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Crimes, Government Complicity, and Charles Schwab

One year after I reported Schwab’s crimes, in August of 2003, the US Government conspired with Schwab in an attempt to frame me for attempting to kill him.

Investor Charles Schwab
Investor Charles Schwab

(EUGENE, Ore.) - I have attended the Occupy Salem and Occupy Eugene protests and have listened to people discussing why they were joining the protest. What emerges from listening to the protesters is a long list of grievances against the US Government, from loss of jobs and homes to lack of healthcare and affordable education. Given their theme of “99%,” it is clear that protesters attribute their plight to the 1% percent who have gained control of the world’s wealth, primarily through corrupt relationships with our governments. Like most of the protesters, I had my own grievances against the US Government that was due to its loyalty to one of the wealthiest men in America.

In August 2002, after many months of being subjected to the illegal activities of Charles Schwab of brokerage fame, I filed charges against him with the US Government. This included several letters to President Bush and leaders in congress. Though I received a cordial letter from The White House and a few from letters from congressmen, no one contacted me to discuss my allegations and the case went nowhere. After many frustrating months of trying to bring Schwab to justice, it became obvious that, due to his wealth and power, the US Government had no control over him. This is made possible by our laws that allow individuals and corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to our politicians. Failure to comply with their wishes and you do not get elected.

Instead of investigating my complaints against Schwab and bringing him to justice, the US Government conspired with him to protect him from our system of justice. In a clear case of obstruction of justice, they chose to deny my civil rights. Making matters much worse, the Bush administration turned against me and began its own campaign of harassment and stalking against me.

One year after I reported Schwab’s crimes, in August of 2003, the US Government conspired with Schwab in an attempt to frame me for attempting to kill him.This was an obvious attempt to get me off the streets and shut me up. (Read about this on my website)

After this experience with one of America’s billionaires and the US Government, I was still naive enough to believe that the US had a free press. I would tell my story to the world and the government would have to bring Schwab to justice. I wrote to the editors of major newspapers, magazines, and TV producers and then waited. When I did not receive one reply, I realized that the billionaires also controlled the media. After no success for over a year, I was thoroughly discouraged. However, I felt my story important enough that some journalist might be interested. For the next few months, each time I read an article that related some way to government corruption, I wrote to the journalist and offered my story. After several months without receiving the courtesy of a reply, I knew my friends were right and I was never going to touch Bush. I was about to give up when I received an email from Tim King of Salem News. He told me he was definitely interested in the story and wanted to get together. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled. Tim and Bonnie King subsequently filmed an interview and published several articles about my experiences. (Refer to articles here) Though we thought the Salem News articles would encourage other media outlets to pick up on the story, they remained silent.

When Obama was elected president, I regained hope and thought Bush and Schwab would be brought to justice for their crimes against me. I wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama requesting their assistance. Then I waited. Just as with Bush, many months later I received a letter from The White House advising that my allegations would be investigated. After not hearing from them again, I knew that Schwab’s influence included both political parties.

Knowing how the Internet had become the last frontier for free speech, in January 2008, I published my story, available at the following link: The website was an instant success. In the first two weeks, it was hit more than seven thousand times by visitors from corporate and government offices around the world. This was very encouraging and I thought that Obama would have to investigate my case. However, I had once more underestimated the power of that 1% over our lives. It is interesting that in the almost four years that the Website has been online, no one has used the email link to contact me and discuss the case.

Though publishing the website seemed a great idea at the time, it has backfired on me. It gave Schwab and the US Government an even greater reason to get me off the street and shut me up. The Obama administration increased their harassment,stalking, and computer hacking. They have also made several attempts to entrap me, which I discuss on my website. This had me worried enough about my well being that in April 2011, I wrote to Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and requested she discontinue these activities. I copied President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. This was rather ironic inasmuch as it was US Government that was committing these crimes. I did not receive a response.

After the US Government failed to respond to my request for protection, I felt vulnerable and in danger. When would there be another attempt to entrap me. If they were successful, what would they do with me?

I had no place to turn for protection except to our local law enforcement. On August 1, 2011 I wrote a letter to Eugene’s Police Chief, Pete Kerns, Lane County Sheriff, Tom Turner, and Lane County District Attorney, Alex Gardner. I reported what I felt were recent attempts to entrap me and requested their protection. I copied Eugene Mayor, Kitty Piercy and Eugene City Manager, Jon Ruiz. Note: Eugene’s police chief reports to the city manager rather than the mayor.

Since this ordeal began, I have also requested help from my congressman, Peter DeFazio. I have also requested meetings with him. Like a few others, he has written to suggest that I hire an attorney, which is laughable, for he knows that there is not a law firm in the US that would go up against Schwab and his formidable legal team. DeFazio, who is my representative in congress, has never acknowledged my requests to meet with him.

Some have asked why I do not just walk away from all this and forget about it. The main reason is that it is not so easy. Once one has become an enemy of the elite class and our government leaders, they must keep you under surveillance. If possible, they must dispense with you so you do not start making trouble again.

I think my experience over the past ten years clearly exemplifies in a small way the corrupt ties between the US Government and the billionaires that own and control our government. Americans have been aware of this cozy arrangement for a long time, but were lulled into complacency, because it did not affect them directly. Those days are changing and more people are being affected by the greed and corruption among the richest men in the world and our government. The unregulated gangsters on Wall Street and other stock exchanges have sucked the lifeblood from our societies and created the current worldwide financial crisis. Authors like Chris Hedges, of tell us that nothing is going to change until the people rise up, take to the streets, and take back their governments. Hedges has spoken at the Occupy Wall Street protests several times.

I think it important for protesters to understand that the majority of our representatives in state and federal government join us in wanting to take back our government. However, it was their greed that caused so many of them to sell their souls and become slaves to the wealthy 1%. If the current protests are successful, what guarantee do we have that human greed will bring us back to where we are today?

I want to take this opportunity to thank Tim and Bonnie King for being the only journalists in the country who had the character and courage to investigate and publish my story. I know from experience that their claim to be the only free press left is true.

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Wayne was born in a small farm town in California's San Joaquin Valley. At age ten, he moved with his family to San Jose, California, which at the time had a population of 50,000 and was surrounded by orchards--mostly prunes. At age twenty, he joined IBM, one of the first electronic plants that would evolve into what we know today as Silicon Valley. Most of his college education was acquired through part-time classes while sometimes working ten hours a day. Wayne started on the bottom in the magnetic disk manufacturing facility, which produced the large disks for the earlier IBM computer systems. These magnetically coated disks would evolve into what we know today as hard drives. Wayne's last assignment with IBM was setting up their first inkjet printer lab that became what we know today as the Lexmark printer business. After his retirement from IBM, he wrote human interest stories for a small town newspaper.

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Wayne October 17, 2011 7:26 pm (Pacific time)

Anonymous: Thanks of making me aware. Suggestions for how to go about this would be appreciated. I like your analogy about walking in a headwind. Yes indeed...

Wayne October 17, 2011 5:38 pm (Pacific time)

I would like to point out that Police Chief Kerns, Sheriff Turner, Mayor Piercy, and City manager Jon Ruiz have ignored my request for protection and have not responded to my letters. Early on, they joined the conspiracy to protect Schwab and continue in this role.

Anonymous October 17, 2011 6:01 pm (Pacific time)

He can file his own legal paper work in any federal court, or state court that would have authority to hear the case. Otherwise he just walks in a headwind. You might even hire a legal clerk at a low fee to help you with your legal motions.

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