran, the leader of
the Liberation Tigers’ Organisation and admiring him as the pure gentleman!
At the same time, Kamatchi has been abusing the genuine leaders and fighters of the
other Liberation Organisations as betrayers and robbers. Moreover he has been falsely
accusing that RAW alone is responsible for the debacles confronting the LTTE/ led by
Prabakaran. He is also crossing his limits of rebuking and thereby he is not only
branding India as the enemy of Eelam Tamils but also insulting that great nation with
unfair blame among the foreign countries.
The pragmatic need is that for the dawn of liberty to the Eelam Tamils, India has to offer
its assistance of security. For achieving the legitimate solution to all the agonising
problems of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, either directly or through the United Nation
Organisation (UNO), the initiation and involvement of India are most essential.
Despite knowing pretty well all these facts and factors, Mr. Kamatchi has been
developing hatred between the Eelam Tamils and India by offering his undue and
ardent support to the LTTE. To prevent the immigrated Eelam Tamils from seeking the
support of India for their freedom-goal, the Government of Sri Lanka together with
some other Nations, has been expending innumerable crores of money. In the same
style, Mr. Kamatchi has been executing his inner motive to defeat other Liberation
Organisations opposing Prabakaran and also the Eelam Freedom – cause itself, by
acquiring income from the Eelam Tamils themselves!
Till now, the insulting activities of Kamatchi and his coterie against India have been
bringing evil results against the early independence of Eelam Tamils!
In Sri Lanka, the LTTE would kill a Tamil Leader and the very next day, Kamatchi
Nedumaran would start to conduct the exposition–meetings in support of those
murders. Mr. A. Amirthalingam the leader of TULF possessed great eloquence of oration.
Seeking appointment for meeting him over a cup of tea at his residence, the LTTE killed
him cunningly without an iota of mercy. Hearing that criminal offence, Nedumaran and
his coterie conducted meetings in Tamil Nadu and declared that “The murder of
Naavalar Amirthalingam by the Tigers is absolutely right!” Similarly, after the Tigers
murdered Mr. Yogeswaran, their own comrade, his dreadful death was celebrated by
this ‘Madurai Warrior’ and his group, attributing justification.
In the case of Mr. Sri Sabaretnam of TELO, who was killed by the LTTE at the beginning
of their Liberation movement, Mr. Kamatchi started to arrange appreciating meetings
and encouraged deadly offence of Prabakaran overtlly. Later, after the Tigers
gruesomely murdered the leader of the EPRLF, Mr. Padamanaba and 12 others in
Chennai, the exposition – meetings were conducted by this Kamatchi Nedumaran
The net result of such of his explanatory meetings to applaud all the murders, had
emboldened as an instigation to such an atrocious extremity as to involve the Liberation
Tigers in the suicidal bomb-blast murder of India’s Prime Minister, in Tamil Nadu. Had
Nedumaran lamented or condemned that savage killing? No! He even conducted an
explanatory meeting and proclaimed that the murder of that great leader Hon. Rajiv
Gandhi was quite justified.
Now Nedumaran has begun to tell a new story that “If at all Mr. Karunanithi has thought
of, he could have made unity between the Liberation fighters!” By this comment, he
attempts to put up a scene as though he had endeavoured for such a unity. But during all
the past years, he had been telling that whatever said and done by the Tigers’ leader
Prabakaran alone were correct and every other Liberation Organisation should be
destroyed. He also labelled these Organisations as stooges and betrayers of RAW. By
these charges, Nedumaran kindled the confrontation between the Eelam Freedom
Fronts and thereby he plunged into pleasure from immense earnings due to his
encouragement and publicity to the Tigers. Now after the decline of Prabakaran, he is
preaching about the unity to the Tamils!
Has Kamatchi Nedumaran, ever made an appeal: “Fighters of all Eelam Liberation
Organisations! Please unite with fraternity! Do not attack each other amongst
‘Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam’(TGTE) has been established in foreign
countries. The proclaimed leader is Mr. Ruthra Kumaran. But personalities in Tamil
Nadu like Kamatchi are not encouraging this Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.
We enquired about their not supporting stand. They have got information that Mr.
Ruthra Kumaran is stated to be a miser and that he will not send enormous money on
believing the fabricated stories told by persons like Kamatchi. Therefore, this devotee of
Prabakaran is stated to be expressing degrading assessment about Mr. Ruthra Kumaran
and he is also propagating that the formation of Tamil Eelam Government in foreign
countries will not yield any fruitful benefit.
From this above attitude, we can conclude that the time is not far away for the
declaration of Nedumaran about his doubt upon the Liberation of Tamil Eelam because
of the stoppage of flowing funds and other profits from the supporters of the LTTE.
For a long time, Mr. Kamatchi has been indulging in the slanderous propaganda to stain
the splendid fame of our Service-Organisation Eelam Ntional Democratic Liberation
Front (ENDLF). Yet, we need not bother about his unscrupulous abuse, because he is
neither a 'Freedom Hero' nor a 'People's Leader' or a 'Reputed Dignitary'. He has been a
biased devotee of Velu Pillai Prabakaran who was the instigator of cruel murders of
innumerable Tamil mass as well as Tamil Leaders like Mr. A. Amirthalingam, Mr. Sri
Sabaretnam and many others.
In this pamphlet, we have touched upon a brief real history of our Tamil Eelam
Liberation Organisations and the difficult deeds of LTTE's leader Prabakaran. If we
attempt to retort all the poisonous opinions of the Kamatchi, then we have to expose the
misdeeds of the LTTE. On account of this, not trouble will arise between Kamatchi and
his group. But he might be thinking that if a conflict arises between ENDLF and LTTE, its
consequences will fetch numerous benefits to him. Because, in the past, whenever there
is an internal fight between LTTE and Fraternal Liberation Organisations, Kamatchi has
been the fortunate person in reaping the fruits of huge income and enjoying the reaction
of propaganda.
Forgetting the grave mistakes committed in the past 40 years, if we intend revive the
struggle for the liberation of Eelam Tamils in a new approach, the commercial
cunningness in the writings of Kamatchi Nedumaran, induce our ENDLF to undertake
the Post-mortem of the old evil events.
The earnings mad so far by Nedumaran are enough. So, we request him that he should
not continue the work of profit-seeking by dividing the Tamil Liberation Organisations.
Persons like Kamatchi should not lead their political livelihood by inserting the
problems of Eelam Tamils into the politics of Tamil Nadu. If Kamatchi continues these
disgraceful work of distortion, ENDLF will be constrained to expose all the disgraced
deeds of LTTE to the people. As a result, extreme shame will fall upon the Eelam Tamils.
Therefore, the bounded duty of the true supporters of the LTTE is either to mend him or
ignore him.
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