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California Families Take on GMOs

Artists won't be able to resist jumping into this project.

family-owned farm

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - The campaign for Prop 37 is pretty high tech and educated. Many communities are being completely left out of even knowing what is happening to them because they don't have computers or speak English.

How non-visual it all is and yet what a great time for the whole state of California to erupt into a visual and grassroots expression of antipathy for GMOs and for truth (prop 37).

To get even more media attention, parents and grandparents and children across California to make their own yard signs, car signs, banners, flags, sculptures and murals, with everyone making them as interesting as possible.

In the Latino, Chinese, South Asian, and Japanese communities, (as well as many others) they could write them in different languages. 

हाँ = Yes for Prop 37!  
ఔను = Yes for Prop 37
હા  = Yes for Prop 37
ਹਾਂ = Yes for Prop 37

And or shi means yes for Prop 37!


Kids would really get into this.  Signs could sprout up everywhere, and with them all being different, it would be great fun.


Artists won't be able to resist jumping in.  And as this happens, a real grass roots art festival would come into being everywhere across the whole state.  Food, farming, youth organizations, and schools and churches could all help and get it really going. 

It could be like Halloween in terms of neighborhoods competing to have the brightest, funniest, coolest, most colorful, etc. signs in their area.  It's a great activity for kids for writing and reading and painting and building signs out of all kinds of things (cardboard, wood, metal, cloth, ....). 

Of course, some little kids might have their own plans ....

Lemon 2 

Signs and banners could be put up at local stores and restaurants.  People might even offer walls on stores or homes or warehouses so gang members and kids might go to town painting signs about rats sick from GMOs and urging YES votes for Prop 37. 

Making signs at the art station on Oct. 8

As this gets going, people might even tour neighborhoods to see them, just like people do to see Christmas lights.  And all the while the signs will be educating people about GMOs and about how many people feel strongly about getting them labeled.  The signs would become a giant voice rising up in California, in all the styles and diversity of those living there.

If staff in organizations make their own, they could post them and ask parents and children of members is they couldn't do much better and please send photos of what they do?  And would they also ask their whole neighbor to join in?  There could be photos and and videos of kids making the signs and time lapse of neighborhoods staring to sprout signs. 

There are at least a million parents in California who care about this.  With this means to express themselves, that's a lot of free PR for Yes onProp 37 that could be covering California everywhere, and in every language. 

Mothers and kids could also make t-shirts.  People could enjoy coming up with their own slogans.

"Poor rats.  Vote Yes on Prop 37 so we don't all get lumps"

"I am a lab rat, .  Vote Yes on Prop 37 so I can find out what they are testing on me." 
"Secret food?  Ha!  Vote Yes on Prop 37 so we can find out what's really going on." 
"Secrets are like Lies.  Vote Yes on Prop 37 so Companies won't have to sit in the corner for telling them."

If this really took off and signs and banners and flags were going up everywhere in California - millions of them - it would become a free-form environmental art installation unfolding at its own speed coming from everyone, from ordinary people and artists, too, and and requiring not one dime from any "donor."  Christo's work could be small in comparison.

Wind Gates Central Park Installation

This whole thing is about the truth and transparency and wouldn't that be a magical thing - transparent fabric with YES 37 painted or sewn on it, floating from houses and structures everywhere ....

A grandmother started the initiative on her own and why shouldn't grandmothers and their children and grandchildren make this happen?

A growing patchwork of signs and banners and murals of every kind, from every kind of community, would grow, letting rejection of GMOs become visible.  This could go international, becoming the largest and most diverse art installation in the world, conveying humanity's rejection of GMOs, the most largest and most destructive attack on the natural world.

As a healthy and real life returns, then other signs will fill the world.

Johanna, Christopher and their daughter Ashlin with the
handmade sign for their successful family-owned farm

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Chris October 12, 2012 11:30 am (Pacific time)

In the meantime, "GMO-pushing 'No on 37' campaign forced to pull TV ads after caught blatantly lying" There is a way to begin digging ourselves out of the madness. Vote Yes on 37 and take back our future. If in doubt, watch. Please. Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives Also Gary Null's fantastic works War on Health GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Gary Null - Part 1 GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Gary Null - Part 2

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