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Nov-17-2012 12:47printcomments

Cold War Relics

“ by the Truman Library’s willingness to consider that president’s decisions at the dawn of the Cold War as possibly mistaken. Maybe Henry Wallace was right after all!” - Harvey Klehr

Henry A. Wallace, as a former vice president to Franklin D. Roosevelt, in Oliver Stone’s new history series
Henry A. Wallace, as a former vice president to Franklin D. Roosevelt, in Oliver Stone’s new history series.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Did you know that what started as a $100M “Victims of Communism Museum,”authorized by Congress in 1993 fizzled out into a ten-foot-high replica of the Goddess of Democracy from Tienanmen [sic] Square on a traffic island in Washington, D.C.?

That the “The Whittaker Chambers National Historic Landmark” in Westminster, Maryland is so obscure that even the county visitor center doesn’t know where it is? Or that a piece of the Berlin Wall is installed in a Las Vegas casino’s men’s room where visitors are invited to urinate on it?

Such relics intended to remind us of the evils of Communism (and the glories of capitalism) are documented in Jan Jon Wiener’s new book, How We Forgot the Cold War (University of California Press) and was recently reviewed, or reviled, by Harvey Klehr, an academic member of the dead-ender anti Communist cabal which still rides the horse that most American Communists were Soviet spies and traitors.

Klehr’s angry rant charges that Wiener offers an insufficiently anti-Communist treatment of the subject appears in the far right wing Weekly Standard, a house organ of the cabal edited by his colleague Bill Kristol. He then posted it on the cabal’s website, “Historians of American Communism,”http://www.h-net.org/~hoac/ where Klehr is on the editorial board.

The book also provides more evidence that a reconsideration of the political career of Henry Wallace is under way.

“[Jon Wiener] is delighted,” Klehr sarcastically snorts, “ by the Truman Library’s willingness to consider that president’s decisions at the dawn of the Cold War as possibly mistaken. Maybe Henry Wallace was right after all!”  The revival of interest in Wallace is also mentioned in the NYTimes' review of  Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States, a ten part series starting Monday on the premium cable channel Showtime. The Times notes that in Stone’s treatment of Cold War history, “ Henry A. Wallace, the progressive who was vice president during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s third term, is puffed up as a greater hero than Roosevelt and Churchill.”

To raise your hackles, read Klehr’s review here  http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/war-necessity_662219.html#

or read the book


Visit my website www.michaelmunk.com


Portland Tribune photo by L.E. Baskow

Order from Powell's

Michael Munk tries to glean important but overlooked items from the world media on the issues of the day and posts them on an irregular schedule. Although items can overlap, he also maintains separate lists for activists in Portland, Oregon and the Northwest, and special lists for: Labor, Latin America, Israel, Torture Taxis, Korea, and the Czech Republic.

Michael is a highly praised writer from an important generation whose book, the Portland Red Guide, has received high praise.

"City Commissioner Nick Fish gave me a copy. Sat down on my sofa and couldn't put it down until I finished. Fascinating!"
-- Tom Potter, Mayor of Portland 2005-2009

"Whoop! Whoop! I'm impressed by how many names from Portland's past have not made it into our official histories and public memorials. Some were good friends of mine. Local history is too often overlooked. Good work, Mike."
-- Bud Clark, Saloon keeper, Goose Hollow Inn, and Mayor of Portland, 1985–1992

Visit the new photo gallery on Michael's website: www.michaelmunk.com



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OP HIP November 18, 2012 12:51 am (Pacific time)

Authorized 'dissident' Oliver Stone disappoints --and worse, once again. He starts his survey ---as usual, about 50 years too late. He offers NO coverage of the KEY Jeckyl Island banking coup --not set up or background on Marx --Darwin and EUGENICS being simultaneously funded and directed creations of the City of London USURY cabals. He makes NO examination of the CENTRAL role of VAST, billionaire backed, TAX FREE, Globalism and EUGENICS mongering foundations and NGOs. He gives N O background on the set up of World War I or the Wall Street and London installation of Bolshevism --and later STALIN. Further, having 'perception managed' the yet unfolding EUGENICS 'friendly' RED China Halocaust he begins to set up the next stage of the masonic 'die--ALLL--eck--tick' as Globalism, EUGENICS and RED China as 'World Model'----and 'enforcer' is rolled out. So much for Oliver --CAP-Stone. . .

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